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July 2017


This document has been prepared by Auryn Resources Inc. (the “Company”) solely for informational purposes. This presentation (the “Presentation”) is the
sole responsibility of the Company. Information contained herein does not purport to be complete and is subject to certain qualifications and assumptions
and should not be relied upon for the purposes of making an investment in the securities or entering into any transaction. The information and opinions
contained in the presentation are provided as at the date of this presentation and are subject to change without notice and, in furnishing the presentation, the
Company does not undertake or agree to any obligation to provide recipients with access to any additional information or to update or correct the

The Toronto Stock Exchange, the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada, nor any other securities commission or similar regulatory authority
has passed on the merits of any securities referred to in the presentation, nor has it passed on or reviewed the presentation.

The presentation may contain "forward-looking statements". Forward-looking information is information that includes implied future performance and/or
forecast information including information relating to, or associated with, exploration and or development of mineral properties. These statements or
graphical information involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which may cause actual results, performance or achievements of the
Company to be materially different (either positively or negatively) from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by such
forward-looking statements. Readers should refer to the risks discussed in the Company’s Annual Information Form and MD&A for the year ended December
31, 2016 and subsequent continuous disclosure filings with the Canadian Securities Administrators available at and the Company’s
registration statement on Form 40-F filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and available at

Auryn holds its interests in Peru through Corisur Peru SAC. Certain licenses (including the Huilacollo and Banos del Indio projects) are located within a
special economic zone situated within 50km of the Peruvian boarder. As a non-resident company, Auryn’s right to ultimately exploit these licenses or register
its interests require approval from the Peruvian government in the form of a Supreme Decree. Auryn is in the process of submitting its applications with
respect to the approval and anticipates receiving the approval prior to excising it rights under the option agreements.

Michael Henrichsen (Chief Operating Officer), P. Geo is the QP who assumes responsibility for the technical contents of this Presentation.

Cautionary note to United States investors concerning estimates of measured, indicated and inferred resources estimates
This disclosure has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of Canadian provincial securities laws which differ from the requirements of U.S.
securities laws. Unless otherwise indicated, all mineral resource estimates included in this disclosure have been prepared in accordance with Canadian
National Instrument 43-101 Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects (“NI 43-101”) and the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum
classification systems. NI 43-101 is a rule developed by the Canadian Securities Administrators that establishes standards for all public disclosure an issuer
makes of scientific and technical information concerning mineral projects. These standards differ significantly from the requirements of the United States
Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”), and resource estimates disclosed may not be comparable to similar information disclosed by U.S.

In addition, this disclosure uses the terms “measured and indicated resources” and “inferred resources” to comply with the reporting standards in Canada.
The Company advises United States investors that while those terms are recognized and required by Canadian regulations, the SEC does not recognize
them. United States investors are cautioned not to assume that any part or all of the mineral deposits in these categories will ever be converted into mineral
reserves. Further, “inferred resources” have a great amount of uncertainty as to their existence and as to whether they can be mined legally or economically.
Therefore, United States investors are also cautioned not to assume that all or any part of the “inferred resources” exist. In accordance with Canadian
securities laws, estimates of “inferred resources” cannot form the basis of feasibility or other economic studies. It cannot be assumed that all or any part of
“measured and indicated resources” or “inferred resources” will ever be upgraded to a higher category or are economically or legally mineable. In addition,
disclosure of “contained ounces” is permitted disclosure under Canadian securities laws; however, the SEC only permits issuers to report mineralization as in
place tonnage and grade without reference to unit measures.

TSX : AUG | NYSE American : AUG 2

Record of Success

Our team has raised over $500 million and monetized successes in two
previous companies

Took an exploration company to
production, 2005 – 2016 !"#$%&'()
(Ramping up to 450,000 ounces / year)
(Formerly Keegan Resources)

Sold an exploration company
pre-resource, 2010 – 2014 .#-$
(Sold for $205 million to Agnico Eagle in 2014)

Assembled a major exploration portfolio
and team, 2017 - drilling for multiple world class discoveries
(over 55,000 meters of exploration drilling underway)

TSX : AUG | NYSE American : AUG 3

67 $0.The Discovery Curve = Maximum Value creation RESOURCES ! Previous successes of Auryn management Asanko Gold .producing Cayden Resources – takeover (Formerly Keegan Resources) May 2013 – Sep 2014 2008 – 2010 $9.10 $3.49 TSX : AUG | NYSE American : AUG 4 .48 $0.

