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August 8, 2017

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Re: Did the attached memo get deleted from your inbox?

[First Name],

I recently emailed you regarding a memo Scott Livingston, Sinclair Broadcast Group Vice President of
News, sent to staff regarding negative news coverage Sinclair has received for its record of
mismanagement and its partisan political slant including must-run segments.

As the executive director of Allied Progress, a consumer advocacy group opposing Sinclairs merger
with Tribune Media, I sent a memo to you and other Sinclair employees responding to Mr.
Livingstons assertions. Unfortunately, you may not have received our memo. According to reports,
Sinclairs management may have deleted my email and accompanying memo from employee

Enclosed please find the memo that your management apparently does not want you to read about
the facts behind criticisms leveled at Sinclairs corporate leaders and the programming they require
Sinclair stations like yours to run.

We want to make clear that we have the utmost respect for local news and the valuable role local
reporters, editors, and producers like yourselves play in our democratic process. Please know that
we are here to help you protect the integrity of your jobs, and independent local news.

If you have anything you would like to share about the improprieties at Sinclair or its pending
merger with Tribune Media, please visit where you can find a
number of ways to contact with us securely and sign-up to receive messages on this issue using your
personal email address.

You wake up every morning with the goal of providing quality, local news to your community. We
join you in the fight to save local news and protect it from Sinclairs partisan agenda.


Karl Frisch
Executive Director
Allied Progress

1 Scott Jones, Is Sinclair Deleting Emails?, FTV Live, July 24, 2017.

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