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1'01 R.

FrOllll M. B. n,ulbrouck
:}ubjeot: Breaktbrough?

Relayed to me yutera>\y, not cO!1f'identIe.llYt specifically

for transmission to yOU it: our intereat I The news that th18
Institute of
lAf't week t ,To::n Nelson was otf'lcially visitedb,. three .cientists
trom the ,'ri;;cetou:::c-nter of H.:.A. snd informed t:-.'1t tt,ey flnd
hi. work in forecast in" radio disturb')Dce. "superb."
This ill vItally imp"rtsnt to u s t this tll1le. It1el.lnS that
Uhe prejudice Against utilizing planet:.,r,y correlations has been
cracked wide open at top levels both i" soieace and iniustry. The
breakthrough bas been aocomplished by the very ~Jlet:'tOds employed
by (,EOV,AGr:;;:TICS I statistIcal evide,~ce over a period ot ti"!e. But
tor us the i:mnediate impl1c:.t;ion goes tar beyonj stati9tics.
confirms the scienti!1o vaUt1ity of tLe o8s1c ooncept we present
in support of our own 8tati~ticul record -- the ooncept that a
natural COfr.lst8lP exlsts between toe changing patt.rns formed
by the :nov og bo .... of the solar syste!] and chan~es ln the
various ,ll'lgoetio,and ot' er) flelds knownto ~nd.rn sclenc
Our flrst foreoants were found accurate by C. N. And.rli!on
of Bell Tele;:.llone I.aboratorics in 1:)41, and by 111'. B. T. Stetson
1n 1~-4}t several years before ';elson atarted hie research. '~e
1Iet Nelson in 1950 t tLrou,"Ji Arthur Van Dyke t then ae!li~tant to a
Vic. PresUent of R.C.A. 1:e IlV, ;(ept 1n touoh t informally but
frequently, w1toh Nelsoo ever slnce. \)ur work, io the minds of
,nan,. people t 18 aasoclatej with his t but On17{ In'o far aa the
Institute of
solar system is involved in both!lethol1e. Nell'lol't fl err:rts
apply exclu.;lvely to torec!lstll1~ rslio dl\\l!;urbance O'er1') 19. The
SP:Yt,\;' '~IC f()recasts cover a 71Uer riel1 of corr,.. iated liatur-
banc. p:,eno!llena - lllltjor e'JrtLqullkes. voiosd.c eruptions, tlL11,l1 ~"'"
wave., an:! (whenever we could c,eck 'Jith off'tcial,1ata) solar !In:l "
geo:nagoetio storll. a. pl.eoolllena 1n thellls.lves. RecentlYt our
corr.h"t1"ns have included l;. S. 'Il1asile hunCl 'b~str(}m their
beguv;iag to sui of' 1:*>0, ci,ecke:\ ~1th ofHdfl1 records.

,>1ncerc 1,7,

B. H!!sbrcuck
e.c. - ~c:-( ;) re~!t;)r of a.,se ,reb
I .

August 4, 1963

Geomagnetics Research, Inc.

319 EAST 50th STREET
t-:.t.w YORK 22, N. Y.

PlAZA 8.1993


GEOMAGNETICS RESEARCH, incorporated in 1961, has discovered

and developed a measurable correlation between mathematical
astronomy and field physics. From this synthesis has evolved

Institute of
a space-time frame of reference from which it is possible to
evaluate space weather conditions through the timing of solar
flares, geomagnetic storms, ana other field-force phenomena
known to be the source of interference in electronic communi-
cations, and to constitute a hazard in space flight operations.

Recent astrophysical research has given evidence that space

weather conditions -- disturbed or clear -- are directly linked
with solar variation and activity. The GMR space-time structure,
through the accurate timing of solar flares and related field-
force perturbations, provides a reliable method for space
weather forecasting -- short and long range -- that is vitally
needed, and currently lacking, in space science and engineering.

The GMR technique has been successfully applied over

Institute of
the past twenty years to a variety of test projects,
from the first predictions in 1942 (radio interference
. and sunspot variation) to the present high level corre-
lation of solar flares and geomagnetic storms -- and
missile launching failures -- with COincidentally timed

GMR Prospectus Page 2


1. National Defense and Space Agencies

While a primary purpose of Geomagnetics Research is to
develop over a broad area the synthesis between field physics
and mathematical astronomy, the immediate usefulness of GMR
data is in the area of practical prediction.
The number of active centers responsible for efficiency
and safety in space flight continues to increase with the
expansion of planning for space projects such as APOLLO and
GEMINI, and preparatory space launchings. Almost without
exception, these research and flight centers -- from the east
to the west coast -- are searching unsuccessfully for methods
Institute of
of solar flare and geomagnetic storm prediction.
Because GMR has discovered, developed, and
demonstrated a predictive technique with
special application to solar flares and
geomagnetic storms, the potential usefulness
and value of m~ timing and evaluation data
should greatly assist all national defense
and space agencies --.NASA, USAF, U.S. Army
and Navy installations, and the many related
centers of scientific and engineering activity
throughout the country concerned with space
operational activity.

2. Industrial Research and Operation

One of the major problems in the electronics industry is
radio frequency interference, RFl, which arises from
"man-made" and/or "natural" sources -- viz: from operational
incompatibility (man-made) and from solar and geomagnetic
field-force disturbance (natural.)
As no technical method has been evolved for
Institute of
predicting periods of field-disturbance, the
GMR technique, covering solar and geomagnetic
storms, radio bursts, and sunspot variations,
can be a valuable aid to electronics in dealing
with "natural" RFI.

