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Mineral Springs School District

Choir Handbook


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Contact the director:

Ms. Jonasson
Phone: 870-287-4747

Due to the nature of school scheduling, event times and dates may be changed.
Updates are received via email, class hand-outs, on the MSSD Music Dept website, and/or through Google Classroom

August 14 First Day of School 8:00am

September 30 Henderson All Region Workshop TBA

October 14 Lakeside All-Region Tryouts TBA

October 21 Warren All-Region Tryouts TBA

November 10 Lake Hamilton JH All-Region Choir TBA

November 11 Lake Hamilton HS All-Region Choir TBA

December 2 Jonesboro All-State Workshop TBA

December TBA Christmas Concert TBA

February 21-24 Choral Performance Assessment TBA

March TBA Region Solo & Ensemble TBA

March TBA Magic Springs Festival TBA

April TBA State Solo & Ensemble TBA

April TBA Spring Concert TBA

Choir Objectives
To present students in the Mineral Springs School District with the opportunity to learn,
sing, and perform music in the choir program.
To offer a quality musical experience through performance and competition of diverse
choral literature.
To promote the cultivation of student relationships through teamwork and camaraderie.
To offer aspiring students opportunities for leadership.
To promote and develop good character in each studentincluding, but not limited to:
self-discipline, creativity, self-esteem, and enthusiasm for learning.
To develop an aesthetic appreciation for choral music in students and in the surrounding

Choir Programs
Senior High Choir
This is an upper-level choir course. Students in grades 9-12 who have previously taken a
choir course are eligible to join. Students who have never been in choir may talk to the director
to discuss joining. The Senior High Choir will perform at community events, competitions, in
addition to a minimum of one final concert each semester. More performances will be added
at the discretion of the director. Students will also have the opportunity to audition for Region
and Honor choir events as they arise. Students are required to be at all rehearsals and
performances. Excused absences are as explained later in the handbook.

Junior High Choir

This is a beginning level choir course. Students in grades 7-8 who may or may not have
been in a choir are welcome to join. Junior high choir will perform at community events and a
minimum of one final concert each semester. Junior high may also be given the opportunity to
perform at competitive events at the discretion of the director. Students will also have the
opportunity to audition for Region and Honor choir events as they arise. Students are required to
be at all rehearsals and performances. Excused absences are as explained later in the handbook.

Region Honor Choir

Students (junior and senior high) who are interested will have the opportunity to learn
all-region music and will audition for the Region III Honor Choir in the fall. Learning the all-
region music will be part of the curriculum, however, students are not REQUIRED to audition.

Solo & Ensemble

Each spring ArkCDA hosts a Solo & Ensemble competition where students are invited to
learn music and perform it for a judge for constructive criticism. All students are welcome to
perform. Please speak with the director to choose appropriate literature for solos and ensemble

Concert Attire
Concert attire for Junior High and Senior High choirs will be the same.

Formal Concerts
Concert Black
Ladies, if you wear a skirt be sure comes down to your knees; we stand on a stage
Men, you may wear a tie with school colors if you like
Hair must be well-kept
Jewelry must not be overwhelming

Informal Concerts
Choir shirt and jeans/khakis

Each student will be issued a 1 black 3 ring binder for music and a pencil to be used ONLY in
choir class. We use these binders to protect our music, and on occasion may need to perform
with them. Therefore they MUST remain in good condition. Misuse of the binder will result in
the student needing to purchase a replacement.

We will NOT be using copies of music this year; each student will receive an octavo for each
piece we learn. This music is LOANED to the student, and failure to maintain quality will result
in the student being charged for a new octavo. Practice recordings will be available on Google
Classroom. When writing on your music, do not use a pen to take notes. Notes made on music
will need to be erased before being turned in after the concert. Failure to do so, or notes made in
pen, may result in student being charged for a replacement octavo.

