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GM Performance Series Gas Separators

Maximize performance and production in high-gas environments

Features and benefits

Higher separation efficiencies at
higher production rates
Extends ESP application range in
high gas environments
Flow passageways optimized for

maximum capacity and minimum wear

Increases production and
extends run life
Abrasion-resistant carbide bearings
and hardened wear surfaces for
severe applications
Reduces downtime and lowers
total cost of ESP system ownership
Increased shaft horsepower capability
Expands capabilities and
reliability at very high flow rates
Corrosion-resistant metallurgy
Enhances system reliability
with an increased resistance
Baker Hughes has pioneered new gas discharge head, can improve overall efficiency to housing perforations due to
handling technology with the GM and reliability. These unmatched designs are abrasive-laden fluids
Performance Series high volume rotary and the key to enhanced gas handlingproviding
vortex gas separator. Historically, multiphase higher, two-phase fluid flow. The HAVA
fluid wells have proven challenging for generates higher pressures, delivering more
electrical submersible pumping (ESP) energy to push larger volumes of gas out into
systems. We lead the industry with innovative the well annulus, eliminating gas locking and
technology designed to maximize production extending the application range of ESP systems
from wells with high free gas content. in multiphase fluid wells.

The GM Performance Series technology raises The rotary gas separator enhances efficiency
the total flow rate through the separator into in lower to moderate flow rates, and in
the pump while improving separation efficiency. mild to moderately abrasive or viscous fluid
The new redesigned intake incorporates our applications. The vortex design is the best
patented, high-angle vane auger (HAVA), and choice for moderate to severe, abrasive
when combined with a completely redesigned downhole conditions.

The GM Performance Series gas separator is Specifications

available in three abrasion resistant configurations: Maximum Shaft hp

Series Model Designation Type m3/D
Rate (B/D) Capacity at 60Hz
GM1: Carbide shaft bearings in the top,
Standard 400GSR Rotary 4000 640 240
bottom and middle of the separator to
400 Standard 400GSV Vortex 5000 800 240
complement the SP or XP Performance
Hi-Vol. 400GSVHV Vortex 8000 1280 550
Series pumps; Ni-Resist compression tube;
Standard 538GSR Rotary 9000 1440 1250
corrosion/erosion resistant head and base 538
Hi-Vol. 538GSVHV Vortex 15000 2400 1250
GM2: All the GM1 options, plus a severe
abrasion-resistant coating in all the critical
areas of the separator
GM3: All of the GM2 options, plus carbide
wear rings in the compression tube at the
top and bottom of the rotor in the rotary Free Gas
design, and at the guide vane location in (%) 2OG 1HZ
the vortex model
Vortex or +LJK9ROXPH
Rotary Chamber Vortex Chamber
Baker Hughes ESP systems featuring the GM /RZHUUDWHV +LJKHUUDWHV
Performance Series gas separators are the moderate abrasives
ideal solution for you to increase production
Liquid Rate
from wells with gas laden fluids. High angle
vane auger

Contact your Baker Hughes representative

today or visit to
find out how the GM Performance Series gas
separator is designed to maximize production
from wells with high free gas content.

The Baker Hughes high-pressure gas test loop is a unique, highly instrumented,
state-of-the-art testing facility; the only one of its kind in the industry. This allows our
engineers to optimize the gas separator design to offer the best results from wells
with high gas content.

GM Performance Series gas separator optimizes flow in

abrasive environments.

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