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Thursday, August 3, 2017 Vol. 53, No. 11 Verona, WI Hometown USA $1
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Main St.

Verona Area School District

Summer school cookin

Schools out for summer again.
The Verona Area School District
summer school program wraps up its
final sessions this week, with K-8 ses-
sions ending Aug. 3 and high school
for-credit classes ending Aug. 4.

Classes for the 1,258 enrolled stu-
dents ranged from required courses
for struggling students, to enrich-
ment courses with offerings not as
prevalent in the academic school year.
Those courses included Art and
More, Creative Coding for Girls, Kids
Be Fit, Lights, Camera, Action! and JIM FEROLIE the angled T-intersection
Sports Spectacular. Verona Press editor with Paoli Street, where
The high school also offered not- accidents and near-acci-
for-credit courses like AP support, The road is paved, the dents have been a com-
chemistry prep for success and Take sidewalks are new and the mon occurrence for sever-
Life by the Horns, a class focused on lights are (mostly) ready al years.
helping students learn about resumes, to go. What ultimately and
applying to college, getting scholar- After exactly six weeks inescapably was a terrible
ships and other life skills. of being closed the max- inconvenience dates back
The school board voted to give imum the city allowed to the start of April, when
a raise to summer school employ- South Main Street is set to work began on the east
ees earlier this year, with a goal to reopen at 10a.m. Monday. side of the road, restrict-
increase teacher participation. Work crews will spend ing access to everything
six hours or so removing from Verona Liquor near
Scott Girard barricades and signs on Verona Avenue to Allstate
Main and adjacent streets, Insurance and Stampf-
and some work on the li Mortgage just north of
d ow n t ow n s t r e e t s c a p e Valley View Road. At that
project which forced point, the road was still
the closure will contin- passable to motorists, but
ue for a couple of weeks since June 26, all traffic
or more. Thats mostly has been rerouted either
Inside landscaping and street
light installation, and the
to Franklin Street on the
east side, Shuman Street
$4 million project should for local access or even as
See more photos from the be essentially complete in far out as Legion Street to
final session of summer August, as long as weather pass through on the west
cooperates, public works side.
school director Theran Jacobson Businesses interviewed
told the Press. by the Press just before
Page 2 This week and up to the the full closure were hope-
opening of the road Mon- ful the citys extensive
day, contractors are sched- planning for the project
uled to finish the crossing including a new, well-
at the bike trail, pavement used public parking lot on
Photo by Scott Girard markings, installing pav- Park Lane and constant
William Leuer measures out batter for a recipe during the final week of summer ers along the sidewalk, put on-the-fly adjustments
school in his Kids Get Fit class. in a fence in front of the would help them weather
Miller and Sons parking whats normally a lousy
lot and begin installing month for business in
street lights on the west Verona anyway. The city
side of the road. has stayed in constant con-
Making their pitch at Childrens Business Fair And when the road
opens, it will have a new,
long-awaited stoplight, at
tact with them throughout

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Verona kids get Aug. 5. Vincent.

ready to present, sell

T h e f a i r, h e l d f r o m
9:30a.m. to 1:30p.m. at
The kids have a lot
of potential, so I want to
If You Go
the Holiday Express Inn encourage them to develop What: Childrens Busi- Dane County Fair
their creations & Suites, allows children the skills to make a project ness Fair
to produce a material good and show their talent, she results, photos
KIMBERLY WETHAL or a concept and present said. They will learn how When: 9:30a.m. to
Press correspondent it to the public with their to approach an adult, how 1:30p.m. Saturday, Aug. Pages 8-9
own branding and mar- to pitch their product 5
Starting a business can be keting campaigns. And all they are creating a brand. Where: Holiday Express
fun, full of experiments and with as little parental guid- The concept of a chil- Inn and Suites, 515 W.
at times, a little bit tedious. ance as possible, to help d r e n s bu s i n e s s fa i r i s Verona Ave.
Just ask three local chil- develop their creative and nationwide, Vincent said, Cost: Free to the public
dren who will present their business skills, said busi- but this is the first time an
homemade creations at the ness fair organizer and JNJ More info: 692-1746,
Childrens Business Fair on Craftworks owner Jerina Turn to Kids/Page 7

Verona Press
Shop St.Vinnys Verona
for summer memories at bargain prices.
513 W.Verona Ave.

2 August 3, 2017 The Verona Press

Cole Bremmer checks on his French toast during the final

Photos by Scott Girard
week of the Kids Be Fit summer school class.
Eleanor Steger puts some final touches on her project during the final week of summer school in her art class.

Retired, Moms and Dads and Grandparents...

Summer school On the web
comes to an end See more photos from summer
Students in the Verona Area School District wrapped up
summer school this week, with the final day of K-8 class-
es Aug. 3 and high school classes Aug. 4.

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Izabel Murphy, right, tries to guess a movie character based on clues from her classmates in
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471 Prairie Way Blvd. Verona, WI 608-620-6010 Verona, WI 53593 608-845-2533 August 3, 2017 The Verona Press
Verona Public Library

Sunday hours added in

initial budget proposal
HELU WANG on a recent patron survey ranked Sun- employees would be needed to add
Unified Newspaper Group day afternoon hours as a priority for the Sunday hours.
library to focus on in the next few years. Ald. Brad Stiner (Dist. 3), the Verona
After months of discussion, years of Some even suggested trading another Common Councils representative on
requests and more than 1,000 respons- day to be closed for Sunday hours. the board for more than a decade, noted
es to a public survey this summer, the Some patrons, particularly full-time the survey results did not get responses
Library Board is considering adding working parents, said the limited week- from a majority of taxpayers.
Sunday hours to the Verona Public end hours make it tough for their fam- We are looking at the situation that
Library next year. ilies to visit. Instead, they travel to other were catering to a small group of peo-
It voted unanimously at its July 26 libraries that have more weekend hours, ple, Stiner said. The discussion is
meeting to have library director Stacey such as Fitchburg and Middleton. about 14 percent of the taxpayers. This
Burkart take an initial budget proposal Id be thrilled to see the library open is not a good result of what the taxpay-
to the city. That proposal adds $63,033 on Sundays, particularly for working ers are saying how we spend their mon-
to last years budget and would fill in families, one patron wrote in the sur- ey.
the extra hours with lower-paid employ- vey. He also doubted the Sunday hours
ees, rather than adding additional librar- Some students also requested more will be efficiently used by the public.
ians. Sunday hours, saying it would allow It might change the standard that we
It amounts to a 3 percent increase, them to concentrate on studying, work have in the city for a very long time, he
which is in line with recent years bud- on projects and research in the library. said. Sunday is meant to be more for
gets. But even though the board has Most of the concerns expressed about church and family.
Photo submitted control over its budget, it is at the mercy the plan were the cost. Stiner also said the council has been
Max Metcalf, 12, has been practicing in the hills south of of the city for funding. Board president Steve Runde said trying to limit the annual budget growth
Verona this summer in preparation to ride in the MS 150 And some members of the board Sunday hours might be a possibility in rate to 2 to 3 percent.
Bike Tour, which runs from Pewaukee to Whitewater to Madi- were hesitant to include it, worrying the future, but the board has to figure For the library, Burkart said, the bot-
son this weekend. Hell be the youngest rider in the event. about cost. out how to fit them into the budget. tom line is maintaining other regular
If Burkarts plan proceeds, six lim- If all things are equal and theres operations.

New generation ited-term employees would be paired

with one experienced staff member for
four hours on Sundays, 32 weeks per
no extra cost, well be open Sundays
tomorrow. I think it would be good to
get some responses from the city about
We dont want to make any compro-
mise to anything (patrons have) already
had, Burkart said.
year. Summers would not be included. how do they feel, Runde said. Verona Press editor Jim Ferolie con-

rides on in MS 150 Burkart told the board she was sur-

prised the Sunday hours earned so
much attention in a recent survey of
Three members of the council cam-
paigned in 2013 at least partly on giving
the library more resources. That year,
tributed to this story.

Contact Helu Wang at

12-year-old to library patrons. library director Brian Simons budget

participate with About the Nearly half of the 1,053 respondents proposal suggested at least eight new

family in bike tour race

City of Verona
What: MS 150 Best Dam

Senior apartments plan gets downsized

Bike Tour
Unified Newspaper Group
When: Saturday, Aug. 5,
For Rick Goveks family, to Sunday, Aug. 6
participating in the MS 150 Where: Pewaukee to
Whitewater to Madison 3.1 acres. The sheer size and 2,000-square-foot Star- Companies.
Bike Tour has been a fam-
ily affair, with him riding
Starbucks also on packed-in density of that bucks would be located It contains scant other
Info: main.nationalmsso-
every year since it started the menu at Plan plan raised some eyebrows next to the stormwater facil- information, other than a
22 years ago, along with his on the Plan Commission, ities on the western edge of proposed drive-thru win-
older brother, Drew. Commission and it went back for revi- the Farm and Fleet parking dow and a request for
Hell be joined at this sions, rather than bringing a lot, sharing parking with the exemptions to the down-
years ride by both his wife, event together, Carrie said. JIM FEROLIE rezoning request this month. larger store. town overlay design district
Carrie, and his son, Max It was easy to get on Verona Press editor It remains shorter than the Our proposal will reduce code. Mondays discus-
Metcalf, 12, who will be the board with that, she said. Emerson on Main plan that impervious surface park- sion is a concept plan, the
youngest rider participat- Both of us already enjoyed Whats getting reviewed was proposed a year ago; ing area, increase density, first step of a three-stage
ing in the event. The tour, biking. You have to be 12 by the citys Plan Commis- two stories with an under- expand landscaped area, and review process known as a
which is Aug. 5-6 and rais- to ride, so he signed up as sion this month might very ground garage at the bottom add a new use not already planned-unit development,
es awareness about Multi- soon as he could. well be overshadowed by of the hill on the proper- located in the Hometown which allows for a variety
ple Sclerosis, goes from the Carrie said the entire what isnt. ty (on the south side). At a Circle development, pro- of exemptions from stan-
Milwaukee area to Madison family feels its important Plans for a huge, taxpay- maximum height of 35 feet claims a letter included with dard zoning in exchange for
with an overnight stay in to let people know about er-supported apartment-re- from the first-floor entry, its the submission from Galway more critical review.
Whitewater, featuring mul- multiple sclerosis, as it has tail complex on West Vero- quite a bit shorter than the
tiple route options each day. hit home for them. She said na Avenue, a hotel next to 50 feet proposed by Emer-
Rick Govek got start- Ricks older brother, Drew, that complex and a grocery son. You're
ed riding in the tour to is doing fine with his store are taking longer than The new plan, getting an AUGUST 10-11 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
help raise awareness of the battle with MS, while his expected, and a plan for a informal initial review,
AUGUST 12 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
disease that has afflicted younger brother, Ed, has downtown redevelopment also has much lower den-
friends and family mem- suffered more debilitating still hasnt returned for its sity than FDGs first shot,
bers, including two of his
brothers. For Max, its
physical effects from the
disease, which has confined
second step after several
down from 45 units per
acre to 32 or fewer. And
something hes always been him to a wheelchair. Though the projects on perhaps more importantly
for this step, it shows com-
(Hes) facing many life the commissions agenda
interested in joining in on,
and now hes old enough to challenges, she said. Monday night are not at a missioners a view through & SAVE!
do just that. With their family mem- public hearing stage, both the landscaping along the
A seventh-grader-to-be bers in mind, the family are sure to gain interest. citys right-of-way behind
at Badger Ridge Middle is preparing to raise some A plan for age-restricted it and several 3-D rendered
School, Max told the Press money for MS research, senior apartments is tak- angles of what the property
hes been training for the and enjoy each others com- ing a third run at approval, would look like.
race for weeks, riding up to pany at the same time. and this time its for 80-100 A letter with the submis-
35 miles a day on solo trips Were looking to raise units, closer to the size pro- sion explains the chang-
to get ready. peoples awareness and help posed by the original devel- es, including architecture
oper but not quite as tall. designed to make the build- FREE GIFT with every
Ive always been inter- in any way we can toward building designed with our
ested in biking ever since the fundraising and go out And the Farm and Fleet ing look less blocky, open DreamMaker 3D Software.
I got my first bike, but Ive and have fun, Carrie said. development will look to areas for residents, land- presents the
never been as interested as Max said it feels pretty squeeze in one more small scaping in consideration Seventh Annual Refreshments Served!
I have been in the last two good to know hell be able business a Starbucks cof- of adjacent single-family Family Fishing Clinic!
Stop in, or contact us today
years, he said. My mom to join the effort this year, fee shop on the edge of the homes and limited sur- Saturday, August 12 for a FREE consultation!
lets me go more places by too. big box stores parking area. face parking. 9 a.m. to Noon
myself now on my bike. I feel confident that if
Senior apartments
As much parking as Meet the Ultimate VERONA, WI
The farthest Ive gone on other people can do it, I can possible will be located Outdoors Crew!
190 Paoli St. (Hwy 69 & 18/151)
one bike ride is maybe do it, and I just really want- The still-unnamed senior below the building in order You could be featured
40-45 miles. ed to do it, he said. complex at the site of an old to foster a more pedestrian in pictures and 608-845-9700

friendly development, it interviews!

