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Scania Irizar i3

Scania (Great Britain) Limited
Claylands Avenue, Worksop,
S81 7DJ
+44 1909 500822
Printed: 04/16

How Scania is meeting W hy choose Scania?

emerging needs
Weve been building buses for over 100 years and leading the way ever since, Because we give our customers exactly what they need: the highest levels
shaping the design and manufacture of buses through the decades. of expertise, premium quality materials and a full programme of support and
maintenance services.

Investment in public transport is AND HOW DO driving conditions for drivers, resulting Our goal is to help your operation
on the rise as cities around the world WE DO THIS? in an enhanced commuter experience succeed and prosper. We do this
look for sustainable solutions to urgent for passengers. by using the best products and
traffic problems and environmental We design buses that meet the needs offering unbeatable services.
issues. So were constantly improving of the passenger, operation and city High quality materials and fuel economy
our designs to keep ahead of You can expect us to deliver outstanding guarantee maximum profitability for your We offer outstanding vehicles;
changing needs. vehicles, designed and manufactured business and we can tailor solutions engineered to world-class standards
to world-class standards. Our support to environmental challenges, reducing for fuel economy, driveability, comfort,
programmes offer unrivalled support; environmental footprint and increasing road handling, reliability and safety.
whatever you need, whenever you need it. quality of life for everyone.
Were proud of our achievements.
Our state-of-the-art technology and Were the number one choice of bus We believe were the best and we
ergonomic designs provide advanced providers for many leading operators. work hard to keep it that way. We
care about our people and your people
because we know that good people
drive success.

D I D YO U K N OW ? Choose us and youll have the

We built our first bus, the confidence that comes with investing
Nordmark, in 1911. in a premium product; designed,
manufactured and tested to the
highest standards.

And youll be supported by real people;

experts in their field, committed to giving
you an outstanding, personal service.



Introducing the W hat s so special about

Scania Ir izar i3 the Scania Ir izar i3 ?
The Scania Irizar i3 is safe, reliable and flexible; Its ahead of its time - the perfect choice for your city,
a low entry bus, built to the highest specification. your passengers and your profits.
Its cost-effective too which is great for business.

The Scania Irizar i3 is the result We work closely with our partners
of a long-standing partnership to maintain and improve standards,
between Scania and Irizar. It benefits keeping the Scania Irizar i3 at the
from Scanias chassis and driveline forefront of the industry - where
engineering expertise with distinctive, it belongs.
passenger-friendly coachwork
from Irizar.

Safety is our first priority. Built to the internal lamps with LED technology Our engines are known for their low fuel
requirements of R107 Bus Construction as standard. consumption and high torque, delivering
and meets the requirements of R66.01 outstanding performance; setting
Roll Over Protection. State-of-the-art The Scania Irizar i3 can be customised industry standards.
technology assists drivers to make fast, to your requirements with a choice
accurate decisions for passenger safety of engines. It comes as standard You can choose from either 2 or 3 axle
and fuel economy. with Scanias renowned driveline, chassis formats with body lengths from
incorporating our 9 litre, 5 cylinder 10.9m to 15m. Its flexible body design
It has multiple layouts for internal and 250hp Euro 6 engine coupled through allows one, 2 or 3 door options to
external configuration, and our innovative a ZF EcoLife gearbox to Scanias own support every operators requirements
designs minimise time and cost of rear axle options. and challenges.
repairs. Its equipped with integral
acclimatisation equipment and external/



Flexible suppor t, tailored E xceptional levels

to your needs of suppor t
Through Scania Total Transport Solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of There is a Scania Total Transport Solutions programme for every operation;
support programmes designed to help you with all aspects of your fleet operation. so we can tailor your support package to your individual requirements.

W H AT S I N I T F O R M E ?
Its all about us helping you run KEY BENEFITS:
a successful, profitable business.
So purchasing a Scania product is Vehicle optimising advice
only the beginning of a mutually Financial services
beneficial relationship. Fixed price repairs
Comprehensive parts
You can rely on us to provide support supply chain
24 hours a day, 365 days a year Fleet care and management
whenever you need it giving you Training solutions for your
peace of mind that your fleet care drivers, engineers and
needs are taken care of. technicians
A wide range of products to
Our programmes are delivered assist drivers and technicians
through our network of services
centres across the UK, and your We believe we provide the best
support is co-ordinated by a single support available in the industry.
point of contact. But it doesnt end there.
Were constantly looking for
We have over 90 depots across the UK ways to improve and expand
so youre never more than 30 minutes our range of services, so our
away from a Scania dealer. And it support programme remains
doesnt matter which dealer you visit; second-to-none.
they all have access to your vehicle
and customer history.