3. Meteorological Centers
Weather turbulence and climatic change are believed to
be.related to solar flare activity, but the relationship so
far has not been included in conventional weather prediction.
The GMR record of solar flare prediction
suggests that a correlation of the GMR
technique with established weather systems
would add considerably to forecasting scope
and efficiency.
GMR Prospectus Page ~

Further areas of GMR development are now ready for use:
1. A 20 year record of high level correlation between
GMR forecasts of field-force disturbance and occurrence
of high magnitude earthquakes.
2. Biological effects of field-force are under world-wide
study by the medical profession, both civil and military.
Here it is thought that the GMR system of timing field-
force disturbance periods might make a vital contribution
to medical research, and to the "Life Sciences" which are
being intensively developed by aerospace science relative
to manned space flight.


Institute of
Approximately thirty years ago, research by an economist
and a writer -- Louis and M. B. Hasbrouck -- led to the discovery
of the GMR space-time structure and technique. Since then, they
and developed both structure and timing techniques,
while exploring a number of fields of useful application. In
1961 Geomagnetics Research was incorporated under the laws of
the State of New York with an authorized capital of $100,000
consisting of 1,000 shares of $100 par, of which to date 305
shares have been issued. The Hasbroucks turned over to the
corporation a complete description of their discovery and timing
methods in exchange for 250 shares of stock.
The present officers, comprising the board of directors are:
President Louis Hasbrouck
Exec. Vice President . D. C . ~wnley
Vice President (Research)M. B. Hasbrouck
Secretary-Treasurer E. W. Hermann

Personnel has intentionally been kept small, but can be

quickly augmented when required. Because the GMR technique of
Institute of
astrophysical synthesis is a new discovery in SCience, and by
its nature is a part of natural law, it is non-patentable
.Consequently care must be exercised to protect the method in
order best to utilize the discovery.

GMR forecasts are closely checked for correlation
with data from official sources: the Federal Bureau of Standards
and the High Altitude Observatory for solar. flares and geomagnetic
storms; the Coast and Geodetic Survey for earthquakes; the
National Aeronautic and Space Administration for missile and
satellite data.
.... _--------------

GMR Prospectus Page 4

(Organization) r!
Preparation and distribution of space weather forecasts !
are conducted from the present office in New York on a fee or
contract basis. Fundamental forecasts, covering any desired
period, can be further analyzed as to their special application
to the needs of a particular area of use: viz: for electronics,
RFI; for space operational planning, selective timing for tests,
launchings, or flights; for weather forecasting, advanoe timing
of storm centers. In short, to the know-how of space technology
GMRis able to add the vital factor of knowing-when -- and of
judging in advance wpat conditions may be expected in the danger
areas of outer space'~
The radiation hazard of solar flares in space flight --
Institute of
particularly in manned space flight -- has been described as
"the hostility of space." Professor J. A. Simpson adds, in
Science i!! Space, p. 225: "The inner solar system has become
one vast laboratory for the investigation of dilute plasmas,
magnetic fields, hydromagnetic waves, and shock phenomena that
cannot be scaled down properly for laboratory study."
Whiae much has been learned in exploring this "vast labo-
ratory" little or nothing has been added toward anticipating
the outbreak of solar storms. Even the mass of data recovered
from satellites and probes has failed to reveal a method for
solar flare prediction.
The success 2! ~eom~gnetics Research !a !h!! regard
woulg iiim 12 ipg~9.ti ~ ~ miiling 'l'mept 18
spaoe science has ~ mathematical astronomy, !B !!!
natural function !! ! coordinate space-time frame of

1964 has been deSignated as "Year of the Quiet Sun" --

Institute of
that is, it marks the low point in the approximate 11 year
cycle of solar flares and sunspot activity.

The record shows that since the last high point in the
solar cycle -- 1957-58 -- space operational successes have
failures in a yearly increasing ratio, even as
the solar storms have been decreasing year by year in number
and intensity. .
When the solar cycle passes its low point and starts up
again toward a peak of activity, the need for an organized
system of solar flare prediction and evaluation will be so
great that it can hardly be overestimated. The major space
projects are being planned for operation in the years that

.. . .. . . .........
follow the "Year of the Quiet Sun."
,.. ,..

.. .
,.. ,.. ..
,.. ,.. ,..


This research in space-time astrophysics, now incorporated

in GMR, had its beginning in 1930 when two people -- a writer
and an economist -- came together on the crest of a wave of
frustration as to what makes the wheels of the world go round.
What is it (asked the economist) that sends stock market
prices up~ as in 1926-29, and down as in 1929-32? Why this
perennial ebb and flow of prosperity to poverty and back?
What is it (asked the writer) that lies behind the changing
waves of human motivation and desire, the molecular substance of
literature and life itself?
Fully aware that many had gone this way before, only to
Institute of
return empty-handed, these two decided to try it on their own.
They began by pooling such knowledge as both had garnered from
education and experience. This included engineering, economics,
and ten years in Wall Street, along with music, comparative
philosophy, and ten years in journalism. At first, this appeared
to be an irreducible mixture. One day, the concept cleared, to
reveal a lucid hypothesis. Incorporating the older, indispensible
factors of mathematical astronomy with the continuum of modern
field physics had produced the GMR premise of a unified space-time
The first empirical evidence of its validity was demonstrated
in an annual cyclic wave-structure, reflected in fluctuating human
moods and motivations as the background of current trends (later
developed into the space-time structure of history.) This discovery
synchronized -- and concretized -- the Hurr-Northrop research at
Yale, which proved that changing magnetic field-forces affect all
living things and beings.
The first astrophysical evidence came from radio interference
(RFI.) From there the scope of the GMR premise and technique has
expanded -- on the principle of the cognate hypotheSiS, where one
set of evidence leads logically to another -- from radio in 1941
through four intervening areas to aerospace operational failures
in 1957. Institute of
The most recentCosmoEconomics
correlation to be established by GMR is in
the occurrence of solar flares. While no method of flare prediction
has yet been found through probes and satellites GMR space distur-
bance forecasts have coincided with solar flares from their first
recorded observations until now

