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1) Identify/describe agency
The Board is the policy making and strategy-formulating body in the planning
and formulation of policies and programs on drug prevention and control. It shall
develop and adopt a comprehensive, integrated, unified and balanced national drug
abuse prevention and control strategy.

2) Brief background/function of agency
They are concerned with the manner of safekeeping or burning of any dangerous
drug; They prescribe administrative remedies or sanctions for the violations of such rules
and regulations. Initiate researches on dangerous drugs and its prevention and control
measures; Conduct policy studies, program monitoring and evaluations and other
researches on drug prevention, control and enforcement; Develop an educational
program and information drive on the hazards and prevention of illegal use of any
dangerous drugs and disseminate the same to the general public; Require all government
and private hospitals to submit a report to it, about all dangerous drugs they have attended
for statistics and research purposes; Gather detailed knowledge and statistics on the
importation, exportation, manufacture, of any dangerous drug; Work with international
organizations to achieve their common aim. Design and develop, in coordination with
DOLE, a drug abuse prevention program in the workplace; Initiate and authorize closure
proceedings against non-accredited and/or sub-standard rehabilitation centers based on
verified reports of human rights violations, subhuman conditions, inadequate medical
training and assistance and excessive fees for implementation by PDEA.

3. Identify current secretary/head
The current head of the Dangerous Drugs Board is Dionisio R. Santiago

4) Current Event Issue
President Duterte has dismissed DDB chair Benjamin Reyes after giving drug-
related numbers that contradict the government’s official figures. He fired him publicly on
May 24, 2017 by saying “You’re fired today. Get out of the service. “You do not contradict
your own government…You’re just a civilian member of a board.” Reyes had cited a DDB
commissioned survey in 2015, showing that there were only 1.8 million drug users
nationwide. Duterte said that the correct count of the number of drug cases is three million
in reliance to the statistics from the police and PDEA. Benjamin Reyes is replaced by
former PDEA chief Dionisio R. Santiago on July 9, 2017. He said that the three million
count is a guestimate based on realistic situation. He said that we know that there are
more people out than those in the rehabilitation centers.