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Eisenbeiss Torque Master

Master Direct
Straight Forward, High-
High-Performance Parallel Twin Screw Extruder Gear Boxes

Cincinnati Milacron TP Series Parallel Twin Screw Extruders

Cincinnati Milacron, the leader in providing twin screw extrusion

technology, is proud to introduce the next generation in Parallel Twin
Screw Gear Boxes for its TP Series Parallel Twin Screw Extruders,
Torque Master
Master Direct from Eisenbeiss

Torque Master is established as the parallel counter-rotating twin screw

extruder gear box with the highest performance and load capacity in the

With the Torque Master Direct design, Eisenbeiss has succeeded in

integrating part of the reduction ratio between the motor and extruder
into the distribution system. By achieving this, the reducer gear box now
only requires two gear stages instead of the three gear stages in the
original Torque Master design. Furthermore, the reducer needs to bring
only approximately 42% of total torque and therefore can be designed
much smaller and more compact. Additionally, the parts in the
distribution gear box could be designed smaller by integrating a part of
the reduction ratio into the distribution system.

While having the same advantages as the original Torque Master

design, Torque Master Direct is much more cost effective in operation.
30% lighter with connecting dimensions more compact. The compact,
lighter overall design improves the footprint and versatility in the design
of the complete extruder. And, the gear box uses less oil, providing a
maintenance cost savings and also a savings for the environment.
Advantages of Torque Master Direct
 Torque Master principle preserved:
 4 intermeshing gears on the output side of the gear box
 2 gears on output shafts
 2 gears on distribution shafts
 A defined torque distribution on the output side
 A 40 to 70% improvement in performance compared to competitor systems
 While up to 30% of total torque has to be transferred in one gear stage with
competitive systems, Torque Master is down to 17.5%, increasing service
lifetime anywhere from 3 to 6 times over

Technical Features of Torque Master Direct

 Low radial forces in the distributor High bearing service lifetime; small
and inexpensive bearings
 Intermeshing output shafts No distortion between the output shafts
 Helical gearing for smooth operation and increased service lifetime for
tandem bearing
 Gear tip relief for smoother contact and silent operation
 Gear width correction to guarantee optimal load distribution along the
entire gear width under full torque
 Safeties on input stages are always higher than on output stages
 Combined splash lubrication and forced lubrication
 Tandem bearing from INA

Lubrication for Torque Master Direct

 Torque Master Direct is a 1-Oil Gear Box ! A single, higher viscosity gear
oil is best in relation to the gear box load limits Fewer gear stages,
compact design, reduced splashing
 460 viscosity class oil throughout, compared with original Torque Master
with 220 viscosity class oil in the reducer and 460 viscosity class oil in the
distributor for the 2-oil system
 Normally In the reducer, there are more losses due to splashing with high
viscosity oil, so a low viscosity oils is preferred. However, with Torque
Master Direct there is one less gear stage in the high speed reducer as
this ratio was added into the slower speed distributor
 The reducer components are more compact (compared to the original
Torque Master). Peripheral speed is about 25% lower in the first stage
and 33% lower in the second stage. End result is fewer losses from
Cincinnati Milacrons Torque Master
Master Direct Gear Box by Eisenbeiss
Torque Master - Direct Specifications
TP115 Extruder TP140 Extruder
(compared to the Original Torque Master
Master TP115 Extruder Torque Master TP140 Extruder Torque Master
design) Torque Master Direct Original Torque Master Direct Original

Mechanical Data:
Motor power rating HP 150 150 260 225

Effective power rating HP 150 150 260 225

Application factor KA acc. To DIN 3990 1.4 1.4 1.4 1.4

Input speed (range of speed) rpm 1750 1750 1750 1750

Output speed (range of speed rpm 30 30 26 26

Gear ratio (actual) 56.558 58.713 67.797 66.75

Effective output torque Nm 2 x 17,600 2 x 17,600 2 x 35,200 2 x 31,220

Direction of rotation of low speed shaft Counter-Rotating Counter-Rotating Counter-Rotating Counter-Rotating

Intermediate (%) or continuous operation Continuous Continuous Continuous Continuous

External forces (input / ooutput shaft) Output Shaft Output Shaft Output Shaft Output Shaft

Screw pressure (summary) bar 400 (max. 500) 400 (max. 500) 500 (max. 700) 500 (max. 700)

Efficiency % 95 94 95 94

System of Lubrication and Heat Dissipation:

Lubricant acc. To DIN 51517 / DIN 51502 mineral oil CLP mineral oil CLP mineral oil CLP mineral oil CLP

Viscosity class acc. To DIN 51519 (@ 40oC) mm2/s 460 320 460 320

Oil content including peripheral components Liter 100 210 150 260

Ambient temperature (range) oC 10 to 30 10 to 30 10 to 30 10 to 30

Forced Lubrication:
Free surface cooling yes/no yes yes yes yes

Add. Forced cooling yes/no yes yes yes yes

Required capacity for heat dissipation kW 3 3 7.5 6

Oil/Air or Oil/Water cooling system oil/water oil/water oil/water oil/water

Required circulating oil flow l/min 12 14.5 16 24

Oil temperature before cooler oC <60 <60 <60 <60

Oil temperature after cooler oC <45 <45 <45 <45

Input temperature of coolant (Air/Water) oC <25 <25 <25 <25

Required circulating water flow l/min 5 5 9 7.5

The Most Powerful & Reliable Gear Box For The PVC Market !
Doc. TM-D 021610