"Already, space officials are fretting about the possibility of

giant solar flares occurring while astronauts are on their way
to the moon. Such flares hurl out lethal quantities of
radiation that could endanger the lives of space travellers."
(Wall Street Journal, August 19/63)
Geomagnetics Research, Inc.
319 EAST 50th STREET
NEW YORK 22. N. Y.

PlAZA 8.1998

Scientifically, we have re-forged the natural link

o~oken by Aristotle -- between astronomy and physics.
':Ie have done this through the astronomical timing of
field-force disturbances -- solar flares, geomagnetic
storms, etc. -- thereby estab~ishing an interplanetary
space-time structure that is mathematically reliable.
Humanistically, we have demonstrated that man is not
Institute of
a mechCln ... stic fragment in an incomprehensibJ:e universe, but
an integral part of an orderly, evolutionary -- and revolu-
tionary -- world system that can be followed with undersGanding
and intelligent adaptability.

Historically, we have timed and evaluated -- in terms
human motivation, response, and the resultant upward and
downward waves in advancing civilization -- the cyclic turn-
ing points in history as they form, and follow, an everchanging
s8quence and recurrence in the space-time structure, or continuum.
Philosophically, we have built the foundation for a new
&oproach -- unattainable prior to the advent of nuclear and
:eneral space science -- to the problem of faith, belief, and
confidence in the existence of a universal order that functions
throughout what we know as observable phenomena and what we
hope for as an image of reality, or truth.
ThiS, in a few words, is the fourfold basis
of our research and development.
At the practical level -- available for immediate use --
is the techniqu~ of predictability that has been applied with
Institute of
consistent reliability, for several years, to the field-force
distQrbances affecting space flight, and electronically-controlled
operations in general. This applies particularly, at the moment,
to the solar storms which constitute a radiation hazard in manned
space flight, and which are found to correspond conSistently
over the years where records are available -- to certain GMR
time warnings.
This coordinated discovery and development of what
appears to be a unifying prinCiple, capable of con-
structive application in several separate, but related
areas of modern life -- from space flight to the printed
page -- would seem to justify the financial, organizational
support without which no discovery or endeavor can be
integrated, presented, and put to use.
r:\. B. Hasbrouck
Director of Research
Geomagnetics Research, Inc.
ll9 EAST 50th STREET
NEW YORK 22, N. Y.
GMR NEWS LETTER # 4 PlA. . 8.1998 November 28,1963
World and Economic Trends
Surely no stronger evidence could be adduced as to the validity
of the space-time cyclic sequence relative to economic trends
than from the world-wide response to the assassination of President
Kennedy on Friday, November 22. An act of such untterable evil
is commonly expected to spawn results of national and international
fear, suspicion, and upheaval -- toppling thrones, crashing stock
Institute of
markets, riots and mass violence -- such as have followed similar
tragedies within (for some of us) living memory.

But on this unforgettable
cataclysmic repercussions
occasion it was at once clear that no
were developing. Friends and foes alike
from every part of the world (with two notable exceptions, Reg
China and Red Cuba) gathered automatically, as if by magic, in a
friendly, sorrowing group, unified as they could not have been by
any other means imaginable today. The major world markets, after
brief shock selling, quickly balanced out. The trend of world-wide
confidence -- now heading toward its natural peak -- was barely
interrupted. That this would be the case was indicated by the
current dynamics of the space-time cyclic structure. The teleo-
logical image of the next few years, and beyond, stands unchanged
by one of the greatest tragedies, to date, in American political
Solar and Geomagnetic Storms -.
Correlation of GMR forecasts with observed disturbance phenomena
(and quiet periods) continues at a high synchronistic level. The
New York Times (Nov.26/63; p. 42) headlined the "important dis-
covery" on October 13 last of a scientist working in Antarctica.
He found evidence of coincidence between what is known as a radio
Institute of
"whistler" and Navy radio reception interference. These odd"noises
are one of the many remaining mysteries of space, and heretofore
have not been considered as interference factors, the report said.
Reference to the GMR correlation record for October shows, on the
13th, a storm forecast of d intenSity (disturbed) preceded by an
r si7nal on the 12th (sudden disturbance) and followed by a d+
on the 14th (severe disturbance.) Such a series frequently C01n-
cides with both solar and seismic phenomena. In this case, the
reported results show major radio bursts and solar flares of 1+
importance on the 13th and 14th, earthquakes of 7 and ~ magnitude
on the 12th and 13th. Clearly, a storm of considerable intensity
occurred, detected after the event by tuning in a "whistler" but
clearly forecast by GMR weeks ahead of its probable impact.
L. Hasbrouck M. B. Hasbrouck
President Director of Research

To: R. Daniels
From : Muriel Hasbrouck
Subject : The basis and method of a d iscovery for ti~ng in
advance certain field phenomena called "magnetic
storms" which , from twenty years cumulative evidence,
are found Xm a) to affedt rad io propogation and
electrical nowe r equipment, and (b) to ~oincide with
the occurrence of solar flares , auroras , sunspots,
earthquakes of magnitude 6 or over, vo canic eruptions,
and missile launching failures.

