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aus dem Bardon-Ar


Translatemmmmd by Gerhakkrd lllll

Published by: Faulks Books, Norw

Newly-Discovered Notes from the Bardon Study Group in


As compiled by Dieter Rilggeberg

An Analysis of Positive and Negative Attributes in

Accordance with the Four Elements

Support for Introspection and

Knowledge about Oneself


Universal Master Key to

Franz Bardon's Initiation into Hermetics

Table of Contents

The Element of Fire

1. Will, Might and Power

2. Belief, Trust (Confidence) and Certainty

3. Bravery

4. Self-Control

5. Impetus, Fiery Vigour and Enthusiasm

6. Enthusiasm for the Magical Sciences and Arts

7. Courage

The Power of Expansion 17. Return to Health 10. Independency 20. Universality. How Equilibrium gives us a Firm Hold on our Actions 29. Multi-Dimensionality 31. The Sexual Connection between Man and Woman 18. Feelings (Sentience) and Deeds 22. Endurance and Perseverance 21. The Enterprising Spirit 15. Objectivity 23.8. Absolute Trust in Our Intelligence toward Others 26. Strong Individuality . Working Actively 28. Unyieldingness 27. Enthusiasm for Self-sacrifice 25. Fervency or a Red-Glowing Fire 12. Concentrating on Thoughts. The Power of Decision-Making 13. Consequence 24. Truth 19. Untouchability 30. Effective Defence 9. Magical Authority 11. Uncompromisingness 14. Personal Strictness 16.

Unobtrusiveness 3. Cheerfulness and Jocularity . How to Attain Success 33. Self-Reliance. The Removal of Unexpressed Passions and Wishes 40. Observing a Foreign Opinion 7. Certainty (Security). Hope 38. Purity 11. Generosity and Charity 6. and Self-Confidence 36. Astuteness 13. Concentrating our Attention Internally and Externally 9.32. Magnanimity 39. Memory 14. Sublimity 10. The Joy of Living 2. Equanimity and Reason (Prudence) 15. Perceptive Faculty. Honest Work without Praise and Self-Praise 8. The Ability to Carry Out Anything The Element of Air 1. Refinement and Subtlety 4. The Meaning is Lost through Repetition 35. Joy in the Success of Others 5. Control of our Subconscious 34. Watchfulness 37. Optimism 12.

Not being Conceited or Arrogant 28. Concealed Advice from People and Beings 29. Diligence 18. Acuity. The Right Remarks 32. Awareness of Mistakes and their Consequences . The Right Judgment and the Right Conclusion 34. Differentiating between Advantages and Harmfulness 26. Skilfulness 35. Alertness. Industriousness and Hard Work 20.16. Confidence and Trust 22. Correct Logic 36. Non-Interference 38. Life in the Present. Friendliness and Affability 23. Gentleness and Moderation 27. in the Eternal Now 31. Sincerity and Openness 17. Free of Worries 30. Presence of Mind and General Orientation 40. Adaptability 25. Sound Consideration and Sound Intellect 37. Sympathy and Friendship 21. Watchfulness 19. Good Behaviour toward Others 39. Activity and Liveliness 24. Caution 33.

Clear Cognition and Cognisance 53. Do not be Accusatory 47. The Freshness of Spring 52.41. Do not oppose our Destiny 43. Control of Our Thoughts 45. Diversity The Element of Water 1. Humility and Modesty 6. Absolute Calmness . Kindness and Noble-Mindedness 2. Sincerity and Directness 3. Thoughtful Consent or Approval 51. Acknowledgment of Truth 46. Indifference vis-a-vis False Pity. Spiritual Caution 54.or Underestimate Ourselves 48. The Work of our Elementals 44. Love and Sympathy 4. Interest in Creation 50. Justified and Correct Excuses 49. Never Over. Genuine Progress 56. Freedom 57. Eternal Youth 55. Melancholy and Curiosity 5. Analysing Problems 42.

Gratefulness 26. Never be Offended 9. Fertility 17. Kindness and Amiability 20. Yearning for the Highest Objective 24. Life. Cosmic Means 16. Cold-bloodedness 19. Criticism of Others 30. Self-Sacrifice 23. Appropriate Attitude toward Departed Beings and Material Things 29. Patience 21. Health: Healing through Magical.7. Forgiveness and Balance 25. Do Not Complain . Consciously Calling Forth Feelings 15. Obedience 28. Penetrability 11. Blissfulness 13. Respect your Fellowman 10. Rhythm and Mobility 18. Tolerance and Goodwill 14. Mercy 22. Loyalty and Devotedness 8. A Joyful Crossing Over 27. Honesty 12.

Impartiality 36. Peace 15. Conserving Our Energy 7. Free of Ambition 4. Pay Attention to Experiences 8. Justice. Cling to Nothing Transitory 2. An Unbending Attitude and Steadfastness 18. Education and Introspection 11. Respect the Attributes of Others 13. Developing a Stable Character . Level-Headedness and Composure 6. Asceticism 16. Assessment of Oneself 3. Two Realities and Absolute Truth 32. Keeping Your Promises 14. Rejecting Yearning for Success 33. In awe of God 34. Our Attitude towards Negative Attributes The Element of Earth 1.31. Equanimity 5. Righteousness 9. Justified Request for Help 35. Proper Thinking and Judgment According to Truth 10. Accuracy and Meticulousness 17. Moderation 12.

Thriftiness 28. Proper Assessment of our Negative Qualities Foreword by Martin Faulks In your hands you hold a work of incredible beauty. and on our interaction with the invisible . wisdom and power. Universal Objectivity 26. Strictness with Oneself 32. Intelligence and the Improvement of Our Character 35. Taciturnity and Silence 27. Sobriety 22. Reality 30. Striving Only for Good 29. Taking every Situation Seriously 34. Written by Franz Bardon. Harmony 31. Decent External Behaviour 33. The Consciousness 20. Methodology 23. Tolerability and Compatibility 21. Agreeableness. Good Deeds 25.19. The Universal Master Key is a text of poetry and inspiration in which Bardon teaches us the qualities we need to cultivate in our personality and what effects they have on the world around us. Lawfulness 24. the most expert guide to the magical path that ever put pen to paper. on our magical exercises.

This. affects how we interact with the spirits and with our fellow human beings. Some of these practitioners even mistake building an impressive persona and gaining notoriety for genuine spiritual evolution. For this reason. each one of our virtues or vices acts as a talisman. which attracts certain forces and thus events into our life. what you are about to read is extremely important for anyone on the magical path. Currently many magical practitioners believe they can gain results and develop powers without any effort or personal development. . The reason for this is because our karmic forces represent the elemental forces within our being which are under the control of external influences. those areas of ourselves that we have not mastered and are controlled by external forces or by our uncontrolled passions. This is a fact that Franz Bardon hinted to in the section In Initiation to Hermetics. It is for this reason I believe a text that reaffirms the Hermetic path as one of the cultivation of virtue is of great in tum. where he talks about karma and states that magical development is an aspect of the laws of karma. In the work we are told that in a sense.