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Jeff Sessions Doubles
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August 3 - 16, 2017
2 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 940 • August 3 - 16, 2017 Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 940 • August 3 - 16, 2017 3

Jeff Sessions Wants to Double Down on the Drug War
midst growing outcry against civil proven drug traffickers, some people might criminal-justice system is based on a legal court if the right case comes along, saying,
asset forfeiture, Attorney General feel better. But that’s not the case, either. fiction in which property thought to be “This system – where police can seize
Jeff Sessions announced the Justice A recent investigation connected to an alleged crime is consid- property with limited judicial oversight
Department’s new directive focused on in Cook County, Illinois, shows that ered ‘guilty’ of having somehow assisted in and retain it for their own use – has led to
increasing the practice. Chicago’s poor neighborhoods are the the commission of that crime. In crimi- egregious and well-chronicled abuses,”
In the 1980s, in conjunction with the most frequent targets of asset forfeiture, nal forfeiture, the government proceeds and that law enforcement agencies “fre-
escalating war on drugs, police began and in many cases for petty amounts: against a person charged with a crime; in quently target the poor and other groups
aggressively seizing cash and property, “Roughly 11,000 seizures in Cook County civil forfeiture, the government proceeds least able to defend their interests in
using civil asset forfeiture to ostensibly over the five-year period were for amounts against property.” forfeiture proceedings.”
cripple drug-trafficking organizations. lower than $1,000. Nearly 1,500 were for Sessions attempts to allay fears, saying With his latest speech, Sessions con-
It’s been almost 40 years, and while amounts under $100.” he will use “care and professionalism” and tinues to buck a recent trend of criminal-
many police departments enjoy and have The Institute for Justice has also use the law to target drug traffickers, but justice reform. While many are pushing to
become accustomed to this lucrative chronicled many maddening individual the well-known track record demonstrates curb the worst excesses of the drug war, or
revenue stream, most Americans have stories of civil asset forfeiture in its excel- the need for more than good intentions to to end it completely, Sessions is deter-
grown to abhor the practice because of lent report Policing For Profit: The Abuse of rein in the use of asset forfeiture. mined to continue the battle.
well-documented abuses. Civil Asset Forfeiture. In 2015, the Justice Department under Many look at the decades of drug pro-
Opposition has been bolstered by fun So it’s not hard to understand why Eric Holder took a modest step in the hibition and see huge costs and counter-
facts such as this: In 2014, law enforcement 84 percent of Americans oppose civil right direction by banning the particu- productive results. Not Sessions. He has an
raked in more than $5 billion in seized asset forfeiture. larly egregious policy called “adoptive unshakable faith in the policy, believing
assets, which is more than the total loss But Sessions, undeterred by this grow- seizures,” a legal loophole that allows state that we simply need to enforce drug laws
from all burglaries for the same year. ing public concern, said in a speech to the and local police to circumvent state laws with more vigor and not let any pesky due-
And if you doubt that this practice National Association of District Attor- that restrict civil asset forfeiture. That process protections get in the way.
creates a perverse profit incentive, skew- neys: “With care and professionalism, which is illegal under local law becomes While discussing the need to combat
ing law-enforcement priorities, read what we plan to develop policies to increase legal when police, after seizing property, violent crime and gang activity, Sessions
Kenneth Burton, police chief in Columbia, forfeitures. No criminal should be allowed refer the case to a federal agency and split said: “We can never cede a single neighbor-
Missouri, had to say about it: “It’s usually to keep the proceeds of their crime.” the loot; 80 percent goes to the local police hood or a block or a street corner to gangs
based on a need – well, I take that back. The problem with this framing is that and 20 percent to the feds. and thugs. Poor people, minority citizens
There’s some limitations on it. ... Actually, the government isn’t required to convict Sessions reversed this ban, saying, deserve the same protection and public
there’s not really on the forfeiture stuff. We before taking your property. In fact, “Adoptive forfeitures are appropriate, as is safety as everyone else in this country.”
just usually base it on something that would police don’t even have to charge you with sharing with our partners.” This comment These same poor people – and all
be nice to have that we can’t get in the a crime. Mere suspicion is sufficient to drew a round of applause from the hun- Americans – deserve the constitutional
budget, for instance. We try not to use it for seize your property. And if you want your dreds of law-enforcement officials in the protection against having their property
things that we need to depend on because stuff back, you must go through a costly audience at the Minneapolis convention seized by the government.
we need to have those purchased. It’s kind court proceeding to prove your innocence. center where the speech was delivered. But
of like pennies from heaven – it gets you a The bedrock principle of innocent before many across the political spectrum don’t Regan Hines is a filmmaker and partner
toy or something that you need ... .” proven guilty is flipped on its head with share their enthusiasm. at Life Is My Movie Entertainment. This
At least he’s honest. asset forfeiture. And in an opinion in April, Justice article was originally published by the
Even with statements such as that, I An Institute for Justice report explains Clarence Thomas strongly signaled that Foundation for Economic Education
suppose that if all forfeiture cases involved the legal shenanigan: “This evasion of the the Department of Justic could lose in (
4 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 940 • August 3 - 16, 2017 Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •


Governor Has a Sound Political Strategy
but No Solution on Education

uring the lead-up to the recent special school superintendents in strong support
legislative session over the state of SB 1. Education groups such as Stand for
budget and a tax hike, Governor Children (which was, ironically enough,
Bruce Rauner’s staff studied whether their brought to Illinois by then-private-citizen
boss had the power to force legislators to Bruce Rauner) have been advertising
attend the sessions. locally to back the plan.
A court ruled during the Rod Blagojev- But school superintendents are often
ich era that the General Assembly must resented by local taxpayers for their high
convene at the date and time ordered by salaries. And at least one has already been
the governor, but Rauner’s staff found singled out by conservative political activ-
nothing in state statutes that gives the ist Dan Proft’s newspaper empire. Proft’s
governor the power to, for instance, deploy outfit published a snarky article last week
the Illinois State Police to haul legislators about Harrisburg Superintendent Mike
to Springfield. You may recall 2011, when Gauch, a prominent SB 1 supporter who is
several Wisconsin and Indiana Demo- often cited by proponents. The piece noted
cratic legislators attempted to deny their that Gauch and his wife, a Carbondale
General Assemblies a quorum by fleeing public-school teacher, make a combined
to Illinois, outside the jurisdiction of their $220,000 per year plus benefits.
respective state-police forces. But as we’ve “The Gauches represent a new reality
seen time and time again, for better or in Southern Illinois,” the article claimed,
worse, we aren’t Wisconsin or Indiana. “a public-employee power couple whose
The battle plan to kill the Democrats’ income ranks them among the wealthiest
education-funding-reform bill (Senate families in Saline County.”
Bill 1) that was plotted before Rauner’s Aside from the class-warfare angle,
infamous staff purge in early July – and the superintendents don’t have a vote in
which still appears to be mostly operative the General Assembly. So while they can
– actually anticipated low special-session credibly claim all they want that SB 1 isn’t
turnout, because there likely wouldn’t be a Chicago bailout, the governor simply
much of anything to vote on. Rauner’s counters with his own numbers (which he
folks figured that the Democrats would won’t verify) that Downstate and subur-
wait a while before lifting the parliamen- ban schools would do much better with
tary brick off the education-funding- his plan (which he refused to disclose
reform bill – the better to foment a crisis for weeks).
atmosphere as the clock ticks down to The idea of using the superintendents
schools reopening after summer break. was not just to encourage Republican
So legislators not showing up for session legislators to support SB 1, but to give
will likely only amplify the governor’s them political cover if they decided to
contention that the majority party isn’t cross the governor and override his veto.
interested in preventing a crisis and fund- But because the governor has concocted
ing schools. The cops aren’t needed. his own proposal with his own numbers
Overall, the governor’s plan is pretty (which show that schools outside the city
good, even though it relies heavily on will get lots more money than they would
stoking the flames of regionalism with an under SB 1), that encouragement now
unspoken but still clear racial element. means little and the cover is blown.
Rauner’s “Chicago bailout” card is about Downstate and suburban Democrats
the easiest one to throw in this state, and it who vote to override his veto are also put
has been played longer than anyone read- in a bind because the governor can claim
ing this has been alive. that those Democrats voted against their
Despite the fact that Downstate pays districts and for Chicago.
far less in state taxes than it receives in Preventing a veto override is the gov-
state benefits, people who live there think ernor’s main effort here, but passing a bill
Chicago is the place that gets all the tax- into law that reforms school funding is a
payer goodies. It’s actually suburbanites whole different matter. Without such a law
who pay the bills on net, and – with their on the books, billions of dollars of state
high local property taxes and a recent education money can’t be distributed. And
income-tax hike – those folks are probably as I write this, that solution doesn’t seem to
(and understandably) not thrilled with be on anyone’s horizon.
the idea of bailing out the city’s notorious
school system. Rich Miller also publishes Capitol
The bill’s supporters have lined up an Fax (a daily political newsletter) and
impressive list of Downstate and suburban
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 940 • August 3 - 16, 2017 5
COVER STORY By Jeff Ignatius

A Fight in Search of a Difference
Illinois’ Politics Have Put Public Schools in a Bind, but There’s Already Consensus on Funding Education More Fairly

