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Personality is one of the major qualification given as a major requirement for hospitality industry and office
administration professionals and in fact for any other job

Often, workers are fired not because of lack of skills but because they could not go along well with fellow
workers. This is a personality problem.

PERSONALITY sum total of the qualities and characteristics of a person as shown in her manner of
walking, talking, dressing, and her attitudes, interests, and ways of reacting to other people

It also refers to all the factors within the person that influence his characteristics ways of behaving, thinking
and feeling.

Components of Personality

Being pleasing and attractive in appearance is only one aspect of personality.

1. Physical includes the modes of dressing, manner of walking, posture, body build, health, complexion
and facial expression.

2. Intellectual how a person talks and what he/she talks about. He/she must develop his intellect or

3. Social good manners, doing the right thing at the right time, acting in proper manner,and get along
well with others
4. Emotional includes a persons likes or dislikes, whether he or she is outgoing or shy, calm or
nervous, whether he/she losses her temper easily or keeps it cool.

5. Value System includes a persons attitudes, values, beliefs and philosophy in life. This is referred to
as CHARACTER. It is shown in the way we judge whether our actions and the actions of others are
right or wrong.

How Personality is Revealed

Personality is not revealed in one meeting

It unmask itself in various ways.

o Ex. In a boy meets girl situation, the first impression is usually based on appearance
physical stature, grooming, facial feature, poise etc

o When the 2 begin to exchange ideas the biy reacts to her voice, her words, her interests
and her manner of expressing herself. Her intelligence starts revealing herself. If she has
nothing to say, the impression created by the lovely face and regal bearing is erased.

o When the acquaintance ripens into friendship, each will observe how the other reacts to
problem and situations. The degree of emotional stability is now shown.

o As friendship deepens into a more stable and meaningful one, and the real self shows
itself, others aspects of personality reveals themselves. Her set of values, her beliefs, and
her attitudes which determine her philosophy of life affect the way she solves her
problems and reacts to situation

Personality Differences

o We are all different because of three factors:

Our Heredity
Our Environment
Our Experiences
Techniques in Improving Personality

o Realize that improvement is needed

o Have a strong motive or desire to improve
o Take an inventory or make a checklist of the strong and weak points, or what is to be
improved, and
o Have a step-by-step plan for improvement
Creating your Visual Statement

o to visually create a message which communicates what you want others to know about
you through your appearance

o to convey outwardly your level of inner confidence

Defining Beauty in Men and Women

o Beauty is an innate quality, a way of being, a manner of acting. It is also a way of looking.

o We primarily think of physical beauty but sooner or later the personality and inner self
must supersede the outer beauty of the face and figure.

o Beauty is a state mind

o It should grow with each passing day and be developed to last a lifetime

Outer Beauty

o Highlighted not only by personal attractiveness, butby outer behavior, poise, and
education. Your speech, diction, grammar, and sensitivity in communication reflect your
true nature.

Inner Beauty

o To think beautiful is to be beautiful

o With your eyes shut, think the words I am beautiful or handsome.

o You must learn to recognize your strength and weaknesses and your good and bad
qualities in order to decide what could be done about each of them.

Liking yourself

o An essential to beauty is to like yourself, even to love yourself. Respect and love for your
unique self and an understanding of your nature go hand in hand with respect, love, and
understanding of others.