While the family regular- farmhouse at 841 N. Main FEATURING:
ly bikes together in the hilly Email Unified Newspaper St. is an adjustment to For- explains. Bring Your Rod & Reel...
country southwest of Vero- Group reporter Scott De ward Development Groups Starbucks We Provide the Bait!
na, this will be the first time Laruelle at scott. first proposal for up to 140
theyve participated in an units on three-plus stories in The proposed 800-373-5550
4 August 3, 2017 The Verona Press

Coffee with a
cop Aug. 11
Unified Newspaper Group
If You Go
Anyone can grab a free cof-
fee, ask questions or share con- What: Coffee with a cop
cerns with a police officer in an When: 8-10a.m. Friday, Aug.
informal setting at an upcom- 11
ing Verona Police Department Where: McDonalds, 107
event. Horizon Dr.
The Verona Police Depart-
ment will host the first Coffee Info: 845-7623
with a Cop 8-10a.m. Friday,
Aug. 11, at McDonalds at 107
Horizon Dr. bigger cities, Adkins said. We
The event aims to provide a do have the community support,
casual and relaxing environ- for the most part, our communi-
ment for citizens to talk with ty trusts us.
officers, contrasting with the He said VPD is always look-
normal circumstances of police ing for additional interaction
contact during an emergency or with the community to build on
traffic stop. that.
Community service officer
Ryan Adkins said five officers
Its always easier to main-
tain or build those positive rela-
Community Voices

Mindfulness practice can bring

will be there, no presentation, tionships, he said.
no speech, just coffee and talk. So far, 44 people have shown
Adkins got the idea from two i n t e r e s t o n Fa c e b o o k , a n d
California police officers, who Adkins was hopeful for a good

mental, physical benefits

launched the Coffee with A Cop turnout.
event three years ago to interact The police department plans
with the community and get the to organize the event three or
citizens trust back. four times a year.

The program has taken off You have your first one and recent college graduate Mindfulness is not the same mindfulness. If you are interest-
in over 175 cities nationwide. try to improve it, Adkins said. came to our clinic the as meditation, but the most ed in teaching your child more
Nearby cities such as Fitchburg, I think each event afterwards other day, just a few common mindfulness practice about mindfulness, a local Vero-
Middleton and Madison have will be better. weeks into working at his first usually does include an aspect na school district teacher (who
hosted several events in past post-graduation job. of meditation. Mindfulness can is also a certified yoga instruc-
years. Contact Helu Wang at helu. He felt overwhelmed and anx- also be practiced through breath- tor) has started a mindfulness
Fortunately, we dont have ious with the new responsibili- ing techniques, yoga, tai chi and curriculum for students called
a lot of police-community rela- ties, with little time to focus on other modalities. Beginners Mind, as well as
tion problems as in some of the his health and well-being. And As I discussed the practice a toolkit that parents can use at
I could relate being a medical with my patient, I explained how home. Using these tools, par-
resident often means long hours this might benefit him. The way ents and teachers can help teach
at work, with what seems like I generally try to explain it is children about the practice of
almost no time that its as a state of being fully mindfulness.
to focus on my present in your mind, without The Beginners Mind toolkit
own health. judgment. touts benefits of mindfulness for
Thankfully, This is definitely easier said children as improving self-con-
Thursday, August 3, 2017 Vol. 53, No. 11 I have learned than done. trol and impulsive behaviors,
USPS No. 658-320 about and The best way to learn mind- increasing attention span and
Periodical Postage Paid, Verona, WI and additional offices. started imple- fulness is to try it out for your- increasing kindness and com-
Published weekly on Thursday by the Unified Newspaper Group, menting a self. Some resources to get passion for others, among other
A Division of Woodward Communications, Inc. practice called started include an introductory benefits.
POSTMASTER: Send Address Corrections to
The Verona Press, PO Box 930427, Verona, WI 53593.
mindfulness Ozbeki course offered by UW Health Although my patient at first
Office Location: 133 Enterprise Drive, Verona, WI 53593
into my daily for adults, as well as middle thought mindfulness wasnt a
routine. I told and high school students. The good fit for him, he gave it a
Office Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday
my patient I have had patients website (also avail- shot anyway. He later told me
Phone: 608-845-9559 FAX: 608-845-9550 who have found benefits of able as a smartphone app) has a that after a few weeks of prac-
e-mail: mindfulness for a long list of beginners introduction to mind- tice, he could feel the benefits of
Circulation customer service: (800) 355-1892 issues including stress reduction, fulness with guided meditations. stress reduction. insomnia, headaches and atten- Insight Timer and Headspace are Id had a similar experience.
This newspaper is printed on recycled paper. tion. also available apps for mindful- It also took me some time to get
Essentially, its is an effective ness and meditation. used to mindfulness, but I have
General Manager Circulation way to help cultivate coping The benefits of mindfulness personally have also reaped ben-
Lee Borkowski Carolyn Schultz skills and strategies. Or as the are apparent not only for adults efits for stress reduction, better UW Health website put it, its a and teens, but for children, as sleep and more focus.
way of learning to relate direct- well. Though children can also Mindfulness is a tool that can
Sales Manager ly to whatever is happening in benefit, they need to learn the be used for all ages and for a
Kathy Neumeister Jim Ferolie
ones life, including everyday skills differently. multitude of health and well- stress, pain and illness. The benefits for children are ness concerns. I encourage you
Sports In addition to stress reduction, similar to those for adults, but to investigate some at home
Jeremy Jones the American Psychological as anyone who has a child or resources to learn more about it
Donna Larson Association finds the bene- has babysat children before will or ask your doctor if you have
Assistant Editor fits of practicing mindfulness know, it can be difficult to have more questions
Classifieds to include more focus, fewer them sit still for any significant
Scott Girard
Diane Beaman depressive symptoms and less amount of time to focus on their Tina Ozbeki is a third-year emotional reactivity. That can breath and thoughts. resident at UW-Health Family
Reporters translate into many health ben- There are programs available Medicine Clinic in Verona.
Inside Sales Samantha Christian, Bill Livick,
Monica Morgan
efits. for children to participate in
Anthony Iozzo, Amber Levenhagen, Scott De Laruelle, Helu Wang

