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Master's in Clinical Dentistry (MClinDent)

BPP University

Key information

Qualification type Subject areas Course types

MClinDent - Master of Clinical

Endodontics Taught

Course summary

This programme is perfect for dentists keen to increase the range of endodontic options they offer. The
course aims to prepare you for practice, with the theoretical knowledge and expertise you need to
confidently treat the most challenging and endodontically compromised teeth. As part of this
programme, you will design and implement a research project that advances understanding in the
discipline. Our objective is to provide dental surgeons with the core knowledge and clinical skills
essential for the delivery of competent, high-quality dental care. As clinically based qualifications, our
courses are designed to equip you with real-life practice experience, so that you are fully prepared for a
flourishing professional career. Taught by renowned academics and experts in the field you will learn
how to use advanced technologies through a blended learning approach. You will be exposed to an
intensive mix of lectures, seminars and practical workshops using advanced microscopes, piezo
techniques, as well as other contemporary ways of managing endodontic problems. You will also work
with colleagues from other programmes to discuss management of patient cases with a multidisciplinary
approach and develop sound judgement based on evidence.

Different course options

Study mode Duration Start Dates

Full time 3 years MAY-17
Part time 3 years MAY-17
Course modules

DESIGN 1: Aetiology and diagnosis of diseases of the pulp(20 Credits)

This module explains the causes and aetiology of pulpal disease and how they may be treated or
prevented. It provides knowledge of the morphology of teeth including the size, shape and course
of the pulp chamber and canals developing an awareness of anatomical variations. Students will
also be able diagnose pulpal disease, treat endodontology emergencies and advise a patients of
post-operative sequelae.

DESIGN 2: Management of the compromised dental pulp(20 Credits)

This module teaches students to develop a comprehensive, properly sequenced treatment plan
and alternative plans based on all diagnostic data. It introduces the latest methods of managing
disease of the pulp and technologies of root canal preparation, debridement and obturation
underpinned by evidence based treatment planning. It also covers restorative protocols and their
influence on current thinking with regard the long term prognosis of the root treated tooth.

DESIGN 3: Advanced clinical practice(30 Credits)

Students present and treat a minimum of ten surgical cases, four of which are under supervision
and appraised at an regional clinic. Students also contribute to seminars and present interesting
case reports they treated or intend to treat under supervision or independently. The cases build up
a clinical portfolio that is marked for evidence of successful completion of the module.

DESIGN 4: Evidence based dentistry: understanding research(20 Credits)

This module Introduces statistics, measurement, research design, and argument exploring their
specific application in dental research and evaluation of different treatment modalities.

DESIGN 5: Biomechanics of osseointegration(20 Credits)

In this module root canal treatment is not a viable or cost effective treatment option this module
gives an overview of implants and the theory of osseointegration with guidance on patient
selection, diagnosis, treatment planning, and restorative protocols.

DESIGN 6: Occlusion(15 Credits)

This module addresses clinical aspects of occlusal treatment: diagnosis and treatment protocol,
fabrication of bite splints, treatment of temporomandibular disorders, the creation of functional
restorations, occlusal adjustment, and treatment of malocclusion.

DESIGN 7: Endodontology retreatment and navigating the complex root canal anatomy(15
This module develops competency in retreatment of failed root canal treatment as a result of under
preparation, inadequate obturation and iatrogenic perforation of the canal system. Included is the
management of facial trauma and surgical endodontology with risk assessment and determination
of long term prognosis.
DESIGN 8: Evidence based dentistry: professional project(40 Credits)
Students will be able to develop a research question and produce a research dissertation in an
area relevant to their practice.
Tuition fees
UK fees
Average for all postgrad courses - 5,202
International fees
Contact University and ask about this fee
Average for all postgrad courses - 12,227

Entry requirements

Students need to have an Undergraduate qualification in dentistry; plus completion of at least 1

year in clinical practice; plus current General Dental Council practising certificate; overseas
applicants require: undergraduate qualification in dentistry; completion of at least 1 year in clinical
practice; letter of good standing or equivalent from an appropriate regulatory dental body and
current satisfactory immunization status, current evidence of a satisfactory Disclosure and
Disbarment check and current evidence of malpractice indemnity insurance prior to commencing
clinical placement.


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