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Global Studies

With Mrs. Behringer
WOOT WOOT! Lucky you… you get to have me as a teacher this year !

This is the CHEAT SHEET to success in my class. Follow this and you are guaran-
teed to have a great year.

Keys to Success: Website:
 If you need to review Powerpoint lectures or
1. Show up to class on time and be prepared. complete class notes - go here
 If you need Extra copies - go here!
2. Follow all classroom expectations.
 If you want online study games - go here!
3. Turn in all classwork/homework on time.
 If you want extra credit - go here!
4. Study for 5-10 minutes 3 days a week.  If you want exam study guides -go here!
5. Check class calendar and website fre-

What you will need for class:
Pencils/Pens Folder Text Book
Composition Notebook Punch Card
Optional:  I am not a fan of homework… but sometimes it is
Colored Pencils 1- inch Binder unavoidable. I assign classwork daily. I give you
time to complete it in class. If you do not use that
time wisely, classwork becomes homework and is
What if I choose not to follow classroom expectations? due the following day.
Well I am not going to sugar coat it … if you do not follow
 I will only accept EIGHT late assignments /year.
classroom expectations I will probably let it slide the first time
with a stern look and reminder...hey we all make mistakes, if Each Student is given a punch card to keep track
you choose not to follow them again, we will have a seat of their freebies. All other late assignments will
change or “conference”… you won’t like it … a third time and only be given 1/2 credit. Incomplete assignments
you will have a greater consequences including but not limited will not be accepted.
to Parental phone calls, removal from class, detention or a
“Conversation with the Assistant Principal” Not fun...lets not  If you are absent from class it is your responsibil-
try it... ity to check in with another student or myself to
find out what you missed. All missed work must
be completed by the agreed upon due date.