Institute of
That the solar system is not , as generally considered , a
group of separate planeta~y bodies in orbit round the Gun,
but that it is a un i fi ed working system with inter-related
parts -- defined bv modern physics as charged bodies with
fields about t hem -- whose constant orbital motion is-reIated
to field -f orce changes within the system, directly observable
within t he field of t he earth , and from the earth as tbe only
available vanta~e pOint.
2. That within the field of the earth there exists a cyclic
nattern of changin ~ field - force , meae~ab~-aceording to
the ~6Q degrees of the astrono.l iical solar year , whos e regular
currents are deflected, or distorted , by the vari able orbits
of the pl anetary bodies . Field force disturbances, as evidenced
in corresponding earth 1iRimK phenomena , are found to coincide
with these distortions in the field , whic h are predictable in
terms of solar syste ~ harmonics .

NOTE : The abov e factor (2) di f ferentiates the J asbrouck

fore casts from other attempts to correlate planetary
cycles, in t hemselves , with earth field oheno'nena . 60me
Institute of
few of tbese efforts have been notably suc cessful in
predict i ng radio disturbance periods through planetary
relations hips alone , but the further developments to
other areas -- eartbquakes , eruptions, missile 1 uDc hin~
failur es -- has grown out of the linkage of the concept

.....ith ~ ttftified field tl'QQry ef ohysics , "
( :c; 'hl
~ ~ c-
"" <-
, "t ~ ..c:.-..... _ ~t:; .
RD Notes 2

Here are some quotes from THE EVOLUTIO N OF P YSICS to back this up:
p. 151 "lilaxwe ll ) "The electJic and magnetic field, or in short
the electromagnetic field is, in Maxwell's theory , something real.
Th e electric field is pro d uced by a chang i ng magnetic field , quite
quite inde pendently a magnet ic field is produced b y a changin
electric fie l d The electromagnetic f i e ld once created exists ,
acts , and changes acc or ding to Maxwe ll' s laws All space is the
scene of t hese laws ."

p . 157 "In the new field langu age it is t he de s cri ption of the field
between the charges, and not the c harg es t hemselves, wh i ch is essential
for an und ers tanding of the ir action . "

p . 162 Institute of
"All our experiments mu s t be perf or med on earth; e pre ssed
scientifically , the earth is our co- ord i nate system . "
cV p . 163 ~ "We must have wbat we call s ome frame of reference,
~ mechanical s caffold , to be able to det e r mine the pOSitions of bodies
it become t oe co- ordi n ate system . (Our CS is the tbe S olar
Svstem ; it is als o our f ralle of reference i n whi ch (as said on
p.165 ' the bodies move uniform(lf rela t ive to it." And h e goes on:
"I f we have t wo CS moving non- uniormly, relative to e a c h other, t h en
the laws of nec hanics canno t be valid in b oth. "Good" co-ordinate
systems, t n at is~ those for which the laws of me c hanics are v alid ,
we call mXmxaxatmK~xmxmxmxmx ine rtial s y stems.
~_ The question as to whether an inertial syst;em exists at
all i s still unsetlled . But i f there is 0 1 e such system , then t he re
is an -infin ite numb er of t he m. Ev ery CS moving uniformly, r elative
to the ini t ial one , is also an ine rti a l OS .
I t se ems to me t is app,ies perfe ct l y to our conce pt ion of
the b olar vystem as t h e frame of ref erence , the fourf old
force patc ern a s the i ert ial system , a nd the 3 un, eart ' ,
and planets as OS moving uni formly relative to the sun as
the centra l CS /
Institute of
171 CosmoEconomics
" uur conclusions
'oll ow", :
a r e g e ne rallv valid , and can be sumnarized

1. " e
k'1OW of no rule for finding an in~ertial syste m. Given
one, ~ow ever , we can find an infinite number, s ince all CS moving
uniformly , r e lative to each othe r, are inertial systems if one of
them is .
2 . The time corr e sponding to a n ev ent i s the same in al l CS .
But t ~le co-or linate s and vel oc ities are different, and c hangex
according to the trahsformation l aws . . He ~oes on to say,
on page 186 , t hat the classical transformation laws d on t wor k any ~ore,
the laws of relativ ity are the Lorenz transformation laws
lell, our woo le conc e pt ml wbat goes on i n the field is a series
of trans~formations -- change of 'osition , of ge ometry, pattern, all
relative to each ot he r and to t he whole
p. 1 86 "All laws of nature are t he same in a ll CS movin ~ uni formly
relative to each other"

l12kt{erence Consultants, Inc.
150 Causeway Street
Boston 14, Massachusetts

March 3, 1964

Mrs. Muriel Hasbrouck

319 East 50th Street Institute of
New York
New York 10022 CosmoEconomics
Dear Mrs.

I am very glad to give a brief summary of my relationship with you

and with Geomagnetics Research, Inc. , in your attempts to present your
work in a form which would be acceptable to modern science.

As consultant to several departments of the government in the field

of electromagnetic compatibility. I am retained to investigate any and all
disciplines which might have an effect on the malfunctioning of our space
and weapon systems. In such capacity I am to take the position of amicus
curi and not establish any conflict of interest by acquiring a permanent
interest in any capability under investigation. This is my present position
in regard to your work.

As far back as 1955, it was apparent that magnetic storms might

Institute of
have a deleterious effect on weapon system controls and that the charac
teristics and timing of these storms would have to be better understood.