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Woodward Communications,Inc. Unified Newspaper Group is that are strictly personal lost reflect public, rather than promo-
A dynamic, employee-owned media company proud to offer a venue for public pets, for example will not be tional interests.
Good People. Real Solutions. Shared Results. debate and welcomes letters to printed. Letters that recount per- Unified Newspaper Group
Printed by Woodward Printing Services Platteville the editor, provided they comply sonal experiences, good or bad, encourages lively public debate
with our guidelines. with individual businesses will on issues, but it reserves the right
Letters should be no longer not be printed unless there is an to limit the number of exchanges
NATIONAL NEWSPAPER than 400 words. They should overwhelming and compelling between individual letter writ-
also contain contact information public interest to do so. Letters ers to ensure all writers have a
the writers full name, address, that urge readers to patronize spe- chance to have their voices heard.
SUBSCRIPTION RATES and phone number so that the cific businesses or specific reli-
paper may confirm authorship. gious faiths will not be printed, This policy will be printed from
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Verona Press cumstances. stances, provided they do not con- its entirety on our websites.
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Letters to the editor should be tain material that should instead
of general public interest. Letters be placed as an advertisement and August 3, 2017 The Verona Press
Reports are taken from the were released to their parents. May 17 proximately 1:53 a.m. Another Tamarack Way. Police also marijuana and drug parapher-
log book at the Verona Police 2:37 p.m. A woman on the reported there may have been participated in several rounds nalia after police checked on
Department. May 11 200 block of Mesa Road re- some mail that had been taken of lightning with the kids a parked vehicle in the Sugar
10:49 a.m. A high school ported receiving a package de- from his mailbox while he had but were unable to come away River Pizza parking lot and saw
ay 5 student was cited for posses- livered from Amazon that she been away for the weekend. with any victories. drug paraphernalia in plain
8:43 a.m. A woman on the sion of marijuana and was ver- did not order. The package in- view.
200 block of Gilman Street re- bally warned for possession of cluded a bag of polished rocks. May 23 June 2 10:35 a.m. Police received
ported to police that her neigh- tobacco products after police 8:22 a.m. Police conducted 8:38 p.m. A manager at a report from Fitchburg police
bor had trimmed some of the were notified of a student who May 18 a welfare check on a man seen Arbys reported receiving as of a Verona man who appeared
grass on her property. The was exchanging something in 8:36 p.m. Police conduct- walking alongside U.S. Hwy. many as 11 unwanted calls to have a hand-painted the li-
neighbor said it had not been the parking lot. The student de- ed a breathalyzer test for a 18-151. He told police that from a young boy who repeat- cense plate for his Dodge Du-
on purpose. nied exchanging anything. 59-year-old Madison man who he was walking back home to edly told the manager he want- rango.
had been arrested for his first Texas and was given a ride to ed to order a Big Mac. 12:10 p.m. A Country View
May 6 May 12 OWI offense. His BAC was re- the Iowa County line by a Dane 9:49 p.m. Several patrons at Elementary School student at-
1:19 p.m. Police received a 11:42 p.m. A picture win- corded at .13 and he was re- County sheriff. Hometown Days approached tempted to bite and head-butt
report of goats on County Hwy dow was broken on the front leased to a sober party in the 8:29 a .m. Police assist- police about a 37-year-old Blue staff members after he be-
PB. The animals were returned of a house of the 1100 block lobby of the police department. ed a Sugar Creek Elementary Mounds man removing his came upset with them before
to their proper location before of Zingg Drive with a rock. The 9:15 p.m. A man on the School groundskeeper with seatbelt on carnival rides while running off into the corn field
police arrived. homeowners home told police 400 block of East Verona Ave- setting up a live trap for a they were in motion and scar- north of the school grounds.
they saw three people running nue reported being upset that woodchuck on the playground ing others. The man was asked The student was brought back
May 7 from Zingg Drive to Ashton President Donald Trump and area. to leave. to school administrators.
1:02 a.m. Verona and Fitch- Drive, but police did not locate Gov. Scott Walker had not 3:48 p.m. A Farm and Fleet 10:41 p.m. A disturbance 2:07 p.m. A Verona man re-
burg police returned a stolen any suspects. been replying to messages manager reported a check resulted when a 14-year-old ported that his ex-fiancee had
vehicle to a woman on the he had sent them over social linked to a non-existent bank Verona girl became upset that told him the boyfriend she had
400 block of Dunhill Drive. May 13 media sites. The man, who is account was written to the a 13-year-old Madison boy no just broken up with had recent-
The vehicle had been stolen 6:45 a.m. Several thefts known to have a mental health business in order to purchase longer wanted to fight with her ly made comments about kill-
two hours prior and had been from vehicles occurred over- condition, was requested by a power tool kit. The suspect after a prior altercation. The ing him.
found abandoned on the 2000 night in the areas of Acadia his healthcare providers to be has reportedly given fake boy told police he had decided
block of Todd Drive in the City Way, Jenna Drive, Jenna taken to Meriter Hospital if he checks at multiple Farm and that he didnt want to fight a June 8
of Madison after the driver Court, Westward Drive and volunteered. He initially agreed Fleet locations. girl and she attempted to slap 12:44 a.m. A 27-year-old
had ignored a traffic stop from Azurene Lane. Reports came in but later changed his mind. him in the face anyway. Con- Verona man was arrested for
Fitchburg police. Verona police throughout the morning, with May 24 tact could not be made with bail jumping at Cahoots bar
took DNA swabs before return- wallets, backpacks and purses May 19 7:35 a.m. An accident oc- the girl. after violating his bail condi-
ing it to its owner. stolen and contents dumped 9:24 p.m. Police assisted a curred on the northbound tions that prevented him from
out or found on nearby lawns. confused pizza delivery man ramp from County Hwy PB to June 3 drinking alcohol. A search con-
ay 8 who was struggling to locate Hwy 18 after the driver spilled 10:58 p.m. A 40-year-old ducted after his arrested found
8:03 a.m. A woman on the May 14 the correct address for his de- coffee on herself and subse- Verona man was arrested that the man had 1.83 grams
400 block of Harvest Lane re- 4:38 a.m. During patrols, livery stop. Police helped him quently drove into the ditch. for his first OWI offense after of cocaine in his possession.
quested that her neighbors re- police came across vehicles with finding the right address, She was taken to Meriter by crashing into two parked cars.
ceive a noise violation citation that had been rummaged and recipients were thankful, Fitchrona EMS and her pas- The man refused a breath test June 9
because their dogs had been through earlier in the night. as their pizza was still warm. senger was uninjured. and was released to a respon- 12:05 p.m. A man was cited
barking for three hours start- Theft reports came in through- 11:46 a.m. Police spoke sible party. for inattentive driving after he
ing around 5 a.m. The woman out the day. Laptop computers, May 20 with high school students rear-ended the car in front of
stated that her neighbors let keys, bicycle tires and miscel- 9:59 p .m. A 16-year-old who admitted to drinking that June 4 him on the 400 block of E Ve-
their dogs out all day and they laneous change were some of Sun Prairie boy was cited for morning on the school bus 12:14 a.m. An Uber driver rona Avenue when he looked
bark whenever someone walks the items stolen from vehicles. his first OWI offense, posses- after it was reported that some called police after his heav- down from the road to grab a
by with another dog. Police left 5:52 p.m. A man reported sion of marijuana and drug middle and high school stu- ily intoxicated passenger, a pack of gum.
a business card with contact seeing his neighbor throw a paraphernalia and for driving dents might be intoxicated. 20-year-old Verona man, be- 9:18 p.m. A 28-year-old
information. broken lamp into his yard on without headlights after he came unresponsive. The man Madison man was found to
8:23 p .m. The passen- the 200 block of Noel Way near was stopped on the corner of May 26 was taken to the hospital and have a bottle of urine and trac-
ger-side window of a vehicle the lot line. The neighbor told Main and Richard Streets for 11:27 a.m. An employee at was cited for underage alcohol es of marijuana on the floor of
belonging to a juvenile Mill- police the lamp did not belong the headlights. The odor of the New Century School re- consumption. his car when he was stopped
er and Sons employee was to her and she threw it off of marijuana was detected and ported an excessive amount 8:03 a.m. A man was found on the corner of Llanos and
smashed while they were on her property because she was a search of the vehicle, the of dog feces near the garden by lying on the ground near Main Streets for speeding.
shift. The victims wallet had not going to dispose of it. Po- driver and his four juvenile and the playground located on Verona City Center after in-
been taken out of a backpack, lice advised the woman to pick passengers yielded marijuana school property. The employ- juring himself there the night June 11
but it was only missing one up garbage in her yard. and drug paraphernalia. The ee suspected it was happen- prior. The man told police he 8:38 p.m. A 48-year-old Ve-
credit card, which had already boy was released to his grand- ing during the early-morning had been walking back to his rona man reported his house
been canceled. May 15 mother after a blood draw at hours. vehicle from Hometown Days on the 1100 block of Canter-
2:09 a.m. A 24-year-old Ve- Meriter Hospital. 12:28 p.m. A high school when he slipped on the mud- bury Pass had been vandal-
May 9 rona woman was cited for her student was cited for marijua- and algae-covered cement ized with eggs and toilet paper,
12:03 p.m. A woman was first OWI offense after being May 22 na possession and for bringing culvert and hit the back of his and that he believed that his
cited for her second OWI of- stopped for driving her vehicle 8:38 p.m. Residents on the a knife onto school property head. He was transported to youngest daughter, a 15-year-
fense after police received a without having her lights on. 400 block of Matterhorn Drive after the drug odor was ob- the hospital. old Verona girl, was the per-
report of an intoxicated woman Her BAC was recorded at .10 reported the mailboxes on the served. son responsible. His daughter
at the Kwik Trip off of Hwy PB. and she was released to a so- block were found open that June 6 admitted to vandalizing her fa-
The woman was found sitting ber party. morning. One provided police May 27 12:11 a.m. Police cited a thers house with a 17-year-old
in her parked vehicle and had a 10:45 a .m. Seven high with security camera footage 5:55 p.m. Police donated a 28-year-old Cambridge man friend from Madison.
BAC of .35. She was released school students were cited for that showed an individual go- basketball to a group of kids and a 23-year-old Mount
to her father. daytime loitering after skip- ing through his mailbox at ap- playing on the 1100 block of Horeb man for possession of Kimberly Wethal
ping class at the Harriet Park
May 10 shelter. Three also received a
8:14 a.m. A juvenile boys citation for obstruction of jus-
vehicle caught fire on at the tice after providing police false
intersection of Richard Street names. All were returned to
and Richard Circle. The fire the high school.
Encounter Confirmation is a chance for 7th
& 8th grade students to explore Christianity Deer Creek
department put out the fire and
the boy said he would get the May 16
vehicle towed in the next 24
with other students who may wonder what
this faith thing is all about. Summerfest
8:53 a.m. Police removed
eight ducklings from a storm HILLBILLY
4:22 p.m. Two high school sewer underneath the police
students were found to be in- departments driveway and re- SPORTING CLAYS
toxicated at school after drink- united them with their mother
ing when they had left campus in the nearby creek.
during their lunch break. They

complete, state-of-the-art
bridges, crowns and root canals
August 19, 2017
in just one visit
12:00-6:00 p.m. - Chicken and/or
what a difference To find out more, join us for a
BBQ Ribs, Potato, Vegetable, Dessert
& Coffee/Milk - $10
a day makes Free Family Picnic 9:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
50 Bird Hillbilly Sporting Clays - $15
Wednesday, August 9th, 6-7:30 pm Youth Age 17 & Under - $5 discount
Shoot & Eat $20
at Harriet Park, Verona
Raffle Drawings at 7:00 p.m.
522 Springdale Street, Mt. Horeb
Weve invested in education and
infrastructure to be able to provide you (608) 437-5564 Deer Creek Sport & Conservation Club
the latest dental care locally.

8745 Miller Rd., Verona, WI

Caring for Mt. Horeb for 20 Years

adno=519599-01 (608) 845-5855 Contact: Ray Gilden, (608) 832-6261
Always focused on preventive care, early detection and helping patients reach their long-term goals.
6 August 3, 2017 The Verona Press

