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Children first school

Patul Road, Rosario, Santiago city

Values Formation Program
S.Y 2017-2018

Values Formation Mission and Vision

Mission: To form future CFS agents of goodwill in the service to the society rooted in deep
Faith in the Almighty God in a radical and charitable way of learning par excellence.

Vision: Under the guidance of Divine Providence and heroic acts, is a community of leaders
teaching the world the CFSian core values (Character, Faith, Service and Excellence) and giving
witness to the Truth through quality education.

The Christian Formation Program of CFS follows and implements the guidelines and directives
of the National Catechetical Directory of the Philippines (NCDP) and adheres to the standards and
benchmarks legislated by the Philippines Catholic Schools Standards (PCSS) in congruence with the
Values Education curriculum of the Department of Education in realizing the natures and goals of
Catechesis and Catholic Education.

For this school year 2017-2018, the Values Formation which is the mandated office of the
school under the direct supervision of the School Founder and the office of the Principal in
cooperation of the (FSM) in initiating, implementing, supervising and evaluating the school’s
Christian Formation Program has outlined and specified the following programs and activities with
the following goals:

A) RELIGIOUS INSTRUCTION - The curriculum, programs and activities are designed to
lead the students and teachers to develop a critical understanding of the doctrines of the Catholic
faith so that they may be able to exercise a faith-seeking understanding, “fides querens intellectum”
as they establish relationship with God.

B) CAMPUS MINISTRY - The programs and activities are designed to lead the students,
personnel, administrators, and parents to grow in their spiritual life so that they may be able to live
and celebrate their faith with the presence of sacramental grace from God in their daily life.

C) SOCIAL ACTION MINISTRY - The program and activities are designed to leadthe
students, personnel and administrators to develop appreciation of Christian social responsibility and
thereby manifest cooperation to every endeavor of the Christian community in upholding the dignity
and integrity of every person and of all God’s creation.


Conversely. where beneficiaries actively participate in formation. Formation activities are being done on weekly basis and integrated with the regular meetings of Christian Living class and clubs created under the Campus Ministry. The formation activities first focus on the catechesis using Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) and the Franciscan Spirituality. 2 . And Excellence) . Children first school Patul Road. The formation process is also experiential. it lies at the heart of the Christian First School’s Mission. they assume their responsibilities more readily in all aspects of their daily lives. Faith. This is in partnership and under the guidance of the local Church. Values formation significantly determines the success of the other programs specially of the Campus Ministry. The main unit of formation is Building a community based on the core values of the school (Character. A continuous and extensive formation will translate into a deeper perception of the value of God’s Kingdom that will sustain efforts in personal and school transformation. reflection-action-reflection. as the Students (CFSian) are made to contemplate on their daily experiences particularly with the project. Service. they tend to become remiss in their participation in other project activities and specially Spiritual formation. Values formation inculcates new sensibilities that motivate the CFSian to actively participate in the program of the Campus Ministry and School Activities. to aid students get in touch with God and guide them in the understanding of their faith. fulfill their responsibilities as CFSian. Rosario. activities under Campus Ministry and what it means in terms of personal transformation and the realization of God’s Kingdom in the school. The overall theme is that of God’s Kingdom in action. Where beneficiaries are lax in attending values formation activities. The aim of values formation is to facilitate the integral Christian transformation of the school. Santiago city Introduction This is the program that integrates all of values activities into a holistic community building package.

Values allow the students of the school to make it easier to reach goals that would be impossible to achieve individually. Rosario. we will neither feel at ease nor function properly in that community. The school environment becomes tense. if its members don’t share certain principles that permanently guide the way they relate to each other. activities and objects according to their significance in our life. and any other place where people interact. values not only need to be defined. the country. a school is unlikely to function well. much less perfectly. they must also be maintained. the classroom. However. 3 . the workplace. the criteria used to give value to those elements have varied throughout history. and depend on the values each person assumes. Only then will students have a better chance of understanding and using them in their daily activities. If we don’t share their values. If values don’t have the same meaning for all students and teachers. people feel that they are not all moving in the same direction. Being a pillar of a school. For the well-being of the school. The word “community” means family. in good times and in bad times. it is necessary to have shared rules that guide the behavior of its students. That is why we value people. their daily work will be more difficult and cumbersome. otherwise the school will not function satisfactorily for the majority. the neighborhood. promoted and disseminated. and all pay the consequences. and we’ll feel little satisfaction in being a part of it. Children first school Patul Road. some things have always been more important than others. Santiago city The importance of values formation in school For humans. In practical terms. the city. ideas.