Flexible training solu tions Safet y first

As part of our overall support package, we offer full training Our first priority is the safety of everyone who travels in our buses; your passengers
for your drivers and technicians; to keep them up-to-date and drivers. Theyre at the heart of every design.
with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.
So we use the most advanced safety
technology, build to the highest
HOW IS THE TRAINING Its fully equipped to meet every training D I D YO U K N OW ? specifications and test under the
DELIVERED? need. So your people can constantly
most demanding conditions.
update their product knowledge, The award-winning Scania Training
Keeping your people up-to-speed including Euro 6 engine maintenance, Centre is widely regarded as one of
We have constructed the Scania
with the latest processes and technology repair and installation. the best training facilities of its type
Irizar i3 to meet both regulation R107
is essential for their motivation and in the world.
passenger access and anti-roll-over
your success. We can tailor our training programmes
regulation R66/02; to ensure
to your individual needs, so you can find
maximum safety for all on board.
Thats why weve invested heavily in a solution that works for your business.
a state-of-the-art training centre.
Drivers benefit from state-of-the-art
Located in the heart of England, the Training can be carried out on-site
driving technology to give them the
centre is dedicated to excellence and or via distance learning; assuring the
information they need to make fast,
personal development. most appropriate and cost-effective
accurate decisions on the road.
training solution.

We use fire-resistant, illuminated

materials in the manufacture of all
our buses, giving an excellent range
of visual field and quality in all conditions,
at all times. We also offer a wide range
of equipment for passenger safety.

Engine bay fire detection comes

as standard, and you can choose
from options of DAFO foam-based
or Fogmaker water based fire
suppression systems.



Built to last Wor ld class fuel economy

The Scania Irizar i3 is manufactured to outstanding finishes and looks great and low emissions
on the road. Its reliable too, so you have peace of mind that youve invested
Our engines are the power behind some of the worlds toughest transport
in a maximum-quality model that will stand the test of time.
jobs. The Scania Irizar i3 is powered by the Scania Euro 6 engine.
TELL ME MORE It comes as standard with our Scania
Euro 6 engine, which is recognised TELL ME MORE ABOUT
Its tested under the most demanding for its low fuel consumption and high THE EURO 6 ENGINE
conditions, by the most prestigious torque. Its a reliable, economical
independent engineering companies and solution with an unbeatable combination The Euro 6 engine is built on our
institutions; achieving excellent results of low emissions and high performance. robust 5 cylinder engine platform
and performance. and sets the standard for achieving
the toughest emission levels in the
world; with an efficient and compact,
customer-friendly solution.

It delivers the exceptional performance

you would expect from Scania: world-
class driveability, outstanding operating
economy and maximum reliability.


You can choose from two Euro 6

engine outputs: 250 hp and 280 hp.

Powered by excellence ( engine )

Our Scania Euro 6 engine is recognised for its low fuel
consumption and high torque.

S P E C I F I C AT I O N Scania Euro 6 Alternative engine option:

Scania DC09111 (250hp) Scania DC09113 (280hp)
Scania XPI fuel injection
system with unit injectors 5 Cylinders, 130mm Bore 5 Cylinders, 130mm Bore
Turbocharger with waste gate Stroke (mm): 140, Stroke (mm): 140,
Air to air charge cooled diesel Swept volume: 9.3 litres Swept volume: 9.3 litres
engine mounted in line at the Max power: (ISO 1585) Max power: (ISO 1585)
rear and Fulfils Euro 6 emission 184 KW (250hp) @ 1900 rpm 206Kw (280hp) @ 1900 r/min
levels using EGR & SCR Max Torque: (ISO 1585) Max Torque: (ISO 1585)
emission control technology 1250 Nm @ 1000-1350 rpm 1400Nm @ 1000 1350 r/min



Designed with intelligence Safe, comfor table

(transmission ) handling for dr ivers
The Scania Irizar i3 is designed with flexibility in mind, using the Taking care of your drivers comfort and safety increases their well-being
most advanced technology and engineering. and reduces the risk of accidents, or absence through illness and injury.

The Scania Irizar i3 incorporates the TELL ME MORE There are multiple compartments and
latest ZF EcoLife fully automated glove boxes. It also comes with ISRI
gearbox ZF. Topodyn software comes So weve designed an ergonomic drivers seat as standard; with the option
as standard to ensure optimum drivers area for a more relaxed, of additional arm rests and seat heaters.
fuel consumption while maintaining pleasant driving experience.
passenger comfort.

