Known Abortionists Employed By Steven Chase Brigham – Past and Present


Aalai, Mehrdad MD: Surrendered 1996-2014: Disciplined multiple 1994: Convicted of Medicaid fraud, NO
times. Surrendered his license destruction of records, and obstruction
for min. 3 yrs. to avoid further of justice. Received fine, restitution, and
discipline in 2014. 3 yrs. probation.
Binder, Mark Albert NY: Revoked 1996: License revoked and fined Binder has at least one arrest in NY, but NO
$50,000 for concealing medical the results of that case are unknown.
records, gross incompetence and
neglect, fraud, aiding/abetting
unlicensed person (Brigham,
whose NY license was under
suspension), sharing fees with
unauthorized person, moral
unfitness. (Multiple botched
Brookman, Harvey Walter NY: Revoked 1993: Professional Misconduct, None found. NO
NJ: Surrendered fined $2,500.
PA: Revoked 1996: NY medical license
revoked. NJ license surrendered.
2006: PA license revoked for
seriously botched abortion,
failing to report required info to
Board, and conducting 2,400
abortions without required prof.
limited liability insurance.
Cooley, Candace Sue FL: Clear/Active None 2000-2017: Multiple traffic citations for YES
speeding, unsafe driving and other
2016: DUI and 2 counts of Felony Child
Abuse (charges dropped.)
2017: DUI
Cropp, Craig Steven VA: Current/Active 2000, 2004, 2006: VA-Multiple None found. UNKNOWN
MD: Expired license restrictions. Barred from
practice of obstetrics. Violating
conditions and restrictions.
2006: MD License Suspension
2008: VA Suspension for violating
restrictions. Fined $5000.

Denis, Franz CT: Active/Current None None found. YES
NJ: Active
NY: Registered
PA: Active
Dominy, Iris MD: Active 2013: Summary Suspension after None found. YES
abortion patient Maria Santiago.
2013: Reprimand and Probation
2014: Probation terminated.
Ferrer, Romeo MD: Surrendered 1992: Conditional Suspension, 2010: Denise Crow death referred to NO
Probation homicide unit. No prosecution ensued.
2008: Summary suspension due
to death of abortion patient
Denise Crow.
2010: License surrendered after
disciplinary petition was filed.
Gelfand, Aaron T. NJ: Active 2011: License suspended due to None found. YES
substance abuse.
2012: Violated terms of a
substance abuse recovery
program. Heavy monitoring
Gellman, Elliot NJ: Active 2002: NY – Based on criminal 2002: Convicted of repeated failure to YES
NY: Not conviction, received 3 yrs. file personal income tax returns.
Registered/Inactive probation and $10,000 fine. Sentenced to 3 yrs. “conditional
2003: NJ – 3 yrs. probation based discharge.”
on NY disciplinary action.
Gordon, Richard Efram MD: Inactive 2012: Gordon was working for None found. NO
NJ: Inactive Brigham in Allentown, PA when
PA: Inactive Brigham was ordered to stop
doing business there. Ownership
was “transferred” to a Brigham
company and Gordon resigned as
the medical board was
investigation Brigham’s
involvement with new company.
Hooper, James Deceased 2010: Summarily suspended for None found. NO
dispensing large volumes of pain
drugs from his home.
2012: Placed on 2 yrs. probation
for running a pain pill mill.

Kaji, Vikram Hiralal PA: Inactive 1994: PA-License suspended No evidence he was criminally YES
NJ: Active after sexual abuse of 3 patients convicted of sexual abuse of 3 patients
NY: Revoked and improper prescription of or for improperly prescribing dangerous
drugs. drugs.
1995: NY- Revocation for
unprofessional conduct (above).
1996: PA-Suspension stayed;
restrictions imposed.
1997: PA-Suspended for 2 yrs. for
violating probation terms.
1998: PA-Suspension stayed;
restrictions imposed.
2001: PA-License reinstated
w/no restrictions
2013: NJ-Order to submit to
neuropsychological exam due to
memory loss, mental impairment
Panah, Mansour MD: Surrendered 1988: Suspension 45 days for None found. NO
sexual assault of 3 patients,
drugging one so he could have
sex with her.
1995: $7500 fine, 3-year
probation for more sexual abuse
of patients.
2011: 2 yr. Probation for
botching cosmetic surgery, bad
recordkeeping, transporting
medical waste in private vehicle.
2013: Cease & Desist after
patient death at facility where he
was medical director.
2013: Suspension due to multiple
violations at clinic he was
responsible for.
2013: Ordered to have cognitive
evaluation because he kept going
2014: Surrendered license due to
neurocognitive condition.
Peters, David Reid VA: Current Active 2007: Public reprimand for None found. NO
drug prescription violations.

Regec, Stephen Paul PA: Active Retired 1994: Suspended 4 months, 1991: Convicted of 3 misdemeanors: 1 NO
SC: Lapsed $10,000 fine, 3 yrs. Probation violation of Controlled Substance Act; 2
based on drug convictions. violations of Refusal or Failure to Keep
or Furnish Records.
Rose, Myron MD: Active 2016: MD-Fined $2,600 for lying None found. YES
DC: Active about completing continuing
PA: Expired education classes
Riley, Nicola UT: Active 2010: MD-Temp. suspension 1993: Convicted of identity theft and NO
MD: Revoked after arrest on murder charges. credit card fraud while serving in Army.
WY: Surrendered 2010: MD-Suspension upheld. Incarcerated in prison 1 yr.
2011: MD-Charges seeking 2010: Arrested with Steven Chase
revocation. Brigham and extradited to Maryland.
2011: WY-Voluntary Charged with murder of late-term
Relinquishment babies during commission of crime.
2013: MD-Permanent Revocation Charges were eventually dropped.
2013: UT-Reprimand,
Unprofessional Conduct, fined
$10,000 for lying on medical
license application.
Shepard, Jr., George MD: Revoked 2010: MD-Summary suspension None found. NO
NJ: Revoked for participation in Brigham’s
DE: Revoked illegal late-term abortion
operation in Elkton, ME.
2010: MD-License Revoked
2011: NJ-License Revoked
2013: DE-License Revoked
Taylor, Warren NJ: Active None None found. YES
DE: Active
MD: Active
FL: Clear Active
PA: Inactive
Walker, Kimberly Marion MD: Deceased 2013: Briefly licensed in 2010: Walker was involved in Brigham’s NO
Maryland with restrictions illegal late-term abortion facility in
2013: License Revoked due to Elkton, MD, while unlicensed. She was
mental health issues, violating never charged.
Yahav, Eric PA: Active 2013: Involved in Brigham 2015: Girlfriend receives protection NO
NJ: Active abortion facility in PA that was order against Yahav for abusive
MD: Expired closed when connections to behavior and attempting to force her to
DE: Expired Brigham were discovered. have an abortion she did not want.
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