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Bangladesh Environment

• Bangladesh is a low-lying riverine country along with vast Bay of Bengal sea basin in
south. The country has modest weather however; the rapid climate changes become
impact the ecological imbalance. Once this region was naturally available of pure surface
water. In rare cases the country affected by floods, tornadoes and cyclones etc.
Unfortunately, the surface water become polluted thus resulted the epidemics like
outbreak of cholera. Late sixties the authorities suggested to drink ground water an
introduce tube well in order to eradicate the epidemics.

History of Environmental Conference

• The environmental movement has made considerable progress from the
first Greenpeace protest involving six people and a boat in 1971, to the environmental
conferences of today involving the world’s leaders and commanding global
attention. Environmental mega conferences differ from small environmental and
sustainability conferences in fundamental ways. Rather than focusing on specific regional
problems such as acid rain or ‘sectoral’ problems such as human health or food, they try
to take a synoptic overview of the relationship between human society and the natural
world. They aim to; “firstly address the overall trajectory of human development and its
relationship with the environment as a whole and secondly take a broader view of the
complex environment and development issues over a longer time frame, as each summit
is preceded by a number of pre-conferences”

Participation of Bangladesh in Environmental Conference

• The majority of Bangladeshis rely on the country’s natural resources to support their
livelihoods, which places tremendous strain on the environment and economy.
Bangladesh is facing immediate climate change issues and must become resilient to
frequent natural disasters, degradation of forest areas and wetlands, and meet the
country’s energy demand without endangering the environment.

• For healthy and sustainable environment Bangladesh meet in difference national and
international conferences.

Arrange different National environmental Conference

• Bangladesh arrange different kinds of national environmental conference which may be
related to climate change , frequent natural disasters, degradation of forest areas and
wetlands etc. The name of difference national environmental conference are given below:

 14-15 January, 2000 "ICBEN-2000“


“1st National Sunderban Conference-2001” held at Khulna University organized by BAPA in association with Porosh. Chittagong University. Dhaka. Environmental Science Discipline. Department of Agricultural Chemistry. The program was organized jointly by Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon(BAPA) and Bangladesh Environment Network (BEN)  "Urbanization.  Energy policy of Bangladesh and its Development” 22 December. Bangladesh Agricultural University.  Chalan Beel Conference The First National Convention on Chalan Beel held at Bangladesh Academy of Planning and Development. Shahjalal University of Science and Technology and others. 2006. 2006. To Implement an Environment-Friendly. 2001. Department of Anthropology. Khulna University. Pro-people integrated energy policy a Conference titled “Energy policy of Bangladesh and its Development” held at Planning and Development Academy. organized jointly by ‘Porosh’. “1st National Convention on Rivers (NCR).Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. 2002” held at ICDDRB auditorium. Traffic Jam. 2006” held at Bangladesh Academy of Planning and Development auditorium. A Conference titled “Indigenous people and Bangladesh Environment” held at Institute of Engineers. Institute of Forest and Environmental Science. The program was organized jointly by BAPA and BEN. and Environment“ 2 .The “International Conference on Bangladesh Environment (ICBEN)-2000” held at BUET. Jahangir Nagar University. Bangladesh auditorium.  “1st National Sunderban Conference-2001” 14-15 February. 2002. The program was organized by BAPA & BEN in association with Department of Sociology. organized by BAPA Environmental Health Program Committee (EHP PC).  “1st National Conference on Environment Health” 19-20 February. “1st National Conference on Environment Health. 2007. Nilkhet. Dhaka. Dhaka University. BUET and Coalition for Environmental NGOs (CEN).  “Indigenous people and Bangladesh Environment” 17-18 December. Bangladesh Environment Network (BEN).  1st National Convention on Rivers (NCR) 23 December. Rupantor & Khulna University. Rajshahi University. jointly organized by BAPA & BEN. Department of Anthropology.