ducation funding is a complicated on schools, and the difference should be A Game of Chicken Chicago Public Schools funding is the
topic anyway, but it’s especially dif- something that reasonable people (and even For decades, Illinois has used as its core primary difference between the proposals,
ficult to understand in Illinois given the Illinois politicians) can bridge. school-funding mechanism a guaranteed although the bills also take a slightly different
heated rhetoric from both Democrats and Given all that, the education-funding “foundation” level for basic educational “hold harmless” approach – the concept that
Republicans. question in Illinois will be resolved – and expenses that comes from a combination of no school district should lower its education
There are the Republican refrains railing if it hasn’t been by the time this article is local property taxes and state aid. The level spending under a new system.
against the “Chicago bailout” and House published, it’s likely to settled in the next few was set at $6,119 per student in Fiscal Year You might expect that the old formula
Speaker Michael Madigan and parliamen- months. The final result will almost certainly 2010 and hasn’t been changed since. In fiscal could be used until some compromise can be
tary moves by Democrats to artificially create sit in the narrow gap between the two similar years 2014 through 2016, the Illinois General reached, but that’s where the state’s ugly poli-
a crisis. plans currently on the table. Assembly underfunded the state commit- tics enter the picture: The recently enacted
There are the Democratic calls for Gov- In the meantime, the deadlock is leaving ment by approximately 10 percent. (Beyond state budget requires an evidence-based
ernor Bruce Rauner to negotiate in good school districts in the lurch. “We don’t know foundation funding, schools also receive school-funding model before money can be
faith instead of merely threatening to veto an what we’re getting, which is a nightmare for state and federal money for specific line items given to school districts.
approved spending plan for schools. planning purposes for school districts,” said such as transportation, special education, The Democrats who crafted the budget
And the standoff has prompted doomsday Silvis School District 34 Superintendent Terri and free-lunch programs.) and inserted that “poison pill” made the bet
scenarios of public schools not opening, or VandeWiele. “The [foundation] funding level was predi- that they could use a manufactured schools-
closing midyear because of what sounds like Although the first day of school for many cated solely on the amount of money the state not-opening/schools-closing “crisis” to force
a huge gulf between the two parties. Quad Cities-area districts comes in early had available,” Oberhaus said. Illinois has Rauner – or some Republican legislators in a
But the situation is actually pretty simple: August, that’s a somewhat artificial deadline sometimes convened panels to determine veto-override vote– to sign off on Senate Bill
• There is widespread agreement among for legislators and the governor; no school what a proper education costs, but “the state 1. That’s the reason Senate President John
Republicans and Democrats that Illinois’ district in the state has yet announced plans has never come close to funding that level.” Cullerton held Senate Bill 1 – passed by both
funding model for K-12 education should to delay its opening date. This funding model has resulted in a wide chambers in May – until July 31, preventing
be changed to narrow the gap between rich But some schools are likely to close their disparity among school districts in overall any action by Rauner.
and poor school districts through greater doors at some point during the school year education spending. Because of the state’s But the urgency of funding schools has
state aid. as their districts run out of whatever money reliance on local property taxes to fund given Republicans leverage, too, and they’ve
• Both Republicans and Democrats they have. If it’s going to take an actual crisis education, property-rich districts spend con- cast their lot with Senate Bill 1124 – hoping
agree on a basic school-funding-reform to resolve the issue, it will come in the fall siderably more per student than property- Democrats outside of Chicago might be
framework. instead of August. poor districts. lured by the promise of even more money for
• Reaching the funding targets for each I spoke to representatives of several Quad In a 2015 study, the Education Trust their districts at the expense of Chicago.
school district under that framework would Cities-area school districts, and each is in a found that Illinois had the largest percent- At press time, neither side had yet blinked
cost the state and its taxpayers billions of dol- slightly different position. age gap among states in per-pupil funding in this game of chicken.
lars annually compared to what’s been spent Without an enacted school-funding when comparing low- and high-poverty
in the past. mechanism, Rock Island/Milan School districts. School districts serving the highest The Cost of an “Adequate”
• The state budget enacted on July 6 District 41 will open its schools on August percentage of poor students got 20 percent Education
(through overrides of Rauner’s veto) includes 3 but would have to borrow money to stay less money from state and local sources com- What gets lost in the noise of the
roughly $350 million in additional fund- open starting in December. Superintendent pared to those serving the lowest percentage education-funding debate is that both the
ing to get school districts closer to their Michael Oberhaus said his school board has of poor students. Democratic and Republican plans represent
education-funding targets. not yet decided whether it will close schools An Education Week analysis of federal the same logical and thorough approach to
In other words, pretty much everybody at that point. data showed total per-pupil spending in funding education.
agrees on the problem and the solution. Silvis plans to open its schools on August 7 Illinois school districts (adjusted for cost of Fundamentally, both bills are a varia-
Additional money has already been budgeted and has enough reserves to make it through living) ranging from just over $7,000 to more tion on “zero-based budgeting.” Instead of
to start the process. the school year – but VandeWiele said the than four times that amount in Fiscal Year using the status quo as the starting point for
In the Illinois Senate district that includes district would evaluate its position through- 2013. The U.S. average was $11,841. funding decisions, these systems prescribe
the Quad Cities, the 20 school districts would out the school year. In the Illinois Senate district that includes an “adequate” level of staffing and spending
receive at least an additional $7.66 million Moline Unit School District 40 will start the Quad Cities, the spending range was based on each district’s unique character-
this school year toward their funding targets on August 22 and will not close its doors generally between $11,000 and $13,000 per istics – the number of schools, the size and
– including four districts that would get during the school year, said Chief Financial student – although Erie Community Unit composition of its student population includ-
more than $1 million. (Under the Republican Officer Dave McDermott. Although it would School District 1 spent more than $19,000. ing factors such as poverty and English-
plan, a fifth local district would get more need to borrow money to stay open – prob- The education-funding-reform legislation language learners.
than $1 million.) ably early in 2018 – he said the school district favored by the respective parties – Senate Bill This is a major departure from both how
The difference between the parties is has an obligation to its taxpayers. 1 from Democrats and Senate Bill 1124 from education funding is often done and how it’s
whether several hundred million dollars United Township High School District Republicans – would eliminate the largely typically measured. Iowa, for instance, uses a
should go to Chicago Public Schools or be 30 opens on August 2 and will stay open arbitrary foundation formula. mandated, uniform per-pupil funding level
distributed among the state’s other needy even if the state-funding stalemate drags The bills are substantially similar in for all school districts, the state component
districts. That’s real money, and there’s no on through the end of the school year. premise and methodology. Both create an of which is largely dependent on available
denying that the dispute might be difficult to “We’ve saved and developed fund bal- “evidence-based” funding model that would money. Most comparisons of education
untangle with the regional and party politics ances anticipating raining days coming,” distribute new state education money based funding are based on what other states and
at play. said Superintendent Jay Morrow, “and it’s on calculations of what it would cost each school districts spend – for example the
But those funds also represent just a few been raining pretty hard. Now it’s pour- district to educate its students adequately,
percentage points of overall state spending ing, possibly.” and how far each district is from that goal. Continued On Page 6
6 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 940 • August 3 - 16, 2017 Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

COVER STORY Continued From Page 5 By Jeff Ignatius

A Fight in Search of a Difference
Education Week analysis classifying districts schools. Each district’s “adequacy” fund- There are other key features to these sys- evidence-based systems – that schools have
in relation to the national average. ing level would include one librarian per tems, including the hold-harmless provision been historically underfunded and can’t do
Both Senate Bill 1 and Senate Bill 1124 school and one full-time tutor per school, to ensure that better-funded schools don’t their jobs without the proper resources. The
throw out those norms, and instead try to for instance. end up with less money overall. And a “local evidence-based models seem to be rational
create an optimal funding level for each dis- And still others take into account the capacity target” is used to make sure local attempts to quantify the cost of a basic public
trict – one that doesn’t take into account state number of low-income students or students property taxes represent a fair percentage of a education, but if performance doesn’t rise
revenues or education funding elsewhere. with special needs. The number of teachers school district’s revenue. with funding, legislators will need to figure
“It’s a reasonable model that makes sense for each district’s “adequacy” figure would While neither bill includes provisions to out what went wrong.
if you really look at the components of what be based on its percentage of low-income ensure the extra money improves student
quality education is and fund them,” Ober- students. Senate Bill 1 allows for one teacher achievement, in 2015 the General Assembly Where the Money Will Go
haus said. “And it’s a logical model compared position for each 15 low-income students in passed the Illinois Balanced Accountability For now, though, both parties are nearly
to where we were before.” grades K-3 and one teacher position for every Measure, which is being implemented by the on the same page with Senate Bill 1 and
Both bills use 24 “essential elements” to 20 non-low-income students in those grades. State Board of Education through Fiscal Year Senate Bill 1124.
determine each district’s level of “adequate The result is that school districts with 2022. The model diminishes the weight of In Senate District 36 – which includes the
funding.” In essence, the bills have a formula higher concentrations of poverty, students test scores and graduation rates in evaluat- Quad Cities – seven of 20 school districts are
for determining what each district should be with disabilities, and English-language ing school performance and is intended to below 60 percent in their funding-adequacy
spending based on standards for everything learners would have a higher “adequacy” give districts greater flexibility in demon- figures based on the bills’ formula, including
from the number of teachers to admin- funding level per pupil than school districts strating progress. United Township High School (52 percent
istration to support staff to enrichment with lower percentages of those populations. With the billions of dollars Illinois will of adequacy), East Moline School District 37
programming. The bills then provide a mechanism to (eventually) send to school districts in (56 percent), Rock Island/Milan (59 percent),
Some of these are based on enrollment. close the gap between school districts that are increased state aid, it will be essential for and Silvis (59 percent).
Under Senate Bill 1, for example, adequate near or above their adequacy level and those legislators, taxpayers, and school boards to Only three of the 20 districts are over
funding for gifted programs is $40 per K-12 that are well below. Ninety-nine percent of carefully monitor school performance. If Illi- 70 percent: Erie (155 percent of adequacy),
student. “Instructional material invest- new state funding under Senate Bill 1 would nois continues to boost its education funding Rockridge Community Unit School District
ments” should be $190 per pupil, including be distributed to school districts below 90 and school districts move ever closer to 300 (86 percent), and Riverdale Community
K-12 students along with pre-K students with percent of adequacy. (School districts are “adequate” funding, there ought to be com- Unit School District 100 (75 percent).
disabilities. put into four tiers that are used to allocate mensurate gains in student achievement.
Others are based on the number of new funding.) That is, after all, the entire premise of these Continued On Page 8
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 940 • August 3 - 16, 2017 7

The most comprehensive events calendar in the QC

Since 1993
Vol. 24 · No. 940 Submit your event listings to
August 3 - 16, 2017 THEATRE By Dee Canfield

River Cities’ Reader
532 W. 3rd St.
Davenport IA 52801
Goin’ to the Cabin and We’re Gonna Get Married Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, at the Circa ’21 Dinner Playhouse through September 16
(563)324-0049 (phone)

(563)323-3101 (fax)
aking a silk purse from aw-shucks, hick-like behavior
a sow’s ear. That’s what and roughhousing of the broth-
Publishing since 1993 director/ choreographer ers more than a little irritating.
The River Cities’ Reader is an independent Ann Nieman and her talented Plus, I could never understand
newspaper published every other Thursday, cast and crew are doing in the why Adam was the only sibling
and available free throughout the Quad Circa ’21 Dinner Playhouse’s among seven who knew how to
Cities and surrounding areas. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, converse somewhat intelligently
© 2017 River Cities’ Reader but why on Earth anyone would and behave in polite society.
try to rehabilitate this porker is Yet the show has its fans. First
AD DEADLINE: quite beyond me. Don’t get me produced as a movie musical
5 p.m. Wednesday prior to publication wrong, though: At evening’s in 1954, it was an adaptation of
end, I, along with seemingly “The Sobbin’ Women,” a short
PUBLISHER every other patron in the house story by Stephen Vincent Benet.
Todd McGreevy
for the July 20 preview, heartily The original story, however,
EDITOR applauded during the curtain goes back to the Roman myth of
Kathleen McCarthy call. Even though I think the The Rape of the Sabine Women,
Joey Boos, Larren Woodward, and Tom Walljasper
EDITORIAL material is awful, the produc- wherein the first settlers of
Managing Editor: tion itself is very good. Rome abducted women from
Jeff Ignatius • In truth, I’d been dreading this show is the heart and soul of the show, and other regions and brought them home
Arts Editor, Calendar Editor: based on the fact that, seeing it as an the reason, for me, that the whole thing to help populate their city. Seven Brides’
Mike Schulz • eighth-grader, I’d been quite insulted by holds together. She’s featured in several Adam actually finds Milly’s copy of this
Contributing Writers: Amy Alkon, Jeff Ashcraft, Hannah its premise of men kidnapping women to numbers, and Tubbs’ beautiful singing tale, thinks it a good idea, and encour-
Bates, Rob Brezsny, Dee Canfield, Rich Miller, Frederick be their wives – or, as it felt to me at the voice and gutsy, forceful spirit made her ages his brothers to do whatever they
Morden, Victoria Navarro, Brent Tubbs, Bruce Walters time, slaves. Yes, I was an earnest girl. character believable and true, despite must to get women. So, you see, the
Fortunately, though, I’ve grown up and the improbable circumstances Milly has musical demonstrates the fun side of
ADVERTISING out of my literal-mindedness, and now to face. Jon Reinhold, meanwhile, has hostage-taking.
Account Executive:
Lauren Wood
can see Seven Brides’ real problems: an a commanding presence, and when he As Seven Brides of Seven Broth- improbable (and kind of stupid) plot, and first takes the stage as Adam, booming ers progresses, the brothers sing lyrics
Advertising Coordinator: undeveloped, unrealistic characters that, out the goofy song “Bless Your Beautiful that involve “sobbin’” and “throbbin’.”
Nathan Klaus developmentally speaking, go nowhere. Hide,” I was smitten; Reinhold’s wonder- Six women are abducted and brought
Advertising rates, publishing schedule, With its book by Lawrence Kasha and ful, rich voice filled the room and made through the high mountain pass. An
demographics, and more are available at David Landay, lyrics by Johnny Mercer, me breathe a silent “Wow.” avalanche occurs, keeping everyone at music by Gene de Paul, and additional At Seven Brides’ start, it’s sometime in the cabin at least for the winter, although
songs by Al Kasha and Joel Hirschhorn, I the 1850s in the mountainous west, and Milly refuses to let the men live in the
DESIGN/PRODUCTION also find the score – especially the lyrics Adam is in search of a wife. After briefly house with the women (not wanting to
Art Director, Production Manager:
– mediocre and trite. encountering several women, the first cast pearls before swine, so to speak).
Spencer Rabe •
Graphic Artist:
I realize I’m probably in a minority on he finds more than acceptable is Milly. The brothers go to live in the barn. Adam
Nathan Klaus • this, especially among Circa ’21’s regular She says yes when he proposes during storms off angrily. Will Adam come
patrons, but there’s nothing about this their initial meeting, and is consequently home? Will the brides marry the brothers?
ADMINISTRATION show that I like. Yet there are many rea- whisked up to Adam’s mountain cabin Will you select the ham that’s also on offer
Business Manager: Kathleen McCarthy sons why the theatre’s production works, – a “pigsty” (in Adam’s words) where she from the buffet? Whatever the answers,
Office Administrator, Circulation Manager: especially the overall energy and quality learns that she’ll be tending to him and I think you’ll find many merits to Circa
Rick Martin • of acting, singing, and dancing on part of his six brothers. ’21’s latest production, even if, like me, you
Distribution: Cheri DeLay, the entire cast. They really hammed it up, When Milly realizes she’ll be respon- don’t like the material itself.
Greg FitzPatrick, N. Ingalls, H. Keyser, but I mean that in a good way. The pre- sible for cooking and cleaning and pick-
N. Rice, Jay Strickland
view also featured wonderful choreogra- ing up after the brothers – metaphorical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers runs
phy, with a particularly terrific ensemble sow’s ears just waiting for transforma- at the Circa ’21 Dinner Playhouse (1828
dance number one of the best I’ve seen tion, if you will – for just a moment my Third Avenue, Rock Island), and more
on the Circa ’21 stage. eighth-grade shock and outrage kicked information and tickets are available by
And then there’s Sara Tubbs, who per- in. Really, even though I knew this was calling (309)786-7733 extension 2 or visit-
fectly embodies the role of Milly; Tubbs coming, I was quite irked, and found the ing
8 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 940 • August 3 - 16, 2017 Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

