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Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for
Contact Information tomorrow. The important thing is to not stop
Teacher: Dave Canterbury
Phone Number: 931-242-1026 questioning. -Albert Einstein
Room: 19

Grading & Instruction Textbook & Materials Course Description and

50% Assessments Prerequisites
40% Classwork & Quizzes Engage New York 7th Math Curriculum
10% Daily Work This course is correlated with the
Tennessee Holt McDougal Mathematics Course 2
Tennessee 7th Grade Math Standards.
You will earn grades in the following Students will develop understanding of
Common Core Performance Coach Mathematics and applying proportional relationships,
operations with rational numbers and
Class work working with expressions and linear
Test/Quizzes equations, solving problems involving
Weekly Homework Academic Vocabulary scale drawings and informal geometric
Projects Commission, complex fraction, constant of constructions, working with two- and

Engage NY Notebook Check proportionality, discount, mark down, mark three-dimensional shapes to solve
up, proportions, rate, ratios, scale, unit rate. problems involving area, surface area,
Guided & Independent and volume, and drawing inferences
Rational/Irrational numbers, integers, additive about populations based on samples.
Practice inverse, absolute value, absolute value, Students must have successfully passed
Prodigy quantity, deposit, withdrawl, evaluate, deduct, a 6th grade Math course.
Study Island descend, ascend, fraction, reciprocal, 5
properties, product, quotient, sum, difference,
terminating/repeating decimal.

Rules and Consequences 1st Quarter Standards

Ratios and Proportional Relationships
W-Work Hard
(7 weeks)
o Students will Analyze proportional
Consequences: relationships and use them to
1st-Warning solve real-world and
2nd-In-Class Consequence mathematical problems.
3rd-Begin Step Sheet Process Number System (2 weeks)
(Major offense = immediate referral) o Students will apply and extend
Miscellaneous previous understandings of
Students maintain an Engage NY notebook operations with fractions to add,
which includes class notes and guided practice. subtract, multiply, and divide
Parents have access to all attendance and grade
information via PowerSchool, please see parent
rational numbers.
resources on
All assignments can be found on
Parent and Student Contract:

Parent: Please sign showing you have read and understand the class policies and
procedures on the previous pages. On a daily or regular schedule, try to ask what
your son/daughter learned in class and to see their interactive notebook and grade
sheet. As a reminder, the fastest way to contact me is via email.

Print Name: _______________________________________


Contact Number: ( ) ___________ - __________________

Contact Number: ( ) ___________ - __________________


Student: I have read and understand the class policies and procedures on the
previous pages. I promise to abide by these guidelines and to provide writing,
homework and returned work to my parent(s) or guardian(s) on a regular basis and
discuss the lesson from class when asked.

Print name: _______________________________________

Sign: _______________________________________________

If you are overwhelmed or are having trouble, talk to me immediately. It is better to

approach me for extra help than to wait until work is late or not to do it at all. I am
here to help you any way I can.
Success takes TEAMWORK!