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(Curriculum & Research Wing)
Schemes and Syllabi for Screening/Professional Tests as well as Descriptive Examination
Relating to Posts Advertised under Consolidated Advertisement No. 10/2016
S. Case No. Particulars of Post(s) Qualifications for Posts Test Specification Topics of Syllabi
No F.4-
1. 101/2016 Research Officer (Urdu), i Second Class OR Grade ‘C’ Subjective Professional Translation of Five short passages from English to
(BS-17), Finance Division Master’s Degree in Urdu or Test = 100 marks Urdu and Urdu to English from the following financial
equivalent qualifications from a Rules:
University recognized by the HEC
ii Two (2) years post qualification  System of financial control and budgeting
experience in translation from  General Financial Rules
English to Urdu and vice versa  Federal Treasury Rules
2. 207/2016 Librarian (BS-17), Federal Second Class or Grade ‘C’ Master’s Part-I
Degree in Library Science/ Objective Type Test (MCQ)
Government Educational Vocabulary, Grammar usage, Sentence Structuring.
Information Sciences. Part-I Part-II
Institutions Directorate OR
(Cantts/ Garrisons), Graduate with Diploma in Library  Introduction to Library & Information Science
English = 20 marks  Information Sources and Services
Ministry of Defence. Science from a University.
OR Part-II  Classification: Theory and Practice
Bachelor of Library Science plus five  Cataloguing: Theory and Practice
years post qualification professional Professional Test=80 marks  Collection, Maintenance and Issuance of Library
experience in BS-16; otherwise, eight Books.
years post qualification experience if  Management of Libraries & Information Centres
not in BS-16.  Library Automation/Information Storage & Retrieval
OR  Research Methods & Techniques for Librarians
Second Class or Grade ‘C’ Master’s  Public Records, Rare Material & their Conservation
Degree in the relevant subject with
Diploma in Library Science or  Management of Serials Publications
Bachelor of Library Science.  Rules & Procedures of Write off the Library Losses
 Classification of Records
3. 215/2016 Assistant Private Secretary i. Second Class or Grade “C:  Typing Test with minimum Speed of 50 W.P.M 50 Marks
(BS-16), Directorate Bachelor’s degree from a  Shorthand Test with minimum Speed of 100 W.P.M 50 Marks
General, Pakistan Post University recognized by HEC.
Office, Ministry of ii. A minimum speed of 100/50
Communications W.P.M in shorthand/typing
iii. Must be computer literate.

Page 2 of 13 S.  Earth and Rock Structure.  General Nursing OR Part-II  Ward Administration i Three (3) years Diploma in Nursing  Hospitality of the Patients ii One (1) year Course/ Certificate in Professional Test=80 marks  Care vs. 219/2016 Assistant Executive Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Part-I Objective Type Test (MCQ) Engineer (Mechanical) Engineering from a recognized Vocabulary. 5. 218/2016 Charge/ Staff Nurse i Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing or Part-I Objective Type Test (MCQ) (Female) (Civilian) (BS-16). PAK.4- 4. 6. Professional Test=80 marks  Concrete Technology & R. Sentence Structuring Engineer (Civil) (BS-17).  Structural Design Applications. Part-I Part-II of Defence ii Registration with Pakistan Nursing  Basic Medical Sciences English = 20 marks Council. PWD. Particulars of Post(s) Qualifications for Posts Test Specification Topics of Syllabi No F. Civil from a recognized University.  Developing Training & Instructional Materials for iii Registration with Pakistan Nursing Nursing Courses. Machining. Sentence Structuring Military Hospitals. Cure for Health Management Midwifery. Grammar Usage. Sentence Structuring (BS-17).  Engineering Materials. 216/2016 Assistant Executive Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering in Part-I Objective Type Test (MCQ) Vocabulary. Forging. Council.  Building Material & Building Construction. Case No. Welding and Drilling . Ministry of University.  Industrial Materials English =20 marks  Machine Design and Drawing Part-II  Mechanics of Machines Professional Test =80 marks  Production Management & Quality Control  Workshop Prsactice  Hydraulic Machines  Mechanics and Strength of Materials  Manufacturing processes like Casting. Extrusion.C Structure Design. English = 20 marks  Surveying & Levelling. equivalent qualification recognized Grammar Usage. Grammar Usage.  Construction Management.  Reinforced Concrete. Rolling. Ministry of Part-I Part-II Housing & Works. Ministry by the Pakistan Nursing Council.C. MES. Part-II  Hydraulic & Hydrology.  Soil Mechanics & Foundation. Part-I Part-II Defence.  Ground Improvement.

