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7th Grade Math Syllabus

Mossy Creek Middle School

2017-2018 School Year
Ms. Armijo

Math classes at the middle school level integrate the Georgia Standards of Excellence into the curriculum
in a meaningful, relevant way.

First Semester:

Operations with Rational Numbers

Expressions and Equations
Rations & Proportional Relationships

Second Semester:

Algebra Revisited

Classroom Expectations:

Be prepared for class. Students need to be prepared each day by having the materials listed on
the syllabus and any assignments that are due.
Turn all work in on time. Students who are absent have 3 days to make up work. I will list
homework daily on my teacher website.
Follow all school rules. See student handbook and MCMS agenda. Be GATOR Good!
Be respectful. Treat others as you would want to be treated.
Be a contributing member of a community of learners. Do your part to make our class
successful. Pull your weight in group projects. Be respectful with your interactions.


Notebook paper
Pencils and pen (blue or black ink)
Color pencils
Grading Policy (Cumulative Average):

40% Major Assignments

25% Minor Assignments
15% Daily Assignments
20% Final (10% for 1st 9 weeks, 10% for 2nd 9 weeks)


Homework will be given as an extension of classroom learning. It will be given at the teacher's
discretion. ALL assignments will be updated daily on my website at

Cell Phone Policy:

ALL cell phones put away when students enter the building
NO cell phones out in the hallway or restrooms
NO cell phones in your pocket
ALL cell phones must remain in your bookbag or locker
Violation of this policy will result in disciplinary action

My email address is Please contact me any time with any questions or


I have read and understand the classroom expectations for Ms. Armijo's Math class.

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