COVER STORY Continued From Page 6 By Jeff Ignatius

A Fight in Search of a Difference TCH IT
These are numbers that Democratic and CFO McDermott said, so the additional
Republican legislators have already agreed money under Senate Bill 1 would only allow
upon. So in 17 of 20 area school districts, the district to break even.
there’s consensus that school funding overall Rock Island/Milan schools have a pro-
would need to be increased by at least 42 jected $1.1-million deficit this fiscal year,
percent to go from sub-70 percent to 100. Oberhaus said. So the bulk of the $2 million
Under Senate Bill 1, Rock Island schools in additional funding under Senate Bill
would receive an additional $2.05 million 1 would merely eliminate the deficit. The
in the current fiscal year. Sterling Com- school district would have additional money Schulz’s Review of
munity Unit District 5 would receive $1.27 beyond that – although Oberhaus said the the Latest Movies On Demand
million, East Moline $1.2 million, United school board wouldn’t decide what to do with
Township High School $1.02 million, and it until it becomes a reality. EVERYTHING,
Moline $670,000. That’s another result of the school-funding EVERYTHING
The remaining 15 school districts are each stalemate: School districts can’t count on the A teen romance that manages to
get nearly everything right, the film
slated to get less than $350,000. Erie schools, extra money, so they’ve crafted their budgets is soulful, funny, and emotionally
the only local district above the adequacy without it. involving, and in Amandla
level, would get less than $700 in new money “I am not planning for extra money this Stenberg, it boasts a female lead
under Senate Bill 1 – an illustration of the year,” said Silvis’ VandeWiele. “I’m always whose presence you feel you can
legislation’s hold-harmless provision but also planning for the worst-case scenario. ... I’m never get enough of.
of its principle that wealthy districts should assuming we’re going to get what we got (Same day as home video.)
get substantially less benefit from funding this [past] year, which was less than what we
reform than needy districts. were owed.” KING ARTHUR: LEGEND
Under Senate Bill 1124, all of the funding But VandeWiele said she has ideas on how OF THE STONE
increases would be higher, part of which her district might spend the $175,000 in new Although this sensational
would come from Chicago Public Schools money that it would get under Senate Bill 1. swords-and-sorcery entertainment
money being redistributed throughout She said, for example, that she’d like to add has been designed as a superhero
the state. But another portion is the result summer school, and she’d like to increase the adventure in chain mail, it’s also
every inch a Guy Ritchie movie, and
of a higher price tag – $692 million – that level of support for English-language learn-
perhaps the most enjoyable one
does not appear to be fully funded in the ers in the district. Right now, she said, the since 2000’s Snatch.
state budget. district has one teacher and one paraprofes- (Same day as home video.)
Again, these 2017-18 funding increases sional for English-language learners, and the
would fall far short of funding “adequacy” ideal would be having enough staff to assist
for nearly all local school districts. “That students in their regular classrooms instead
A high-concept comedy filled with
[$350 million] does not fully fund the of just in a special class. incidental pleasures, the movie
adequacy model,” Oberhaus said. “It takes The school-funding issue also has reper- finds Amy Schumer employing her
billions of dollars to fully fund it. But at least cussions beyond operational money. Morrow singular talent for making
it’s an attempt to understand we need to keep said, for instance, that United Township hedonism and uncouthness
incrementally changing that ’til we get to is holding off on spending money from a desirable qualities, and I adored
that level.” 1-percent sales-tax surcharge that Rock every second that the touching,
ebullient Goldie Hawn was
Another crucial distinction is between Island County voters approved in November on-screen. (Same day as
funding and spending. Many school districts for school capital projects. (That money won’t home video.)
now operate in the red, meaning that their start coming to school districts until Novem-
expenditures are closer to the adequacy level ber, but the Rock Island/Milan district has
than their income. already begun some construction projects.)
“We’re doing significant planning right
Windfalls That’s Aren’t now,” Morrow said, “but if we wanted to
Take United Township. It might sound start a construction project next spring, next Catch your favorite movies
like Senate Bill 1’s additional $1 million summer, we almost have to approve the ... and shows from ABC, NBC, CBS,
would be a major windfall for the district, architectural designs ... here in August for
FOX, STARZ®, ENCORE® and more.
but its superintendent said the money would it to be ready to go out to bid in January. We
simply erase this year’s deficit. can’t in good conscience go forward with any Plus, watch over 19,000 titles
“We projected a deficit about $1.3 million construction project if there’s no state budget at the press of a button!
in the education fund” for this school year, [money distributed to schools]. It would look
Morrow said. “That’s worst-case scenario. If horrible ... . It just doesn’t make sense to have WANT EVEN MORE? VISIT
Senate Bill 1 was signed as-is ... , that would a construction project going on when the
pretty much hopefully take care of our defi- state money’s not coming in, even though
cit. ... That would mean we’d be operating in they’re separate pots of money. ... & CLICK ON TV EVERYWHERE!
the black, which we haven’t done for years.” “It’s almost impossible to plan anything
In four of five fiscal years from 2012 to 2016, long-term because of this ongoing mess that
United Township operated with a deficit. we’re in.”
Similarly, Moline schools project a cur-
rent-year education-fund deficit of $700,000,
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 940 • August 3 - 16, 2017 9

Movie Reviews By Mike Schulz •

Spy vs. Spy vs. Spy vs. ...
ATOMIC BLONDE contributions include a sublime David Has-
Domestic box office may be comparatively selhoff gag and the image of a guy with a knife
down and aging franchises (and franchise stuck in that hard-to-reach part of the back
stars) may be showing their whiskers, but that you can never properly scratch; eventu-
if 2017’s movie summer is remembered for ally, he gives up and leaves it there.)
anything else, it may be for its habit of turn- The second-best reason to see it is the
ing showcase action sequences into retro hand-to-hand combat, which is generally
music videos. Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver is savage and draining here, but so excitingly
overflowing with scenes edited in sync with well-staged that my jaw frequently dropped
its accompanying hit parade, none more less in shock than admiration. Former stunt- Charlize Theron and John Goodman in Atomic Blonde
memorable than the wild “Tequila” shoot- man and frequent stunt coordinator Leitch
out that currently stands as the film’s year’s was a co-director for the original John Wick, fact that it’s Charlize Theron will likely only THE EMOJI MOVIE
best musical number. And in director David and Atomic Blonde’s numerous fights are come as a surprise if you missed Mad Max: As of this writing, The Emoji Movie sits
Leitch’s violent spy thriller Atomic Blonde – presented with a similar respect for the scenes’ Fury Road or Snow White & the Huntsman ... with a 6-percent “freshness” rating on Rotten
set in Europe right before the 1989 fall of the grueling physicality, for the characters’ spatial or anything, really, that lets the Oscar winner Tomatoes, a score of nine (out of 100) on
Berlin Wall – there’s not only a vicious beating relationships, and for the camera’s eye – and, unleash the full force of her screen presence. Metacritic, and a 1.5 (out of 10) rating on the
scored to “99 Luftballoons,” but a brutal melee consequently, for the audience. The better to deceive those around her (and Internet Movie Database, its current place-
involving Charlize Theron, gun-toting goons, Instead of more traditionally hyper-edited us), we’re given precious little backstory for ment as the 24th-worst film of all time sand-
and a length of rope that’s choreographed, encounters that only provide quick flashes Lorraine. As usual, though, Theron fills in her wiching it between soft-core gay porn and a
brilliantly, to George Michael’s “Father of limbs, Leitch routinely shows us entire character’s blanks with those astounding eyes 1999 Italian cartoon about the Titanic disas-
Figure.” If that Inconvenient Truth sequel finds bodies in whirring, retaliatory motion, and as that appear to simultaneously reveal every- ter. Obviously, writer/director Tony Leondis’
Al Gore showing slides of melting icebergs to improbable as the up-close-and-personal bat- thing and nothing; we sense the pain and new animated comedy about the secret life
the tune of Asia’s “Heat of the Moment,” we’ll tles may be, our awareness and understanding horror and bitter resolve of the spy’s past, but of text-message figures – an Inside Out with
definitely be in the midst of a trend. of the scenes’ geography never makes them she’ll be damned before she shows you, or tells all of its greatness surgically removed – is its
Atomic Blonde’s bevy of period-appropriate seem impossible. In a particularly stunning you, exactly what it is that makes her tick. own kind of titanic disaster. So rather than
tunes – everything from “Under Pressure” sequence disguised to look like a continuous Physically, Theron is glorious to watch in pile on, let me just say that James Corden has
to “Voices Carry” to “Hungry Like the Wolf” take, Lorraine, in an office building, takes on Atomic Blonde, whether emerging from a some winning deliveries as a hypochondriacal
– is the third-best reason to see this sleek, a pair of would-be assassins on one floor, then bathtub filled with ice water (and promptly Hi-5, Maya Rudolph provides a few smiles as
agreeably silly work adapted from Antony two more killers on the floor below, then a pouring herself an iced vodka) or dispatching sadistically grinning upper management, and
Johnston’s graphic-novel series The Cold- slew more on the floor below that, and it’s like a quartet of henchman through fists, feet, and a scene set within the Instagram app yielded
est City. With Theron’s British master spy watching the apocalyptic climax to Children sharp knives to the neck. But she’s somehow some lovely visuals. Otherwise, just like its
Lorraine Broughton attempting to retrieve a of Men; Leitch’s choreographic bravura is just as dynamic in her quiet interrogations hero voiced by a presumably anesthetized T.J.
list of undercover operatives, protect a neb- so assured that you want to applaud. (One with John Goodman and Toby Jones, and Miller, the cynical, witless, deathly boring
bish informant (Eddie Marsan), and ferret of the film’s sharper in-jokes finds Lorraine her come-hither glances with Sofia Boutella, Emoji Movie is capitalized Meh, although
out a double agent in the MI6 ranks, the in hot water during a screening of Andrei and her ability to out-act James McAvoy – that poop-swirl emoji would’ve been a fitting
soundtrack’s familiar pop and synth songs Tarkovsky’s sci-fi epic Stalker, because few who’s in full, feral Filth mode here – with equivalent, too.
help keep the pace zippy and the overall spirit movies have resembled the Tarkovsky oeuvre one perfectly expressed sigh suggesting how
light, and remind us that we shouldn’t be less than Atomic Blonde.) frequently exhausting his hamminess can be. For reviews of Dunkirk, Girls Trip, and other
taking any of this seriously. (Not that anyone As for the best reason to see Leitch’s self- As Lorraine says early in the film, “Talents can recent releases, visit
really could, as screenwriter Kurt Johnstad’s consciously twisty yet satisfying outing, the be overrated.” Not in Theron’s case, they can’t.
10 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 940 • August 3 - 16, 2017 Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

What’s Happenin’
Rock Island Brewing
Friday, August 11, 9 p.m.