Finance Division Bachelor’s degree from a  Shorthand Test with minimum Speed of 100 W. Must be computer literate. A minimum speed of 100/50 W.M in shorthand/typing respectively iii. Second Class or Grade “C:  Typing Test with minimum Speed of 50 W. 223/2016 Assistant Director (BS-17) Second Class or Grade ‘C’ M. Sentence Structuring Department. Naval Bachelor’s degree from a  Shorthand Test with minimum Speed of 100 W. Pakistan. Administration Degree in Public Administration/ Grammar Usage. Ministry of qualification from a University Part-I Part-II Petroleum and Natural recognized by the HEC. from a university recognized by HEC. 2004 Human Resources . Part-I Objective Type Test (MCQ) Geological Survey of degree in Geology or equivalent Vocabulary. Case No. 1973 i Second Class or Grade ‘C’  Principles of Secretariat Noting and Drafting Bachelors Degree from a university  Basic IT knowledge. Ministry of Science/ Economics/ Sociology/  Principles of Management Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit English = 20 marks English or equivalent qualification  Human Resource Management Baltistan.M 50 Marks (BS-16).4- 7.M in shorthand/typing respectively iii. 2006 experience in Administration/  Public Procurement Rules.P. 220/2016 Assistant Private Secretary i. 227/2016 Administrative Officer Second Class or Grade ‘C’ Master’s Part-I Objective Type Test (MCQ) (BS-16). Defence ii.P.P.P.M 50 Marks University recognized by HEC. ii. A minimum speed of 100/50 W.Sc. Gilgit Business Administration/Political Part-I Part-II Baltistan.M 50 Marks Headquarters.  Basic Arithmetic. 1973 and Rules made thereunder OR Professional Test = 80 marks  Rules of Business. 10. Grammar Usage. 224/2016 Assistant Private Secretary i. Particulars of Post(s) Qualifications for Posts Test Specification Topics of Syllabi No F.P. Part-II  Civil Servants Act. recognized by HEC. Page 3 of 13 S. Second Class or Grade “C:  Typing Test with minimum Speed of 50 W.  Introduction to Physical Geology English = 20 marks  Stratigraphy Resources Part-II  Structural Geology  Plate Tectonics Professional Test=80 marks  Palaeontology (Invertebrate & Vertebrate)  Geochemistry  Geological Mapping  Petroleum Geology  Engineering and Environmental Geology  Mineral and Energy Resources 9. Sentence Structuring.P. Ministry of University recognized by HEC. ii Two (2) years post qualification  System of Financial Control and Budgeting. Must be computer literate. 8.M 50 Marks (BS-16).