Kenya. 2002. ICBEN 2000. University of Dhaka and Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology (BUET). Bangladesh. 2010 5) CBA5: Dhaka. Links of the news papers that published the conference news are attached herewith. both home and abroad. Traffic Jam and Environment' Conference held on 8th January 2011 at the Bangladesh Institute of Management (BIM). The Conference was organized jointly by POROSH (Poribesh Rakka Shopoth).  “Environmental Policy in a Politically Changing World” 3 . 2014 9) CBA9: Nairobi. Participation of Bangladesh in International environmental Conference  Community-based adaptation to climate change (CBA) 1) CBA1: Dhaka. Nepal. 2012 7) CBA6: Hanoi. Department of Geography and Environment. Bangladesh.'Urbanization. An “International Conference on Bangladesh Environment (ICBEN)- 2002” held at Dhaka University. Vietnam. 2005 2) CBA2: Dhaka. Bangladesh 2009 4) CBA4: Dar Es Salaam. Tanzania. from various segments of the society. 2012 8) CBA8: Kathmandu. 2011 6) CBA6: Hanoi. organized by BAPA in association with BEN. 2015 10) CBA10: Dhaka. BEN (Bangladesh Environment Network of non-resident Bangladesh citizens) BUET (Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology) and CEN (Coalition of Environmental NGOs). Bangladesh. in Dhaka brought together over 500 Bangladeshi participants. Bangladesh.  Dhaka Declaration on Bangladesh Environment The International Conference on Bangladesh Environment. 2016 An “International Conference on Bangladesh Environment (ICBEN)-2002” 19-21 December. Vietnam. 2007 3) CBA3: Dhaka. held on January 14-15 2000.

also known as Rio 2012. 156. • 792 kilometres of river bank protective work have been completed. The Ganges is ranked as the most polluted river of the world. Bangladesh Achievement of Bangladesh  Key achievement of Bangladesh are given below: • 16. Rio+20 or Earth Summit 2012 was the third international conference on sustainable development aimed at reconciling the economic and environmental goals of the global community.12 kilometres of embankments have been built. Under the patronage of Klaus Töpfer.  South Asia Judicial Conference on Environment and Climate Change . Rio+20 was a 20-year follow-up to the 1992 Earth Summit / United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in the same city. 4 . the European Environment Foundation (EEF) invited the winners of the most renowned international environmental awards to the sixth International Convention of Environmental Laureates in Freiburg. Health.  The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD). • 352. Bangladesh. Environment and Sustainable Development: Issues and Challenges (PHESD2016) December 17th – 18th 2016 Department of Population Science and Human Resource Development (PSHRD) University of Rajshahi. Participation of Bangladesh’s Deputy Minister of Environment Abdullah Al Islam Jakob. 9 and efforts to restore Kathmandu’s Baghmati River continue to struggle.4 kilometres of coastal sea dyke have been constructed. Dhaka’s major rivers have been declared biologically dead. Freiburg is once again playing host to environmental and climate experts from around the world. and the 10th anniversary of the 2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) in Johannesburg  International Conference on Population. • 7218 cyclone resilient houses have been erected. Hosted by Brazil in Rio de Janeiro from 13 to 22 June 2012.From 9–12 March. South Asia’s major river systems are extremely polluted.25-26 November 2016 Dhaka. affecting most of the region’s river cities.

• 65 water control infrastructures including regulators/sluice gates have been constructed. • Stress tolerant crop varieties like BINA Rice-7. • Sheikh Hasina received the award at Close of Sustainable Development Goals Summit on 28 September 2015.20 million trees have been planted and 4971 hectares of forest land have been brought under a fforestation.471 kilometres of drainage have been constructed in the urban areas to reduce water logging. 30 pond-sand-filters (PSF) and 50 water treatment plants have been installed. 528000 improved cook-stoves have been distributed. • 40. • 144. • 2849 deep tube wells. Sheikh Hasina receives Champion of the Earth Award • Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has received the 2015 Champion of the Earth Award. • 111000 metric tons of stress tolerant seeds have been produced and distributed. • 1050 water sources and 550 rain water reservoirs have been established. • 12000 floating vegetables bed in 210 villages are going to establish and 50% have already done. • 872. the UN’s highest environmental accolade. 41. • 17145 solar home systems have been installed in the remote off-grid areas. BINA Ground Nut-1. 47 have been introduced. • The prime minister was awarded in Policy Leadership category for her outstanding leadership on the frontline of climate change. 5 . • 7800 biogas plants have been installed. • A community radio station has been set up for educating vulnerable communities on issues related to health and agriculture. 2 as well as BRRI Rice-40. • Agro-met stations for early weather forecasting have been set up in 4 upazilas.186 kilometres of canals have been excavated/re-excavated.