Caught In a lush corner of the warm jade forest A glass pool mirrors the limbs and vines above

Perfect replicas of that which we find desirable Fruit and cool wash, murmurs of secret love Gently waiting for those who would come to the edge And look There next to the pool we see two figures sit. One has their hand on the arm of the other, leaning in Soft whisper of wind carrying remnant and whispers To chime and glide across the face of the water, a chant In the evening air to mix with the currents beneath the pool surface With the spring currents of time weeping forward Words of those who would plot a summer under the white hot moon. Heads bowed in conspiracy, plotting the new life, Hair falling forward and mixing With the wall of the spell Leaning in for the forbidden kiss… A lady in the pool emerges to the surface Sheer water shedding from lithe body and fine White face in spectral moon light Ancient sword-giver, enchantress, muse, lover, siren… She is there and gone in a feral blink Taking the life, suddenly, that was enticed to be there Unaware, unSuspecting. Looking back from the cold grave Beneath the petals of flowers tossed by grief That cover eyes that did not see then And are forever shut to the lidded darkness… Will they remember what the pool showed them?

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