M 50 Marks (BS-16) in a Federal Bachelor’s degree from a  Shorthand Test with minimum Speed of 100 W.M 50 Marks Government Organization. recognized University with no third Division in entire academic Career.M in shorthand/typing respectively iii. Economists Group.P. .  General Financial Rules (I & II) Professional Test = 80 marks  Rules of Business as amended  Secretariat Instructions & Office Procedure  Civil Servants Act.P. ii. 231/2016 Assistant Private Secretary i. Page 4 of 13 S. Sentence Structuring. English = 20 marks  Need and Importance of Research Development and Reform. English = 20 marks  Financial Management. Grammar usage. from a University recognized by Part-I Part-II Higher Education Commission (HEC). A minimum speed of 100/50 W. Particulars of Post(s) Qualifications for Posts Test Specification Topics of Syllabi No F. Case No. 13. Grammar Usage. Promotion & Transfer). University recognized by HEC. Part-II  Qualitative and Quantitative Research Method  Empirical and Analytical Analysis Techniques Professional Test=80 marks  Collection and Compilation of Data for Economic Research  Investment theories and concepts  Report Writing  History of Pakistan’s Economic Development Planning  Economic Development Planning: Typology Tools and Techniques  Pakistan Economic Development Policies and Strategies. Sentence Structuring. qualification in Economics from Part-I Part-II Ministry of Planning. 236/2016 Research Officer/ Planning First Class or Grade ‘B’ Master’s Objective Type Test (MCQ) Part-I Officer/ Survey Officer Degree in Economics or equivalent Vocabulary.4- 11. Commission.P. Must be computer literate.  Institutional Management. China and European Union.  Bilateral Economic relationship of Pakistan with USA. Rules 1973  Government Servant (Efficiency & Discipline) Rules. Part-II  Basic IT knowledge. Second Class or Grade ‘C’ Master’s Part-I Objective Type Test (MCQ) Federal Public Service Degree or equivalent qualification Vocabulary. Second Class or Grade “C:  Typing Test with minimum Speed of 50 W. 1973  System of Financial Control and Budgeting 2006  Public Procurement Rules. (BS-17). 230/2016 Assistant Director (BS-17). 2004 12.  Importance of CPEC in Economic Growth of Pakistan. 1973 and Rules made thereunder  Civil Servant (Appointment.

C). Master’s Degree in Arabic English = 20 marks Part-II Language.4- 14. Part-I B). C &D) Note : (Equal weightage for each topic at Part-II) D). Subjective Professional For Category (B) (Arabic Language) Persian)/ Persian Language. Sentence Structuring. Second Class or Grade ’C’ Master’s Degree in Chinese General Ability Test = 80 marks  Pakistan Affairs & Islamic Studies Language. Particulars of Post(s) Qualifications for Posts Test Specification Topics of Syllabi No F. Test: 100 Marks  Translation of Five paragraphs from Arabic to English 10X5=50 Marks  Translation of Five paragraphs from English to Arabic 10X5=50 Marks For Category (C) (Chinese Language)  Translation of Five paragraphs from Chinese to English 10X5=50 Marks  Translation of Five paragraphs from English to Chinese 10X5=50 Marks For Category (D) (Dari/Persian Language  Translation of Five paragraphs from Dari (Afghan Persian)/Persian Language to English 10X5=50 Marks  Translation of Five paragraphs from English to Dari (Afghan Persian)/Persian Language 10X5=50 Marks . Second Class or Grade ’C’ Part-I Vocabulary. Grammar Usage. Second Class or Grade ’C’ For Category (A) For Category (A) in a Federal Government Master’s Degree or equivalent in Objective Type Test (MCQ) Organization. any subject.  Everyday/General Science For Categories (B. Second Class or Grade ’C’ Master’s Degree in Dari (Afghan. Page 5 of 13 S. Part-II  Current Affairs. Case No. 240/2016 Assistant Director (BS-17) A).  Basic Arithmetic.

MBBS or equivalent qualification recognized by Pakistan Qualification & Medical and Dental Council. OR Case Study: Candidates will be given real situation case studies related to advertised posts/organization concerned and will be expected from the candidates to present (i) identification of issues (ii) evaluation of issues (iii) legal or case related theories (iv) evaluation of case facts if required and (v) possible solution of the case or writing judicial order. Postgraduate Higher Diploma/Degree in Medical Administration/ Public Health/ Health Services Administration. Federal Government Polyclinic. 10/2016 Case No. Twenty Two (22) years post qualification experience in the field of Public Health in BS-17 and above including three (3) years experience (not as head of Hospital) of Administration and management in a post of BS-19 and above. Candidates are expected to reflect comprehensive and research based knowledge on a selected topic. Capital Administration and Development Division Minimum i. . F. PAPER: ENGLISH (100 MARKS) English Essay: Candidates will be required to write an Essay in English from three topics comprising approximately 2000 words.4-237/2016-R Particulars of post Executive Director (BS-21). Candidate’s articulation. Page 6 of 13 Scheme and Syllabus for Written Examination (Descriptive) for a Post in BS-21 advertised under Consolidated Advertisement No. if the case so requires. Experience: ii. iii. expression and technical treatment of the style of English Essay writing will be examined.

