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4.5 GWS 9-115 P Angle Grinder GBH 4-32 DFR Rotary Hammer with SDS-plus
The most durable tool in its class! The fastest multi-ha mmer in the 4kg class!
Powerful 900-watt motor for fast work progress
High work efficiency due to long lifeti me and carbon Wide range of applications in chiselling and drilling work
brush lifetime and when working with a core cutter
Ergono mic shape for maxi mum control in various Drills up to 30% faster (25 mm dia meter) than other tools
grip positions in its class
Low vibration levels of only 10 m/s for less tiring work
Also available in 4 GW S 7-100, 5 GW S 1400, 7 due to Bosch Vibration Control
GW S 22-180, 9 GW S 22-230
Also available in GBH 2-28 DV, GBH 2-28 DF V, GBH

2-28 DF V

GSB 10 RE Impact Dril GSH 7 VCDemolition Hammer with SDS-max

Co mpact power The most co mpact and powerful Perfect for continuous hori zontal chiselling!
impact drill in its class!
Robust and po werful 500 W motor Perfect power-to-weight ratio: sufficient i mpact power, even
Extre mely co mpact for working in tight spaces and for the hardest materials, and low tool weight
overhead Low vibration thanks to vibration-opti mi zed i mpact
Low weight of only 1.5 kg for fatigue -free working mechanis m and decouple d main and side handles
Long lifeti me due to robust metal co mpo nents

Also available in GSB 13 RE, GSB 16 RE, GSB Also available in GSH 11 VC, GSH 5
18-2 RE, GSB 19-2 RE

GSB 18 VE-2-LICordless Impact Drill / Driver GCO 2000 Metal Cut-o Grinder
Robust series Extre mely powerful, extre mely robust, and The robust tool for the toughest applications!
extre mely easy to control!
Extre mely powerful: up to 85 Nm for the toughest screw driving Extre mely robust lever and spring construction for the
and drilling applications in wood and metal highest work loads
Powerful 2000 W motor with starting current li mitation for
Extre mely easy to control: perfect control of the tool due to fast work progress
newly develope d worldwide unique and innovative ERC User-friendly quick cla mping mechanis m with continuo usly
(Electronic Rotation Control) and ne w auxiliary ha ndle with easy variable mitre angle setting up to 45
locking mechanism Also available in GCL 240, GCD 12 JL

Also available in GSB 10.8 -2-LI, GSB 10.8-2-LI, GSB 18 V-LI

GBH 2-26 DRE Rotary Hammer with SDS-plus GLM 40 Laser Measure
The fast all-rounder for daily use! All relevant functions in a co mpact design!
Gets the work done quickly due to fast drilling rate
and high chiselling performance because of 800 Distance measure me nt, area calculation, volume calculation all
watt powerful motor and 2.7 joules of i mpact energy intuitive to use
Reliable and robust with long lifeti me due to Illumi nated, three-line display maxi mi zes readability
high-quality components Me mory function ena bles easy access to the last ten
Wide range of applications with rotation stops for measure me nts
chiselling work Also available in GLM 50, GL M 100, GL M 250

Also available in GBH 2-20 D, GBH 2-24 DF, GBH

2-26 DFR

GDX 18 V-EC Cordless Impact Driver GHP 5-65High-pressure Washer

The most universal i mpact driver in its class with even Powerful and versatile: A co mpact, mo bile and powerful
longer! high-pressure washer!

Special bit holder co mbines 1/2" square and 1/4" hexago n for High cleaning power: Alumi nium a nodi zed pump with
even more applications stainless steel pistons producing a co mbination of high
Brushless EC motor technology fro m Bosch for up to 100% flow and pressure resulting in high cleaning po wer
longer lifetime Convenient: Metal telescopic handle for easy of use,
Very co mpact design for perfect handling, even in the tightest mo bility and co mpact storage
spaces and overhead Versatile: Used both in horizo ntal and vertical positions

Also available in GDR 18 V-LI, GDS 18 V-LI HT Also available in GHP 5-55, GHP 5-75 X