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1. Name 2 pieces of clothing starting 11. What is worn by women and is

with the letter P. very short?
(see picture above)

2. Which item of clothing has 12. Name something made of rubber

fingers? worn on your feet.

3. Name a popular hat that is also 13. What do you wrap around your
used in a ball sport. neck when its cold?

4. Give another name for a womans 14. Name three pieces of clothing
shirt. starting with the letter T.

5. Name 5 things you could wear to 15. What do you call the plastic or
go to the beach. metal thing you can hang clothes on?
(see picture above)

6. What do you call a glove that has 16. Name 3 pieces of clothing that
no fingers? are often made of leather.

7. Name five things a businessman 17. What do we use to hang clothes

would wear to work. on a clothesline? (see picture above)

8. What do you call the strings used 18. What is female underwear often
to tie your shoes? called?

9. You find these on a shirt. Theyre 19. Shirts can have short or long
used to close the shirt. ones. What are they?

10. I keep you warm. I usually have a 20. Name 5 items of clothing women
zip. Im short. Im sometimes made wear but men dont.
of leather.
Answer Key

1. pajamas (pyjama), panties, pants, 11. miniskirt


2. glove or gloves 12. (rubber) boots, Wellington boots,

Wellingtons, flip-flops etc.

3. (baseball) cap 13. scarf, shawl

4. blouse 14. trousers, tie, tracksuit, T-shirt,


5. swimsuit, swimming costume, 15. clothes hanger, hanger

swimming trunks, bikini, shorts, T-
shirt, sandals, flip-flops, sunhat etc.

6. mitten 16. shoes, belt, boots, jacket, gloves

7. suit, shirt, tie, socks, shoes, 17. clothespin, clothespeg, peg

trousers, jacket etc.

8. laces or shoelaces 18. panties, knickers

9. buttons 19. sleeves

10. jacket 20. dress, skirt, bra, panties or

knickers, blouse, high-heeled shoes,
nightdress, wedding gown

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