One of the aspects of this understanding would be to determine whether the
time and duration of such storms could be forecast with any accuracy. A
general beginning was made, in a study of this subject, by accumulating
existing information on all methods of forecasting of "weather" phenomena;
such as employed by Ricard of Santa Clara University, Tomaschek of
Munich University, Nelson of RCA, The Farmer's Almanac, and others.
Your method of forecasting earthquakes was called to my attention in the
summer of 1960 and, in the beginning of 1961, I began to interview you.

After studying your work, for several months, I stated to you that I
~,', : did not see where your earthquake data would generate any immediate ac
ceptance and suggested that you attempt to correlate missile failures with
150 Causeway Street
Boston 14, M ....

Mrs. Muriel Hasbrouck - 2 - March 3, 1964

magnetic storm activity. This you did and presented such accurate
correlations that several representatives of the government and its
contractors contacted you for further details. Although your correla-
tions were considered accurate, it was impos sible, because of military
classification and lack of information as to the actual causes of mal-
Institute of
functioning, to justify the funding of a research contract. To link the two
together, I then suggested that a forecasting of "clear" days might justify
some government funding. This, I understand, is presently under con-
sideration but is meeting with the opposition of government physicists
although lower echelons wish to proceed. As a result, I have had to be-
come inactive in your behalf until such time as government interest war-
ranted further investigation.

As I believe I have pointed out to you, several times, your ability to

forecast natural phenomena is not unique as there have been in the past and
are, at present, responsible people who are making practical applications
every day in connection with their own work. Unfortunately, those of us
who have become interested in your basic concepts have had to try and
hurdle a scientific gap which is proving almost impossible under the pres-
ent state of the art.

There seem to be two current procedures to follow; one is to con-

tinue accumulating correlations and interpretations until the state of the
art catches up or, two; to try and bridge this gap by employing the serv-
ices of qualified scientists who can translate your findings into the language

Institute of
which science will accept. As far as I am personally concerned, I have
seen enough evidence of the practical results of your work and others, in-

cluding the Russians, to believe that you can eventually make a very im-
portant recognized contribution to science. I hope the Russians do not get
ahead of you. So keep trying, as I personally believe you have something
of inestimable value to our national defense and to our space projects.

Very truly yours,

RD/d Rexf~~ Daniels

cc: D. C. Townley
1, " ,4 , ' .+' !:?"" jj# , ( .

: . ~.

Louis Hasbrouck M . 8. Hasbrouck

Geomagnetics Research, Inc.

319 EAST 50th STREET
NEW YORK, N. Y. 10022
July 28, 1965
PLaza 81998

~~. Seymour Tilson

Associate Editor
International Science and Technology
205 East 42nd Street,
New York, ~.Y. 10017

Dear Seymour:
Institute of
As we recalled over the telephone, yesterday, you have been
good enough to comment favorably, in the past, on what you've
heard of the discoveries and developments in this workshop. But
until now,'we have heard no ringing bell, no siren whistle, to
announce that the time had come for serious investigation of our
work. The time has come; here is the reason why:
It is reported in SCIENCE for June, 1965 (p. 1592) by Norman
F . Ness of Goddard Space Flight Center and John M. Wilcox, Space
Science Laboratory, University of California, that "Observations
of the interplanetary field by the IMP #1 have revealed a regular
longitudinal sector structure in this field."
Science writer George Getze, in the Los Angeles Times of
June 21, 1965, interprets the findings of the two scientists.
"Their findings confirm the existence of a great spiral structure
in the interplanetary magnetic field that extends out from the
sun and which turns in tune with the sun's period of rotation.
Like a gigantic lawn sprinkler sending streams of water spiralling
over the ground, the sun's rotation sends waves of magnetism
sweeping re gularly past the earth. This data has shown the existence
of four distinct spirals in the magnetic field. (Emphasis mine.)
Institute of
Recurring patterns of intensity have been detected in each spiral,
and the spirals alternate in the direction of the magnetic force.
As each spiral sweeps past the earth it seems to influence the
activity within the earth's magnetic field, and also appears to
affect the intensity of the cosmic ray bombardment of the earth.
The four spiralling sectors are not equal in size, according to
the scientists."
On August 6, 1964, we wrote you: "You've had considerable
briefing on our work, but to recapitulate briefly: Twenty years
before the Van Allen Belts and Solar Winds were located by the
Explorers and Sputniks, we had worked out, and demonstrated, the
existence of four forces constantly flowing and interacting through
the interplanetary field."
S.T. 2

These four I1forces" have turned out to be the basis of a timing

system through which (as you know) we are able to forecast the
occurrence of field-force disturbance phenomena, from simple radio
frequency interference (in 1941) to geomagnetrc storms, solar flares,
and radio bursts (since 1957.) Extensions of the four-way system
have been applied (successfully) to the analysis and anticipation
of changing trends in economic and world conditions. (See enclosed
Interim Letters from our economic sector.) And there are clear
indications, not yet fully developed, that the system is also appli-
cable in the medical area known as bionics. ~ ~