F requently, these
What’s Hap-
penin’ articles end Supersuckers
with quizzes. But in
a cheeky change of pace, we’re gonna start with one: Who, or what,
are Supersuckers? (A) Characters on an animated Nick Jr. series; (B)
Multi-colored, discontinued Willy Wonka candies; (C) Popular rock
and cowpunk musicians; or (D) My bosses for letting me run quizzes
in lieu of actual editorial content?
The answer, as the band’s many fans know, is “C.” Unless this is the
last week you see quizzes in these pages, in which case it’s “D,” and my
bosses have clearly had enough.
The Supersuckers, whose three-man lineup will perform at the

Rock Island Brewing Company on August 11, originated as a Tucson,
Arizona-based quintet, one of whom was co-founder, bass guitarist, and Earl King on a trio of Grammy-nominated
and vocalist Eddie Spaghetti, who’s sill playing with the group 29 recordings. With the 1995 release of Turn It On!
years after its inception. Following the musicians’ move to Seattle in Roomful of Blues Turn It Up!, the group earned the biggest radio
and sales successes of its existence. And over the
1989, their hard-driving sound landed them numerous area book- The Redstone Room
ings and recording sessions for rock singles, and in 1992 they released 22 years since, Roomful of Blues has achieved
both a compilation album (The Songs All Sound the Same) and their Wednesday, August 16, 7:30 p.m. more career highs than can conceivably fit in
first studio album (The Smoke of Hell). print – but I’ll give it a shot nonetheless.
Garage rock was still the Supersuckers’ primary focus in 1995,
which found the band releasing The Sacrilicious Sounds of the Super- T he River Music Experience’s Redstone
Room will be transformed into the Red-
stone Roomful of Blues when the legendary
Five Grammy nominations and seven
Blues Music Awards, including a 2005 win as
“Blues Band of the Year.” Acknowledgment as
suckers and embarking on its first national tour. Yet the ensemble’s
musical trajectory changed forever a mere two years later with the boogie-woogie, swing, and R&B band plays the the world’s “Best Blues Band” in the Down-
release of 1997’s Must’ve Been High – the Supersuckers’ first foray into Davenport venue on August 16. Unfortunately, beat International Critics Poll – twice. Gigs
alternative country and cowpunk that the group will have to leave its list of profes- alongside B.B. King, Eric Clapton, and Carlos
called “iconic” and that led to the band recording their first EP with sional accomplishments and accolades at the Santana. International performances at the
none other than Steve Earle. door, because no one’s ever designed a room esteemed North Sea, Montreux, and Stock-
In the years since, the Supersuckers have also recorded with the big enough to house it. holm jazz festivals. Tours throughout Spain,
likes of Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder, the Breeders’ Kelley Deal, and Its roster of current and former members Italy, France, Switzerland, and Turkey.
Willie Nelson, even serving as the country legend’s backup band numbering well over 50, Roomful of Blues As for what critics have had to say, Blues
during a booking on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. They’ve toured originated in Westerly, Rhode Island, in 1967, Revue calls the band “explosive and electrifying”
with a wide range of famed rock and alt-country acts, among them with alto saxophone player Rich Lataille – who and their music “contagious, finger-popping,
the Ramones, Motörhead, the Reverend Horton Heat, Bad Religion, remains with the group to this day – jump- head-bopping grooves.” Downbeat magazine
and Mudhoney. And they’ve thrilled both fans and music critics ing aboard in 1970. Performing a blend of deems them “in a class by themselves.” The New
alike, the latter particularly so with the Supersuckers’ most recent Chicago-style blues, R&B, and jazz from the Yorker extolls Rooful of Blues’ “thunderous
album Holdin’ the Bag. 1940s and ’50s, the group was a club-scene performances that get feet stomping and hands
According to, the band’s latest shows the musi- mainstay throughout New England during its clapping.” Blurt magazine raves, “No group has
cians “repeatedly crossing the transom between raging, insurgent, first decade of performance, and in 1977 the kept the spirit of early rock and roll alive better
renegade rock ’n’ roll and outspoken, often outrageous outlaw coun- ensemble released a self-titled debut album than Roomful of Blues.” And the Chicago Sun-
try.” American Songwriter magazine raves that the album “ranges through Island Records that quickly garnered Times states, “This is a band on top of its game,
from explosive to comparatively subtle, but regardless of the song, it’s them national attention. (It helped that one sliding easily from big-band jazz-blues to guitar-
always riveting.” And states that Holdin’ of Roomful of Blues’ biggest fans was Count drenched urban blues … . Let the party begin.”
the Bag finds its musicians “going back to what the Supersuckers do Basie, who once called them “the hottest blues So I gotta teal you: If this band doesn’t get
best, which is come out kicking with a shit-eating grin, and then band I’ve ever heard.”) you cyan with happiness, denim a liar. Azure
hitting you in the eyes with something meaningful when you least National tours and popular albums such as as I’m sittin’ here.
expect it.” As kicking and hitting are also what my seven-year-old Hot Little Mama, Dressed Up to Get Messed Up, For more information on the Red-
nephew does best, it’s nice to know there’s a career path for him. and Glazed increased the band’s public aware- stone Room’s evening with Room-
The Supersuckers perform locally with opening sets by the Krank ness in the 1980s, as did their collaborations ful of Blues, call (563)326-1333 or visit
Daddies and Hong Kong Sleepover, and more information is available with Joe Turner, Eddie “Cleanhead” Vinson,
by calling (309)793-1999 or visiting
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 940 • August 3 - 16, 2017 11
By Mike Schulz

Rock of Ages
The Black Box Theatre
Thursday, August 10, through Saturday, August 19

I t debuted as a scrappy, silly jukebox musical 2005, staged in a limited-run engage-
ment in a Hollywood Boulevard nightclub. It went on to enjoy short but sold-out
runs at Hollywood’s Vanguard and Ren-Mar Studios, followed by a booking at Las
Vegas’ Flamingo Hotel. It opened off-Broadway in the fall of 2008, transferring to
Broadway’s Brooks Atkinson Theatre in April of 2009. It received five Tony nomina-
tions that May, including one for Best Musical. And when it finally closed in January
of 2015 after 22 previews and 2,328 performances, it tied Man of La Mancha as the
28th-longest-running Broadway show of all time. To dream the impossible dream,
Roof Garden Jass Band @ Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz Festival - August 3 through 6
The theatrical smash in question is Rock of Ages, a profoundly goofy, undeniably
exhilarating salute to 1980s hair-metal hits that was described by Time Out New York
as an “insanely fun mix-
tape musical” and by What Else Is Happenin’
NY1 as “an irresistible,
offbeat trip of a show that FESTIVALS grandstand acts. For information, call (800)545-
3247 or visit
hits all the right notes.” Thursday, August 3, through Sunday, Saturday, August 12 – Ya Maka My
August 6 – 2017 Bix Beiderbecke Memorial
And it’s a smash that’s Weekend. The District of Rock Island’s
Jazz Festival. Annual celebration of the area- celebration of Caribbean music, food, culture, and
serving as the summer- native jazz-cornet legend featuring dozens of island atmosphere, with live music on two stages,
time production for the concert sets at numerous area venues, with food and craft vendors, and more. 4 p.m. gates.
Black Box Theatre, with headliners including the Fat Babies, the Roof $9. For information, call (309)788-6311 or visit
David Miller directing a Garden Jass Band, the Dave Bennett Quartet,
the Graystone Monarchs, and Swing Central. For
major gathering of area
talents – the biggest yet
information, visit
Thursday, August 3, through Sunday, MUSIC
assembled at the Moline August 6 – Mississippi Valley Fair. Thursday, August 3 – Lucinda Williams. Alt-
venue: Joanna Brewer, Summertime event with contests, games, country and rock singer/songwriter in concert,
pageants, food and craft vendors, and nightly featuring an opening set by Bo Ramsey. Englert
Adam Cerny, Madison Theatre (221 East Washington Street, Iowa City).
grandstand concerts with Lynyrd Skynyrd, Brett
Duling, Becca Johnson, Eldredge, John Mellencamp, and Randy Houser. 8 p.m. $39.50 For tickets and information, call
Dan Kitsis, Peter Leten- (319)688-2653 or visit
Rock of Ages at the Black Box Theatre Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds (2815 West Locust
Friday, August 4 – Split Lip Rayfield.
dre, Aaron Lord, Sydney Street, Davenport). $5-10 daily gate admission;
Kansas-based bluegrass and cowpunk musicians
Marie, Joe Maubach, $50-55 Fun Cards required for grandstand
concerts. For information, call (563)326-5338 or in concert, featuring an opening set by Frank F.
Mark McGinn, Dave Meumann, Anthony Natarelli, Brant Peitersen, Dani Phillips, Sydney’s Western Bandit Volunteers. Rock Island
Kyle Schneider, Andy Sederquist, Haley Teel, and Keenen Wilson. Friday, August 4, and Saturday, August 5 – Brewing Company (1815 Second Avenue). 9 p.m.
I’ve seen a bunch of these gifted performers on-stage before and have had the Iowa Soul Festival. Annual celebration of soul $13. For tickets and information, call (309)793-
pleasure of working with several, and I’ll let you in on a little secret: Some of these music with concert sets, workshops, children’s 1999 or visit
Saturday, August 5 – Iowa Blues Challenge:
whippersnappers weren’t even alive during the ’80s heydays of Journey and Poison activities, and more. Downtown Iowa City. Friday
5-10 p.m., Saturday, 10 a.m.-10 p.m. Free. For Preliminary Round. The Mississippi Valley Blues
and REO Speedwagon. So please help educate these tykes by matching the following Society hosts concert sets held in advance of
information, visit
Rock of Ages songs with the artists who initially made them famous. Thursday, August 10, through Saturday, the September 16 finals, with performances by
August 12 – Tug Fest. Annual tug-of-war over Concreteslim, Juliana & a Soul Purpose, Bruce
the Mississippi River, with celebrations held at Kort & Forest Rische, Reggie & the Three Notes,
1) “We’re Not Gonna Take It” A) Pat Benatar the Port Byron and LeClaire levees featuring Juliana Logan, and Blue Scratch Band. Rock
2) “I Want to Know What Love Is” B) Foreigner live music, carnival rides and games, food and Island Brewing Company (1815 Second Avenue).
3) “Harden My Heart” C) Night Ranger beverages, children’s activities, and more. 8 p.m. $10. For tickets and information, call
(563)322-5837 or visit
4) “Hit Me with Your Best Shot” D) Europe Thursday free, Friday and Saturday $4. For
Thursday, August 10 – Nicole Atkins. A
information and a schedule of activities, visit
5) “The Final Countdown” E) Twisted Sister Moeller Nights concert with the New York- (LeClaire) and (Port
6) “Wanted Dead or Alive” F) Bon Jovi Byron). based soul and Americana singer/songwriter,
7) “Sister Christian” G) Quarterflash Thursday, August 10, through Sunday, featuring opening sets by The Dove & the
August 20 – Iowa State Fair. Outdoor Wolf, Harpooner, and Liv Carrow. Triple Crown
celebration featuring contests, games, rides, Whiskey Bar & Raccoon Motel (304 East Third
Rock of Ages runs Thursday through Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 2:30 pageants, food and craft vendors, and nightly Street, Davenport). 7 p.m. $15. For tickets and
information, visit
p.m., and tickets and information are available by calling (563)284-2350 or visiting grandstand concerts. Iowa State Fairgrounds
(East 30th Street and East University Avenue, Friday, August 11 – The Wallflowers. Grammy-winning and chart-topping
Des Moines). 7 a.m.-1 a.m. grounds, 9 a.m.-9 p.m.
memorized in my teens. Like Styx, I guess I just had Too Much Time on My Hands. buildings, 10 a.m.-midnight midway attractions. rock musicians in concert. Riverside
$4-12, ages five and under free, extra fees for Casino Event Center (3184 Highway 22,
Answers: 1 – E, 2 – B, 3 – G, 4 – A, 5 – D, 6 – F, 7 – C. All songs, by the way, that I
Riverside). 8 p.m. $35-65. For tickets and

Continued On Page 12
12 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 940 • August 3 - 16, 2017 Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

Continued From Page 11

What Else Is Happenin’
information, call (877)677-3456 or visit

Thursday, August 3, through
Thursday, August 31 – No Business
Like Show Business. The Circa ’21
Bootleggers perform song selections
from the theatre’s 40-year production
history. Circa ’21 Dinner Playhouse (1828
Third Avenue, Rock Island). Thurdays: 6 Nicole Atkins @ Triple Crown Whiskley Bar &
p.m. buffet, 7:15 p.m. show. $51.73. For
tickets and information, call (309)786-
Raccoon Motel - August 10
7733 extension 2 or visit
Saturday, August 12, and Sunday,
Thursday, August 3, through Sunday,
August 13 – Alice in Wonderland Jr. Student
August 27 – Guys on Ice: The Ice-Fishing
production of the Lewis Carroll story with
Musical. Musical comedy about two
songs from Disney’s animated movie, directed
Midwestern fishing buddies, directed by Jackie
by Richard Hall. Ohnward Fine Arts Center
McCall. Old Creamery Theatre (39 38th Avenue,
(1215 East Platt Street, Maquoketa). Saturday
Amana). Friday and Saturday 7:30 p.m.; Sunday,
7 p.m., Sunday 2 p.m. $7-13. For tickets
Wednesday, and Thursday 2 p.m. $19.50-31. For
and information, call (563)652-9815 or visit
tickets and information, call (319)622-6262 or