000 shares ! Commenced the portfolio wide +55.5 % ) ! Insiders have net purchased over 650.3 in Peru and 1 in BC ! Added members to our board and technical team ! Graduated both stock exchange listings – now listed on the TSX main board and NYSE American ! Received a strategic investment by Goldcorp = $35 million @ $3.000 meter discovery drilling program TSX : AUG | NYSE American : AUG 5 .67 CDN ( Goldcorp now owns 12.The Last 12 Months (July 2016 – July 2017) RESOURCES ! Completed 4 acquisitions .

000+ Meters of discovery drilling across portfolio underway TSX : AUG | NYSE American : AUG 6 .Live Portfolio Approach – Over 25 Targets Being Tested in 2017 RESOURCES 7 Major Projects .3 in Canada. 4 in Peru Maximum Risk Mitigation 100% of the Reward 55.

000 Fully Diluted Shares Outstanding 83.500 Management 54% Warrants @ $1.85 (exp.915. 5. 2017) 67.Capital Structure. Ownership. Performance RESOURCES Capitalization As of July 21th.91) 5. Aug.645 12.70 (exp.67/share CDN Closed Curibaya and Baños del Indio Over 55. 16.503 & Directors 18. 2017 Shares Outstanding 76.621.080.096 Treasury (as of July 15th.40 (exp.457. 2017 TSX : AUG | NYSE American : AUG 7 . May 4. Aug. 2017) 1. Sept.355 Goldcorp Warrants @ $0.000m of Acquisitions discovery drilling commenced June 13th. 2017) 70.093 Institutional 15% Warrants @ $0.5% Retail Warrants @ $1. 2018) 30. 14. 2017) $30 million Closed Homestake Acquisition Closed Sombrero Acquisitions NYSE MKT TSX Listing Listing $35m Goldcorp Investment @ $3.85 (exp.5% Options outstanding (avg. price $1.

PhD. P.Eng TSX : AUG | NYSE American : AUG 8 . PhD Keith Minty.Experienced.Sc.A. CEO & Director SVP Corporate Finance Michael Henrichsen. Co-founder Peter Rees. Balanced Management Team RESOURCES Management Ivan Bebek. Director CFO and Corporate Secretary Shawn Wallace. Co-founder Russell Starr President. M. MSc Shawn Wallace Steve Cook. MSc Jay Adelaar Chief Geologist VP of Investor Relations Directors Ivan Bebek Antonio Arribas. LLB (Recent addition) Dan McCoy.Eng Gordon J. P. CA Executive Chairman. CPA. Fretwell. LLB Michael Kosowan.

PhD: Technical Advisor Former Chief Exploration Geologist Gold Fields: +40 years global discovery experience Miles McAlister: Technical Advisor Former Exploration & Business Development Manager for Newmont (Africa/Europe) Miguel Cardozo: Technical Advisor Prominent Peruvian Exploration Specialist: credited with Yanacocha discovery Kim Cook: Geophysicist Former Global Geophysicist Newmont & Anglo: regarded as world’s leading magnetics interpreter Mike McMillan: Research Inversions Geophysicist (CGI – UBC) Former Global Geophysicist Newmont: regarded as world’s leading specialist in EM and IP inversions Nigel Radford: Geochemist Former Chief Geochemist Newmont: +40 years of global experience Ralph Stea: Quaternary Geologist Former Surficial Geologist and Geochemist with Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources Jason Quigley: Aboriginal and Regulatory Affairs Formerly ran the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency for Western Canada: +20 years sustainability and permitting experience TSX : AUG | NYSE American : AUG 9 . World Class Technical Team – “Multiple Disciplines” RESOURCES Michael Henrichsen: Chief Operating Officer/ Chief Geologist Former Global Structural Geologist Newmont David Smithson: VP Exploration Former Global Mapper/ Geologist Newmont. PhD. Technical Lead at Cayden Resources Antonio Arribas. PhD: Director Former Chief Geologist at Cayden Resources and Keegan Resources Rael Lipson. MSc: Director Former Chief Geologist Newmont. Former VP Geological Sciences BHP Billiton Dan McCoy.