Santiago city Activities and Program for Values Formation 1. twice a INTERVENTION assist the students references year PROGRAM non-Catholics . All teachers 3 Academic 3.O. Weekly VALUES teachers references INTEGRATION could be able Comp (Across levels) to prepare uter value-laden unit/l lesson plans aptop . All teachers 2 Chapel 2.Enhance the value system of the students 4 . Trimester DELIBERATION behavioral across levels (Across levels) performance . CLE 1 Assess and 1. Religious Instruction  Assist the CLE/ Religion/ Teachers in enriching the lectures or topics in the classroom. SUBJECT 3 Ensure that all 3. CONDUCT 2 Assess the 2. Children first school Patul Road.P.CLE teachers Assessment (Across levels) students to forms cope with the CLE curriculum/ religious instruction 2. Rosario. Non-Catholics 1 Academic 1. RELIGIOUS PROGRAM/ OBJECTIVE PERSON INVOLVED LOGISTICS TIME INSTRUCTION ACTIVITY FRAME 1.D of the .Guidance students Staf every trimester 3. Engage the support of CLE/ Religion/ Teachers in providing information about or promoting the Campus Ministry programs and activities.

Confession  Monthly confession is done (if possible for Catholics) or annually. Spiritual Direction & Pastoral Counseling  The Franciscan Brothers will offer spiritual direction and pastoral counseling Students. Recollections and Retreats  Weekly Bible Studies for teachers and students to help nourish our faith and become an effective witnesses of God’s Commandment  Monthly Recollections and Annual Retreat for teachers and students  Monthly Christian Prayer (Every First Friday) for non-Catholics students to help them nourish their faith to be facilitated by the non-Catholic teacher or under Christian Movement Club  Ecuminical Gathering. Monthly Holy Mass  Monthly masses (First Friday For Catholics) are celebrated in the school for it is one of the important elements in values formation. He will help us experience the tremendous benefits of the Mass and the Eucharist. can be done in recollections and retreats. Seminars and Training and liturgical activities  A spiritual talk is necessary for all. and other liturgical services. Prayer Sessions. B. Spiritual Talks.  BEC  Liturgical activities like celebration of the month of the Holy rosary. Teachers And Staff D. Birthday of the Blessed Mother. Teachers and School Staff. E. so the bothers will conduct seminars and training for the teachers and students. Spiritual Exercise  Spiritual exercise is under the supervision of the Campus Ministry A. Advent Celebration. If we give God a chance. a program aim on promoting unity among the Christian Students. 5 . Rosario. Santiago city 2. Children first school Patul Road. C.

parents’ Graduation sacramental Mass. CFS 1 Vacant room 1. Sacramental 1 . and worship Sacrament of life enrichment Reconciliation . Initiate and 1. BEC session 3 Initiate and 3. for the books Institutional students. Daily/ Celebrations implement Community Chapel Key Monthly/ (Prayer liturgical and board Sacred Occasionally/ Service. Mass. Class para-liturgical Vessels Annually Mass. CFS Choir and 2 Venue 2. Choir 2 Provide the 2. Parish personnel and Mass. Children first school Patul Road. First Holy Communion. Once a with Faculty/ implement and Personnel Month staf liturgical and para-liturgical celebrations for the students. Division celebrations Liturgical Mass. Santiago city SPIRITUAL EXERCISE/ PROGRAM/ OBJECTIVE PERSON INVOLVED LOGISTICS TIME FRAME CAMPUS ACTIVITY MINISTRY 1. Sacrament of Confirmation) 2. CFS Students 3 Venue 3. personnel sacramental and worship 6 . Twice a practice after students with selected Month class opportunities Teachers wherein they can develop their religious and spiritual life through singing 3. Rosario.

Children first school Patul Road. CFS Students 5 Venue 5. Bible 5 Provide the 5. Every Week Sharing students. Every personnel students. and Personnel Month recollection personnel with spiritual activities that will ensure development in their relationship with God 5. Students and 4 Provide the 4. and Personnel personnel spiritual activities that will ensure development in their relationship with God 7 . CFS Students 4 Venue 4. Rosario. Santiago city life enrichment 4.