Swan (Oxford University Press) 3. A University English Grammar R. Sentence Correction (5 marks): Ten sentences shall be given each having a clear structural flaw in terms of grammar or punctuation. Ramsey Flower & Jane Aaron (The Little. Translation (5 marks): Ten short Urdu sentences involving structural composition. Punctuation. Quirk & S. Précis Writing (10 marks): A selected passage with an orientation of generic understanding and enough flexibility for compression shall be given for précis writing and suggesting an appropriate title. for bringing out the difference in meaning of any five of them by first explaining them in parenthesis and then using them in sentences. Brown & Co. Grammar and Vocabulary. Articles. Reading Comprehension (10 marks) A selected passage. and 2-3 sentences shall be based on correction of punctuation marks. English Grammar in Use Raymond Murphy (Cambridge University Press) 2.) 7. Candidates are expected to reflect comprehensive and research based knowledge on a selected topic. The candidates shall be asked to rewrite them with really needed correction only. Page 7 of 13 Schemes and Syllabi for Written Examination (Descriptive) for All Posts in BS-18 & BS-19 included in Consolidated Advertisement No. SUGGESTED READINGS Sr. No. Greenbaum (ELBS. Grouping of Words (5 marks): A random list of ten words of moderate standard (neither very easy nor utterly unfamiliar) shall be given. Reading Comprehension. expression and technical approach to the style of English Essay writing will be examined. Grammar and Vocabulary (10 marks): Correct usage of Tense. each carrying 2 marks. 10/2016 PAPER-I: ENGLISH Max Marks: 100 Time Allowed: 3 Hours (i) English Essay-50 Marks: Candidates will be required to write an Essay in English comprising 1500 words from a set of six given topics. No two or more sentences should have exactly the same problem. Heath & Co. Modern English in Action Henry Christ (D. Harper Collins) 4. Pairs of Words (5 marks): Five pairs shall be given of seemingly similar words with different meanings. etc. Sentence Structuring. to be grouped by the candidates in pairs of those having similar or opposite meaning. Translation. followed by five questions. Candidate’s articulation. to be accurately translated in English. Longmans) 5. Title Author 1. without marking unnecessary alterations. Prepositions. significant terms and figurative/idiomatic expressions shall be given.C. Practical English Usage M. Write Better. Speak Better Readers Digest Association 6. (ii) English (Composition and Précis)-50 Marks: The examination will test the candidate’s abilities to handle Précis Writing. generally confused in communication. rich in substance but not very technical or discipline-specific shall be given. as may be clearly directed in the question. Synonyms and Antonyms etc. Conjunctions. The Little Brown Handbook H. Exploring the World of English Syed Saadat Ali Shah . Phrasal Verbs.

inheritance and polymorphism. Degree in Computer Science with eight (08) year post & Experience: qualification teaching and administrative experience at College/ University level. Degree in Computer Science with ten (10) years post qualification teaching and administrative experience at College/ University level. Network security issues. Object Oriented Programming Data types. Storage Hierarchy (Main/Virtual/Cache/Secondary memory). Islamabad Model Colleges for Boys. Merge sort. Flow Control. Database security and authorization. Sequential Search. control structures. OR M. III. derived classes. Computer Architecture Microprocessor Bus Structure (Address/Data/Control). Linked Lists. Bridging. Routing. functions. Data Structure and Algorithms Stack and Queue. Graph representation and traversal. operator and function overloading. Selection Sort. Capital Administration and Development Division. Quick sort. Binary Search. Relational data model and algebra. Part-I: (Computer Science) 50 Marks I. Minimum spanning tree. Page 8 of 13 PAPER-II: PROFESSIONAL Max Marks: 100 Time Allowed: 3 Hours Case No. UDP. LAN/WAN/MAN. Structured Query language. arrays. Bubble sort.4-217/2016-R Particulars of post Associate Professor/Vice Principal (Computer Science) (Male) (BS-19). constructors and destructors. Multiprocessors & Thread Level Parallelism. Principles of Instruction Set Design. methods. Multiplexing. Registers and Flags. Infix to postfix conversions. concurrency control and recovery techniques. Transport layer protocols TCP/IP. F. Expression tree construction. Minimum Qualification Ph. Tree traversals. Database Management Systems Entity Relationship modeling. Peripheral communication.D. Computer Communications and Networks Asynchronous and Synchronous transmission. CPU. II. . virtual functions. Database design. I/O and file processing. Insertion sort. Islamabad. functional dependencies and normal forms.Phil. Error Control. OR Second Class or Grade ‘C’ Master’s Degree in Computer Science with twelve (12) years post qualification teaching and administrative experience at College/ University level. Federal Directorate of Education. Network layers. classes. V. ALU. IV. object and encapsulation.