The final drive is by our own rear axle, The drivers cab has a number of
renowned for its outstanding service features, including assault screens which
levels and ease of maintenance. can be designed and modified to meet
the challenges of any urban area.
Excellent manoeuvrability can be
achieved on the longer buses options,
as the 6x2*4 chassis designs incorporate
a hydraulic rear steered rear axle.

Put ting the dr iver in control

Drivers are fundamental to the success of your operation. They make decisions
that affect safety and profitability, so they need the right tools to do their job well.

Thats why we have designed the Scania HOW DOES IT BENEFIT But we do everything we can to help
Irizar i3 to give drivers everything they MY DRIVERS? them do a better job. The driver can at
need to make fast, accurate decisions a glance access the vehicles instrument
for passenger safety and cost-efficiency. Its crucial that drivers can make their panel which gives options of historic
own assessments and take control of or instantaneous driver feedback on
the vehicle. Ultimately, the responsibility fuel consumption along with other
lies with them. vehicle parameters.



Increased accessibilit y A comfor table commu te

for passengers Every passenger needs comfort at the start, or end, of a busy day.
And any time between! The interior design has a number of features
We aspire to meet the needs of all your passengers, and options to provide an enjoyable experience for passengers.
so weve designed a bus that provides a commuter
experience with no barriers. W H AT M A K E S I T CCTV wiring, with preparation for
S O C O M F O R TA B L E ? 8 cameras, is part of the vehicles
specification; so your drivers and
TELL ME MORE ABOUT electric wheelchair ramp to aid access
You have multiple options to choose passengers feel more secure.
ACCESSIBILIT Y for drivers who need to remain in the
from for configuring the amount of
drivers cab.
seating and standing space. The generous internal height
The Scania Irizar i3 is a low-entry allows for increased comfort, by
model which means that the lower The ticket machine has multiple
Convector heating and air- allowing natural light into the saloon.
height from the floor to the ground position options to aid driver and
conditioning are available for
makes it more accessible to all passenger access and you can also
climate control. LED interior lighting comes
members of the community. choose additional buggy space and
as standard.
wheelchair access to meet different
Anti-vandal design allows for
The MASATS manual wheelchair ramp route requirements.
easier cleaning and maintenance;
is included as standard, but there is also
contributing to a pleasant
the option to upgrade to the MASATS
environment for your passengers.

First impressions count

With its stylish clean lines and eye catching designs, the Scania Irizar i3 makes
a distinctive visual impact on the road; instantly recognisable to your passengers.

 ront, rear and side destination T
 he body allows for maximum
equipment comes as standard; advertising space if required; without
and you can choose Hannover compromising style and visual appeal.
or Mobitec LED.
 here are multiple door options for
 ou can choose between single or you to choose from.
double-glazed windows; with the
further option of tinted or clear glass.



A strong source of profit Flexible options

for years to come ( inter ior customisation )
Our business is all about helping you achieve ongoing success. So we do Flexibility is the Scania Irizar i3s greatest strength; no two fleets need look the
everything we can to help you take care of your people, and your profits. same. You can customise the interior to meet your passenger or service needs.

TELL ME MORE Its powered by the world-class Euro 6 And the support you receive from us is W H AT A R E M Y O P T I O N S ? You can choose the number of hopper The durable brushed aluminium-effect
engine, which is acclaimed for achieving second-to-none; we provide whatever windows and you also have the option hand-poles can be substituted with a
The Scania Irizar i3 is designed to world- the toughest emission levels. you need, whenever you need it. The ratio of seated and standing of full saloon air-conditioning, depending choice of colours to lift the appearance
class standards, using state-of-the-art passenger space can be modified, on your climate needs. of the interior.
technology. Weve integrated the most advanced The Scania Irizar i3 is a leading model with a range of options for customising
technology and safety features, from a premium, world-class brand; the seats, such as seat-belts, armrests Kiel seats come as standard; or you Anti-vandal materials are used to allow
The most advanced, demanding so drivers can make fast, accurate offering everything you need for the and more. can choose Esteban or Lazzerini with easy cleaning and maintenance.
tests are carried out to ensure decisions for safety and fuel-economy. city, the passenger and your business. multiple options of material covering
maximum safety and reliability. And Designed to exceed future needs, its There are options for additional buggy such as cloth or leather.
we only use premium quality materials It exceeds the highest standards for ahead of its time; the first choice for space, or additional seats can be
the Scania Irizar i3 is manufactured safety, comfort and reliability; offering progressive operations. replaced with luggage racking so the
to the highest specifications. a pleasant passenger experience. bus is fit for purpose.