Coming up Churches
All Saints Lutheran Church Sunday: 7:30 a.m., St. William,
Music on Main The seven-week workshop will teach Backpacking on Ice Age trail 2951 Chapel Valley Rd., Fitchburg
(608) 276-7729
Sunday: 9 & 11 a.m., St. Andrew,
seniors how to avoid falling.
The next Music on Main concert, To register, call 845-7471 before People who are interested in back- Verona
featuring Madison-based acoustic Monday, Aug. 7. packing on the Ice Age Trail can learn Interim Pastor Daily Mass, Tuesday-Saturday: 8
Sunday: 8:30 & 10:45 a.m. a.m., St. Andrew, Verona
artists Casey and Greg, will be held more details and sign up for a four-
5-8 p.m. Friday, Aug. 4, at Hometown Slime craft day backpacking trip from Sept. 18 The Church in Fitchburg St. James Lutheran Church
Junction Park. ELCA
Kids ages 9 to 12 can participate in through Sept. 21 in the Chequamegon
2833 Raritan Rd., Fitchburg
(608) 271-2811 427 S. Main St., Verona
The concerts, all free, will be held a Tween Craft featuring mixing slime National Forest. The Ice Age Trail (608) 845-6922
at that same time every other Friday from 2-3 p.m., Tuesday, Aug. 8, at the Alliance will host two free informa- Sunday: 8 & 10:45 a.m.
until Aug.18, when Derek Ramnarace library. They can make multi-colored tion sessions introducing how and Pastors Kurt M. Billings and Peter
will close out the concerts. Fitchburg Memorial UCC Narum
slime with glue, liquid starch and liq- what to pack at 7 p.m., Tuesday, Aug. 5705 Lacy Rd., Fitchburg Office Hours: 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Mon-
For information, visit business. uid water color. 8, at the Town of Verona offices, 7669 (608) 273-1008 day, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday; 8 To register, call 845-7180. County Road PD and 7 p.m., Wednes- a.m.-noon Wednesday
on-main-543. day, Aug. 16, at the City of Verona Interim Pastor Laura Crow Saturday Worship: 5 p.m.
African American writers offices, 111 Lincoln St. Sunday: 8:15 and 10 a.m. Sunday Worship: 9 a.m.
Mixed-media art exhibit The spots of backpacking trip is up
Madison-area African American Good Shephard Lutheran Salem United Church of Christ
The exhibit Here We are Again writers, poet Fabu, novelist Sherry to 20 with a cost of $50 each person. Church ECLA 502 Mark Dr., Verona
from the 3150 Studio Artists will be Lucille, and playwright and novelist For information, email luke@iceag- (608) 271-6633 (608) 845-7315
Central: Raymond Road & Whitney
on view at the library from Aug. 2 Catrina Sparkman will share a multi- Way, Madison Rev. Dr. Mark E. Yurs, Pastor
through Aug. 30. The artists, who spe- media presentation on African-Amer- Laura Kolden, Associate in Min-
cialize in mixed media, fiber, and sur- ican writers in Wisconsin from 7-8 Paramedic program
Sunday: 8:15, 9:30 & 10:45 a.m.
West: Corner of Hwy. PD & Nine istry
Mound Road, Verona Sunday Worship: 9 a.m.
face design, will present some design p.m Tuesday, Aug. 8 at the library. Deputy chief of the Fitch-Rona Sunday: 9 & 10:30 a.m. & 6 p.m. Fellowship Hour: 10:15 a.m.
elements theyve recently explored, They will discuss their poetry and EMS District, Jeff Dostalek, will
with a wide spectrum of materials and prose in relation to the work of three discuss the benefits of the community Damascus Road Church West Springdale Lutheran Church
techniques including fabric, paint, African-American literary giants who paramedic program from 6:30-7:30 The Verona Senior Center ECLA
108 Paoli St., Verona 2752 Town Hall Rd. (off Hwy ID),
dye and recycled items. also lived and worked in the Madison p.m.,Thursday, Aug. 10 at the library. (608) 819-6451 Mount Horeb
For information, call 845-7180. area during the 20th century: novel- He will also talk about the paramed-, (608) 437-3493
ist Jean Toomer, playwright Lorraine ics involvement in the Wisconsin
Stepping On Pastor Justin Burge Pastor Jeff Jacobs
Hansberry and poet Sarah Webster Alzheimers Institute dementia study. Sunday: 10 a.m. Sunday: 8:45 a.m. with communion
The senior center will hold a Step- Fabio. To register, visit veronapublicli-
ping On program from 1-3 p.m. For information, call 845-7180. or call 845-7180. Memorial Baptist Church Sugar River United Methodist
Mondays, Aug. 21 through Oct. 9. 201 S. Main St., Verona Church
(608) 845-7125 415 W. Verona Ave., Verona (608) 845-5855
Community calendar Lead Pastor Jeremy Scott
Sunday: 10:15 a.m.,
Pastor Gary Holmes
Friday, Aug. 4 Wednesday, Aug. 9 town Junction Park, face- S
aturday, Aug. 19 Redeemer Bible Fellowship 9 & 10:30 a.m. contemporary
9 a.m. to 6 p.m., 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Art 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., 130 N. Franklin St., Verona worship.
(608)848-1836 Sunday School available during
Mixed-media art exhibit, exhibit, library, 845-7180 6:30-7:30 p.m., Staying Prairie Kitchen free com- worship. Refreshments and fellow-
library, 845-7180 Vital support group (reg- munity meal, BPNN,
Thursday, Aug. 10 istration requested; every
Pastor Dwight R. Wise ship are between services.
5-8 p.m., Music on Main, Sunday: 10 a.m. family worship
Hometown Junction Park, 1:30-3:05 p.m., Free third Tuesday), senior West Madison Bible Church
Kids Movie: Boss Baby, center, 845-7471 Monday, Aug. 21 Resurrection Lutheran Church 2920 Hwy. M, Verona WELS (608) 845-9518
events/details/music-on- library, 845-7180 2:30-4:30 p.m., Open
2-3 p.m., Read It and Wednesday, Aug. 16 Art Studio, library, 845- 6705 Wesner Rd., Verona
main-543 7-8:30 p.m., City of Vero-
(608) 848-4965 Pastor Dan Kukasky Jr.
Eat Kids Book Group: 7180 Sunday Worship: 9:15 a.m.
Monday, Aug. 7 Hoot by Carl Hiaasen na offices, 111 Lincoln St.,
Tuesday, Aug. 22
Pastor Nathan Strutz and Assistant Sunday School: 10:45 a.m.
Before midnight, Step- (ages 9-12), library, 845- Pastor Benjamin Phelps
3:30-7:30 p.m., Verona Thursday: 6:30 p.m. Zwingli United Church of
ping on workshop regis- 7180 Thursday, Aug.17 Sunday: 9 a.m. Christ
tration, 845-7471 Farmers Market, Home-
3 p.m., Veterans Club 6-7 p.m., Evening Care- town Junction Park, face-
Hwy. 92 & G, Mount Vernon
(repeats second Thurs- St. Christopher Catholic Parish (608) 832-6677
Tuesday, Aug. 8 giver Support Group St. Andrew Church Pastor Brad Brookins
days), senior center, 845- (repeats first and third 301 N. Main St., Verona Sunday: 10:15 a.m.
2-3 p.m., Slime craft, 7471 Monday, Aug. 28 St. William Church
library, 845-7180 Thursdays; refreshments Zwingli United Church of
6:30-7:30 p.m., Para- 8:30-10 a.m., Free blood 1371 Hwy. PB, Paoli
7-8 p.m., African Ameri- 5:30-6 p.m.), senior cen- (608) 845-6613 Christ
medic program introduc- ter, 845-7471 pressure checks, blood Hwy. 69 & PB, Paoli
can writers in Wisconsin, tion, library, 845-7180 sugar screens, medication Fr. William Vernon, pastor (608)845-5641
library, 845-7180 Friday, Aug.18 checks, senior center, Saturday: 5 p.m., St. Andrew, Rev. Sara Thiessen
7-8:30 p.m., Backpack- Monday, Aug. 14 5-8 p.m., Music on Main 845-7471 Verona Sunday: 9:30 a.m. family worship
ing on Ice Age trail infor- 7 p.m., Common Coun- concert: Derek Ramna- 10:30 a.m., Womens
mation session, Town cil, Verona City Center, race, Hometown Junction Group (repeats every
of Verona offices, 7669 845-6495 Park, Main Street, verona- fourth Monday), senior
County Road PD, iceaget- center, 845-7471 Tuesday, Aug. 15
3:30-7:30 p.m., Verona Getting Our Lives in Order
Farmers Market, Home- I will instruct you and teach you in the way you
should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on
Whats on VHAT-98 you. Psalm 32:8 NIV
Thursday, Aug. 3 11 a.m. Verona 91-92 Senior Center 10 p.m. Identity Theft at
7 a.m. Identity Theft at Boys Basketball 5 p.m. 2015 Wildcats Senior Center If you are unhappy with your life, or with certain
Senior Center 1 p.m. 2015 Wildcats Football 11 p.m. Home Safety at aspects of it and everyone has some area of their life
8 a.m. Zumba Gold Football 6:30 p.m. Plan Commission Senior Center that needs work perhaps it is because you have tried
9 a.m. Daily Exercise 4:30 p.m. Historical Society Live Thursday, Aug. 10 to manage it by yourself. It might relieve you to know
10 a.m. Home Safety at Meeting/Lustron Home 9 p.m. Hindu Cultural Hour 7 a.m. Identity Theft at that God has a better plan for your life than you do,
Senior Center 6 p.m. Common Council 10 p.m. Identity Theft at Senior Center and it takes a lot of the pressure off ourselves when
2 p.m. Zumba Gold from 7-24-17 Senior Center 8 a.m. Zumba Gold we decide to live by Gods plan. We arent responsible
3 p.m. Daily Exercise 9 p.m. Verona 91-92 11 p.m. Home Safety at 9 a.m. Daily Exercise for our being here, since none of us created ourselves,
4 p.m. Trippers Music at Boys Basketball Senior Center 10 a.m. Home Safety at and so it shouldnt surprise us to realize that our
Senior Center 10 p.m. Historical Society Tuesday, Aug. 8 Senior Center Creator already has a plan for us. We should of course
5 p.m. Harmonica Hour at Meeting/Lustron Home 7 a.m. Identity Theft at 3 p.m. Daily Exercise take some responsibility for our own well-being, striv-
Senior Center 11 p.m. Home Safety at Senior Center 4 p.m. Trippers Music at ing to be as happy, healthy and virtuous as possible,
6 p.m. Salem Church Senior Center 10 a.m. Zumba Gold Senior Center but putting the responsibility for our entire life and life
Service Sunday, Aug. 6 9 a.m. Daily Exercise 5 p.m. Harmonica Hour at plan on ourselves is too heavy a burden. It is folly to
7 p.m. Police Procedures 7 a.m. Hindu Cultural Hour 10 a.m. Home Safety at Senior Center try to be the engineer and director of our own lives.
at Senior Center 9 a.m. Resurrection Senior Center 6 p.m. Salem Church Many of us have lived poorly by following our own
8 p.m. Daily Exercise Church 2 p.m. Zumba Gold Service path and need some help from God to get it together.
9 p.m. Bahama Bob at 10 a.m. Salem Church 3 p.m. Daily Exercise 7 p.m. Police Procedures Consider Gods word as a users manual for how to
Senior Center Service 4 p.m. Trippers Music at at Senior Center get your life together. If youre not sure what God has
10 p.m. Historical Society Noon Common Council Senior Center 8 p.m. Daily Exercise planned for you, a good place to start in the Bible is
Meeting/Lustron Home from 7-24-17 5 p.m. Harmonica Hour at 9 p.m. Bahama Bob at the Book of Proverbs. It is filled with Godly wisdom
Friday, Aug. 4 3 p.m. Verona 91-92 Senior Center Senior Center for living a good life.
7 a.m. Trippers Music at Boys Basketball 6 p.m. Resurrection Church 10 p.m. Historical Society Christopher Simon
Senior Center 4:30 p.m. Historical Society 8 p.m. Police Procedures Meeting/Lustron Home
1 p.m. Bahama Bob at Meeting/Lustron Home at Senior Center
Senior Center 6 p.m. Common Council 9 p.m. Bahama Bob at
3 p.m. Verona 91-92 from 7-24-17 Senior Center Support groups
Boys Basketball 9 p.m. Verona 91-92 10 p.m. Historical Society
4 p.m. Harmonica Hour at Boys Basketball Meeting/Lustron Home AA Meeting, senior cen-
Senior Center 10 p.m. Historical Society Wednesday, Aug. 9 ter, Thursdays at 1 p.m.


5 p.m. 2015 Wildcats Meeting/Lustron Home 7 a.m. Trippers Music at Caregivers Support
Football 11 p.m. Home Safety at Senior Center Group, senior center, first 430 E. Verona Ave.
8:30 p.m. Trippers Music Senior Center 1 p.m. Bahama Bob at and third Tuesday, 10 a.m. 845-2010
at Senior Center Monday, Aug. 7 Senior Center
10 p.m. Identity Theft at 7 a.m. Trippers Music at 3 p.m. Verona 91-92 Healthy Lifestyles
Senior Center Senior Center Boys Basketball Group meeting, senior Call 845-9559
11 p.m. Home Safety at 1 p.m. Bahama Bob at 5 p.m. Plan Commission center, second Thursday
Senior Center Senior Center from 8-07-17 from 10:30 a.m. to advertise on the
Saturday, Aug. 5 3 p.m. Verona 91-92 7 p.m. Capital City Band Parkinsons Group, Verona Press
8 a.m. Common Council Boys Basketball 8 p.m. Trippers Music at senior center, third
from 7-24-17 4 p.m. Harmonica Hour at Senior Center Friday at 10 a.m. church page
adno=509310-01 August 3, 2017 The Verona Press

Photos by Kimberly Wethal

Above left, Natania Julius creates products for the Childrens Business Fair that are meant to be used for multiple purposes. Above center, Brewer Bailey shows off plants similar to what he
will be filling fairy gardens with. Above right, Stella Tincher, who makes three bracelets a day in preparation for the Childrens Business Fair, will be donating some of her profits to a food

Kids: Child businesses set to be on display

Continued from page 1 Multi-use products been making three a day for

the past month customers
event has been held in Dane Natania Julius, Vincents can ask for a certain pattern
County. daughter, didnt just stop or combination of colors.