skarn and porphyry targets ! Endowment TSX : AUG | NYSE American : AUG 10 . Baños del Indio & Curibaya.3 in Canada (high grade) 4 in Peru (oxide) Sombrero. Canada Homestake Ridge. Peru Oxide Gold ! Scalable oxide gold. Huilacollo. Canada High Grade Gold High Grade Gold ! 300 km High-grade gold belt ! High grade gold deposit expansion ! New discovery model Gibson MacQuoid. Canada High Grade Gold Discovery Focused Portfolio ! 120 km Unexplored greenstone belt 7 Major Projects .Geopolitically Favorable & Established Mining Jurisdictions RESOURCES Committee Bay.

Canada – The New Frontier for Major High Grade Gold Discoveries RESOURCES Three Bluffs ! Over 380.$(9":$.000 ha ! 120 km long greenstone belt ! 2017 = Targeting !"#$%$&"'(")*+.64 g/t Au ! 17 high priority targets identified to date Gibson MacQuoid ! 329.+0 !!"1(2&3$4"56-+3( 7.85 g/t Au ! Inferred*: 720.000 ha ! 300 km long high grade greenstone belt ! Three Bluffs gold deposit hosts: ! Indicated*: 524."<=9">?<@ TSX : AUG | NYSE American : AUG 11 .000 oz @ 7.//$-.6*$"8+.000 oz @ 7.Nunavut.$"+-".

Nunavut Greenstone Belts = Grade. Discovery RESOURCES “Opportunity for multiple high grade discoveries” Committee Bay 300km of “identified” target areas ! Existing resources open for expansion ! Testing 16 new major targets this year ! 25. Scale. 2017 ! Results Pending Gibson MacQuoid 120km of potential target areas ! Extensive surface programs underway ! Drilling planned for 2018 TSX : AUG | NYSE American : AUG 12 .000m of drilling commenced June 13th.

Committee Bay – 2017 Target Areas RESOURCES TSX : AUG | NYSE American : AUG 13 .

Exploration Infrastructure in Place RESOURCES Over $100m spent in the last 20 years including $27m on infrastructure at Committee Bay Established Camp and Air Strip Heavy Equipment at Site 5 Drill Rigs Boeing 737 Bringing in Equipment Fuel for 25.000m (2017) Delivered TSX : AUG | NYSE American : AUG 14 .

BC ! High grade gold/silver resource open for expansion ! Highly underexplored ! 15.000m of drilling commenced July 17th. 2017 ! Results anticipated in Q3 and Q4 TSX : AUG | NYSE American : AUG 15 .Homestake = High Grade Advanced Exploration RESOURCES ! Located within the Golden Triangle.

2017 ! Several new targets that have never been tested before ! Targeting structural corridors based on 3D modeling of historical data ! Results pending Q3 TSX : AUG | NYSE American : AUG 16 .000m of drilling underway as of July 17th.Homestake – 2017 Target Areas RESOURCES ! 15.

Xstrata ! Las Bambas . Peruvian Portfolio = Endowment RESOURCES Southern Peru major discoveries: ! Tintaya .MMG ! Cerro Verde – Freeport-McMoRan ! Chucapaca - Buenaventura TSX : AUG | NYSE American : AUG 17 .

Southern Peru Portfolio RESOURCES ! 4 Oxide “from surface” targets ! Huilacollo – Epithermal target ! Sombrero – Skarn target gold and copper ! Baños del Indio – Epithermal target ! Curibaya – Porphyry target Peru portfolio drilling planned for October 2017 starting at Huilacollo Acquisition and staking is ongoing TSX : AUG | NYSE American : AUG 18 .