Friday, August 4, through Sunday, August
6 – The Clouds. Genesius Guild’s season-ending
production of Aristophanes’ comedy, adapted Saturday, August 12 – Quad Cities Ballet
by Don Wooten. Lincoln Park (11th Avenue Folklorico: Mexican Fiesta X. Students perform
and 38th Street, Rock Island). 8 p.m. Donations a recital featuring a variety of traditional
encouraged. For information, visit Mexican dances from Chiapas, Sinaloa, Veracruz,
Friday, August 4, through Sunday, August Jalisco, and more. Scottish Rite Cathedral (1800
13 – Sunset Boulevard. Quad City Music Seventh Avenue, Moline). 7 p.m. $8. For tickets
Guild presents the Tony-winning Andrew and information, call (309)948-4443 or visit
Lloyd Webber musical based on the film-noir
classic, directed by Kevin Pieper. Prospect
Park Auditorium (1584 34th Avenue, Moline).
Thursday through Saturday 7:30 p.m., Sunday
Saturday, August 5 – The Magnificent
2 p.m. $11-16. For tickets and information, call Seventeen. Western-themed fundraising
(309)762-6610 or visit event featuring live music by The Midwestern
Friday, August 4, through Sunday, August Swing, local entertainers, food and beverages,
13 – Brighton Beach Memoirs. The Mississippi and more. Orpheum Theatre (57 South Kellogg
Bend Players’ production of Neil Simon’s Tony- Street, Galesburg). 7 p.m. $60. For tickets
winning comedy memoir, directed by Corinne and information, call (309)342-2299 or visit
Johnson. Augustana College’s Brunner Theatre
Center (3750 Seventh Avenue, Rock Island). Thursday, August 10, through Sunday,
Friday and Saturday 7:30 p.m., Sunday 4 p.m. August 13 – Cirque Italia. Outdoor
$12-15. For tickets and information, call (309)794- performances by the traveling circus that
7306 or visit combines acrobatics, dance, contortion, and
Friday, August 4, and Saturday, August high-performance BMX and roller-skating.
5 – Peter & Wendy. Missoula Children’s Theatre SouthPark Mall, in the White & Blue Big Top Tent
presents a family musical performed by (4500 16th Street, Moline). Thursday through
children from the DeWitt area. Central DeWitt Saturday 7:30 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 1:30
Performing Arts Center (519 East 11th Street, and 4:30 p.m. $10-70. For tickets, call (941)704-
DeWitt). Friday 7 p.m., Saturday 3:30 p.m. $5-15. 8572 or visit
For tickets and information, call (563)249-8541 or Saturday, August 12 – Bags ’n’ Brews
visit Fundraiser. Fifth-annual fundraiser for Gilda’s
Thursday, August 10, through Sunday, Club Quad Cities, featuring a bags tournament,
August 20 – Little Shop of Horrors. Tony- local craft beers, live music, a silent auction,
nominated musical comedy based on the raffle items, and more. Gilda’s Club Quad Cities
low-budget comedy/horror movie. Timber Lake (1234 East River Drive, Davenport). 2:30 p.m. For
Playhouse (8215 Black Oak Road, Mt. Carroll, information, visit
Illinois). Tuesday through Saturday 7:30 p.m.;
Sunday, Wednesday, and August 12 at 2 p.m.
$17-25. For tickets and information, call (815)244- EXHIBIT
2035 or visit Friday, August 11, through Friday,
Thursday, August 10, through Saturday, August 29 – Summer of Love Tribute. Alan
August 19 – The 39 Steps. Patrick Barlow’s Campbell’s photography exhibit celebrating
Tony-winning screwball comedy based on the the spirit of the ’60s and the 50th anniversary
Alfred Hitchcock thriller. Clinton Area Showboat of “The Summer of Love.” MidCoast Gallery at
Theatre (311 Riverview Drive, Clinton). Thursday Bucktown Center for the Arts (225 East Second
through Saturday 7:30 p.m., Sunday and Street, Davenport). Wednesday through
Wednesday 3 p.m. For tickets and information, Saturday 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Free. For information,
call (563)242-6760 or visit call (563)424-1210 or visit
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 940 • August 3 - 16, 2017 13
THEATRE By Mike Schulz

The New Norma
Quad City Music Guild Presents Sunset Boulevard, August 4 through 13 at the Prospect Park Auditorium

t the start of Billy Wilder’s film noir classic a long discussion about how Norma has to be
Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood screenwriter likable, and real, or else you just watch the show
Joe Gillis – the movie’s male lead and thinking she’s crazy and ‘Serves you right!’
narrator – makes his first appearance floating when horrible things happen.
face-down, dead, in an outdoor swimming pool. “My mother-in-law just passed away,” she
Yet Kevin Pieper, the director and set continues. “She was 96 years old, and she had
designer for Quad City Music Guild’s new started to lose some of her memories of the
production of the Sunset Boulevard stage musi- recent past. Old things she could tell you about
cal (running August 4 through 13), has some in great detail. But newer things were starting
bad news. “I’ll let the cat out of the bag with to go and get disjointed in her mind. And that
you,” he says during our July 20 interview. “We made her angry, because she wasn’t who she
don’t have a swimming pool. We thought about once was, and it wasn’t who she wanted to be.
filling the orchestra pit, but that would kind of “So I kind of tapped into that for Norma. As
defeat the purpose.” much as she’s a caricature, she’s a real person,
Indeed it would. Based on 1950’s three- and real people have to deal with this – where
time Oscar winner, composer Andrew Lloyd their heyday has gone and they can’t do the
Webber’s adaptation, with its book and lyrics things they used to.”
by Don Black and Christopher Hampton, is a Norma may be a more relatable, life-size
largely faithful retelling of Wilder’s tale of an figure in Music Guild’s Sunset Boulevard, but
opportunistic writer who becomes a collabora- Myatt says that the splendor of the material
Christina Myatt and Ian Sodawasser
tor/friend/lover/captive to fading screen legend remains intact.
Norma Desmond. What Webber’s version adds, “The costumes – oh my God,” sighs Myatt
obviously, is music – luxuriant, grandly orches- a swimming pool ... . All that grandeur is really to at least momentarily erase memories, and about designer Cathy Marsoun’s old-Hol-
trated anthems and ballads and up-tempo hard to convert to a stage – and especially ours expectations, of Gloria Swanson. But with lywood gowns. “I have something like 13
numbers that helped the show’s Broadway [at Moline’s Prospect Park Auditorium], where Music Guild’s Norma Desmond being played costumes in the show, and they’re some of the
debut earn seven 1995 Tonys, including awards we don’t have the hydraulics and the fly-space by Christina Myatt – an area-theatre veteran most gorgeous things I have ever seen, and
for Best Musical and Score. and all those types of things. whose credits include such demanding roles everything has a headpiece or a turban to match
But saying that the presentation of Music “Obviously,” Pieper continues, “the show was as Gypsy’s Mama Rose and Les Misérables’ it. They really will be worth the price of admis-
Guild’s latest comes with built-in challenges is written for an unlimited budget. I mean, there’s Fantine – Pieper says that’s one aspect of his sion all by themselves. I feel like a dress-up dolly
putting it mildly. For one thing, while the mate- a car-chase scene. And the script is very descrip- production in which a significant challenge will and I love it.”
rial boasts humor and undercurrents of black tive about about how the car chase should be be handily met. Even with less-dreamy outfits, though, Myatt
comedy throughout, Sunset Boulevard is far done – how one car comes up, but then it backs “When she came into the audition,” says stresses that Music Guild’s latest would deliver
darker than the organization’s – and the direc- off and another moves forward ... . So from a Pieper, “she was obviously very well-prepared. large-scale pleasure simply through Webber’s
tor’s – more traditionally lighthearted fare, with set designer’s standpoint, we’ve been trying to She knew the character, she knew the story. And compositions. “I think the score enhances
Pieper’s own Music Guild credits including figure out how to fit in everything we can.” Christina had the vocal abilities and interpreta- the story and gives it this really lush feeling.
2009’s The Producers, 2010’s The Pajama Game, Aside from building a façade of Norma’s tion of the character we were looking for. She Especially considering we’re not on Broadway
and last year’s Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. sprawling mansion, Pieper says that he and his just hit it right on, and we were very excited to and don’t have this million-dolar budget, the
For another, the show has to compete with creative team are meeting the challenge of repli- have her take the role.” Although perhaps not as richness of that score helps give it that opulence
memories of what is, for many, an incredibly cating the Sunset Boulevard film experience not excited as Myatt herself. and grandeur you need.”
well-known and -loved movie, as even those through exorbitantly priced scenery, but rather “Sunset Boulevard is my favorite Lloyd “We’ve got a challenge ahead of us,” says
unfamiliar with the film are likely aware of lighting and projections, with Alex and Zachary Webber,” says Myatt, referring to a theatrical Pieper. “because a lot of folks don’t know the
immortal Norma Desmond lines such as “I am Chaplain serving as lighting designers. catalog that includes Phantom of the Opera, show. But hopefully we’ll get ’em there by word-
big; it’s the pictures that got small” and “I’m ready “At the opening of the second act,” says Cats, and Jesus Christ Superstar. “The grandeur of-mouth and doing – knock on wood – an
for my closeup, Mr. De Mille.” On that note, any Pieper, “Joe is supposed to be lounging by the of the music just captures that film noir style excellent job.”
new Sunset Boulevard also has to compete with pool, so we’re going to try to do a little reflective perfectly. And it’s the most challenging of his As for the ones who do know Sunset Boule-
memories of the half-mad Norma, played on- lighting there to suggest that. But we’re also to sing, too. I’ve done other Webber shows and vard, “I think they’ll really enjoy it. A lot of times
screen by an iconic Gloria Swanson. trying to tie in Norma’s connection to silent they’re pretty straightforward, but this one has people have asked, ‘Is it just like the movie?’
And, as Pieper says, the greatest challenge movies, which we’re doing through some of a lot more grit for a musician in terms of the key And I say, ‘Well, there are a lot of similarities,
probably lies in the demands of the musical our slow fades – where a spotlight will close in changes, the time changes ... . It’s really chal- but there are differences.’ ‘Is the my-closeup line
itself, the Broadway version of which attempted on an individual actor and everything else will lenging, and I find that exciting.” in there?’ ‘Yes, it’s in there.’
to replicate the experience of Wilder’s movie be blacked out, like a fade-out on an old silent Yet while Myatt loves her character’s “whirl- “‘What about the swimming pool?’” Pieper
to the tune of a notorious $13-million budget. movie that finally fades down to nothing. winds of emotion, going from happiness to sad- laughs. “‘Well, we’re gonna work around that a
(Although Sunset Boulevard initially ran on “We’re also going to try to utilize some clips ness in just the snap of a finger,” the performer little bit ... .’”
Broadway for two years and 977 performances, from the movie, and project those for the car says that she and Pieper were determined to not
that budget plus advertising and operational chase. Our obstacle right now is where we’re make their Norma Desmond the same type of Sunset Boulevard runs at the Prospect Park
costs led to the production losing an estimated going to actually put them,” he says with a deliberately over-the-top nightmare figure that Auditorium (1584 34th Avenue, Moline) August
$20 million.) laugh. “But it’s all about trying to adapt to what Swanson enacted on-screen. 4 through 13, with 7:30 p.m. performances Thurs-
“The show is so large,” he says, “at least as far we can do versus what’s being called for.” “I’m sure there are things, both in Kevin’s day through Saturday and 2 p.m. performances
as what’s expected. You’ve got sound stages, One thing that’s definitely called for is a direction and my portrayal, that will be remi- on Sunday. For more information and tickets,
you’ve got a mansion, you’ve got cars, you’ve got performer with the requite presence and talent niscent of the movie,” says Myatt. “But we had call (309)762-6610 or visit
14 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 940 • August 3 - 16, 2017 Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

