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A focused program designed to build skills and confidence.

West Coast University's RN to MSN online nursing courses help provide students with
the knowledge and professional nursing skills necessary to assist patients and clients
toward an optimal level of health.
The Master of Science in Nursing online degree curriculum integrates critical thinking,
decision-making, leadership and management techniques with moral, ethical and legal
principles associated with providing outstanding care in a clinical setting.

Number Course Title Course Credit

Year 1, Trimester 1

Term I

PATH370 Pathophysiology 3

LDR432 Principles of Leadership for Healthcare Organizations 3

Term II

MATH211 Statistics 3

NURS340-A Public Health Nursing 1.5

Year 1, Trimester 2

Term I

NURS500 Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Practice 3

NURS340-B Public Health Nursing 1.5

Term II

NURS510 Policy, Organization, and Financing of Health Care 3

NURS495L-A Community Practice Experience 1.5

Year 1, Trimester 3

Term I

NURS521 Ethics in Healthcare 3

NURS495L-B Community Practice Experience 1.5

Term II

NURS535 Principles of Teaching and Learning 3

NURS561 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention 3

Year 2, Trimester 1

Term I

NURS540 Research Utilization 3

Term II

NURS530 Advanced Physiology ad Pathophysiology 3

Year 2, Trimester 2

Term I

NURS570 Advanced Pharmacology 3

NURS590-A Advanced Clinical Practice: Theory 1.5

Term II

NURS580 Advanced Health/Physical Assessment 3

NURS590-B Advanced Clinical Practice: Theory 1.5

Year 2, Trimester 3

Term I

NURS591L-A Advanced Clinical Practice: Practicum 1.5

NURS690-A Culminating Requirement I 1.5

Term II

NURS591L-B Advanced Clinical Practice: Practicum 1.5

NURS690-B Culminating Requirement II 1.5

Credits: 51