Huilacollo High tension power lines .Sombrero TSX : AUG | NYSE American : AUG 19 .Sombrero Access roads to Huilacollo & Banos Access roads and water nearby .Peru Infrastructure RESOURCES Power lines and water nearby .

com TSX : AUG | NYSE American : AUG 20 .09%Cu Diorite intrusive Limestone Quaternary Limestone * Refer to 43-101 report dated June 2010 as filed under Alturas Minerals’ Sedar profile at www.33% Cu Exoskarn Cu . 9.88 g/t Au.11g/t Au.Au 5.Sombrero = Major Discovery Opportunity RESOURCES ! High grade gold and copper on surface ! 200km West of Las Bambas (same geological belt) ! Extensive copper-gold skarn system controlled by intrusives stocks cutting limestones ! Ground magnetics and IP completed 2. 4.sedar.

Sombrero Magnetics and Recent Surface Results RESOURCES * * Inlier concession not shown TSX : AUG | NYSE American : AUG 21 .

Huilacollo and Baños del Indio on the same North-South Structure RESOURCES TSX : AUG | NYSE American : AUG 22 .

Huilacollo = Scalable Oxide Targets RESOURCES ! Newly identified multiple +50ppb gold anomalies TSX : AUG | NYSE American : AUG 23 .

Huilacollo: Limited Drilling to Date RESOURCES TSX : AUG | NYSE American : AUG 24 .

$40 Million (January – December) RESOURCES Auryn Proposed Summary 2017 Peruvian General and Portfolio Administration 8% 7% Marketing and Investor Relations 4% Homestake Ridge 23% Gibson MacQuoid Committee Bay 5% 53% 89% of the current treasury to be spent on exploration and drilling (Budget subject to increase) TSX : AUG | NYSE American : AUG 25 .2017 Budget .

Homestake 2 core drill rigs Committee 25. 1 RC rig Curibaya Surface exploration work – drilling TBD TSX : AUG | NYSE American : AUG 26 .000m to be Drilled RESOURCES 12 months of discovery potential 2017 Project Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 15.500m of drilling.000m of drilling. Bay 4 RAB rigs Sombrero Pre – drilling surface results +7. 1 RC rig Baños del Pre – drilling surface work Drilling start TBD Indio Huilacollo Pre – drilling surface results +7.500m of drilling. 2017 Drill Programs – Over 55.000m of drilling.

(Canada) Partners Inc. Corp. Securities Inc.continuous drill results ! Major gold discovery opportunities ! Additional acquisitions Current Analyst Coverage Beacon Canaccord Genuity Echelon Wealth Haywood PI Financial Securities Corp.The Next 12 Months for Auryn Shareholders RESOURCES ! Extensive exploration and drill programs ! Non-stop catalysts . TSX : AUG | NYSE American : AUG 27 .

"G.-. Peru Option Agreements (Sombrero) TSX : AUG | NYSE American : AUG 28 . Peru Option Agreements (Baños del Indio) 5.+-$.+-"H(F$)'.I$9"H(F$)'. RESOURCES Appendix <A BC&$$"D*2%%)4"#$)(2&3$) >A E(F. Peru Option Agreements (Huilacollo) 4.I$ 1+*8$&"."1(2'C"#$$%"#$)(2&3$) 3.