Choir Room

Students are to keep the choir room clean and neat. Items left in the choir room at the
end of the school day will be turned in to the front office.
Binders are to be put away immediately following rehearsals. Leaving your binder out
on your chair or on the piano shows disrespect of materials, and will result in disciplinary
Practice and storage rooms must remain tidy. Students who fail to maintain organization
will spend time during lunch tidying these rooms.
Students are not allowed in practice rooms without director approval.
o Lights must always be on

o Doors must remain unlocked
Failure to do so will result in a loss of practice room privileges and disciplinary measures will be
used to ensure misbehavior does not re-occur

Trip Conduct

On occasion, the choir may have the privilege of traveling to a competition or event. Since the
choir is a part of the whole school system, we will operate within the rules set down by the
school district with a few additions of our own:

The choir will always travel to a performances and events as a group on assigned buses.
Students will sit on the bus where the director places them without complaint.
A student may return with parents provided a permission slip, signed by the parents, is
given to the director prior to departure from school.
Students found to be in possession of or under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be
returned home with their parents or guardian and recommended for expulsion from the
Students who are found to be representing the choral program negatively (mocking other
members, shoplifting, etc.) will be subject to disciplinary measures, including possible
recommendation for expulsion from the program.
On overnight trips, students are not allowed to be in the rooms of the opposite gender.

Student Expectations
Be on time (meaning ready to play at the call-time; not setting up). Tardiness to
rehearsals, and performances will result in a lowered participation grade and possible
removal from performance.
Be respectful of the director, other teachers, and classmates.
Pay attention. Failure to participate will affect student grades.
Have all materials ready at every rehearsal and performance.
No food, candy, tobacco products, or drinks are allowed in the choir room at any time.
o You did not follow this rule last year; our floor is now stained.
o There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy in place this year. Be prepared.

Attendance Policy

Attendance is required at all rehearsals, performances, and concerts. Absences from a rehearsal
of any type, a concert, contest, clinic, or festival, will be categorized according to one of the
following classifications:

Excused Absence
Excused absences are those due to emergencies such as serious illness, death in
the family, or a family emergency. The student or parent/guardian should contact
the choir director and relate the facts causing the emergency and the probable

length of time the student will miss rehearsals. The student should bring a note
signed by the parent/guardian to the director's office upon returning to school
Unexcused Absence
An unexcused absence is failure to attend a scheduled rehearsal or performance
without the specific approval of the choir director. An absence will be unexcused
for students who do not bring a signed note the day they return to school. Work is
not considered an excused absence. School comes before work; students will be
given ample time to ask off for performances, and it will be expected that students
manage their work schedule around school/choir events.

Grades will be based on the following:
Attendance (Daily grade)
o Students are required to be at all rehearsals, performances, and other events as
assigned by the director. Failure to attend without written approval will result in
an unexcused absence.
Participation (Daily grade)
o Students are expected to bring all materials to classes, rehearsals, and
performances, answer questions, and be active participants
o Students must participate with full effort, good posture, and a cheerful
countenance. We are a group; one sour member will negatively affect our whole
Singing tests & performances
o Singing tests will be over class material and material given to students for
personal practice; these may be scheduled or unscheduled at the discretion of the
o Students will be given the opportunity to make up a singing test at any time.
However, students must arrange a time to retake the test with the director; it is not
the responsibility of the director to reschedule the playing test.
o Performances/playing tests will be graded on a four-point scale
Correct Notes/Rhythms25%
For Performances, a letter grade will be dropped for failure to wear correct
o Written assignments, research projects, listening assignments will be assigned
throughout the year at the discretion of the director.
o Assignments must be completed and turned in on or before the due date. If the
assignment is not turned in on the due date, grade will drop one letter for each day
the assignment is late; after the third day the student will receive a zero and will
not be eligible for make-up work.

Grading Policy on Rehearsal and Performance

Rehearsals and performances are the culmination of our studies and therefore are treated as test
grades. An excused absence will have no negative effect on the students grade, provided the
make-up material is completed and turned in during the given time-frame. Unexcused absences
as defined above will cause a zero as the students test grade. Missing the last rehearsal before a
performance may result in removal from the performance and an unexcused absence regardless
of rehearsal attendance record. Missing three or more rehearsals a season may result in removal
from any upcoming performances.