Apparently we have come upon a coordinated field structure

in space-time dynamics within the solar system. The variations
in the dynamic force-field patterns are measurable according to
Institute of
the principles of mathematical astronomy, via the Nautical Almanac.
NOT astrology, once and for alll In our search for causality in
space-time, it was advisable that we investigate, test -- and
discard --. every known astrological theory. We can therefore state
categorically that nowhere in that confused mass of half-knowledge
is there a clue to the existence of the four basic space-time f~rces
as we have defined, analyzed, and demonstrated their existence.
The pOint of the matter is that the GMR system of space-time
dynamics works. It has worked from the day it was first applied
to radio interference periods in 1941 (with C. N. Anderson of the
Bell Telephone Laboratories) to the fore~asts made in 1964 at the
request of Dr. John Firor, Director of the High Altitude Observatory
in Colorado, in which the correlating phenomena, taken from HAC and
Geodetic Survey observations, included solar flares, radio bursts,
geomagnetic storms, and major earthquakes. (See Hecord enclosed.)
The fact that Dr. Firor refuses to recognize the evidence
of the GMR forecasts as worthy of investigation is beside the point.
From the beginning, we have been subject to skepticism from people
in his world. A four-way field-force pattern, we were told, was
beyond all scientific reason; the accuracy of our forecasts (over
20 years) was due to "chance." But the evidence continued to pile
Institute of
up. Van Allen Belts and Solar Winds -- surprising the IGY people --
came along to support our general thesis of a unified space-time
dynamics in the interplanetary field. ~ut there has been no physical
sign of the four forces until now, thanks to IMP, whose magical
mechanics seem to have integrated our cognate hypothesis.
are a few of the many striking points of resemblance
between the .solar sector structure as defined by Wilcox and Ness
in SCIENCE and the four-way patterns of space-time dynamics as we
have developed, applied, and tried to understand them.
1. The primary link between the two discoveries is the fact that
both deal with no more, and no less, than FOUR forces. The scientists
define these forces as a sweeping four-arm spiral with the sun as
its center, moving "in the plane of the ecliptic, and normal to the
ecliptic." .

GMR defines them as four separate, but interacting field-

forces, of varying dynamic intensity (from A through Band C to
D) which annually follow a regular and eccentric course along
the plane of the ecliptic, relative to the sun's "apparent path"
along the zodiac band as if seen from the earth, i.e., geocentrically.
2. The scientists state that the spiral forces in their swe~pin.g
action "influence the activity within the earth's magnetic field,"
and also "appear to affect the intensity of the cosmic ray bombard-
ment of the earth."
The second reference here is to a phenomenon known as the
Forbush Decrease. Every recorded occurrence of this phenomenon
that we've been able to check has coincided with a G1~ forecast of
high intensity field disturbance. (For a typical example, see
Institute of
SCIENCE IN SPACE, page 269, in the chapter by J.A. Simpson on
"Solar Modulation of Cosmic Radiation," showing a diagram for
January 21-22, 1957. ~oth dates showed a GMR d+ forecast signal.)
3. The scientists refer to the interplanetary structure as sweeping
past the
once every gz days. They associate this interval with
the rotation period of the sun.
GMR reveals (but does not try to explain) that the four forces
in their regular, annual course come into a four-way conjunction
with the earth's moon in orbit every gz days. It is these conjunct
points which set up a trigger action in the current field-disturbance
4. The scientists' broad reference to the effect of the spiralling
forces on "the activity within the earth's magnetic field" can simply
be set beside the 20 year GMR record of . forecasts with coincident
observed phenomena. This record fills two thick work-books on my
shelf, and has been presented, in relevant sections, to many people
presumed to be concerned -- from C.N. Anderson in 1941 to Dr. Firor
in 1964, not forgetting NASA, the DOD , and several major aviation
and space industrial outfits, all of whom dismissed the GMR premise
as "metaphysical." The IMP -- a perfect name, under the circumstancesl--
Institute of
would now seem to have proved them all to be in error.

(Mrs.) M.B. Hasbrouck ~
Director of Research
Symbol Code
4l+ Extra Clear '.,
c Clear
c- Partly Clear
Mode~ely Disturbed Geomagnetics Research, Inc.
d Disturbed . 319 EAST 50th stREET
1+ Severely Disturbed NEW YORK 22. N. Y.
r Sudden Disturbance
- No change PLAzA 8-1998

Summary ot Correlation between GNa lorecaeta and Ob.erYe4 BYent.

trom March 1 tbroup Jue 21,1964

HAO OBSERVATION Qua poucaS'f , "

,' ,: " "

4-5-6-7 Flares imp. 1
'Jlares imp. 1 Institute 11) of r 4
Geomagnetic Storm to 6th'

15-16 Flare. imp. 1. 2. 1&.11) 0+ ~ ,
21 llare
No Observation
imp. 1+
20-21) 0+ ..
' Jllare ,
imp. 1- 24) 4++-
1-3 Geomagnet1c Star. 1) 4 (,) 0+:11
5 Flare :~~~tnp. 1- 5) 4+
7 " Flare ' imp. 1- 7-8) o+r
Flares imp. 1-
llarea , imp. 1- 11~ 4+ '
15-18 Geomagnetic Storm 16 0+r(17) - (18) 4
24 llare imp. 1- . 2, 4 '
27-29 Geomagnet.10 Stor. 26) 4- (~) o...r
1 Geomagnet10 Stor.
2 ? '
4 ?
6 Flare imp. 1-
? Flare 1mp. 1-
? Institute of
Geomagnetic Stor.
!flare CosmoEconomics
im.p. 1+
imp. 1
24-25 Flare imp. 1,
25-31 Observation

No Observation
Flare imp. 1+
Geomagnetic Stor.
1) 4+-
7) d (8)
9) 4
ct.(Volcanic Eruption)-
10-11 Flares imp. 1- 11) o+r
13 ? 13) d++-
14-15-16-17 ~larea imp. 1- 15-16) c+r (Earthquake, Japan)-
21 ' Jlareimp. 1 ' 20)4.-(21)4 (EruptioD, Etna)
Single Event., Total. 47, Ooinoi4ent.
DoUbttu1. 9
total. '2, Oo1Doi4e~'. 2~1 Douo,tul. 8


M. B. Haabrouok
Direotor of ae aroh
Louis Hasbrouck M. 8. Hasbrouck

Geomagnetics Research, Inc.