Operating Systems Process and CPU management.  Relationship of Education and Curriculum  Curriculum Development Process: Need Assessment. Usability IV. Deadlocks. II. Causal-Comparative Research. Part-II: (Professional) 50 Marks I. File management systems. Educational Administration and Supervision  The Concept of Administration  Educational Planning and Organization in Pakistan  Approaches to Educational Administration: Democratic. Introduction to concurrency. Authoritarian. Matching Type. Memory management and virtual memory. Scheduling and dispatch. Development of Curricular Materials. Formulation of Aims and Objectives. Multithreading. Page 9 of 13 VI. Experimental Research. Descriptive Research. Objective Type: Multiple Choice. Process of Teaching and Teaching Strategies  Process of Classroom Communication  Factors affecting Classroom Communication  Barriers to Classroom Communication  Use of Instructional Materials and Media III. True-False Items. Historical Research. Summative Evaluation  Types of Test: Essay Type. Development of Curriculum and Instructional Material  Elements of Curriculum. Selection of Content. Rating Scale  Type of Research: Basic/Applied Research. Paging and Demand Paging. Taxonomies of Educational Objectives. Evaluation and Measurement  Approaches to Evaluation: Formative Evaluation. Correlation Research. Research Methods in Education  Scientific Method and its Application in Education  Sampling Techniques  Research Instruments: Questionnaire: Interview. External Fragmentation. Objectivity. Qualitative and Quantitative Research  Research Proposal and Report Writing . Test. Educational Assessment and Evaluation  Concept of Classroom Assessment and Evaluation  Distinction between Assessment. Observation. Principles of Construction of these Test  Characteristics of a Good Test: Validity. Laissez-faire  Educational Supervision V. Action Research. Reliability.

Integrating Education Technology into Teaching Roblyer 11. Comer 8. Curriculum Development S. R.Begg Implementation and Management 6. Wirth 4. Database Systems: A Practical Approach to Design.M. Educational Measurement and Evaluation S. Operating System Concepts Addison-Wesley 3. Page 10 of 13 Suggested Reading S. Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach Hennessy & Patterson 9. Title Author 1. Modern Operating Systems Andrew S.No. Shahid 13. Educational Administration S. Shahid 12. Tanenbaum 2. Introduction to Computer Networks A.M. Research in Education JW Best 10. Tanenbaum 7. Tanenbaum.M. 5. Data structures Aaron M.Connolly and P. Computer Networks and Internets Douglas E. S. Shahid . Algorithms and Data Structures N.

Criminal Procedure Code. Law & Prosecution Department. The Arbitration Laws in Pakistan M. 1860 v. Civil Courts Ordinance. Pakistan Panel Code. 1908 iv. Ministry of Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit Baltistan Minimum i. Khan 6. 1984 vi. Definitions of Crime II. Gilgit Baltistan. Qanun-e-Shahdat Order. Establishment of Civil Courts with their Original & Appellate Jurisdiction. All Provisions of: i. Pakistan Panel Code. Law of Evidence Justice (R) Khalid ur Rahman Khan as adapted from Principles and 4. The Code of Civil Procedure. Title Author 1. Concept of arbitration. Law Graduate or equivalent qualification from a University Qualification & recognized by HEC. F. 1908 Aamir Raza A. arbitration with or without intervention of court and in civil suits.4-221/2016-R Particulars of post Draftsman (BS-19). 1898 SUGGESTED READINGS S. Monir 5. Qanun-e-Shahdat Order. 1860 M. Twelve (12) years post qualification practice as an advocate of any High Court in Pakistan/Chief Court of Gilgit Baltistan. 1962 Nisar Ahmad Nisar . Criminal Procedure Code. iii. Page 11 of 13 PAPER-II: PROFESSIONAL Max Marks: 100 Time Allowed: 3 Hours Case No. Mahmood 7. 1898 Shaukat Mahmood 3.No. Experience: ii. LAW : 100 Marks I. 1984 Digest of the Law of Evidence by M. The Code of Civil Procedure. Mahmood 2. ii.