2'+(-.*"#$)(2&3$)A >A G+-$&.A UA O2F.&$."RA?"6Q'"52"%(&"2-..070 7.)$.760 7.+3.."(-"2/.57 144.A MA G+-$&.'$)"(%"F$.-. Three Bluffs: Resources RESOURCES May 2017 Resource Gold Grade Contained Gold Class Cut Off (g/t Au) Tonnes (000 t) (g/t Au) (oz) Indicated Open Pit 3."%(&"G+-$&.0 310 8.'$"(%"<4>UA RA O(F+-.)"(%"G.85 524.$)"(%"MA?"6Q'"52"%(&"(/$-"/+'".'+(- TSX : AUG | NYSE American : AUG 29 .65 576.*"#$)(2&3$)".&$"$)'+F.72 437."(-"L(&I"...".&$"$)'+F.*"/&+3$9"$03C.-6$"&."&$)(2&3$)"$)'+F.930 7.000 Total 2.+-6A =A E.$&6&(2-.'$)9"/*$.J"-('"."S1TQET"$03C.-.$)" .*"#$)(2&3$)".'$"/&$/.64 720.9"+-.-6$"&.W"L$&$"2)$."-$L"32'N(%%"6&.'$.J"<>9">?<@A""BC$"G+-$&.$&)"F.-.'$.000 Total 2.*"#$)(2&3$"$)'+F.340 7.J"#K5"%(&"'C$"BC&$$"D*2%%)".".0 590 7.J"#K5"+-">?<M".000 Inferred Open Pit 3.*"F+-+F2F"F+-+-6"L+.0 1.'$9".'"32'N(%%"6&.*"#$)(2&3$"+)"."F$'."'L("F$'&$) V2-..-.$%+-+'+(-)"L$&$"%(**(L$.'$)"+-8$)'(&)"3(-3$&-+-6"$)'+F.-."1'..57 86.)$")$$"X+)3*.-.2$"'("&(2-.".000 BC$"G+-$&.)2&$."(/$&.'+-6"3()')A O('$)4 <A EPG"."*(-6N'$&F"6(*."2)+-6".000 Underground 4.$&6&(2-.".000 Underground 4."+-%$&&$.)$.+F$&"+-"'C+)"/&$)$-'.'C)"(%"%+8$"F$'&$) V(/$-"/+'W".&J"-('$"'("S-+'$.$/()+'".'$.0 2."..'$."/&+3$"(%"S1T<9>??"/$&"(2-3$9".

195 2.82 120. ! Cautionary note to United States investors concerning estimates of measured.421 8.77 4.000 0. on a portion of the property.3 939.77 1.226 2.000 117 16.57 130.000 52. please see Disclaimer in this presentation TSX : AUG | NYSE American : AUG 30 . and silver price US$27/oz.5/lb.111 16.000 Inferred 3.000 0. 2013): gold price of US$1500/oz.000 57. this NSR is buyable for $1.000 at anytime.000 93.604 6.08 109.000 105 19.000 0.000 62.79 136.40 124.10 9.71 1.47 5.0 883.549 6.482 7.0 918.0 6.109.000 0.020.118 11.000 $100/t Cut-off Indicated 0.6 20.181 2.000 129 15.211 2. RPA.900.000 48.6 7.07 142.000 Inferred 5. ! The Homestake Ridge project is subject to a 2% NSR of which.6 6.36 8.000 $140/t Cut-off Indicated 0.000 Inferred 4.000 0.219. no adjustment has been made for metallurgical recoveries.70 846. indicated and inferred resources estimates.000 0.05 1.000 Inferred 6.7 6. June 7. copper price of US$3.60 4.56 147.7 849.43 115.400.19 911.57 1.000. Economic parameters have not been used for AuEq calculation.126 10. Homestake Silver and South Reef Resources RESOURCES December 2012 Resource Grade Contained Grade Contained Grade Contained Tonnes AuEq* AuEq Class Au Au Ag Ag Cu Cu (Mt) (g/t) (oz) (g/t) (oz) (g/t) (oz) (%) (Mlb) $85/t Cut-off Indicated 0. Combined Main Homestake.000 ! Gold equivalence was derived from a simple ratio of the metal prices using the formula AuEq g/t = Au g/t + (Ag grade x (Ag price per oz/Au price per oz)) + (Cu grade x (Cu price per lb/Au price per oz) x 0.317.113 14.000 0.000.30 8.000 0.400.42 779.000 $120/t Cut-off Indicated 0.06857 lbs per oz x 10000 g per %) ! Metal prices used for AuEQ calculations are the same as used for December 2012 resource calculation (Technical Report on the Homestake Ridge Project.24 8.41 7.05 721.