Home Sweet
The event is free for the at creating one project to People can decide their
sell. She continues to pro-

public to attend. Children own colors, Tincher said.
will be judged on the pre- duce hand warmers that Money made from Tinch-
sentation of their project on she sews both on her sew- ers bracelet sales will
originality and overall pre- ing machine and by hand, go toward a food pantry.
which have been best-sell- GUESS-I-CAN-AFFORD-MY-DREAM-HOUSE

sentation style.
ers for her at previous
Tincher says she sees peo-
ple in need of food at inter-

Fairy gardens fairs. Shes expanded her sections and wants to be
Brewer Bailey will be selection to include woven able to help them.
selling fairy gardens a bracelets she can person- When Im going to

miniature plant arrange- alize for each customer by swimming or dance, I see
ment that contains dec- adding a charm of their signs that say, help me, I
orative accents meant to choosing. dont have food, she said.
imitate the design of a real Julius strives for func- When we went (to the food
garden on an almost micro- tionality with her products pantry with Girl Scouts),
scopic scale. Bailey got the through experimentation. I saw people in line to get
idea after spending time You can use the hand food, so I thought it would
with his parents in their warmer as a ball, and for be a good idea to donate
own garden, where this the bracelets, if you can there. WITH A SUMMIT MORTGAGE, YOULL GET:
season they have grown find one long enough, you
Brussels sprouts and a ran- can make it into a belt, A FREE preapproval, so you know how much house
dom watermelon. He said she said. People can use
them for multiple uses. you can afford
fairy gardens can be in a
lot of stuff. Helping the hungry Easily
Local service for the life of the loan
Different types of fairy renew your
gardens have some of them The best part about subscription
in light bulbs, he said. Stella Tinchers rubber online! Access to check your loan status online
Theres some in pots and band bracelet business is
sometimes in jars. that shes willing to cus- It only takes a few clicks $500 OFF mortgage closing costs* whether
Baileys fairy gardens tom-make one for you right to renew your
at the Childrens Business newspaper subscription
your mortgage is short term or long term,
will feature crabgrass and
herbs such as parsley and Fair, she said. While she electronically with our fixed rate or an adjustable rate (BONUS!)
basil. has a number of bracelets secure site at:
made Tincher says shes Summits app to keep track of
rates and listings (available for free in the
Apple App Store and Google Play Store)

Who you talk to about your mortgage matters

just as much as the numbers
ers. Schedule an
appointment today to see
e why more
people choose Summit th han any
INVEST IN REAL ESTATE other lender in Dane Coun

Bishops Bay Farm & Prairie, LLC

For more information contact us today:
608-243-5000 | 800-23
Investment Highlights
Surrounded by 1,500 acres of parkland
86 single-family lots
Located along Hwy M in Westport
*The following loan programs are not eligible for the closing cost credit: Federal VA, FHA, Rural Development, WHEDA, Investment Property and
Anticipated completion in summer of 2018
Construction loans. Offer valid on home purchhase applications submitted from January 1, 2017 through October 31, 2017 where the loans interest

*Wisconsin Residents Only


rate is locked by October 31, 2017. The $500 closing

closing cost credit cannot exceed the actual amount of closing costs, prepaid interest and escrow
Minimum investment
Minimum is one unit
disclosure statement.
at $5,000
is one unit atfor non-accredited;
$5,000 $10,000 for$10,000
for non-accredited; certifiedfor
investors; $25,000
certified investors;for accredited
$25,000 for investors.
accredited This investors.
communication does not constitute
This communication an offer
does of securities.anAll
not constitute offers
offer of made solelyAll
securities. through
made solelystatement.
through reserves. This includes if the credit is combined with a seller closing cost credit. First mortgages only (offer does not apply to second mortgages or home equity
*Sales will be made only to residents of the state of Wisconsin. Offers and sales of these securities will be made only to residents of the State of Wisconsin. Offers and sales of these securities are made under an exemption from registration and have not been
registered under
*Sales will the Securities
be made onlyActtoofresidents
1933 or the Wisconsin
of the state ofUniform Securities
Wisconsin. OffersLaw.
andFor a period
sales of theseof six months from
securities themade
will be date ofonlysaletoofresidents
the securities,
of theanyState
the securities shalland
Offers be made
sales ofonly to persons
these resident
registration and have not been registered under the Securities Act of 1933 or the Wisconsin Uniform Securities Law. For a period of six months from the date of sale of the securities, any resale of the securities shall be made only
are made the State
anof Wisconsin.from
exemption This invest- linesofcredit).Thecreditwillbeapplied atthetimeoftheloanclosing andwillbereflectedontheclosing disclosure.Notvalidwithanyotheroffers.**#1mortgage
ment to
opportunity is described in more detail of
in aWisconsin.
Statement. No investment commitments will in
accepted until anDisclosure
investor receives a copyNoof investment
the Disclosure Statement andwill
a subscription agreement
until an for the investment. Any investment will involve a
lender based on number of mortgages recorded with Dane County register of deeds. Summit Credit Union 2017.
persons resident within the State investment opportunity is described detail in a Statement. commitments be accepted investor receives a copy of the Disclosure
high degree of risk,
Statement andincluding the risk factors
a subscription that will
agreement forbe described
the in theAny
investment. Disclosure Statement.
investment If you are
will involve interested
a high degreein of
including opportunity, please that
the risk factors contact
be described in the Disclosure or callStatement.
608-826-4000 If youto receive a copy ofinthe
are interested thisDisclosure
opportunity, please contact or call 608-826-4000 to receive a copy of the Disclosure Statement.
8 August 3, 2017 The Verona Press

Verona youth at the

Dane County Fair

July 19-23, 2017 Blue Ribbon Summer

4-H and FFA exhibitors from around the county brought their animals and proj-
ects to the Alliant Energy Center grounds for the 166th annual Dane County Fair,
which ran from July 19-23.

Photo submitted
Photo submitted by Kim Ballweg Brooke Ace, 17, showed for her 9th year. She is a member of the Paoli 4-H Fireballs
2016 Verona High School graduate and Wits n Bits 4-H club member Kayla Ballweg compet- and her projects included horses, sheep, swine and archery. She won Grand Champion
ed for the last time in the dog show. Ballweg and her puppy, Finn (9 months old), competed Western Showmanship Grade 11 for her horse, Bentley. Bentley is a 15 year old Buck-
in pre-novice dog training. skin Appendix Quarterhorse.

Photo submitted by Stephanie Formo

Pictured with her brothers Andrew and Caleb, Kaitlyn Formo won Reserve Champion in the
Pet Rabbit category. She is a member of Mudsliders 4-H Club. Photo submitted by Dee Ace
Right: Lucas Haag, 10, gets a kiss from his five-month-old
lamb, Hank. Haag exhibited the champion lightweight market

lamb at the fair. He is a member of the Paoli 4-H Fireballs.
Area Fair
Verona Area Fair
Participants Participants! Congratulations
to this years fair participants!

407 E. Verona Ave. Mount Horeb

430 East Verona Ave., Verona
Verona, WI 53593 800-828-4240

845-6403 adno=531816-01 adno=531815-01 August 3, 2017 The Verona Press

2017 Dane County Fair Results

Mudsliders Caitlyn M Bean, Wits N Jeanette Driftmier, Paoli Remi S Cooper, Brooklyn
Dairy Leah L Huchthausen, Tri- Bits 4-H (2)
Animal and Veterinary 4-H Fireballs Mighty Mites
Champion: angle Troopers (2) Gaelan J Combs, Paoli Science Justin D Pauli, Paoli 4-H
Joseph T Opsal, Mudslid- Lucas R Haag, Paoli 4-H 4-H Fireballs Fireballs Clothing Champion
Reserve Champion:
ers (2) Fireballs (2) Heidi Mueller, Wits N Ava Wildenborg, Wits N Mikayla S Brey, Paoli Karma Kennedy, Paoli
Bits 4-H (2) 4-H Fireballs 4-H Fireballs
Beef Johana R Thuesen, Wits
Bits 4-H
Samantha M Hill, Wits N Reserve Champion
Champion: Horse and Pony N Bits 4H
Samantha M Hill, Wits N
Bits 4-H Lilian Kohl, Paoli 4-H
Bits 4-H
Justin D Pauli, Paoli 4-H Champion: Kayla K Ballweg, Wits N Award of Merit: Fireballs
Fireballs Abby Last, Paoli 4-H Bits 4-H Ava Wildenborg, Wits N Photography Cham-
Reece M Theobald, Mud- Fireballs Lillian A Brings, Paoli Home Furnishings/
Bits 4-H
sliders (3) Alexis K Smith, Wits N 4-H Fireballs pion Home Environment
Reserve Champion: Bits 4-H (2) Lydia Gold, Wits N Bits Cats Morgan E Gust, Wits N
Reece M Theobald, Mud- Brooke L Ace, Paoli 4-H 4-H (2) Award of Merit:
Champion: Bits 4-H Morgan E Gust, Wits N
sliders Fireballs (3) Meghan E Wenzel, Paoli
Ava Wildenborg, Wits N Award of Merit: Bits 4-H
Caitlyn M Bean, Wits N 4-H Fireballs (2)
Swine Bits 4-H Serena M Busalacchi,
Bits 4-H Kelly A Maxwell, Verona
Family and Child De-
Reece M Theobald, Mud- FFA
Champion: Gaelan J Combs, Paoli Paoli 4-H Fireballs
Reece M Theobald, Mud- 4-H Fireballs (2)
Mechanical Projects velopment Reserve
sliders Jeanette Driftmier, Paoli Rabbits Plant and Soil Science Champion:
Champion: Champion:
Reserve Champion: 4-H Fireballs (3) Champion: Mary M Saley, Paoli 4-H
Kendyll N Theobald, Johana R Thuesen, Wits Garrett W Pauli, Paoli Eric J Thuesen, Wits N
Gaelan J Combs, Paoli Bits 4-H Fireballs
Mudsliders N Bits 4H (5) 4-H Fireballs
Kayla K Ballweg, Wits N Lauren J Randall, Verona
4-H Fireballs
Foods and NutritionDemonstrations and
Sheep Bits 4-H FFA (2) Natural Sciences Presentations Commu-
Lydia Gold, Wits N Bits Riley G Armenta, Paoli Champion:
Champion: Champion: Mikayla S Brey, Paoli nications
Andrew Formo, Mudslid- 4-H 4-H Fireballs
Brian M Olson, Wits N 4-H Fireballs
ers (2) Meghan E Wenzel, Paoli Reserve Champion Reserve Champion:
Bits 4-H Reserve Champion:
Brooke L Ace, Paoli 4-H 4-H Fireballs (2) Kaitlyn Formo, Mudslid-
Reserve Champion Ava Wildenborg, Wits N
O l iv i a A B u s a l a c c h i , ers Gaelan J Combs, Paoli Bits 4-H
Fireballs (3) Henry Mueller, Wits N 4-H Fireballs
Emma L Haag, Paoli 4-H Paoli 4-H Fireballs (3) Lauren J Randall, Verona
Bits 4-H
Samantha Whiteis, Wits FFA Gaelan J Combs, Paoli
Fireballs Johana R Thuesen, Wits 4-H Fireballs
Reserve Champion: N Bits 4-H (2)
Andrew Formo, Mudslid- Serena M Busalacchi, Dogs N Bits 4-H
ers Paoli 4-H Fireballs Champion: Cultural Arts
Brooke L Ace, Paoli 4-H
Fireballs (3)
Reserve Champion:
Abby Last, Paoli 4-H N Bits 4-H
Samantha Whiteis, Wits
Champion: Congratulations
Emma L Haag, Paoli 4-H Fireballs
Fireballs (2) Brooke L Ace, Paoli 4-H
Reserve Champion
Kayla K Ballweg, Wits N
Katie J Brye, Wits N Bits
4-H To All Fair Participants!
Kaitlyn F o r m o , Fireballs Bits 4-H Award of Merit:

2737 Gust Rd.,Verona, WI (608) 845-3800


to All the Young
People who
Participated in all
Photo submitted by Trina Pauli
Justin Pauli, Belleville, with his White Park Heifer. Justin was the Grand Champion Junior
Beef Showman at the Stoughton Junior Fair and the Dane County Fair. He is a member of
the Paoli 4-H Fireballs.
the Local Fairs!
You Do An Awesome Job!

