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PQ oR oN ML STOCK PARTS 12inch steering wheel Steering shaft, arm; steering blocks 13:nch tie rods (2); spherical rod ends (4) ‘inch left and right front spindle brackets 14inch balloon tires, rim ‘and hub, front (2) Pedals, 60:inch brake and thot cables, wire stops Seat; seatbelt Linch balloon tires, rim and hub, rear (2) Bearing kits: hanger, two cassettes, bearing (2) 4inch brake drum and Linch brake band 1.x 36-inch rear axle UniHub for Linch axle No, 41 54T sprocket Soot No. 41 chain 12x 5inch motor mount Chain guard Linch No, 41 clutch Engine (Erd used a @-hp Tecumseh) Kileswiteh kit Nes 7 —_, FRAME METAL, DIMENSIONS 12 feet of 1 x 2-inch 14-gauge steel tubing. Straight cuts at 24, 26, 10 and 10 inches. Angled cuts: two pieces cut at 25\sinch (long face) and 23:nch (short face). Two pieces Cut to 12 inches and angled at one end for seat support and steering posts 6 feet of 1x Linch 14 gauge steel tubing. Angled cuts: two pieces cut at 26.nch (long face), 24¥sinch (short face) ‘inch steel sheet. Use two 2 x 4-inch pieces to mount the seal and steering posts. Cut pieces of 1-gauge steel sheet for floorboards. 5 feet of 2x 3-inch 14-gauge steel tubing, square-cut to 56 inches for central frame support.