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The world is an increasingly dangerous place. North Korea now has a ballistic missile capable of reaching
U.S. soil with a possible nuclear warhead. Iran, Russia and even China are becoming more belligerent,
especially in developing sophisticated missile systems. The United States must take every necessary
action to defend the homeland as well as protecting our key military assets and personnel around the
globe and defending our allies.
We, the undersigned, believe that the unstable and hostile regime in North Korea is a serious threat.
North Korea is successfully developing nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missile delivery
systems. These systems and warheads, as tested, could prove capable of reaching U.S. targets and most
particularly Hawaii.
Hawaii, being America’s westernmost outpost, is strategically vital to U.S. presence in Asia and the Pacific
and home to some of our most important military assets. It is the symbol of America in the Pacific, and
the part of the United States most vulnerable to North Korean aggression.
While it is essential that our nation continue to develop innovative weapons and systems so that we may
always be more technologically advanced then our potential enemies, the ability to defend Hawaii exists
right now. This technology is ready to take immediate, cost-effective action to protect Hawaii and the
mainland against the ever-growing threats from North Korea.
President Trump has requested an increase in defense spending, something that’s desperately needed.
However, the President’s budget also includes funding for the Homeland Defense Radar – Hawaii or HDR-
HI – that is a decade and up to a billion dollars away from protecting the Islands.

Therefore, we urge Congress to authorize and fund, through the National Defense Authorization Act and
Defense Appropriations legislation, an examination of readily available alternatives like the Aegis Ashore
system with additional SM-3 interceptors and a truck mounted THAAD system with the AN/TPY-2 radar.
Installing this already existing, proven multi-tiered missile defense in Hawaii would give us multiple
opportunities to shoot down any incoming North Korean warhead. The combination of these powerful

systems would ensure the Islands are ready for whatever North Korea may attempt and provide the
American taxpayer a good value.

Critics have argued operationalizing Hawaii’s Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF), Barking Sands in
Kekaha, may cost jobs or compromise training and testing. They’re wrong. Admiral Harris, head of Pacific
Command (PACOM), has assured otherwise. Bringing PMRF online as an operational outpost would likely
increase jobs in the area and according to PACOM the critical missions of missile testing and operational
capability can coexist at PMRF.
Protecting Hawaii now is not only critical to national security, but also to the safety of Hawaiians and the
economic security of our nation’s 50th state.
The undersigned organizations and individuals, strongly urge Congress to take speedy, definitive actito
protect our nation and our Islands.
The Honorable Charles Djou
Former Congressman, Hawaii

The Honorable Steve Stockman
Former Congressman, Texas

Eric Nordmeier
Director, West Kauai Business and Professional
Representative Bob McDermott
Hawaii House of Representatives
Lt. Colonel Anthony Shaffer
London Center for Policy Research
Leslie Jones
Board Member, Hawaii Christian Coalition
Paul Mossman
President, Hawaii Future Project
George Landrith
President, Frontiers of Freedom
David Wallace
President, Restore America’s Mission

Art Harmon
Director, Coalition to Save Manned Space

Andresen Blom
President, Hawaiian Values