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Forwarded message ~ From: Karl Frisch Date: Tue, Aug 8, 2017 at 9:00 AM ‘Subject: The memo Sinclair doesn't want you to see a am writing today with some troubling news. Just a few weeks ago, Sinclair Broadcast Group Vice President of News Scott Livingston, sent a memo to Sinclair employees attempting to discredit negative news coverage the company has received for its record of mismanagement and its partisan political slant including “must-run” segments, In response to Mr. Livingston, we sent a memo to Sinclair employees laying out the facts about their corporate-mandated programming and questionable management record. You can download a PDF copy of our memoby clicking here. Unfortunately, there are reports that that Sinclair employees never received the memo because Sinclair's management may have deleted the email from employee inboxes. We respect the hard work of local news reporters, editors, and producers and have deep concerns about Sinclair's corporate governance and the overtly partisan programming they require stations to run. This purported act of censorship only deepens our concerns about Sinclair's management practices. Censorship of this type may be commonplace at state-run outlets in places like Russia - but that's not how a free press operates in America Every reputable news outlet has a responsibility to share truthful, timely information with the public. Unfortunately, Sinclair has a long history of getting its stations tangled in controversy by forcing its local affliates to promote a partisan agenda and bending the truth to advance the company's political goals. It is important for you to know the truth about your potential new boss. We at Allied Progress are ‘consumer watchdogs, and as such we have the utmost respect for local news and the essential role of local reporters, editors, and producers like yourselves. We are here to help you protect the integrity of your job and the independence of local reporting If you have anything you would like to share about the improprieties at Sinclair or its pending merger with Tribune Media, please visit where you can find a number of ways to contact with us Securely and sign-up to receive messages on this issue using your personal email address. You wake up every moming with the goal of providing quality, local news to your community. We join you in the fight to save local news and protect it from this partisan, monopolistic takeover. Sincerely, Karl Frisch Executive Director Allied Progress PS. You can download a PDF of the memo we sent to 1,300 employees of Sinclair Broadcasting Group by clicking here.