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Second Periodical Test in English 9

I. Listening: 1-5
II. Poem Interpretation

George Santayana
What riches have you that you deem me poor
Or what large comfort that you call me sad?
Tell me what makes you so exceeding glad:
Is your earth happy or your heaven sure?
I hope for heaven, since the stars endure
And bring such tidings as our fathers had.
I know no deeper doubt to make me mad,
I need no brighter love to keep me pure.
To me the faiths of old are daily bread;
I bless their hope, I bless their will to save,
And my deep heart still mean what they said.
It makes me happy that the soul is brave,
And, being so much kinsman to the dead,
I walk contented to the peopled grave.

6. Who is being addressed by the poet?

a. The wealthy people b. The poor people
7. What makes the persona happy?
a. The old teachings from his elders.
b. The persona is in love.
8. What does the opening line of the poem mean?
a. There are better things than being rich.
b. The prescence of money.
9. How do you view the personas circumstance?
a. He will die unsatisfied
b. He will die contented and happy.
10. Why does the poet consider the faiths of old his daily bread?
a. Because it contains old teachings pertaining to biblical scripture.
b. Because the poet is asking for a miracle to be rich someday.
III. Reading Comprehension:

Teenage Life
Teenagers today are undergoing physical and emotional changes between the ages of 13 -19 which is
also considered as unavoidable stage in teenagers life.
Teenage life is full of happiness, sadness, enjoyment and it can be interesting too.
This is because teenager is subjected to physical growth, hormonal changes and even dilemmas. They may be
in a stage of conflict like undergoing puppy love which is a normal part of life.
The teenager should enjoy life by making friends with peers and participate in healthy activities such as
camping, picnic and swimming. By making friends, the teenager learns to sweeten his or her joys and eases
the bitterness of life's downtime.
Many teenagers are very conscious of their physical outlook. They love to follow up with the latest
trends for dressing, hairstyle and even look good with their physical image. Others may suffer from acne and
pimples that may scar their external beauty.
The mass media has an influence over the lives of many teenagers. Violent action movies, obscene
shows and pornography surfed from the Internet can bring a disastrous effect
on a teenager's life. There will be more harm than good if nothing is done.

11. What are the changes that a teenager undergoes ? _______

12. What kind of conflict does a teenage face ? _______
13. List two activities that a teenager can get involved in._______
14. What are the two things that a teenager likes to keep up to date with ?
15. State what paragraph could be the parents worries about their teenagers. _______

IV. Vocabulary Words: Choose the most appropriate replacement for each word
16. Beam a. grin b. smirk c. smile d. laugh
17. Cling a. hold b. clasp c. grip d. embrace
18. Daintily a. softly b. deftly c. lightly d. elegantly
19. Boisterous a. loud b. rowdy c. rollicking d. uproarious
20. Equipment a. gear b. regalia c. machinery d. paraphernalia
V. Multiple Choice: Write the letter of the correct answer
21. A group of sentences that has single idea.
a. clause b. paragraph c. phrase d. Word
22. In this poem the persona recounts old memories of friendship.
a. greatness b. What If c. Auld lang syne d. dream
23. It identifies the message of the story , and how the character change.
a. Theme b. mood c. title d. character
24. It is said to be the best sources of information,.
a. journals b. periodicals c. elements d. textbooks
25. The feeling the author creates using story details.
a. reaction b. emotion c. ideas d. mood
26. What is the point of view , if the narrator is not a character in the story?
a. First b. second c. third d. Fourth
27. These are the people or animals in the story.
a. antagonist b. protagonist c. cartoonist d. Characters
28. The target of this periodical is the general public.
a. popular magazines b. trade journals c . essay d. Scholarly
29. It discuss practical information in an industry.`
a. reflective b. trade journals c. emphatic d. synchronized
30. It pertains to the sequenced events in the story.
a. plot b. summary c. gist d. ideas
31. A figure of speech representing a thing or idea as a person.
a. simile b. metaphor c. personification d. hyperbole
32. In this type of periodical ,articles are written by experts in field, and are signed.
a. trade b. popular c. scholarly d. magazine
33. What is a fourteen line poem called?
a. sonnet b. elegy c. ballad d. eulogy
34. The desires falling to their bodies like blossoms. Identify the figure of speech used.
a. simile b. metaphor c. oxymoron d. irony
35. What is the meaning of the Scottish word Auld Lang Syne?
a. last time b. recently c. last year d. long time ago
36. It is a part of speech that modifies adjective, verb, and another adverb?
a. adverb b. verb c. adjective d .preposition
37. This story is all about a ritualistic ceremony that demonstrate conformity and rebellion.
a. The Death b. The Lottery c. The blackbox d. stoning
38. There was a murmur of conversation. In what sense does this line appeal?
a. sight b. taste c. touch d. sound
39. What does the bent body of The man with the hoe signifies?
a. middle age b. very old c. slave d. burden
40. The man with the hoe portrays about what?
a. The labor of much of humanity b. Masters, rulers, landlords
c. much about farming d. betrayed humanity

VI. Sequencing of events: Arrange the plot of the story The Lottery ( A-E)
41. On a late summer morning, the villagers gather to conduct their annual lottery headed by Mr.
Summer and Mr. Graves.
42. Tessie a desperate woman now entreats the crowd to go through the ritual again, doing things
fairly. Ignoring her protests, the men, women, and children of the town begin stoning her.
43. then lottery begins: Heads of families step forward and draw small paper slips from black box.

44. When all the slips are drawn, Bill Hutchinson discovers that he has picked the black spot.
45. Immediately Tessie began complaining that the drawing was unfair.
VII. True or False?
46. A La Homme is a painting that served as an inspiration of Edwin Markham
in his poem The Man with the Hoe.
47. The Climax of the story The Lottery is When Tessie Hutchinson knew that
she picked the paper with the black mark.
48. Martin Luther King Jr. legal name at birth was Michael King.
49. According to the poem I Think continually of those who were great
what is precious is never to forget.
50. Periodicals can offer less advantages over books depending upon the information needed.

VIII. Grammar: Complete each sentence with the most appropriate adverb (51-55)
Adverbs: ( overly, interchangeably, often, closely, usually )
Justice and fairness are _____related terms that are ____ used today _____.
While justice ____ has been used with reference to a standard of rightness, fairness often has
been used with regard to an ability to judge without reference to one's feelings or interests;
Fairness has also been used to refer to the ability to make judgments that are not
____general but that are concrete and specific to a particular case.
IX. Essay: 56-60 How do you value others and their circumstances?

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Melania C. Abaja Florentina M. Espiritu
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