Grading system will be according to School District Policy.

Incentive Awards Program

Students earn cumulative points toward each of the seven levels through a variety of activities.
Keeping track of the points earned will be the shared responsibility of the student and the
director. Awards ceremony will occur during the last month of classes to allow each student the
opportunity to earn full points. Receiving OSS or not attending a performance (regardless of
excused or not) may result in (but not be limited to) a drop of one level per semester.

Level One: framed certificate; one other item
Level Two: framed certificate; personalized music folder
Level Three: engraved plaque; choir key and chain
Level Four: engraved plaque; one other item
Level Five: engraved award; choir ring
Level Six: engraved award; cash prize
Level Seven: engraved award; cash prize
Point Requirements
Level One:
75 points overall in four or more areas
Attend all required performances
No discipline problems in choir
Level Two:
150 points overall in five or more areas
Meet all Level One requirements
Level Three:
250 points overall in six or more areas
Meet all Level Two requirements
Level Four:
375 points overall
Meet all Level Three requirements
Level Five:
500 points overall
Meet all Level Four requirements

Level Six:
625 points overall
Meet all Level Five requirements
Level Seven:
800 points overall
Meet all Level Six requirements

Point Areas

1. All-State choir member 50 points per occurrence

2. All-Region choir member 30 points per occurrence
3. Audition for All-State choir 25 points per occurrence
4. Audition for All-Region choir 25 points per occurrence
5. Choral Performance Assessment participant 10 points per occurrence
6. Region Solo & Ensemble participant: Solo 10 points per occurrence
7. Region Solo & Ensemble participant: Ensemble 10 points per occurrence
8. Rated Excellent at Region Solo & Ensemble: Solo 15 points per occurrence
9. Rated Excellent at Region Solo & Ensemble: Ensemble 15 points per occurrence
10. Rated Superior at Region Solo & Ensemble: Solo 30 points per occurrence
11. Rated Superior at Region Solo & Ensemble: Ensemble 20 points per occurrence
12. State Solo & Ensemble participant 15 points per occurrence
13. Career choir* (for each recurring year) 10 points per occurrence
16. Officer and/or section leader 10 points per occurrence
17. Choral performances outside class requirements 10 points each**
18. Member of cast or crew of school musical 5 points per occurrence

*Career choir points are awarded to students for each consecutive year
**Max of 40 points per semester possible

Discipline Management Techniques
The choral program is developed to bring out the best in each and every member. However on
occasion, some members do not meet the standards upheld by the school for conduct. All choir
members are not only subjected to the discipline management techniques listed in the district's
Student Code of Conduct when being assessed penalties for violations of the code of conduct,
but may be assigned various activities for violations of rules at the discretion of the choir director
including, but not limited to:
Written Assignments
Singing tests
Removal from individual rehearsals (will receive an unexcused absence)
Removal from individual performances (will receive an unexcused absence)
In-school suspension

If student behavior is not improved via the above measures, a conference will be held with the
choir director and the following as deemed necessary: the principal, the parents, and the student.
At this conference, the choir director and parents, principal, and student will discuss the students
eligibility to continue participating in the program. Measures decided upon at this meeting may
include, but are not limited to:
Removal from remaining rehearsals
Removal from marching program

Although the choir director and the school district will do their best to keep each student actively
engaged and participating in choir, it is also our responsibility to ensure the other members are
actively engaged and participating, and the learning environment is not being negatively affected
by the lack of contribution and support of students who refuse to cooperate after disciplinary
measures have been taken.

Sign & complete this page and return it to the choir director

I have read and discussed the handbook with my parents/guardians and we will abide by the rules
and standards stated in the choir handbook in addition to the Mineral Springs School District
Codes of Conduct. I understand that this document must be returned within the first week of
school. We understand the responsibilities that come with being a member of the Mineral
Springs Choral Program and will follow them.

I give my child permission to travel with the choir to competitions, and events. This form is in
place of a regular permission slip.

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