Photo submitted by Stephanie Formo

Photo submitted by Sherry Combs
Gaelan Combs, Paoli 4-H Fireballs, and
210 S. Main St., Verona
Andrew Formo, age 9, won first place in
showmanship in his age division. He is a
his horse, Dan, ready to enter the show
ring for the Western Showmanship 845-6478
member of the Mudsliders 4-H Club. class. They received Reserve Champion. adno=531812-01
10 Thursday, August 3, 2017 Jeremy Jones, sports editor
845-9559 x226
The Press
Anthony Iozzo, assistant sports editor
845-9559 x237
For more sports coverage, visit: Fax: 845-9550

All-City swim meet

Ridgewood swimmer Stella Whildin competes in the 8 and under 100-yard individual medley Friday at the All-City Swim meet.

Photos by Evan Halpop

Reigning supreme
The Ridgewood swimming club won the All-City meet last weekend, held
at Maple Bluff Country Club, with 1,820.5 points. The Middleton Gators
(1,655.5) and Seminole Sharks (1,627) rounded out the top three.
Ridgewood won the girls 8 and under 100-yard medley relay, 8 and under
100 freestyle relay, 8 and under 25 yard butterfly and the boys 13-14 200
medley relay,

Caitlin Bruce competes in the 8 and under 25-yard butterfly at the All-City meet.

Home Talent League

Cavaliers hold off West Middleton in regular season finale

Unified Newspaper Group Whats next
Verona avenged a late-season loss Sun- Verona finished second in the Western
day in what turned out to be a pitchers
battle with a 4-1 Western Section win Section North Division and will be the No.
over West Middleton Braves. 3 seed for the playoffs.
This win is huge which will give us
momentum for the playoffs, said Mike The Cavaliers host No. 6 Argyle at
Jordahl, who drove in two runs at Stampfl 1p.m. Sunday at Stampfl Field.
The Cavaliers, who were shut out by
West Middleton 3-0 on July 15, opened
the game with two runs single by Jordahl. fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth
Verona loaded the bases with two outs innings.
in the third inning, following a Jordahl The Cavaliers score once in the fifth
double. The Cavaliers were unable to and sixth inning, but were unable to get
score a run as Derek Murphy hit into a more.
fielders choice to end the inning. Derek Murphys RBI single scored
The Cavaliers were inconsistent mov- Luke Yapp in the bottom of the fifth
ing runners around the bases and getting inning. David Lund scored on a wild
Photo by Evan Halpop
key hits, Jordahl said.
Verona Cavalier pitcher Justin Scanlon pitches in the first inning Sunday against West Mid-
Verona left runners on base in the Turn to HTL/Page11 dleton. The Cavaliers won the Western Section game 4-1. August 3, 2017 The Verona Press
Madison International Speedway HTL: Verona avenges loss to West Middleton

Boileau Best in Bandit

Continued from page 10

pitch in the sixth inning.

We s t M i d d l e t o n c u t

Big Rigs at Madison

Veronas lead in half in
the top of the third inning,
which made the score 2-1.
The Braves were only able
Tommy Boileau won the 25-lap feature for the Bandit Big Rig Series in their first-ever to score one run against
visit to Madison International Speedway. Chester Ace (Midwest Trucks), Brian Gerster Verona starting pitcher
(Must See Sprint Cars), Ken Morris (6Shooters) and Mike Bollinger (6Shooters) also Justin Scanlon, however.
took home victories, and one lucky fan also won over $2,500 in the 50/50 raffle. Scanlon earned the win
on the mound for Vero-
Boileau best in Big Rigs na. Scanlon threw sev-
Tommy Boileau of Monument, Colo., topped the field of Bandit Big Rigs in an excit- en innings, struck out
ing 25-lap feature. three, and walked one.
Fourteen Bandit Big Rigs took the green flag with Scott Treadway and Trevor Krucke- He allowed six hits. Kyle
berg leading the way. Nelson tossed the final
With eight laps to go and Boileau appearing to be ready for a trip to victory lane, two inning, striking out
several trucks made contact coming out of turn one sending fluids and parts all over the five and earning a save.
track and bringing out the red flag. Justin Gurtner took the
The race went green again after a lengthy caution period with twelve of the fourteen loss for West Middleton,
trucks able to continue. Boileau was able to retain his lead with Allen Boles up to second surrendering four earned
followed by Justin Ball, Craig Kruckeberg and Darren Proffitt. runs on nine hits.
Boles was able to get close enough to Boileau to give him a tap, but he was unable to Yapp, Jordahl, and Lund
make the pass. were all 2-for-4 to lead
Boileau would lead the rest of the way to pick up the win followed by Boles, Ball, Verona at the plate. John
Craig Kruckeberg, and Trevor Kruckeberg. Moynihan and Jordahl
Heat races were won by Allen Boles and Mike Morgan who also won the Challenge both doubled.
races. Verona finished the reg- Photo by Evan Halpop
ular season 13-3 second Derek Burgenske scores from first Sunday on a two-run
Ace back in victory lane behind Mount Horeb/Pine single by Mike Jordahl in the first inning of Veronas 4-1
Bluff (14-2). victory Sunday. The Cavaliers won 4-1 over West Middle-
Oregon native Chester Ace won the 30-lap feature for the Midwest Truck Series in his ton.
first race of the season.
I was very happy for how fast we were for not being out here yet this year, he said.

Coffee with a RepoRteR

I had the itch to race again. We had to get the truck out again.
Dave Edwards was the fastest qualifier with a lap of 18.968 (94.897 mph). Heat win-
ners were Gabe Sommers and Mike Corvo.
Gerster holds off McCune for Sprint Car victory
Brian Gerster of Fishers, Ind., held over Jimmy McCune to pick up the win in the Come hang out with Press reporters
30-lap feature for the Must See Sprint Cars.
Fast qualifier was Gerster with a mark of 14.710 (122.366 mph). Heat winners were
to share a story idea, ask a question
Helu Wang
Jeff Bloom and Jason Cox. or give some feedback.
Morris, Bollinger win 6Shooter features
In only his second night in a 6Shooter, Ken Morris won the first 12-lap feature while Like our Verona Press Facebook page or
Mike Bollinger picked up his second win of 2017 in the second feature.
Despite some sliding and spinning cars the race stayed green with Bollinger never check our community calendar section to
looking back as he easily won for the second time this season. Ronnie Osborne finished
second followed by Trevor Chilson, Jim Ronspiez, and Tyler Spiegel. find out where well be and when.
6Shooter heat races won by Osborne, Bollinger
Racing continues at Madison on Friday, when it will be the final round of the Bad-
gerland Challenge with action in the Late Models and Sportsman plus the Bandits and
Hobby Stocks.
Pit gates open at 3:30p.m. with practice at 5, qualifying at 6:15, and racing at 7:30.
- John Wells

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12 August 3, 2017 The Verona Press

Verona History
50 y
ears ago 10 years ago
The fluoridation contro- The Farm and Fleet pro-
versy came to an abrupt end posal unveiled a slicker,
when the Village Board vot- more modern design a month
ed to increase its presence after it had taken a beating at
in local water to 10 parts the Plan Commission over
per million. aesthetics, traffic and storm-
Ve r o n a wa s w i t h i n a water.
small minority of villages The new plan, which
not fluoridating its water, earned a key approval, estab-
partly due to the efforts of a lished a new style for the
local doctor, H.P. Weiland, company, which does all its
who was strongly against new and remodeled buildings
the undemocratic process as a near carbon copy. Bob
of compulsory mass med- Blain, the companys CEO,
ication. told the Press in a casual con-
The vote, which was held versation later that the chang-
three weeks after a Cham- es higher-quality materials
ber of Commerce-spon- and a variety of architectural
sored forum, was taken in elements cost the company
front of about 120 people, three-quarters of a million
who loudly applauded the dollars.
action. Local gas stations report-
Contractors laid the ed a sharp increase in the
foundation for the new number of drive-offs peo-
Verona High School build- ple who pump and dont
ing. pay after gas prices rose to
T h e Vi l l a g e B o a r d around $3.50.
began touring other com- Park Printing House
munities municipal facili- Photo by Bill Schroeder broke ground on a
ties as the start of planning Retiring Verona High School principal Lloyd Hornbacher watches from the right as former superintendent John P. Lawrence 35,000-square-foot expan-
a community building, a pays tribute to Hornbacher at the Class of 1987 graduation. To the right of Hornbacher, who served 22 years in the position sion of its facility on Horizon
village hall and/or a police is superintendent Morgan Poulette, Lawrences successor, and at left is Rosemary Miller, retired business education teacher. Drive, more than doubling its
and fire building. None Wittwer farm near Verona part of the word. behind three second-place 1 state track and field cham- footprint.
would be built until 1980 in celebration of June Dairy I was thinking of cen- individual efforts and a sec- pionships for the second With all sorts of devel-
A year after a contro- Month. tennial, she admitted. ond-place 1,600-meter relay straight year. opment imminent, the city
versy brewed over closings Tom Milbourn of Vero- finish. Katie Oien was sec- Her throw was almost 20 began rebuilding East Verona
of the swimming pool (now 40 years ago na was promoted to news ond in the 300 hurdles, Bec- feet longer than it was the Avenue.
known as Firemans Park The Verona Area Edu- director at WMTV, Channel ca Schmitz was second in the year before, but it was short The city opened a new
beach) because of algae, the cation Association voted 15. discus, and Heather Rawling of her own personal best of shelter at Harriet Park.
village began treating the to accept a settlement with Amid an ongoing legal was second in the 800. Oien 160 feet, which had been The Verona softball team
water. the school board of a 7.6 battle, the county finished also was third in the 100 hur- the best toss in the state by a fell in the state quarterfinals
It also removed an island percent increase in wages, excavation of a landfill dles. girl all season until the state 3-1 to Appleton North.
in the pool area to allow up to $9,250. The decision site near the Dane County During the graduation meet. The girls 3,200-meter
for more beach area, and came after an eight-hour Home. ceremony, Verona High Seniors Eric Dahl, Wes relay team set a school
the Verona Jaycees poured negotiating session, and the School paid tribute to retiring Shaughnessy and Joff Pedret- record with a time of 9 min-
cement for steps leading to school board accepted it at 30 years ago principal Lloyd Hornbacher, ti qualified for the boys state utes, 39.1 seconds.
the diving board its next meeting. The Common Council who had been in that position meet, along with a VAHS Road patrolman Lar-
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob The cost for fixing voted 5-2 against allowing for 22 years. relay team. ry Krueger essentially
Schaller celebrated their one of the villages sand- minors to frequent certain The city approved plans the public works director
50th anniversary. plagued wells continued to parts of taverns for parties or 20 years ago to annex three major prop- retired after 36 years with the
Gov. Warren Knowles rise, after it was determined dances. The Verona Area school erties one downtown, one Town of Verona.
made a visit to the a de-sander was needed. T h e p r o p o s a l , w h i c h board approved hiring a full- to the south and one to the The Verona Fire Com-
The cost was original- would have required police time police liaison for the north. mission made an official
ly expected to be $54,000, notification of any such high school. The citys first industrial plea for a full-time fire chief,
but newer estimates rose event, was born out of a It was funded by a grant park got utility hookups as something that wouldnt be
beyond $80,000. compromise state legislators for the first three years, and part of a bid to make it more granted until several years
Easily later.
Recent Verona Middle made with tavern owners the cost was split proportion- attractive to buyers.
renew your
School graduate Sally Ben- when the drinking age was ately between the city and Stoner Prairie principal
online! nett took eighth place in the raised to 21. school district after that. Linda Leonhart resigned as Know of an interesting,
National Spelling Bee in The city approved the Verona celebrated its a result of mounting family verifiable historical item
It only takes a few clicks Washington, D.C. She com- sale of Verona Cablevision sesquicentennial with extra commitments and concerns. coming up for a 10-, 20-,
to renew your peted among 85 boys and to Fond du Lac-based Star events during Hometown The city requested DNR 30-, or 40-year anniversa-
newspaper subscription girls from around the coun- Cablevision. Days. approval to add about 184 ry in the next few months?
electronically with our try and slipped up on the The Verona girls track Sophomore Jill Pedretti acres to area receiving sewer E-mail veronapress@
word centenary, adding team took second at the Divi- took the silver medal in dis- and water service southeast or call 845-
secure site at:
a double n in the second sion 2 state championships cuss at the WIAA Division of Badger Mill Creek. 9559.