'$ T"U??9??? T">9???9??? Y+'C+-"M="F(-'C)"(%"'C$"7%%$3'+8$"X.000.#/%4'"*#( 5**".#/'( 0+*1$23.'$ T">U?9??? N Y+'C+-"=?"F(-'C)"(%"'C$"7%%$3'+8$"X. (the “Huilacollo Option”).#*'-$)&-.000. through a combination of work expenditures and cash payments as detailed in the table below: !"#$%&'#( )*+.* T"Z9@U?9??? T"@9???9??? * The Huilacollo NSR is 1.F(2-')"+-"S1".'$ N T"M9???9??? Y+'C+-"RZ"F(-'C)"(%"'C$"7%%$3'+8$"X.Peru Option Agreements (Huilacollo) RESOURCES The Huilacollo Property ! Auryn Resources has acquired the rights to the Huilacollo property through an option agreement with a local Peruvian company.J"M<9">?<=W T">U?9??? N Y+'C+-">R"F(-'C)"(%"'C$"7%%$3'+8$"X.(**.5% on precious metals and 2. the Company may acquire a 100% interest.C.5% on base metals and buyable for $2.A.500.&) 7%%$3'+8$"X. Under the Huilacollo option.'$ T">U?9??? T">9???9??? Y+'C+-"@>"F(-'C)"(%"'C$"7%%$3'+8$"X. TSX : AUG | NYSE American : AUG 31 . respectively. Inversiones Sol S.'$ T"@9U??9??? N B('. subject to a NSR*.000 and $7.'$"VG.

5%) buyable for $6.+'+(-.*W T">9U??9??? N B('..000.Peru Option Agreements (Baños del Indio) RESOURCES The Baños del Indio Property ! Auryn Resources acquired the rights to the Baños del Indio property through an option agreement with a local Peruvian company.. The Company is also obligated to pay a production bonus of $2. Under the Baños Option.*W T"<??9??? T">??9??? Y+'C+-">R"F(-'C)"(%"'C$"3(FF$-3$"(%"L(&I"V.000 upon initial commercial production.*W T"<U?9??? T">9???9??? Y+'C+-"=?"F(-'C)"(%"'C$"3(FF$-3$"(%"L(&I"V. In the event the Company does not complete a feasibility study within 3 years of exercising the option..*W T">??9??? T"<9???9??? Y+'C+-"RZ"F(-'C)"(%"'C$"3(FF$-3$"(%"L(&I"V.+'+(-.C (the “Banos Option”).. subject to a net smelter return royalty (NSR*)..+'+(-.5 million.F(2-')"+-"S1".+'+(-.0% with 50% (being 1.&) [-")+6-+-6 T"<??9??? N Y+'C+-"<>"F(-'C)"(%"'C$"3(FF$-3$"(%"L(&I"V...000.#/%4'"*#( 5**". the Company may acquire a 100% interest.* T"M9<U?9??? T"M9RU?9??? * The Baños del Indio NSR is 3. an escalating advanced royalty starting at $200.. through a combination of work expenditures and cash payments (all dollar amounts are in USD) as detailed in the table below: !"#$%&'#( )*+.+'+(-.A. The total amount of the advanced royalty is capped at $1.#*'-$)&-.#/'( 0+*1$23.*W T"<??9??? T">U?9??? Y+'C+-"M="F(-'C)"(%"'C$"3(FF$-3$"(%"L(&I"V. TSX : AUG | NYSE American : AUG 32 .(**. Exploandes S.000 per annum shall become payable..500..

and ! $60.1 million work expenditures within a five year period and make cash payments of $200. Alturas’ 20% interest shall be “free carried” and Auryn shall have a right to acquire the remaining 20% from Alturas for US$5 million TSX : AUG | NYSE American : AUG 33 .000 as follows: ! $140. For a period of 1 year after the formation of the Joint Venture (the “Initial Period”). Alturas granted to Auryn the exclusive assignable right and conditional option (the “Option”) to acquire either 80% or 100% of the Sombrero concessions ! In order to exercise the Option and acquire a participating interests (“Interest”) for 80% of the Sombrero concessions. Auryn must incur up to US$2. the parties shall form a customary 80:20 joint venture vehicle.000 upon entering into this Agreement which has been paid.000 on or before the first anniversary of the Effective Date ! Upon Auryn having completed its requirements to earn an 80% interest in the Sombrero Project.Peru Option Agreements (Sombrero) RESOURCES The Sombrero Property ! Under the terms of the Agreement dated on June 28th. 2016 (the “Effective Date”).

com . Canada V6E 3T5 Phone: 778.aurynresources.0650 NYSE American : AUG Toll Free: 1. BC. 600 -1199 West Hastings Street Vancouver.800.8655 Email: info@aurynresources.729.863.0600 TSX : AUG Fax: Web: www.729.