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Maputo Travel Guide

The City of Maputo

Maputo is the capital city of Mozambique with a population of about two million people.
Under portuguese influence, it was known under the name Lourenço Marques (LM), a
portuguese trader who explored the area of Delagoa Bay in 1544, and became one of
Africa’s most beautiful and fashionable cities with a cosmopolitan continental atmosphere,
pavement cafes, and a thriving tourist industry. After the independence on June 25, 1975 it
was named Maputo.

LM around 1910

The civil war in the 1970s and 1980s changed all that. When peace finally came, the once
beautiful Mozambican city was in terrible disrepair. Thousands of immigrants crowded the
buildings and major services including water and electricity were non existent. Signs of the
struggle still show by the bullet holes and marks on the walls of many buildings of the city.

Over the past decades, the city has been rebuilt, with the hope that it can again capture its
attraction and success as a very popular tourist destination. Today, the city is slowly
recreating some of its former glory. It is bustling port city, with great architecture, beautiful
avenues of trees, homely café houses and vibrant city life.

There is a ferry to serve those tourists or people who wish to cross to Catembe and there are
various means to get to Inhaca Island and to the tourist spots, holiday accommodations and
fishing destinations that are on offer there.


The climate of Mozambique, influenced by the monsoons of the Indian Ocean and the warm
current of the Mozambique Channel, is generally tropical and wet with two seasons. A dry
season from April to September and a wet season from October to March.

along Av Acordos de Lusaka near the airport.Currency Mozambique currency is Metical. so it is advisable to have cash or credit/debit card.S. Municipal Palace. Travelers Cheques are not as popular. South African Rand. Praça dos Heróis Moçambicanos The large Praça dos Heróis Moçambicanos. which was designed by Eiffel in the late 19th century as the governor's residence. neoclassical Conselho Municipal (City Hall). Hour GMT+2 hours Sightseeing and Entertainment in Maputo Praça de Independência This wide plaza is rimmed on one side by the soaring white spire of the Catedral de Nossa Senhora da Conceição and on the other by the hulking. Inside is a garden and a small museum with remnants from the era of early Portuguese forays to the area. Casa de Ferro. U. ATM machines are available in major city centres and in some hotels. though its metal-plated exterior proved unsuitable for tropical conditions. The star-shaped white marble structure in its centre holds the remains of Mozambique's revolutionary and post- independence heroes. The main debit cards can also be used in Mozambique. is notable for its 95m-long mural commemorating the revolution. Sterling Pound. Fortaleza The old fort was built by the Portuguese in the mid-19th century near the site of an earlier fort. including Eduardo Mondlane and Samora Machel. as well as those of . dollar and euro are widely accepted. Fortaleza Casa de Ferro Just off the Praça de Independência is the Casa de Ferro.

and provide a good feel for events that have shaped the country's recent history. Call ahead to arrange an appointment. Wall painting Malangatana Train Station Maputo's imposing Train Station is one of the city's landmark buildings. Photographs are prohibited. There's also a pottery area. Exhibits are in Portuguese. Inside are some old steam engines. one of the city's best night spots. It has frequent exhibitions featuring the work of up-and-coming artists (some of which is for sale). pillars and verandas gracing the exterior. Except on 3 February. trains run infrequently and it's often deserted. Casa e Museu Malangatana It's possible to visit the house and studio of Malangatana. The house is located several kilometres outside the city centre. and the Chez Rangel Jazz Café. Although the station is still in use. you'll need to get permission to visit. has an excellent collection of paintings and sculptures by Mozambique's finest contemporary artists. half a block west of Av Karl Marx. Núcleo de Arte This longstanding artists' cooperative is a focal point among Mozambican artistic circles. It's in a dilapidated colonial-era house near the Hospital Central. although Eiffel himself never set foot in Mozambique. ask directions when arranging the visit. including Malangatana and Chissano. Museu Nacional de Arte The Museu Nacional de Arte. and a garden where you can talk with the artists and watch them at work. Mozambique's most renowned painter. The dome was designed by an associate of Alexandre Gustav Eiffel. but with many photos. Núcleo de Arte. when it's open to the public. Train Station. . including pieces made in the 'Guns into Art' project (check their website for more). Also impressive are the wrought-iron lattice work. It is filled with dozens of his own paintings as well as several sculptures of Alberto Chissano. Museu da Revolução The Museu da Revolução documents Mozambique's independence struggle.national poet José Craveirinha.