319 EAST 50th STREET
NEW YORK, N . Y. 10022

PLaza 8:'1'998
Dr. John W. Firor, Director November 26
High Altitude Observatory 1965
Boulder, Colorado


Institute of
~ypothesis, Method, and Potential

Hypothesis CosmoEconomics
if not all field-force distunbances can
result from irregularities, or variations in the
flow of fie Id-force energie,s throughout the Solar
System. The timing of such disturbances can be
calculated from the astrono~ical EphemeriS, used
in conjunction with a supplementary Ephemeris
described below.
This hypothesis arises from random observation (1938-1940) of
certain recurrent correlations between periods of radio blackout
(and newsworthy sunspots) and the geocentric longitude of the Sun
and any planet, or planets, in certain areas of the zodiacal belt
(the apparent annual pathway of the Sun and planets as seen from
the Earth.)
No reason for this coincidence_could be found in any system
of mathematical astronomy, ancient or modern. Theories of terres-
trial IIplanetary influence" had previously been investigated in a
Institute of
general research, and discarded as untenable. Any acceptable
rationale for this hypotheSis should start from field physics --
Faraday's lines of force in mutual interference, perhaps. But
where lay any possible connec~ion between field and Ephemeris?
problem remained unsolved until the discovery
was made
in 1941 of what seemed to be a field superstructure within the
Solar System -- an annual, four-wave pattern of regular, flowing
streams or currents of field-force energy in varying potential.
Tabulated from a 19th century version of early astronomical physics
these four streams or currents were found to provide a constant
frame of reference, or coordinate system which, when combined with
regular Ephemeris positions of planetary and lunar bodies, could
be used to time and evaluate field-force disturbances as points of
tension or perturbation within the Solar System fie-1-<1

...... "The Golden Dawn" Vol. 4, pp 234-257 (Aries Press, Chicago, 1940)
Dr. John IV. Firor Page 2 of 4

Until now, the physical reality of these four superstructure

forces could only be inferred from the Continuing accuracy, in
several forecasting areas, which this concept made possible.
Recently, however, data transmitted by the IMP-l satellite
revealed the existence of a longitudinal sector structure in a
four-arm spiral which appears to resemble the GMR field structure
as utilized and ~isualized for 25 years. (See att~phed pages from
Science, June 18, 1965.)

It can be seen from the above that while the G~ffi
Institute of
system of forecasting utilizes, as a working tool,
the regular Ephemeris Tables of geocentric planetary
Cl ;::::1 lU:Gal'" motion, these figures are employed only in
conjunction with a set of supplementary Tables of the
geocentric annual sequence of motion of the four super-
structure forces, tabulated in 1942.
These four streams of field-force are found to coincide at
regular intervals with the Sun's apparent annual path along the
ecliptic (the zodiacal belt) and at irregular, but calculable
intervals with the planets and the Moon in their normal motion as
tabulated in the regular Ephemeris.
Forecasts of field-force disturbance are worked out by timing
and locating -- from both Ephemerides -- any conjunct pOints (in
zodiacal degrees) that are simultaneously occupied by the Sun, a
planet or planets, and by one or more of the superstructure forces
which, in their annual motions, follow the regular zodiac pattern
and can be calculated at all times.
It is these conjunct points in time and space which are found
to indicate probable periods of primary field-force disturbance. A
significant majority of these coincide with a single disturbance
Institute of
phenomenon, or inaugurate a series of secondary &isturbances -- or
both. The secondary forecasts, usually significant in close timing
of coincident phenomena ~ are acti vated ---( or "triggered") according
to the relative passage of the Moon. - --

lITriggers are calculated from the regular

daily and hourly

Ephe~~ris figures of
motion of the Moon. Field-force disturbanc~s
are frequently observed to coincide -with the formation of geometrical,
angular relationships (0, 90, 180) between the Moon in motion and
any primary conjunct points -- approaching, COincident, or past --
within an average range of two weeks to a month, either way, according
to the field geometry of the period under study. _

Geomagnetics Research, Inc.,319 East 50th St.New York,N.Y. 10022 11/26/65

Dr. John W. Firor Page 3 of 4

Differentiation of disturbance potential (d,d+,d++) between

one forecast and another is deduced from the regularly changing
qualities of wave formation in the field superstructure. The four
streams of force, or energy, follow an annual course, lining up
(literally, from the Earth) with the apparent paths of Sun and
planets, but independent of either in their recurrent power potential.
Evaluation of intensity variatiori in the forecasts is therefore
based neither on opinion nor on precedent; no two periods of time
can ever be alike in all respects. It is based on the adaptation
of a tradition in early physics, generally miscalled "the four
elements" and symbolized by the names fire, water, air, and earth.
From the beginning of science (which wasastponomy)these four
forces (or qualities, as defined by Plato) were regarded as the
Institute of
structural basis of cosmology.

As is usually the case with classic symbolism, the symbol tells
the story more graphically than any semantic translation. The work
of GMR is obviously dealingwith four different levels of dynamic
energy, functioning in what is known today as the interplanetary
field. The four superstructure forces are therefore represented
in the forecasts as A,B,C,and D in four colors -- red, blue, yellow
and green. (See enclosed work sheets.)
In order to simplify both calculation and notation of the fore-
casts -- rather than using the arc of ascension figures from the
Nautical Almanac -- the familiar astronomical and zcdiacal symbols
are used to represent the Sun, Moon, planets, and the 12 thirty
degree divisions of the , solar year which, because of the precession
of the equinoxes, no longer correspond to the appropriate constellations.