Warranty extensions for both

chassis and body plus full repair
and maintenance packages are
also available.

Ma ximum safet y, ma ximum streng th

The Scania Irizar i3 has been optimised to maximise safety and strength.

AND HOW DO Our vehicles are tested under the most

WE DO THIS? demanding parameters.

Scania Irizar i3 is built to the Engine bay fire detections comes as

requirements of R107 Bus Construction standard. In addition, there are options
and meets the requirements of R66.01 for DAFA foam based or Fogmaker
Roll Over Protection. waste fire suppression systems.

We invest heavily in the most advanced

safety technologies; anticipating and
exceeding future regulations.



Your operation, your choice Specifications

Whether you require a service bus, luxury inter-urban, bespoke
airport or Park & Ride vehicle; the Scania Irizar i3 can be adapted Length From 10.95m to 15m Electrical system Polycarbonate headlights with LED daylight function
to meet your service needs. Saloon LED lighting standard
Width 2.55m LED tail and side lights
LED spots for driver and service door position
Height 3.39m Aisle lights on steps to rear saloon part
HOW CAN IT MEE T MY You can choose from a variety of internal Stop display inside cabin
SERVICE NEEDS? layouts for optimal seating. Seating capacity From 39 to 55 seats + tip up seats and standees CCTV wiring preparation for 8 cameras
Available with or without wheelchair space
You have the option to replace additional Brakes & Safety Constructed to R107 annex 8 and fulfils the
There are multiple door options to cope
Door configuration Wide entrance with double leaf, other door requirements of R66.01 roll over legislation.
with heavy passenger traffic - you can seating with luggage racking, if required.
configurations available Full EC split braking system incorporating disc
choose between two or three sets of brakes, ABS and traction control.
double doors. Wheel configuration 4x2 / 6x2 *4 4kg Fire extinguisher
Equipped with the appropriate number of emergency
Fuel capacity 300lts exits and minimum number of break glass hammers
required to meet European regulations.
Powertrain Scania DCo9 111 25ohp 9 litre Euro 6 engine with Audible reversing alarm
EGR & SCR emission control
Max power: (ISO 1585) 184KW (250hp) 1900 r/min Maintenance Front & Rear fibreglass bumpers divided into 3 parts
Max Torque:(ISO 1585) 1250 Nm @ 1000 1350 rpm Internal and external anticorrosion protection
Scania DC09 113 280hp 9 litre Euro 6 engine with
EGR & SCR emission control Suspension Full Electronic Level control including:
Max power: (ISO 1585) 206Kw (280hp) 1900 r/min Kneeling to whole front
Max Torque: (ISO 1585) 1400Nm @1000 1350 r/min Total lowering/raising
Ferry Lift
Gearbox ZF Fully automatic gearbox, 6AP1 0003 with integral
retarder and ZF Topodine gearshift program Wheels Rim diameter 7.50 x 22.5
Tyres 275/70R22.5
Drivers area Adjustable ISRI FA416 drivers seat in choice of
moquette trim. ISRI 6860 available as an option. Doors and Windows Rear view external mirrors with electrical adjustment
Leather seat trim available as a cost option. and heating.
Optional security safe box under driver Dashboard MASATS electrically operated inward opening front
and drivers partition made of structured fibreglass. double leaf door with a sensitive edge to door leafs
Manual sun blinds on drivers side window and As an option:
front windshield. MASATS electrically operated plugged centre double
leaf door with a sensitive edge to door leafs.
Passenger area ldeo 30 seats, upholstered seat and backrest cushion MASATS manual access ramp on front door
Stainless steel vertical handrails/stanchions Laminated tinted windshield according to European
High quality hardwood plywood floor Standards ECE 43
Synthetic anti-flammable slip resistant Single Glazing European windows dark tinted and
PVC floor covering tempered
4 x saloon hopper windows
TELL ME ABOUT E ASY Anti-vandal materials are used on the Additional 8 loud speakers along parcel racks and drivers area Single glazing rear window
MAINTENANCE internal design to facilitate easy cleaning. Equipment Drivers microphone
The front headlight panel swings out to Mobitec LED destination equipment to front, side
give easy access to, and replacement and rear.
The engine bay has plenty of
room to allow for time-efficient, of service items. And the side bodywork
Climate system Drivers demister with heating function
routine maintenance. has low-level replacement panels. Convector Floor heaters distributed along saloon

Components that are at high risk

of damage can be easily replaced
as the front panels are modular
and dismountable.