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North South University

Department of Marketing and IB

Semester: Summer 2017

Course Code: Mkt344 , Section: __09__

Assignment / Debate/ Case study No: 01

Faculty: QEA Date: 30.05.2017


Name ID Roll
Md. Shabab Ashfaque 1320237030
Tasnia Khandaker Prova 1410331030
Srabone Saha 1410592030
Shimanta Saha 1411568630
Meshkat Ahmed 1411042630
Letter of transmittal

15th July 2017

Mr. Qudrat-E-Elahi Asif (QEA)
Lecturer, School of Business
North South University

Subject: Submission of Project for the course MKT344.

Dear Sir,
It is our pleasure to present you the final project on Johnson & Johnson which
is required for the completion of the course MKT344. We have tried to give our full effort to
include all the learning that we have received from the course under your guidance. We have
done this project all by ourselves despite any outside help and whatsoever.

We, therefore, pray and hope that, you would be kind enough to accept the final project and
oblige thereby.

Yours sincerely,

_________________________ _____________________ __________________

MD. ABU BAKR SIDDIQUE Md. Shabab Ashfaque Tasnia Khandaker

________________ _____________________ _________________

Srabone Saha Meshkat Ahmed Shimanta Saha


I would like to take this opportunity to convey me heartfelt appreciation to them whose blessings

and cooperation was important to bring this report in light.

First, I want to pay our gratitude to the Almighty GOD for everything. Secondly, I want to

express our thankfulness to my respected madam, Mr. Qudrat-E-Elahi Asif, for her direction,

constant and spontaneous support, efficient supervision and constructive suggestions. Without

her help this report would not have been a complete and comprehensive one.
Executive Summary

Johnson & Johnson is one of the leading brands in Bangladesh. They started their journey in
1995. As a company, profit maximizing is not only their main motto, but also satisfying their
target customers with right services according to their needs and creating a brand image of their
own. And to implement their objectives, they hire expert employees from various countries for
different departments and in every year they launch a new campaign for promoting their
services. Also, they come up with new packages and ideas and present it in an eye-catchy
colorful way to attract their customers and compete with other telecommunication companies. In
this project we will talk about their new campaign Naturally Beautiful Results which helps to
be beautiful naturally. And we will also relate this campaign with various theories related to
Consumer Behavior. The theories on what we have evaluated this particular campaign is: Social
Norms, Halo Effect, Reference Group Influence, Acquired Needs, Higher Order Needs.

Background of Campaign.2

Social Norms...3

Halo Effect5

Reference Group Influence.......6

Acquired Needs.............................................................................................................8

Higher Order Needs.9