"The properties of electromagnetic radiation vary with
frequency. For one thing, the radiation is put out in
discrete little bundles called ~'quanta" and the energy
Institute of
content of one quantum of a particular radiation is in
direct proportion to its frequency. As frequency goes
up (and wavelength down) the radiation becomes more
energetic, ~nd can interact more thoroughly with matter."

No attempt is made to correlate, at this time, the GMR hypothesis
technique with current scientific theories. ~ut among the many
authorities that could be quoted in support -- from Faraday on, or \
back through Kepler to Sir Francis Bacon -- the above, written by
Isaac Asimov on page 110 of his lay-reader-oriented book, AddiMi
a Dimension (Doubleday, 1964) puts into a few words what the G
research team, as creative trespassers, have come to visualize as
the probable field fundamentals of the work. It seems probable that
the forecasts involve electromagnetic radiation, in varying frequency.
The quantum theory haunts the wave patterns of the field superstructure.

Geomagnetics Research, Inc.,3l9 East 50th St.New York,N.Y.10022 11/26/65


Dr. John W. Firor Page 4 of 4

Prediction: Neither does GMR claim the ability to predict

any specific phenomenon as certain to cfoincide, to the day and hour,
with any forecast. (That would be sheer fortune-telling.) GMR
does not predict, in particular, a solar flare, a geomagnetic storm,
radio interference, a power failure, an earthquake, a volcanic eruption,
or any other phenomenon commonly related to field-force disturbance. '
The GMR predictive technique is neither a crystal ball nor a push-
button mechanism.
The forecasts are directed toward the timing and evaluation of
periods of field-force disturbance which -- as the record shows --
tend to coincide with anyone or more of the events, phenomena, or
occurrences commonly associated with electromagnetic or other field
Institute of
perturbation. Research so far, limited as it has been, has produced
' a tentative system of classification relative to certain forecasts
which has been reasonably good, but by no means perfect. This would
seem to indicate that wide research, with technological cooperation
and adequate data, could eventually create a system that would dif-
ferentiate clearly between solar, seismic, and other probabilities
of response to any given forecast of ' field-force disturbance.

Timing: GMR forecasts are timed (from the two Ephemerides)

for the day on which the forecast formulation takes shape in the
interplanetary field. Considerable research and development WOUld
be required to indicate, with greater objective assurance, the precise
time at which the coin'c ident phenomena might be observable Several
physicists, including Dr. Harlan T. Stetson in 1942, have commented
that a discrepancy of 24 to 48 hours between the field forecast and
the terrestrially observable event could only be considered a natural
factor in dealing with a eomplex (and only partly understood) area
such as the interplanetary field.


by ':of
Institute ~\l.~~ ~ .
M. B. Hasbrouck
Director of Research
Louis Hasbrouck
Enc. Copy, Regular Ephemeris, ~ovember and December 1965
1\ SQPplementary " ." It "',,
" GMR work sheets for" " " It
Copy, pp 1592-1594 from Science, June 18, 1965 Vol. 148

Geomagnetics Research, Inc.,319 East 50th St.New York,N.Y.l0022 11/26/65

28 February 1964

Mr. M. B. Hasbrouck
Director of Research
Geomagnetics Research, Inc.
319 East 50th Street
New York 22, New York

Dear Mr. Hasbrouck:

Sane time ago we received a memorandum from Geomagnetics Research, Inc.

Institute of
entitled "A Note on Solar Flare Prediction." This memorandum indicates that
you believe you have achieved some degree of success in predicting some
solar flares.
As you are of course aware, the subject of flare prediction is one
receiving much attention from many research groups at the present time.
Most of the efforts at detailed flare predictions that I am familiar with
have not been at all successful. Therefore I am at present inclined to
treat any claims of successful predictions with considerable skepticism
until they have been demonstrated. So far I have not seen a scheme
demonstrated which is at all helpful in actual flare prediction.

I suspect that before too long some of the staff of the High Altitude
Observatory will be called upon to comment on your flare predictions. At
that time I would like to be in a position of having evaluated your method
or results so that this comment can be made with accuracy. I wonder if
you would be willing to help us make such an evaluation. What we need
from you is either a detailed description of the method you use to make
predictions so that we can make an independent run using this method or,
as an alternative, we would need advance forecasts from you for a period
of six months or more so that we could statistically study these forecasts.

The study of flares and of their prediction is an area of great

Institute of
practical importance and
needed. I hope that you
one in which new ideas and techniques are sorely
have made progress in this area, and that your

work will be of value in the coming years.
John W. Firor

A Laboratory of the National Center for Atmospheric Research

Operated by the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
Under Contract with the National Science Foundation
.'.l.lQ .Beorp.g,netlcs Research. h~.
'e'l-~ ~ ~ '!i!!\. ~ ~11..1Il't.
AUG 1 1 1964

Doc John Firor

He shut the door
Ri ght i n the Hasbrouck ' s face ,
" 0 more, no more"
He did i mplore ,
"Of cosmic ti me and s pace !
I cannot t hink
Institute of
Beyond the brink
Of ga dgetry ' s g ood grace! "
He couldn ' t t hink ;
He took to drink ,
Up in that lofty place .
The re a son? Wel l,
I chose to te 11
My tale at a new pace .
And so he fell
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Along the cosmic trace .

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