Spotlight: 40 years ago

Deadlines Sally takes eighth in the nation
Labor Day Week
Verona area resident Sally 1973 and a Sun Prairie boy one from California, and one
Bennett proved herself to be who placed 11th in 1974. from Florida, she said.
a top-notch speller who rep- Sally and her parents The youngsters at the
resented her school and her enjoyed the trip to Washing- spelling bee were from var-
state admirably by capturing ton immensely. The journey ied backgrounds, and many
September 6 Great Dane Shopping News eighth place in the National for all three of them was paid of them entered the contest
Display ad deadline: Wednesday, August 30 at 3 pm. Spelling Bee. for entirely by the Wisconsin because friends had pres-
Sally, who graduated from Spelling Bee. Sally visited sured them to do so, Sally
Classified ad deadline: Thursday, August 31 at Noon. the Verona Middle school this the capital city when she was reports. Almost all the young
year, competed with 85 boys 8 and found this return trip people she met at the contest
and girls from throughout the lots of fun. were planning to become
September 7 Oregon Observer, Stoughton Courier Hub country in the final bee. After the competition was either journalists or lawyers,
and Verona Press Her downfall came with over (a 14-year-old Pennsyl- she notes.
the word centenary, which vania boy, John Paola, cap- Knowing that her fellow
Display & Classified ad deadlines: she spelled with too many tured first place), a special schoolmates and residents of
Friday, September 1 at Noon. ns. 50th anniversary dinner was Verona were rooting for her
I was thinking of centen- held to present awards to all really helped, she said. She is
nial, which has two ns, she the spellers who had partici- especially appreciative of the
In observance of the holiday, explained. pated. The very first national support she received from the

Sallys eighth-place vic- winner, Frank Neuhauser, Student Council, the Verona

our offices will be closed


tory was the best Wisconsin who won in 1925, gave a Optimists Club and everyone

Monday, September 4, 2017. has ever had since it began speech that night, Sally said. else who encouraged her and
sending finalists to the event. She met many other young hoped for her success.
Past Wisconsin victors people in Washington. That really cheered me
include a Mauston boy who We went on tours, and I on, Sally said.
placed 10th in 1954; a Water- made six really good friends,
ford girl who placed 10th in two from Seattle and Ohio, August 3, 2017 The Verona Press
Veterans from
senior center
visit Tom
Sugar Ridge
airport and
take plane
Photos by Helu Wang

Plane rides for

senior veterans
The senior center held the second annual picnic for
senior veterans at Tom Kretschmans Sugar Ridge airport
Wednesday, July 13. Some of the seniors took a personal
plane ride one by one.

Phil Meier slides in for his plane ride which took him above
the Sugar Ridge.

Kids Corner brought to you by:

$1.00 OFF Any

Value Basket Meal
430 E. Verona Ave.
Verona, WI 845-2010
430 East Verona Avenue, Verona, WI Offer expires 8/31/17

Dave Stenseth gets ready to take off for a plane ride at Sugar
Ridge airport. adno=533005-01
14 August 3, 2017 The Verona Press

Dorothy Schuepp
Library cheese duel
Immediately prior to his home in Monroe. In her lat-
death, Wally asked his best er years, Dorothy embraced
friend, Harlan Dahlk, to the role of researching fam-
take care of Dorothy. A ily genealogy which she
lifelong friend of Dorothy lovingly shared with family The library held a
and Wally, Harlan accepted members. cheese duel Thursday,
unequivocally. Long after Dorothy is survived by July 20 featuring cheese
the deaths of their spous- daughters: Kristi (Fred) tasting. Jeanne Carpen-
es Dorothy and Harlan Gutierrez of Milwaukee, ter, an American Cheese
kept in touch and cared for Jeri (Eugene) Pliner of San Society certified cheese
each other. In 2010, Doro- Francisco, Kathy (Roy) professional, introduced
thy moved to Verona to be Langley of Charlotte, NC, six cheeses and guided the
closer to Harlan. They were JoAnn (Andy) Affolter of participants how to dis-
companions until her recent Madison; her brother, Dar- tinguish cheeses between
Dorothy Schuepp illness. rell (Helen) Wittwer of Wisconsin and Europe.
Devoted in faith and fam- Brookfield, WI; her com-
ily, Dorothy was an active panion, Harlan Dahlk of Contact Helu Wang at
B e l ove d w i f e , m o t h - member of the United Verona; six grandchildren;
er, mother-in-law, grand- Church of Christ in Monroe six great grandchildren; and Photos by Helu Wang
mother, great-grandmother until moving to Verona. She many other relatives and Kelly Radford smells the cheese before tasting.
and friend, Dorothy (Wit- then joined St. James Evan- dear friends.
twer) Schuepp, age 87, of gelical Lutheran Church in Dorothy was predeceased
Verona, died peacefully Verona. Dorothy enjoyed by her parents; her husband,
after a brief illness on July vo l u n t e e r w o r k a t t h e Wally; her in-laws Eugene
22, 2017, with family at her church. and Bertha Schuepp and
side. In addition to being an her brother-in-law, Charles
Dorothy was born in Mt extraordinary homemaker, Schuepp.
Horeb, Wis., the daughter Dorothy loved to bake. Her Private burial will take
of Carl and Clara (Slot- cookies were well-loved by place at Greenwood Cem-
ten) Wittwer. She gradu- family and friends, espe- etery in Monroe. A memo-
ated valedictorian of her cially at holiday time. Dor- rial service to celebrate her
class from Mt Horeb High othy loved to sew; making life will be held in the New
School. dresses for her daughters Glarus Hotel at 1p.m., Oct.
S h e m e t t h e l ove o f proms and Christmas dress- 7, 2017. Memorials may be
her life, Walter (Wally) es for their annual holiday directed to: Agrace Founda-
Schuepp, in Sunday School photos. She loved music, tion 5395 E. Cheryl Park-
at Zwingli Evangelical and especially Big Band swing. way, Madison, WI 53711.
Reformed Church in Mt. She was an accomplished Shriner Hager Gohlke
Vernon, Wis., where they tuba player, pianist and Funeral Home of Monroe is
were married on July 30, percussionist. Dorothy assisting the family.
1949. earned a music scholarship Condolences may be sent
D o r o t h y a n d Wa l l y to UW-Madison. She was a to the family at shriner111.
were proprietors in sev- dedicated Girl Scout leader com.
e r a l c h e e s e bu s i n e s s e s who also enjoyed garden-
throughout their 56 years Shriner-Hager-Gohlke
ing, reading and traveling. Funeral Home
of married life. They lived She and Wally made sev-
in Evansville and Monroe, eral trips to visit family 1455 Mansion Dr. P.O.
Wis., where they raised four and friends in Switzerland. Box 86 Monroe, WI 53566
daughters. Wally preceded They hosted many visitors Phone: 608-325-4306
her in death in 2005. from Switzerland at their Jon and Helena McEwan taste cheeses from Wisconsin at the library cheese duel.
Fax: 608-325-2185