To Have and to Mold To grab your husband’s attention in a positive
way, I suggest collecting cartoons (such as one
My otherwise wonderful husband always
of my faves, Bizarro, by Dan Piraro) and leaving
leaves his wet towel on the bed. (On my side!)
one marked “Towel alert! XO!” on the area of
I’ve asked him to stop doing this countless
the bed he turns into terrycloth swampland.
times, but I don’t think he’s being passive-
(Pair it with a battery-operated flashing light if
aggressive or anything; I think he just spaces
he ends up dropping his towel on top of it.) The
out after showering. How can I get him to
cartoon should break him out of his auto-daze,
reminding him to return the wet towel to its
– Soggy
ancestral home, Ye Olde Towel Rack. (If there is
It’s good for a man to have goals, though something missing for the two of you in bed, it
ideally not one that involves growing a fern out probably isn’t mildew.)
of your comforter.
As you appear to understand, the problem
isn’t ill will; it’s I, Robot. The first time your
Fame Fatale
I’m a novelist who’s suddenly getting
husband wondered, “Where do I put this wet
successful (after 20 years of crappy jobs and
towel?” – perhaps at age 10 – his brain said,
rejected manuscripts). Every day, several
“Easy peasy … just drop it right there on the
people make this annoying and rather insult-
bed.” Sadly, it seems his superhero bedspread
ing comment to me: “Don’t forget about me
didn’t pipe up: “Superman’s got a ton to do
when you’re famous!” This got me wondering:
today, and flying your wet towel over to the
What keeps some people grounded while
hamper is not on his agenda.”
others let success go to their heads?
Our brain is an efficiency expert. Figuring
– Published
things out the first time around (à la “What
should I do with this towel?”) takes a bunch Of course you’ll stay in touch with your old
of energy. But as neuroscientist Donald Hebb friends. You’ll have your assistant call them to
pointed out, in somewhat more neuroscientific see whether they’d like to come over and clean
terms, as you do an action over and over, your out your rain gutters.
brain goes, “Oh, that again.” The trigger for the The quality that keeps success from turning
action – in this case, approaching the bed (while you into, well, Kanye East is humility. People
in a towel, ready to get dressed) – becomes auto- confuse humility – being humble – with being
matic. Automatic means there’s no stopping to humiliated. However, humility is basically a
muse, “Wait! I have a wife now, and she’s threat- healthy awareness of your limitations – what
ening to Saran Wrap the bed.” There’s only the social psychologist and humility researcher Pelin
old familiar launch code: “Bed!” – cueing “Drop Kesebir describes as “a down-to-earth perspec-
wet towel here!” tive of yourself in relation to all other beings.”
This automation thing – with thinking That’s something you’re more likely to have
removed from the equation – is the reason when you make it at 40 – after 20 years of work-
nagging or even asking nicely before or after ing crappy jobs, driving a car held together with
the fact is so often useless in changing behavior. duct tape and hope, and selling your blood to buy
You need to break in to the automatic sequence a tuna melt. Contrast that with hitting it big at
as it’s in progress (when he gets to the bed), kind 17: “Bro, I was just on my hoverboard at the mall,
of like an air-traffic controller coming in over and some dude handed me a recording contract!”
the plane’s intercom – “Attention Southwest The cool thing is that social psychologist Elliott
two-two-niner … .” Kruse and his colleagues find you can bolster
Interrupting the trigger sequence allows you humility by expressing gratitude – appreciation
to send a yoo-hoo to areas of his prefrontal cortex, for how another person has helped you. Express-
the brain’s department of rational thought – ing gratitude both “inhibits internal focus” and
asking them to kindly wake the hell up and take “promotes external focus” – focus on others. This
over from the basal ganglia and other parts of the sort of wider view may help you keep any fame
brain’s department of automation. you get in perspective. After all, there’s a way to
No, I’m not suggesting you stand guard by live on in the hearts and minds of many, even
the bed like one of those decorative architectural after you die, and it’s by creating brilliant, spirit-
lions, waiting for wet-towel time. And hiring one moving art – or by being a chinchilla videotaped
of those street-corner sign spinners would prob- while eating a Dorito.
ably be both impractical and a little creepy.
Got a problem? Write Amy Alkon, 171 Pier Ave, #280, Santa Monica CA 90405, or e-mail ( Weekly radio show: Order Amy
Alkon’s book, Good Manners for Nice People Who Sometimes Say F--- (St. Martin’s Press, June 3, 2014).
©2017, Amy Alkon, all rights reserved.
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 940 • August 3 - 16, 2017 15
For reviews of current releases,
visit FREE WILL ASTROLOGY By Rob Brezsny
ARIES (March 21-April 19): In my coming weeks will be a favorable time to hide less to give you a prolonged look at the big picture of
astrological opinion, your life in the of yourself and express more. There’ll be where you have been and where you are going. I
coming days should draw inspiration relatively little hell to pay as a result, and you’ll get think it’s essential to your discovery of the key to
from the ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia, a a boost of vitality. Don’t go overboard, though. the next chapter of your life story.
six-day bout of revelry that encouraged everyone I’m not suggesting that you unveil every last one
to indulge in pleasure, speak freely, and give gifts. of your feelings and yearnings to everyone – just CAPRICORN (December 22-Janu-
Your imminent future could (and I believe to those you trust. Most importantly, I hope you ary 19): Love is your gritty but sacred
should) also have resemblances to the yearly Doo will unveil all your feelings and yearnings duty. It’s your prickly prod and your
Dah Parade in Pasadena, which features a to yourself. expansive riddle, your curious joy and your
And follow Mike on Twitter at farcical cavalcade of lunatics such as the demanding teacher. I’m talking about the whole Shopping Cart Drill Team, Radioactive Chicken VIRGO (August 23-September 22): It gamut, Capricorn – from messy personal
Heads, Army of Toy Soldiers, and Men of Leisure has almost become a tradition: Each romantic love to lucid unconditional spiritual
Synchronized Nap Team. In other words, Aries, year at about this time, you seem to love; from asking smartly for what you desire to
it’s an excellent time to set aside your dignity and enjoy scaring the hell out of yourself, and often gratefully giving more than you thought you
July 20 Crossword Answers put an emphasis on having uninhibited fun; to the heaven, too. These self-inflicted shocks have had. Can you handle this much sweet, dark
amuse yourself to the max as you experiment on often had a beneficial side effect. They have mystery? Can you grow your intimacy skills fast
the frontiers of self-expression; to be the person served as rousing prompts for you to re-imagine enough to keep up with the interesting
you would be if you had nothing to lose. the future. They have motivated and mobilized challenges? I think you can.
you. So yes, there has been an apparent method
TAURUS (April 20-May 20): It’s time in your madness – an upside to the uproar. What AQUARIUS (January 20-February
to Reinvent the Wheel and Rediscover should we expect this time, my dear? A field trip 18): There’s an eclipse of the moon
Fire, Taurus. In my astrological to a crack house or a meth lab? Some fun and coming up in the sign of Aquarius.
opinion, you’ll be wasting your time unless you games in a pit of snakes? An excursion to the land Will it bring bad luck or good luck? Ha! That’s a
return to the root of all your Big Questions. Every of bad memories? I suggest something less trick question. I threw it in to see if you have been
important task will mandate you to consult your melodramatic. How about, for example, a frolic learning anything from my efforts to redeem
heart’s primal intelligence. So don’t mess around with unruly allies in a future paradise that’s still a astrology’s reputation. Although some
with trivial pleasures or transitory frustrations bit unorganized? misinformed people regard my chosen field as a
that won’t mean anything to you a year from superstitious pseudo-science, I say it’s an
now. Be a mature wild child in service to the core LIBRA (September 23-October 22): imaginative art form that helps us identify and
of your creative powers. Before grapes become wine, they have transform our subconscious patterns. So the wise
to be cleaned. Then crushed. Then answer to my earlier question is that the
GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Writing in macerated and pressed. The next phase is imminent lunar eclipse is neither bad luck nor
The Futurist magazine, Christopher fermentation, followed by filtering. The aging good luck. Rather, it tells you that have more
Wolf says that the tradition of eating process, which brings the grapes’ transformation power than usual to: (1) tame and manage the
three hearty meals per day is fading and will to completion, requires more time than the other disruptive and destructive aspects of your
eventually disappear. “Grazing” will be the steps. At the end, there’s one more stage: putting instinctual nature; (2) make progress in
operative term for how we get our fill, similar to the wine in bottles. I’d like to compare the dissolving your old conditioning; (3) become
the method used by cavemen and cavewomen. grapes’ evolution to the story of your life since more skilled at mothering yourself.
The first snack after we awaken, Wolf suggests, your last birthday. You are nearing the end of the
might be called “daystart.” The ensuing four aging phase. When that’s finished, I hope you put PISCES (February 19-March 20):
could be dubbed “pulsebreak,” “humpmunch,” great care into the bottling. It’s as important as August is Good Hard Labor Month for
“holdmeal” and “evesnack.” In light of your the other steps. you Pisceans. It’s one of those rare
current astrological omens, Gemini, I endorse a times when a smart version of workaholic
comparable approach to everything you do: not a SCORPIO (October 23-November behavior might actually make sense. Why? First
few big doses, but rather frequent smaller doses; 21): Are you gearing up to promote of all, it could ultimately lead to a pay raise or new
not intense cramming but casual browsing; not yourself and your services? In my perks. Secondly, it may bring to light certain
sprawling heroic epics but a series of amusing astrological opinion, you should be. If so, you truths about your job that you’ve been uncon-
short stories. could put the following testimonial from me in scious of. Third, it could awaken you to the fact
your résumé or advertisement: “[place your that you haven’t been trying as hard as you could
CANCER (June 21-July 22): The name here] is a poised overseer of nerve-wrack- to fulfill one of your long-term dreams; it might
RIKEN Institute in Japan experiments ing transitions and a canny scout who is skilled at expand your capacity to devote yourself
with using ion beams to enhance plant tracking down scarce resources. He/she can help passionately to the epic tasks that matter most.
growth. In one notable case, it created a new you acquire the information and enhancements For your homework, please meditate on this
breed of cherry tree that blossoms four times a you don’t quite have the power to get by yourself. thought: Summoning your peak effort in the
year and produces triple the amount of flowers. When conditions are murky or perplexing, this little things will mobilize your peak effort for the
The blooms last longer, too, and the trees thrive plucky soul is enterprising and inventive.” Big Thing.
under a wider span of temperatures. In the next
11 months, Cancerian, you won’t need to be SAGITTARIUS (November Homework: What do you know or do that
flooded with ion beams to experience a similar 22-December 21): Your eyes are more very few people know or do? Tell me at
phenomenon. I expect that your power to bloom powerful than you realize. If you were, and click on “E-mail Rob.”
and flourish will be far stronger than usual. standing on a mountaintop under a cloudless
night sky with no moon, you could see a fire
LEO (July 23-August 22): Leo actor burning 50 miles away. Your imagination is also Go to to check out Rob Brezsny’s
Robert De Niro once observed that capable of feats that might surprise you. It can, EXPANDED WEEKLY AUDIO HOROSCOPES
most people devote more energy to for example, provide you with an expansive and & DAILY TEXT MESSAGE HOROSCOPES
concealing their emotions and longings than to objective view of your entire life history. I advise The audio horoscopes are also available by phone at
revealing them. Is that true about you? If so, the you to seek that boost now. Ask your imagination 1-877-873-4888 or 1-900-950-7700
16 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 940 • August 3 - 16, 2017 Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

YOU CAN BET ON IT! · August 3, 2017
Crossword July 20 Answers: Page 15

ACROSS 86. Status quo _ 39. Golf score
1. Largemouth 87. Cap 40. Woe is me!
5. Get a move on! 88. Rather and Quayle 41. Group of eight
10. Sell illegally 89. Pitches 42. Lake out west
15. Journey 91. Whodunit event 43. Gemstones
19. Settled after flight 93. Neighbor of Morocco: Abbr. 45. Manuscript size
20. Pupa case 94. Fleet 46. Fourth prime number
21. Programming language 95. Recipe amount 49. A refrigerant
22. Improve, as a skill 96. End of the quip: 5 wds. 50. Dentist’s directive
23. Lie 103. Trim 51. Truncate
24. Church officer 105. In the know 52. Twining plants
25. Betel palm 106. Big cats hybrid 53. Prince in opera
26. Whirlpool 107. _ avis 60. Eastern Indian
27. S tart of a quip by anonymous: 5 wds. 109. Diva’s offering 61. _ acid
31. Nucha 110. “... _ the twain shall meet” 62. African language group
32. Ogled 111. Peace goddess 63. Doorstep
33. Edge tool 112. Pack 64. Word in place names
34. The hoi polloi 113. Push 65. Approves
37. Known and admired 114. Curly lock 66. A plus
39. Cutting remark 115. USMA student 67. Subsidiary proposition
41. Ear: Prefix 116. If not 68. Ending for endo or ecto
44. Melville title 69. Annelids
45. _ accompli DOWN 70. Separates out
46. Old Italian coin 1. Flittermouse 71. Correct
47. Limit 2. Jai _ 72. _ Gabriel Rossetti
48. Part 2 of quip: 6 wds. 3. Sediment 73. Lutrine animal
54. Common abbr. 4. Antelope: Var. 75. Kind of shot
55. Life of _ 5. Treeless plain 76. Funny guy
56. Busy places 6. “Daphnis and _” 79. Kitchen utensil
57. Wilde’s “Ballad of Reading _” 7. Ohio players 80. Suaveolent
58. “_ Walkure” 8. Deck items 81. On cloud nine
59. Dame _ Diana Rigg 9. Victor Herbert’s “Naughty _” 82. Veteran soldier
60. Mead ingredient 10. Climbed 89. Caster anagram
61. Habitations 11. Prepared apples 90. Fraxinus
63. Just okay: Hyph. 12. Further 91. Lodestone
64. Fire alarm 13. In _ parentis 92. Exploit
65. General Bradley 14. Public notices 93. Out front
66. Of lofty peaks 15. Composition 94. Bakes, as clay
69. Wishes 16. Traveled in 95. Unmanned aircraft
70. Integument 17. Tip 96. Tom, Dick and Harry, e.g.
71. Bother 18. Fundamental 97. Vessel for liquids
74. Broker’s recommendation 28. _ ammoniac 98. Undulate
75. Beau _ 29. Remark at parting 99. Euro predecessor
76. Laughing 30. Bend in a river 100. Getting on
77. Doily or coaster 34. Like a judge 101. Part of NLRB: Abbr.
78. Part 3 of quip: 5 wds. 35. Violin maker 102. _ Ramazzotti
83. Letters 36. Lawn bowling in Lombardy 103. Baby food
84. Wine quality 37. Identified 104. Abbr. in timetables
85. Camp beds 38. Like sardines in a can 108. Wonder
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 940 • August 3 - 16, 2017 17