Controlling and Co-Ordination: Forms of Controls. X. Public Administration: Nature and scope. Rules of Business 1973. Bureaucracy of Pakistan as a Change Agent. Education Department. Theories of Bureaucracy. . II. Judicial Control. the process of Control. III. Principles of Planning. Legislative Control. Planning: Types of Plans. Administrative Accountability: Internal and External Controls. Control Mechanism. Ecology of Bureaucracy. IV. Problems of Coordination in Public Administration in Pakistan. VIII. Second Class or Grade ‘C’ Master’s Degree in Economics/ Qualification & Commerce/ Business Administration (Accounting/Finance)/ Experience: Mathematics or equivalent qualification from a University recognized by the HEC. F. Problems of Administrative Accountability in Pakistan. Principles of Controlling. Bureaucracy: Concept of Bureaucracy. Federal Public Service Commission Ordinance 1977 and Rules made thereunder. Public Opinion and Pressure Groups. VII. ii. Minimum i. Page 12 of 13 PAPER-II: PROFESSIONAL Max Marks: 100 Time Allowed: 3 Hours Case No. Five (5) years post qualification experience in Budget/Accounts. Executive Control. Machinery for Coordination. Forms of Leadership. Part-I: 50 Marks (Public Administration & Office Management) I. Administrative Leadership: Approaches to the study of Leadership. Planning & Development. Gilgit Baltistan. PPRA Ordinance and Rules 2004. Principles of Coordination. Civil Servant Act 1973 and Rules made thereunder. Role of Public Administration in a modern Welfare State. V. XI.4-226/2016-R Particulars of post Deputy Director Colleges (Budget & Development) (BS-18). Secretariat Instructions and Office Procedures. IX. Planning Process. Leadership qualities. Ombudsman. Planning Machinery in Pakistan. Ministry of Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit Baltistan. VI.

—Elements of Financial Administration. Compensation. Job Specification. No.Graham &Roger Bennett 6. Performance Programmed Budgeting.F. Setting Performance Goals and Targets. Organization—Types of Organization. Training. General Introduction to Virus and Antivirus utilities. management. An Introduction to the Public Administration E. management for Results. Web Design. Application Software: Microsoft Word. Quality Management and Information Technology) I. Microsoft Power Point.Gilbert Jr. Human Resource Management H. Human Behaviour and Organizations Administration. Charles Parker 8. Email. Financial Management. Significance and Scope of Human Resource Management. Characteristics of Computer and related material. Promotion. Auditing and Accounting. Bureaucracy: Modern Society Pebr. Human Resource and Financial Management Definition. Daniel R. III. etc). 3. II.Blau. Cladden 2. Public Sector Enterprises. Personnel Administration—Tools of Personnel Management: Selection. Internet Surfing. Job Analysis: Job Description. Title Author 1. Programming Languages SUGGESTED READINGS S. Communication. ISO-13000. 7. MS Office 365 Handbook: 2013 Edition Kevin Wilson . Public Administration for a Welfare State Paul Abbleby 4.N. Organization of the Federal and Provincial Governments. Understanding Computer: Today and Tomorrow Deborah Morley. Twitter. Kennedy 5. R. other certifications regarding quality measurement. The Bureaucracy of Pakistan Charles F. Basic Concept of Quality Management ISO-9000. Social Networking (Facebook. Principles of Organization. Principles of Budgeting. M. Theory of Organization. Search Engines. Performance Evaluation.T. Information Technology and MS Office Fundamentals of Computer: CPU. Management James A.Eward Freeman.Stoner. Page 13 of 13 Part-II: 50 Marks (Human Resource. Discipline. Capital Budget. Types of Computers. Memory Devices. Approaches to Human Resource Management. Communication Channels and Principles of Public Relations. Microsoft Excel.