is Maputo's main market. an array of fresh seafood dishes and grills. Get there early in the morning when everything is still fresh. with grilled chicken . There's seating on the large beach-facing porch or indoors. waterside seating. All serve a selection of tasty bolos (cakes) and light meals. advance reservations required) and Friday evenings. café espresso and chá (tea). this large. . and the city's cafés have become somewhat of an institution. and before the crowds. and stalls overflowing with everything from brooms to plastic buckets. It's located 5km north of the centre at the northern end of Av Marginal. with its long rows of vendors. and the faded ambience and worn furnishings that you'd expect from places that have been around for decades.with a down-at- the-heel feel and the original furnishings long since gone .but it makes a good spot to watch the passing scene. with good seafood grills and burgers. While walking around in town. they are good spots to relax. There's live music on most Thursday (jazz.Mercado Municipal The Mercado Municipal. and a late-night bar. Café Tradition The café tradition.with or without piri-piri (spicy chilli sauce) . Restaurante Costa do Sol A Maputo institution. left behind in Maputo by the Portuguese. Dock's At Clube Naval. The compound entry is deducted from your meal take away or eat here. while the newer ones tend to be young and lively. Café Continental The grande dame of the city was undoubtedly once grander than it is now . Piri-Piri Chicken A Maputo classic. and well worth a stroll. fresh fish and colorful spices. tables piled high with produce. and breezy. Most of the older ones have a staid feel to them. breezy place just in from the beach draws the crowds on weekend afternoons.

Mutumbela Gogo. a theatre group for highschool students formed under the auspices of Mutumbela Gogo. Henning Mankell was invited to run the Teatro Avenida in the capital of Mozambique. Taxis wait outside until the early hours.Teatro Avenida Teatro Avenida is home to Maputo's best-known theatre group. (Information from lonelyplanet. An ideal spot to sip a caipirinha while taking in afro-jazz beats. There's live music on Saturdays. Feira Popular A Maputo institution. and otherwise your choice of a large collection of old jazz gramophone records. Plays are in . walled compound. where you can mix and mingle with the crowds as you wander amid dozens of small bars and restaurants set inside a large. Since his arrival in 1986 he has spent at least half the year in Maputo working with the theatre and writing. Maputo. Chez Rangel Jazz Café This jazz café at the train station is one of Maputo's best night spots. Also watch for M'Beu. with intimate surroundings and the atmospheric architecture of the train station as a backdrop.

Lariam). The ferry (per person about US$ 0. between Ave Friedrich Engels and Ave Marginal. please have a look at the website of the “Auswärtiges Amt” Länderinformation. violent crime does occur. However. In the evening is a good idea to wear long sleeved shirts and slacks. When visiting game reserves neutral colours are preferred. otherwise you can call the taxi company or ask in any hotel and restaurant that will call a taxi for you.20) and boats to Catembe run from dawn to about 11pm from the dock near the Ministry of Finances. Be vigilant when out and about.20). Vaccinations against hepatitis A. However. Malerone. Wear sensible walking shoes and take a hat for protection from the sun. What to wear For most of the year light clothing is a must. . avoid isolating situations and avoid the areas between Ave Patrice Lumumba and Ave 25 de Setembro. there will be a shuttle service from the hotel Chapas go everywhere (US$ 0. beige. If camping. Some have name boards. The trip takes about 20 minutes. blouses and skirts or informal dresses for women. polio tetanus and typhoid are also recommended. Also. so as little skin possible is exposed to mosquitoes. and Ave Marginal between Praça Robert Mugabe and the Holiday Inn.Travel Information Getting around Maputo’s Mavalane International Airport is 6km northwest of the city centre (US$8 to US$10 in a taxi). However. it can get chilly in the evenings so pack a sweater or jacket. Health and Safety Mozambique has private and public medical facilities. otherwise listen to the destination called out by the conductor. A yellow fever certificate is required for those arriving from infected areas. Walking around central Maputo during daytime hours is generally safe. There are taxi ranks at Hotel Polana and at the Municipal Market. because bright hues may unsettle the animals. In restaurants smart casual is the norm: short-sleeved shirts and slacks for men. A course of anti-malaria tablets is strongly advised (e. mosquito nets and repellents are recommended after sundown. Shorts and safari shirts in brown. but not white. dark green or khaki are the best. during the winter (June-August).g. mainly spread in Maputo city.

Onde fica..It is advisable not to carry large sums of money.. Keep your handbag and cellular phone with you and do not leave them unattended. Sir/ Madam Com liçenca. Senhor/ Senhora Do you speak English/German? Fala ingles/ alemão? Where is? Onde é que é?. Avoid drawing attention to you by wearing lots of jewelry and showy displays of cameras and other valuables.. items of value or important documents such as passports on your person. plan your route beforehand. Always keep an eye on what's going on around you. Similarly. Most hotels offer facilities for safeguarding these. your hotel or the nearest tourism info office can recommend a reliable service.? Today Hoje Tomorrow Amanha How much is it? Quanto custa? . If you want to call a taxi. Avoid going out alone after hours. If you walk through the city.. It is better to explore in groups and stick to well-lit busy streets. do not take these to the beach or leave them in your hired vehicle or on display in your hotel room.? Onde é. Portuguese Vocabulary Hello Olá Goodbye Adeus Yes Sim No Não Good morning Bom dia Good afternoon Boa tarde Good evening/night Boa noite Please Por Favor Thank You Obrigado/a (male/female) You're welcome De nada I'm sorry Desculpe Pardon me.

One Um(a) Two Dois(Duas) Three Tres Four Quatro Five Cinco Where is the bathroom? Onde fica a casa de banho? How are you doing? Como esta?. Como vai?. Até mais! . Tudo bem? The bill please A conta por favor.

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