Lord through a clear and deep understanding of the Catholic 8 . Catechism C. Feeding program E. Twice a Year SHORT program and students under the Transportation TIME tutorial realized the Campus value of ministry club sharing. Book and school Supplies Donation B. Two-days immersion program (stay-in) B. Twice a students in the Campus Week getting to know. Exposure trip (live out) SOCIAL PROGRAM/ OBJECTIVE PERSON INVOLVED LOGISTICS TIME FRAME SERVICE ACTIVITY 1. Medical and dental mission H. Feeding 1 To help 1. Christmas Gift giving Long-term Programs A. ministry Club love and and the worship the Brothers. Social Action Ministry/Outreach Program Short-term Programs A. Students from 2 Venue 2. Catechism 2 Lead all the 2. care and the CLE and compassion Teachers for the needy and hungry and the importance of knowledge 2.Tutorial G. Rosario. Children first school Patul Road. Santiago city 3. Tree planting F. CFS Students 1 Venue And 1. Environmental services D.

6. Students and 6 Transportation. Children first school Patul Road. Santiago city faith 3. Once a dental the students personnel Transportation Year mission and personnel the value of sharing and charity 5. Students and 5 Venue and 5. Month of giving participate in personnel transportation December the missionary activities of the Church through sharing and caring for the needy 6. Christmas Gift 5 Actively 5. Students and 4 Venue And 4. Medical and 4 Inculcate to 4. Students from 3 Venue 3. 4. Once a services and students and deferent Year Tree planting personnel to organization develop their and teachers love for nature and appreciate the value of creation. Book and 6 Provide the 6. Environmental 3 Lead the 3. Rosario. Once a school students personnel venue and Year Supplies concrete school Donation experiences of materials being part in giving support and solution to the prevailing problem in education of a particular group. institution or community 9 .

Students and 7 Transportatio 7. 9. Once a TERM immersion students Personnel n. Santiago city LONG 7. Monthly Family students and personnel venue personnel to value Family and to inculcate to them the importance of sharing. institution or community 8. Exposure trip 8 To nurture the 8. 8. Provide the 7. Two-days 7 . Students and 9 Transportation . Students and 8 Transportation. 10 . culture and to develop the virtue of service 9. Rosario. Venue Year program concrete (stay-in) experiences of being part in giving support and solution to the prevailing social issues of a particular group. Children first school Patul Road. Adopt a 9 To help 9. Once a (live out) students and Personnel Venue Year personnel on the value of being with others and sharing new ideas.

the will and intelligence to know and fulfill your most holy will. Sanctify our Teachers and Administrators. We ask this through Christ our Lord. in order to build a character worthy of good service to you. inflame our heart with your love. Recollection for students per level Once a year Practice of piety 1. Retreat for students and staff 3. Children first school Patul Road. a childlike trust in your mercy. Thanks Giving Mass before the End of the School Year CFS Morning Prayer Most High and Glorious God as CFSian enlighten the darkness of our mind. Rosario. the church and the society. Ecumenical Prayer for all levels and Personnel 4. Santiago city Suggested Practice of Piety for the Whole Year Daily Practice of Piety 1. Bless also our school staff that they may continue to work according to your most Holy Will and most of all consecrate our School and Nation to you. And most of all. Bible Study Every Friday  Students  Teachers and Staff 2. Rosary Every Wednesday Monthly Practice of Piety 1. Give us a right faith. Holy Mass 2. Angelus at 12:00 NN 3. May your love and peace reign in our hearts and mind this day. a sure hope. Amen 11 . Morning Prayer/Offering during Flag Ceremony 2. Holy Spirit Mass for the opening of Class 2. an ardent charity. a profound humility. guide them in performing their duties and responsibilities as our educators. 3 o’clock Prayer at 3:00 PM Weekly Practice of Piety 1.

grant us the grace to live what we learned. and teach what we have earned. in a well build character of right faith. and profound humility with a childlike trust in God. PASION Values Formation Coordinator School Principal 12 .. VINCULADO. Prepared by: Approved by: BR. ADRIAN ADONIS L. 1 Glory be……… Prayer after School Activities May the God of Creation who made us. So In reaching the goal of excellence we may be of what we ought to be. Rosario. 3 Hail Mary……. To be of good service to all. Amen. FSM TESSIE C. ardent charity.. now and forever. Santiago city 1 Our Father…. Children first school Patul Road. sure hope. enlightened us and called us to be CFSian in our time.