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Linking and Blending

Lesson 5

Linking Consonant to Vowel

minute win it
tower how are
pocket lock it
goddess got us
planet plan it
terror where are
letter let her
often off an

Disappearing /h/

Give (h)er a dollar.

Is (h)e ready to go?

I told (h)im to call me.

Pronoun Pronunciation
he /i/
his /iz/ or /z/
him /im/ or /m/
her /r/
them /m/

He gave me the money.

Give the money to (h)im.

1. I like her.

2. Is he here?

3. Was he sleeping?
4. Ask her about it.

5. Look them up.

6. Give her a call.

7. She's crazy about him.

8. Did he or didn't he?

9. Where's his coat?

10. Is he very busy?


Linking Consonant to Vowel and Disappearing /h/


Stop over at 8 / and drop off my books.

Go to sleep early / and wake up at 7.


She's not at all tired / but it's still early.

We got out of the meeting / at eleven thirty.


I had a good time / on my weekend off.

Instead of studying, / we rode around in the car.


After a week of tests, / we took off for Hawaii.

When you back up, / look out for other cars.


The trip takes an hour / by bus or by car.

The place is familiar, / but the address isn't.


When's (h)e coming / and where's (h)e staying?

He's already noticed / that she's absent.


The problem is / some of (th)em aren't here.

I don't have time off, / so I can't come over.


He works in an office / on East Avenue.

I ran into a friend / when I was shopping.


They're announcing the news / in March or April

For information, / please call (h)er on Monday.


Tomorrow we'll ask (h)im / to tell us about it.

The final exam / was full of difficult questions.

Linking Vowel to Vowel

Part 1

Listen to linking words ending in /iy/, /ey/, /a/, and // to other words beginning
with vowel sounds. What sound links the words together?

/iy/ /ey/ /a/ + //

+vowel +vowel vowel +vowel
free us play out why are toy is
we are say it I am enjoy it
tree is day is try it annoy us
The sound "yuh" links the vowels /iy/, /ey/, /a/, and // to words beginning with
vowel sounds. Keep in mind that the tongue moves up and forward when making these
vowel sounds.

Part 2

Listen to words ending in /uw/, /ow/, and /a/. What sound links vowel to vowel?

/uw/ + vowel /ow/ + vowel /a/ +vowel

who are go out how are
you ask know us now us
threw all grow up cow is

The sound /w/ links the words that end with /uw/, /ow/, and /a/ to words that begin
with vowels.

Remember: You have to round your lips to make this sound!!