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Eric Callahan

4944 Mack Rd. #403 Sacramento, CA 95823

CELL (916)745-2939 E-MAIL

EXPERIENCE RC Willey - 2016-Present

Obtaining product from the warehouse and hand-loading them onto tractor
trailers. Other tasks include reading over order manifests, locating and
marking down product, and accurately building product to customer
specifications in a timely manner.

Casey's General Store - 2014-2015

Providing excellent customer service, expediting orders to customer
specifications, ensuring store cleanliness, and completion of stock order

National Freight Industries/National Logistic Solutions - 2009-2014

Knowledge of products and their locations, loading and unloading of semi-
trailers according to customer specification or an order manifest;
knowledge of the WMS system and its uses, maintaining a neat and orderly
work area, completing orders on time, and ensuring the safety of myself
and co-workers.

Braum's Dairy - 2007-2009

Obtaining and expediting orders in an orderly and timely manner, providing
superior customer service, and ensuring orders are made to customer

SKILLS - I am experienced in using and have used a wide variety of tools such as RF
Scanners, mounted personal computers (PCX, etc.) and other tools
commonly used in warehouse settings.
- I am very knowledgeable in WMS and other warehouse management
- Certifications I've attained in the past have covered the usage and
maintenance of a wide variety of fork lifts and reach equipment. (Sit down,
stand up, reach lifts, stock pickers, etc.)
- I have experience in computer diagnostics and repair as well as building
certain systems to spec using order manifests. Such systems include PCs,
batteries, and various types of servers.
- I am proficient in computer programs ranging from word processing
software to advanced image editing software.
- Excellency in providing customer service and support in many different

EDUCATION Muskogee High School

High School Diploma
Graduated 2010