Live Music Live Music Live Music
Email all listings to • Deadline 5 p.m. Thursday before publication

Molly Durnin – The J Bar, 4215 Elmore Friday Live @ Five: Jason Carl Band River Dr., Moline IL
Ave., Davenport IA (5pm) – RME Courtyard, 131 W. 2nd Jack Ortiz – Baked Beer & Bread Co.,
Alan Murphy & New Broom CD– Run–on Sunshine – Maggie5 – St., Davenport IA 1113 Mound St., Davenport IA
Release Show – Uptown Bill’s Nautica the Great – Rozz-Tox, 2108 Gray Wolf Band – River House, 1510 John Mellencamp – Carlene Carter –
Coffee House, 730 S. Dubuque St., Third Ave., Rock Island IL River Dr., Moline IL Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds, 2815
Iowa City IA Warbly Jets – Us Mode – Seth Greg & Rich Acoustic Duo (6pm) – W. Locust St, Davenport IA
Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz Knappen – RIBCO, 1815 Second Rock Island Hy-Vee Market Grille, Molly Durnin (4pm) – Mississippi River
Festival: Bix Youth Jazz Band Ave., Rock Island IL 2930 18th Ave., Rock Island IL Distilling Company, 303 N. Cody Rd.,
(6pm) – Swing Central (7pm) – Grupo Innstinto (5pm) – Mercado on LeClaire IA
Dave Bennett Quartet (8pm) – The
Fat Babies (9pm) – Rhythm City
FRIDAY 4 Fifth, Fifth Ave. between 11th & 12th
Streets, Moline IL
The Negotiators – Uptown Bill’s Coffee
House, 730 S. Dubuque St., Iowa City
Casino, 7077 Elmore Ave., Davenport 2017 Iowa Soul Festival: Shade of Just 4 Fun Band (6pm) – River Valley IA
IA Blue – Downtown Iowa City IA District Library, 214 S. Main St., Port Powell – 11th Street Precinct, 1107
Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz Byron IL Mound St., Davenport IA
Festival: The Fat Babies (3pm) – Festival: Bix Youth Band (6pm) The Mand (Half Man, Half Band) – Bier QC Nu Gruv Society Jam & Showcase
Putnam Museum & Science Center, – Josh Duffee Orchestra (7pm) – Stube Moline, 415 15th St, Moline IL – Rozz-Tox, 2108 Third Ave., Rock
1717 W 12th St, Davenport IA Tony Hamilton Orchestra (8pm) Pets with Human Names – Island IL
Bix Porch Party: Don Estes & the – LeClaire Park, 400 Beiderbecke Dr., Commanders – Gabe’s, 330 E. Scott Ellison Blues – Flatted Fifth Blues
Prairie Ramblers – Butch Bos Davenport IA Washington St., Iowa City IA & BBQ, 300 Potter Dr., Bellevue IA
Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz Rob Dahms & Gary Pearson (5pm) – Shirts & Skins – Riverside Casino
(11am) – Davenport Public Library
(Main), 321 Main Street, Davenport IA Festival: Bix Youth Band (noon) Mississippi River Distilling Company, John Mellencamp @ Mississippi Valley Fair - August 5 and Golf Resort, 3184 Highway 22,
Dirt Road Rockers – Bass Street – Roof Garden Jass Band (1pm) 303 N. Cody Rd., LeClaire IA Riverside IA
– Dave Bennett Quartet (2pm) Seth Knappen – ID Pyramid – Rische (9:15pm) – Reggie & the Fat Babies (3pm) – Dave Bennett Tony Hoeppner & Friends – Riverside
Landing Plaza, Moline IL
– The Fat Babies (3pm) – Swing Centaur Noir – Chad Gooch – Rozz- Three Notes (9:45pm) – Juliana Quartet (4pm) – Roof Garden Grille, 1733 State St., Bettendorf IA
Last Call Band – Riverside Casino
Central (4pm) – The Fat Babies Tox, 2108 Third Ave., Rock Island IL Logan (10:30pm) – Blue Scratch Jass Band (6pm) – Dave Bennett Women in Blues, A Tribute to
and Golf Resort, 3184 Highway 22,
(6pm) – Swing Central (7pm) – Shirts & Skins – Riverside Casino Band (11pm) – RIBCO, 1815 Second Quartet (7pm) – The Graystone Legends: Gloria Hardiman –
Riverside IA
Roof Garden Jass Band (8pm) and Golf Resort, 3184 Highway 22, Ave., Rock Island IL Monarchs (8pm) – Swing Central Demetria Taylor – Hollee Thee
Live Lunch w/ Chris Stevens (noon) –
– Dave Bennett Quartet (9pm) – Riverside IA 2017 Iowa Soul Festival: SD Band (9pm) – The Fat Babies (10pm) – Maxwell – Tanya English – Carlos
RME Community Stage, 129 N. Main
The Graystone Monarchs (10pm) Split LIp Rayfield – Frank F. Sydney’s (12:30pm) – Dream Divas & Dream Rhythm City Casino, 7077 Elmore Johnson’s All–Star Band (9:30 &
St., Davenport IA
– Rhythm City Casino, 7077 Elmore Western Bandit Volunteers – Center Tumblers (2:30pm) – Ave., Davenport IA 11pm) – The Mill, 120 E. Burlington
Lucinda Williams – Bo Ramsey
Ave., Davenport IA RIBCO, 1815 Second Ave., Rock MarKaus & the Negative Space Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz St., Iowa City IA
– Englert Theatre, 221 East
Bobby Ray Bunch – Baked Beer Island IL (4pm) – T.L. Williams & the Festival: Locust Street Boys (6pm)
Washington St., Iowa City IA
& Bread Co., 1113 Mound St., The Tailfins – Rhythm City Casino Storm Chaser Orchestra (6pm) – – DB Orchestra (7pm) – RiverCity
Lynyrd Skynyrd – Mississippi Valley
Davenport IA Resort Rhythm Room, 7077 Elmore Sidewalk Chalk (8pm) – Downtown 6 (8pm) – LeClaire Park, 400
Fairgrounds, 2815 W. Locust St,
Brett Eldredge – Mississippi Valley Ave., Davenport IA Iowa City IA Beiderbecke Dr., Davenport IA Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz
Davenport IA
Fairgrounds, 2815 W. Locust St, Tangent – 11th Street Precinct, 1107 Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz Dylan Scott – Ben Rue – First Avenue Festival First Presbyterian
Minus Six (6:30pm) – Bettendorf
Davenport IA Mound St., Davenport IA Festival Graveside Concert: Club, 1550 First Ave, Iowa City IA Church Liturgy: Dave Bennett
Public Library, 2950 Learning
Buddy Olson (5pm) – Missipi Locust Street Boys (10am) – Greg & Rich Acoustic Duo – Geneseo Quartet (8:30 & 10:30am) – First
Campus Dr., Bettendorf IA
Brewing Company, 107 Iowa Ave., Oakdale Memorial Gardens, 2501 Brewing Company, 102 S. State St., Presbyterian Church of Davenport,
Moeller Nights: Terra Lightfoot
Muscatine IA Eastern Ave., Davenport IA Geneseo IL 1702 Iowa St., Davenport IA
– The Steel Tide – The Velies
Doug Brundies Big Acoustic Show – 2017 Iowa Blues Challenge Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz Hold On Band – Rhythm City Casino
– Triple Crown Whiskey Bar &
The Faithful Pilot Cafe & Spirits, 117 N Preliminary Round: Concreteslim Festival: Bix Youth Jazz Band Resort Rhythm Room, 7077 Elmore
Raccoon Motel, 304 E Third St.,
Cody Rd, LeClaire IA (8pm) – Juliana & a Soul Purpose (noon) – Roof Garden Jass Band Ave., Davenport IA
Davenport IA
(8:30pm) – Bruce Kort & Forest (1pm) – Swing Central (2pm) – The Identity Crisis – River House, 1510 Continued On Page 18
18 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 940 • August 3 - 16, 2017 Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

Live Music Live Music Live Music
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My Fellow Americans (7pm) – Flux Brad Brenny (4pm) – Mississippi River
Capicitors (9:30pm) – Riverside Distilling Company, 303 N. Cody Rd.,
Moeller Nights: Artisinals – Molly Casino and Golf Resort, 3184 LeClaire IA 3 Dawgs & a Bone Jazz (5pm) – Flatted
Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz
Bush – Corey Kilgannon – Triple Highway 22, Riverside IA Code 415 – Steve’s Belgrade, 2431 16th Fifth Blues & BBQ, 300 Potter Dr.,
Festival: The Fat Babies (5pm) –
Crown Whiskey Bar & Raccoon Nicole Atkins – Elizabeth Moen – The St., Moline IL Bellevue IA
Jim’s Knoxville Tap, 8716 Knoxville
Motel, 304 E Third St., Davenport IA Mill, 120 E. Burlington St., Iowa City IA Crystal City – Otros Outros – Barry Boyce Band (1pm) – Walcott
Rd., Milan IL
The RiverCity 6 – Mississippi River Honeycreeper – Gabe’s, 330 E. Coliseum, 116 E. Bryant St., Walcott IA
Buddy Olson (3pm) – Ducky’s Lagoon,
Distilling Company, 303 N. Cody Rd., Washington St., Iowa City IA Buddy Olson (3pm) – Ducky’s Lagoon,
13515 78th Ave W., Taylor Ridge IL
LeClaire IA Dustin Prinz – Baked Beer & Bread Co., 13515 78th Ave W., Taylor Ridge IL
Dan Peart (11am) – Baked Beer & Bread
Angela Meyer (6:30pm) – The Faithful Steve Morris: Have Drums, Will 1113 Mound St., Davenport IA Doug Brundies Big Acoustic Show
Co., 1113 Mound St., Davenport IA
Pilot Cafe & Spirits, 117 N Cody Rd, Travel (2pm) – Hy-Vee Market Grille Frankie Joe & Kinfolk (6pm) – Illiniwek (11am) – Baked Beer & Bread Co.,
Daniel Stratman (2pm) – Creekside
Vineyards Winery & Inn, 7505 120th LeClaire IA Split Lip Rayfield @ RIBCO - Clinton, 901 S. 4th St., Clinton IA Forest Preserve Campground, 836 1113 Mound St., Davenport IA
The Stone Flowers – Bier Stube State Ave., Hampton IL
Ave., Coal Valley IL - August 4 Greg & Rich Acoustic Duo (2pm) –