OFFICIAL NOTICE TIME AND PLACE OF BID OPENING: CONTRACT SECURITY: The Bidder City Clerk Clark. include an outdoor seating area. Motion nominated Jack Linder as the City Coun-
Sealed Bids will be received until 10:00 to whom a Contract is awarded shall fur- 4. Public Comment: None carried 7-0. cil Representative to the Plan Commis-
TO BIDDERS a.m., Local Time on the 22thday of Au- nish a Performance Bond and a Payment 5. Approval of Minutes from the June (2) Discussion and Possible Action sion. Alderperson Reekie nominated
CITY PARKING LOT gust 2017 in the office of the Director Bond each in an amount equal to the 26, 2017 Common Council Meeting: Re: A Combination Class B Beer and Luke Diaz as the City Council Represen-
RECONSTRUCTION of Public Works, 410 Investment Court, Contract Price. Motion by McGilvray, seconded by Class B Intoxicating Liquor License tative to the Plan Commission. On roll
Verona, Wisconsin. After the official Bid BID REJECTION/ACCEPTANCE: Diaz, to approve the minutes of the June 2017-2018 Renewal Application from call: Alder Linder Linder; Alder McGil-
CITY OF VERONA, closing time, the Bids will be publicly OWNER reserves the right to reject any 26, 2017 Common Council meeting. Mo- The Heights of Verona, LLC, d/b/a The vray Linder; Alder Reekie Diaz; Alder
WISCONSIN opened and read aloud. and all Bids, waive informalities in bid- tion carried 7-0. Heights Event Center, 411 Prairie Heights Stiner Linder; Alder Touchett Linder;
OWNER: The City of Verona, Wis- BIDDING DOCUMENTS: The Bidding ding or to accept the Bid or Bids, which 6. Mayors Business: None Drive, Verona, WI 53593, Chadwick Leppi- Alder Diaz Diaz; Alder Gaskell Diaz. 4
consin hereby gives notice that sealed Documents are on file for review at the best serve the interests of OWNER. 7. Administrators Report: en, Agent. Motion by Touchett, seconded votes for Linder, 3 votes for Diaz. Motion
unit price Bids will be received for the office of the City Clerk, City Hall, Verona, BID WITHDRAWAL: No Bid shall be 8. Engineers Report: by Reekie, to approve the Combination failed.
reconstruction of the Senior Center Wisconsin, and the offices of AECOM, withdrawn for a period of 60 days after * Traffic signals at Verona Avenue & Class B Beer and Class B Intoxicat- 11. New Business
Parking Lot, Old Library Parking Lot, 1350 Deming Way, Suite 100, Middleton, the opening of Bids without consent of Main and E. Verona & old CTH PB have ing Liquor License 2017-2018 renewal A. Discussion and Possible Action
and the current Library Parking Lot and WI53562. OWNER. been adjusted to accommodate the traf- application from The Heights of Verona, Re: Approval of Operator Licenses.
main entrance terrace, owned by the City. Copies of the Bidding Documents Published by authority of the City of fic patterns created by the Main Street LLC, d/b/a The Heights Event Center, 411 12. Announcements: Stiner remind-
The major work consists of the following are available at Verona, Wisconsin. closure. Prairie Heights Drive, Verona, WI 53593, ed citizens of the Concerts in the Park
items: The Work of this Contract entails Bidders may download the digital Plan By: * Paving is complete on CTH PB Chadwick Leppien, Agent, contingent program continuing on Thursdays.
the reconstruction of City owned parking Documents for $15.00 non-refundable Jon H. Hochkammer, Mayor from Shady Oak to Woods Road. The rest upon final inspection and approval by the 13. Adjournment:
lots, more specifically: the Public Library, payment by inputting Quest Project Ellen Clark, Clerk of the paving should be done by July 14, Citys Fire Inspector. Staff has confirmed Motion by Reekie, seconded by Mc-
Old Library, and Senior Center, all in the #5288604 on the websites project search AECOM 2017. Signals may not all be functional at that appointments have been made with Gilvray, to adjourn at 7:22 p.m. Motion
City of Verona, Dane County, Wiscon- page. Please contact at Middleton, Wisconsin that time. qualified companies to correct the two carried 7-0.
sin. Major items of work shall consist of 952-233-1632 or for Project No. 60537247 9. Committee Reports: remaining fire code violations. The de- Ellen Clark
11,425 SY of pulverized asphalt, 1,600 assistance in free membership registra- Published: August 3 & 10, 2017 A. Finance Committee linquent wholesaler invoice and personal City Clerk
LF of curb and gutter removal, 360 SY tion, downloading, and working with the WNAXLP (1) Discussion and Possible Action property taxes were paid on Monday, July Published: August 3, 2017
sidewalk removal, 320 LF 12-in RCP CLIII digital project information. No paper plan Re: Payment of Bills. Motion by McGil- 10th. Motion carried 7-0. WNAXLP
storm sewer, 6-48-in dia. Storm man- documents will be provided. *** vray, seconded by Linder, to approve I. Public Works/Sewer & Water Com-
holes, 1,500 LF 18-in curb and gutter, 200 LEGAL PROVISIONS: The Contract CITY OF VERONA the payment of bills in the amount of mittee ***
LF mountable curb and gutter, 70 LF 30-in letting shall be subject to the provisions $1,876,385.18. Motion carried 7-0. (1) Discussion and Possible Action NOTICE
curb and gutter, 2,500 SF of 5-in concrete of Sections62.15, 66.0901, 66.0903, and MINUTES B. Public Safety & Welfare Commit- Re: Resolution No. R-17-042 Relocation The City of Verona Plan Commission
sidewalk, 280 square yards of concrete 779.15 of the Wisconsin Statutes. COMMON COUNCIL tee Order and Determination of Necessity will hold a Public Hearing on Tuesday
pavement, 1,615 TON of 1-1/4-in crushed WAGE RATES: As of January 1, JULY 10, 2017 (1) Discussion and Possible Action for County Highway PD Road Project. September 5, 2017 at 6:30 p.m. at City
aggregate base course, 80 TON of -in 2017, the Department of Workforce De- Re: A Temporary Premise Description Motion by Touchett, seconded by Diaz, to
Crushed aggregate base course, 800 velopment Prevailing Wage Rates are no VERONA CITY HALL Amendment for Class B Beer and approve Resolution No. R-17-042 Reloca-
Hall, 111 Lincoln Street, for the following
1. Common Council President Eliz- planning matter:
TON 12.5 mm asphaltic base course, 800 longer enforced on locally funded public Class B Winery Licenses for July 11, tion Order and Determination of Neces- 1) Review and Adoption of the City
TON 12.5 mm asphaltic surface, course, works projects. Prevailing wage rates will abeth Doyle called the meeting to order 2017 July 31, 2017, for Fisher King Win- sity related to Project 2016-123, CTH PD of Verona Northwest Neighborhood Plan
765 square feet of paver installation, 50 only apply to state agency and federal at 7:04 p.m. ery, 1105 Laser Street, to Include an Out- Transportation Project between Woods as an amendment to the City of Verona
square yards of sod, landscaping, modi- highway projects. 2. Pledge of Allegiance door Seating Area. Motion by Touchett, Road and CTH M. This resolution ap- Comprehensive Plan. The proposed
fications to 3 site lighting fixtures and as- BID SECURITY: Bid Security in the 3. Roll call: Alderpersons Diaz, seconded by Reekie, to approve a tem- proves the overall transportation project Northwest Neighborhood Plan will mod-
sociated electrical work, erosion control, amount of not less than 5% or more than Doyle, Gaskell, Linder, McGilvray, Reekie, porary premise description amendment plat for improvement and reconstruction ify Chapter 8, Land Use, of the Citys
restoration, and traffic control at three 10% of the Bid shall accompany each Bid Stiner and Touchett present. Also pres- for Class B Beer and Class B Winery of portions of CTH PD between Woods Comprehensive Plan by providing details
separate parking lot locations within the in accordance with the Instructions to ent: City Administrator Mikorski, DPW license for July 11 July 31, 2017, for Road and CTH M, and allows city staff for planned future land uses, utilities,
City of Verona, Dane County, Wisconsin. Bidders. Jacobson, City Engineer Montpas and Fisher King Winery, 1105 Laser Street, to to work on acquisition of all properties parks, street networks, and other details
within the Verona project limits. Motion for lands generally bounded by CTH
carried 7-0.

CALL NOW 1-608-338-1170

PD to the south, University Ridge Golf
(2) Discussion and Possible Action Course to the east, the Goodman Jewish
Re: Awarding Project 2017-109 Lincoln Community Campus to the west, and the
Street Lower Channel Maintenance and Town of Verona to the north.
Rehabilitation Phase II Project. Motion Interested persons may comment
by Touchett, seconded by Diaz, to award on this planning matter during the public
Project 2017-109 Lincoln Street Lower hearing at September 5th Plan Commis-
Channel Maintenance and Rehabilitation

Do you have a family

sion meeting. The Plan Commission will
Phase II Project to Drax, Inc. of Madison, make a recommendation on this matter,
WI, in the amount of $289,425.33. Motion which will then be reviewed by the Com-

carried 7-0. mon Council for a final decision on Mon-
(3) Discussion and Possible Action

member with memory

day, September 11th.
Re: A Professional Services Agreement Contact Adam Sayre, Director of
with AECOM for Engineering Services Planning and Development, at 848-9941
for Project 2017-111, Pedestrian Bridge for more information on this item or to
over Badger Mill Creek and Bike Trail receive a copy of the Plan. Copies of the

loss who lives in a

Connection. This item was tabled at the Northwest Neighborhood Plan can also
committee level. be found on the Citys website at: www.
(4) Discussion and Possible Action

Re: Amendment No. 1 with AECOM for Ellen Clark,
Project 2017-108, Parking Lot Improve-

care facility?
City Clerk
ments. Motion by Touchett, seconded by Published: August 3, 2017
Diaz, to approve Amendment No. 1 with WNAXLP
AECOM for Project 2017-108, Parking Lot
Improvements. Motion carried 7-0.
(5) Discussion and Possible Action ***
Re: Amendment No. 1 with AECOM for NOTICE
County Highway M Utilities. Motion by NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that an
New orders only. Minimum purchase required. Does not include material costs. Touchett, seconded by Diaz, to approve application for a Combination Reserve
Class B Intoxicating Liquor and Class
The University of Minnesota is examining the effects Amendment No. 1 with AECOM for Coun-
ty Highway M Utilities. Motion carried 7-0. B Fermented Malt Beverages License
of an educational program to support family members
$0 Down
McGilvray stated that the Public Works/ for the period from September 4, 2017
Receive Din
Sewer & Water Committee had an oppor- through June 30, 2018 has been filed
tunity to look at the traffic impact anal-
with a loved one in a care facility. It will be led by a with the City Clerk, CITY OF VERONA, by
& a Movie with
ysis for the collector by the new school 4 Sisters, Inc., Verona, 958 Liberty Park

$0 Interest trained coach. Learn more about participating in this property. So that other members of the Drive, Suite 101, Verona, WI 53593. Any-

Common Council and school board have one having an objection to the granting

of such license shall file that objection

free study by contacting Professor Joe Gaugler at the same opportunity, the committee is

Until 2020!* te!*

requesting a joint meeting between the with the City Clerk, City of Verona,
111 Lincoln Street, before August 11,
612.626.2485 or
school board and the city council in the
near future. 2017 during regular office hours of 8:00
10. Old Business a.m. 4:30 p.m., Monday Friday.

A. Discussion and Possible Action Ellen Clark, City Clerk

*Visit for full offer details Re: Selection of a City Council Represen- City of Verona
Visit tative to the Plan Commission. Council Published: August 3, 2017
President Doyle asked for nominations WNAXLP
to learn more for the City Council Representative to the
Plan Commission. Alderperson Touchett *** August 3, 2017 The Verona Press
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16 August 3, 2017 The Verona Press

Main: $4 million streetscape project finishes in a few weeks overhauling 30-year-old road
Continued from page 1

the project and has held

meetings every two weeks
to deliver updates. Those
who have spoken with the
Press about it have been
complimentary of the com-
munication and contractors
accommodations so far.
Other official communi-
cation has been less forth-
coming, with scant mention
of the project in five city
newsletters since March
and little on the citys
website but designs and
renderings. The projects
Facebook page, followed
by 187 people, has posted
updates every week or two
since work began on whats
actually called Phase 2 of
the downtown streetscape
The streetscape project
was conceived in 2014 as
a quick and easy way to
invest in downtown, but
it quickly became drawn-
out and complicated as
engineers discovered the
depths of infrastructure that
needed replacement before
the downtown could get
a face-lift. It started with
design issues, added utility
line replacement and final-
ly turned into a complete
overhaul of the 30-year-old
pavement on South Main
Photos by Scott Girard
That straightforward Crews pave the new surface of South Main Street Thursday, July 27. The road is expected to re-open this month after closing in June.
summer of 2015 upgrade all part of a cohesive design Commerce began a series
got postponed and then was thats intended to make the of every-other-week shows
reduced the following year downtown more inviting to draw people downtown.
to replacing the Hometown and friendly. The first show had to be
Junction memorial and the While the city is planning canceled because of a city
sidewalks around it in the a celebration that still has permitting process, and the
fall while engineering was no date, city administrator third was canceled because
done for this summers Jeff Mikorski told the Press of rain, but No. 4, with
uncomfortable rehabilita- it will be timed around the local folk guitarists Casey
tion. completion of the punch and Greg, is Friday, Aug. 4.
But finally, the end is list items, such as terrac- The final show, with Der-
n e a r, b r i n g i n g c o l o r e d es, street lights and pavers, ek Remnarace, is Aug. 18
concrete pavers, pedes- making it likely late August and is expected to have its
trian-friendly bump-outs or early September. So far, own celebration of the new
into the parking lanes theres been no decision as streetscape.
(shortening the distance to to what the celebration will
cross), benches for sitting, involve. Email Verona Press editor
wrought-iron fencing and Meanwhile, the Vero- Jim Ferolie at verona-
matching black streetlights, na Area Chamber of
R OD DIO room

Bank &
T TU Bed
EN A , s
S 3


Spacious Townhomes
Minutes walk to everything
yet a country like setting.
Heated Underground Parking

Full Stainless Steel Appliances

Private Patio on Most
Private Entrance
Fitness Center
In-Home Washer/Dryer
Clubhouse with Kitchen
Full Granite Kitchen
Pet Washing Stations CRAIGColeman
Fireplace & Grilling Deck On-Site Management Capitol Bank is proud to announce our
24-Hour Emergency Maintenance newest lender, Craig Coleman, to the
Capitol Bank Team. Craig and his family
moved to Verona 2 years ago but, until
recently, worked in Madison. Now hes
come home and is ready to serve the
community he loves.
Call to discuss your businesss needs.
Call For A Tour Verona Market President, VP Commercial Lending

608.836.4302 608.836.4302

401 Prairie Way Blvd. Verona., WI

608.729.9200 adno=533040-01 | 108 E. Verona Avenue | 608.845.0108 | Member FDIC