Moline, 415 15th St, Moline IL Funktastic Five – River House, 1510 Len Brown’s North Shore Inn, 700 N.
Dixieland Jazz Service (10:30am) –
Supersuckers – The Krank Daddies River Dr., Moline IL Shore Dr., Moline IL
Church of Peace United Church of Digital Notation #8 – Jade Reed –
Dylan Doyle Band – Flatted Fifth Blues – Hong Kong Sleepover – RIBCO, Greg & Rich Acoustic Duo – Sneaky Kickin Back (4pm) – Judy’s Barge Inn,
Christ, 1114 12th St., Rock Island IL The Tripp Brothers – Bruuuce –
& BBQ, 300 Potter Dr., Bellevue IA 1815 Second Ave., Rock Island IL Pete’s Woodfire Grille, 207 Cody Rd. 600 W. Front St., Buffalo IA
Gospel Sunday Dinner: Cymaron Puzzles – Cyclotrode X – Rascals
Greg & Rich Acoustic Duo – The J Bar, Tug Fest: Electric Shock (10pm) – Port N., LeClaire IA Phyllis & Shark (2pm) – Service Station
Dawson & the Living Waters Live, 1418 15th St., Moline IL
4215 Elmore Ave., Davenport IA Byron Levee, Downtown Port Byron IL Harper & Midwest Kind – Flatted Fifth Bar & Grill, 432 1st Ave. W., West Milan
Kingdom Church – Jessica Dirt Road Rockers – River House, 1510
Moeller Nights: Nicole Atkins – The Tug Fest: Moonshine Run (7pm) – Blues & BBQ, 300 Potter Dr., Bellevue IL
Thomas – Back Porch Swing & River Dr., Moline IL
Dove & the Wolf – Harpooner – Liv Rolling Thunder (10pm) – LeClaire IA
Friends featuring Sam Price Joe
Flash in a Pan & Cedar County Cobras Levee, Downtown LeClaire IA Moeller Nights: Birdtalker – The
Brisben & Eric Madison Kingdom Carrow – Triple Crown Whiskey Bar
(6:30pm) – Weatherdance Fountain The Wallflowers – Better Than Ezra – Rocketboys – Triple Crown Whiskey
Center Praise Team (1:30pm) & Raccoon Motel, 304 E Third St.,
Stage, outside the Sheraton Hotel, Riverside Casino Event Center, 3184 Bar & Raccoon Motel, 304 E Third St.,
Sheraton Hotel, 210 S. Dubuque St., Davenport IA Moeller Nights: The Kernal – Erin Rae
210 S. Dubuque St., Iowa City IA Highway 22, Riverside IA Davenport IA
Iowa City IA My Fellow Americans – Riverside – Coco Reilly – Triple Crown Whiskey
Friday Live @ Five: The ¡ESSO! (El Sonido Sonic Octopus) – My Fellow Americans (7pm) – Flux
Greg & Rich Acoustic Duo (2pm) – Casino and Golf Resort, 3184 Bar & Raccoon Motel, 304 E Third St.,
Candymakers (5pm) – RME The Redstone Room, 129 Main St, Capicitors (9:30pm) – Riverside
Service Station Bar & Grill, 432 1st Highway 22, Riverside IA Davenport IA
Courtyard, 131 W. 2nd St., Davenport IA Casino and Golf Resort, 3184
Ave. W., West Milan IL Nuclear Plowboys (6:30pm) –

Davenport IA Highway 22, Riverside IA
Bettendorf Public Library, 2950
Moeller Nights: Valley Queen – Funktastic Five – 11th Street Precinct,
Learning Campus Dr., Bettendorf IA Project X – Harley Corin’s, 1708 State
Beach Tiger – Triple Crown Whiskey 1107 Mound St., Davenport IA
Tug Fest: Bobby Ray Bunch – LeClaire St., Bettendorf IA Quad City Kix Band – RME Community
Bar & Raccoon Motel, 304 E Third St., Gina Sicilia Blues – Flatted Fifth Blues
Levee, Downtown LeClaire IA The 38s – Kavanaugh’s Hilltop Tap, Soul Storm – 11th Street Precinct, 1107 Stage, 129 N. Main St., Davenport IA
Davenport IA & BBQ, 300 Potter Dr., Bellevue IA
Wicked Liz & the Bellyswirls – Bass 1228 30th St., Rock Island IL Mound St., Davenport IA
Randy Houser – Mississippi Valley
Jason Carl – Baked Beer & Bread Co., Bands & Babes: Moonshine Tug Fest: Rick B & the Stingers (3pm)
Fairgrounds, 2815 W. Locust St, Street Landing Plaza, Moline IL
1113 Mound St., Davenport IA Burlesque – The Common Face – – Lizzi Neal Band (5:30pm) – QC
Davenport IA
Lewis Knudsen (6pm) – Steventon’s, Waking Robots – Rascals Live, 1418 Slim Blues Band (9pm) – Port Byron Dan Peart (6:30pm) – The Faithful
1399 Eagle Ridge Rd, LeClaire IA
15th St., Moline IL Levee, Downtown Port Byron IL Pilot Cafe & Spirits, 117 N Cody Rd,
Live Lunch w/ Tony Hoeppner (noon) Bella Diva – Rhythm City Casino Resort Tug Fest: Vandeveer (6pm) – The Brat
Alesana – Eyes Set To Kill – LeClaire IA
– RME Community Stage, 129 N. Rhythm Room, 7077 Elmore Ave., Pack (8:30pm) – LeClaire Levee,
Moeller Nights: Ron Gallo – Wild Lakeshore – Alteras – Gabe’s, 330 E. The Evan Stock Band – Iowa City Yacht
Main St., Davenport IA Davenport IA Downtown LeClaire IA
Fur – Triple Crown Whiskey Bar Washington St., Iowa City IA Club, 13 S Linn St, Iowa City IA
The Manny Lopez Big Band (6pm) – Bobby Ray Bunch (5pm) – Wide River Ya Maka My Weekend – The District of
& Raccoon Motel, 304 E Third St., Bella Diva – Rhythm City Casino Resort Roomful of Blues – The Redstone
The Circa ’21 Speakeasy, 1818 Third Winery Tasting Room - Village of Rock Island IL
Davenport IA Rhythm Room, 7077 Elmore Ave., Room, 129 Main St, Davenport IA
Ave., Rock Island IL East Davenport, 1128 Mound St.,
Davenport IA
Davenport IA

Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 940 • August 3 - 16, 2017 19

DJs/Karaoke/ Comedy
Jams/Open Mics
Karaoke Night w/ Mike Matthews – Musicians Jam w/ CJ Lomas (Aug. 7, 6pm)
Hollar’s Bar & Grill, 4050 27th St., Moline IL – Theo’s Java Club, 213 17th St., Rock
Cross Creek Karaoke – Hey Bryan’s, 1140 Island IL Bix Beiderbomb Presents (8pm) Chris Kattan & Friends (8pm) –
15th Ave., Moline IL
SATURDAYS – Stand-up Open Mic (9pm) – Penguin’s Comedy Club, 208
DJ Night w/ 90s Music – Thirsty’s on Third,
2202 W. Third St., Davenport IA Cross Creek Karaoke – Jim’s Knoxville Tap, TUESDAYS Boozie’s Bar & Grille, 114 ½ W. Third
St., Davenport IA
Second Ave. SE, Cedar Rapids IA
Chris Schlichting & the Magic
Karaoke Night – Bier Stube Moline, 415 15th 8716 Knoxville Rd., Milan IL Acoustic Music Club – River Music ComedySportz (7pm) – The of David Casas (7pm) – Prairie
St., Moline IL DJ Dolla – RIDRS, 1722 Second Ave., Rock Experience, 129 N. Main St., Davenport IA Establishment, 220 19th St., Rock Players Civic Theatre, Galesburg IL
Karaoke w/ Double Dz – Purgatory’s Pub, Island IL KaraokeNightw/OkeedokeeIt’sKaraoke Island IL ComedySportz (7pm) – The
2104 State St., Bettendorf IA Karaoke Night – The Grove Tap, 108 S. First – Lynn’s BBQ & Saloon, 1151 E. Iowa St., Eddit Ifft: The Binge All the Way Establishment, 220 19th St., Rock
OpenMicw/H.C.Wallace– Boots, 2228 East St., Long Grove IA Eldridge IA Tour (9pm) – The Mill, 120 E. Island IL
11th St., Davenport IA Karaoke Night – K & T’s Bike Rack Sports Bar Open Mic Night – Broken Saddle, 1417 Fifth Burlington St., Iowa City IA Open Source Improv (8pm) – Circa
Rock the House Karaoke – Bottoms Up on & Grill, 3303 Brady St., Davenport IA Ave., Moline IL Michael Joiner – Tony Vinh (8pm) ’21 Speakeasy, 1818 Third Ave.,
7th, 1814 Seventh St., Moline IL Karaoke Night – Miller Time Bowling, 2902 Open Mic Night – Cool Beanz Coffeehouse, – Penguin’s Comedy Club, 208 Rock Island IL
Thumpin’ Thursdays DJ Night – Rascals E. Kimberly Rd., Davenport IA 1325 330th St., Rock Island IL Second Ave. SE, Cedar Rapids IA Studio Series: Stand Up Showcase
Live, 1414 15th St., Moline IL Karaoke Night – Roadrunners Roadhouse, Tuesday Blues Jam w/ Mark Avey & Studio Series: Shakespeared! w/ Reena Calm (9:30pm) – The
3803 Rockingham Rd., Davenport IA “Detroit” Larry Davison – Cabana’s, (9:30pm) – The Establishment, 220 Establishment, 220 19th St., Rock

Karaoke Night – Thirsty’s on Third, 2202 W. 2120 Fourth Ave., Rock Island IL
Third St., Davenport IA
19th St., Rock Island IL Chris Kattan @ Penguin’s - Island IL

Cabana Karaoke Night – Cabana’s, 2120
Fourth Ave., Rock Island IL
Karaoke Night w/ Jim Harker – Hollar’s Bar
& Grill, 4050 27th St., Moline IL WEDNESDAYS SATURDAY 5
August 11 and 12
Cross Creek Karaoke – Firehouse Bar & Grill, Songwriters’ Round Table & Showcase Hump Day Wing & Sing w/ Marybeth ComedySportz (7pm) – The Circumstantial Comedy Show
2006 Hickory Grove Rd., Davenport IA (Aug. 12, noon) – RME Community – Hawkeye Tap Sports Bar N Grill, 4646 Establishment, 220 19th St., Rock (10pm) – BREW, 1104 Jersey Ridge
DJ Dolla – RIDRS, 1722 Second Ave., Rock Stage, 129 N. Main St., Davenport IA Cheyenne Ave., Davenport IA Island IL Comedy Open Mic (7:30pm) – Rd., Davenport IA
Island IL Twisted Mics Music & Entertainment Karaoke Night – 11th Street Precinct, 1107 Michael Joiner – Tony Vinh (8pm) Penguin’s Comedy Club, 208
DJ K Yung – Barrel House Moline, 1321 Fifth – Barrel House Moline, 1321 Fifth Ave., Mound St., Davenport IA – Penguin’s Comedy Club, 208 Second Ave. SE, Cedar Rapids IA
Ave., Moline IL Moline IL Karaoke Night – Circle Tap, 1345 West Second Ave. SE, Cedar Rapids IA

DJ Lacey – Hawkeye Tap Sports Bar N Grill, Locust St., Davenport IA Studio Series: Nocturne Falls Honeycombs of Comedy (9pm) –
4646 Cheyenne Ave., Davenport IA
Karaoke Night – Circle Tap, 1345 West
SUNDAYS Karaoke Night – RIBCO, 1815 Second Ave.,
Rock Island IL
(9:30pm) – The Establishment, 220
19th St., Rock Island IL Bix Beiderbomb Presents (8pm)
Iowa City Yacht Club, 13 S. Linn St.,
Iowa City IA
Locust St., Davenport IA Catfish Jazz Society Jam Session (Aug. 13, Karaoke Night – Thirsty’s on Third, 2202 W. – Stand-up Open Mic (9pm) –
Karaoke Night – The Grove Tap, 108 S. First 3pm) – Knights of Columbus, 1111 W. 35th Third St., Davenport IA Boozie’s Bar & Grille, 114 ½ W. Third
St., Long Grove IA St., Davenport IA Open Jam w/ The Channel Cats – Bent St., Davenport IA
Karaoke Night – K & T’s Bike Rack Sports Bar Karaoke Night – 11th Street Precinct, 1107 River Brewing Company, 512 24th St. Rock Circumstantial Comedy Show Chris Kattan & Friends (8pm) – Comedy Open Mic (7:30pm) –
& Grill, 3303 Brady St., Davenport IA Mound St., Davenport IA Island IL (10pm) – BREW, 1104 Jersey Ridge Penguin’s Comedy Club, 208 Penguin’s Comedy Club, 208
Karaoke Night – Miller Time Bowling, 2902 Open Mic Night (5pm) – Lynn’s BBQ & Open Mic Night – Boozie’s Bar & Grille, 114 Rd., Davenport IA Second Ave. SE, Cedar Rapids IA Second Ave. SE, Cedar Rapids IA
E. Kimberly Rd., Davenport IA Saloon, 1151 E. Iowa St., Eldridge IA 1/2 W. Third St., Davenport IA ComedySportz (7pm) – The
Karaoke Night – Roadrunners Roadhouse, Open Mic Night (Aug. 9, 5:30pm) –

Establishment, 220 19th St., Rock
3803 Rockingham Rd., Davenport IA Milltown Coffee, 3800 River Dr., Moline IL Island IL
Karaoke Night – Thirsty’s on Third, 2202 W. Honeycombs of Comedy (9pm) – Studio Series: Dope Dojo (9:30pm)
Third St., Davenport IA Karaoke Monday w/ Pierced Productions Iowa City Yacht Club, 13 S. Linn St., – The Establishment, 220 19th St.,
Karaoke Night – V.F.W. Post 9128, 2814 State – Grumpy’s Saloon, 2120 E. 11th St., Iowa City IA Rock Island IL
St., Bettendorf IA Davenport IA
20 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 940 • August 3 - 16, 2017 Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •