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ISO/TC 127 Standards

For Construction and

Mining Machines

Dan Roley
Chair ISO/TC 127
Outline of Presentation
ISO/TC 127 Standards Scope
Safety Process
Standards Development Process
Current Standards Projects
Autonomous Machine System Safety
ISO/TC 127 Earth Moving Machines
Machines Used in Mining and Construction
for Excavating, Loading, Transporting,
Spreading and Compacting Earth, Rock
and Other Materials.
ISO/TC 127 for Earth Moving Machines
ISO/TC 127 for Earth Moving Machines Was
Formed in 1968 to Respond to the Need for
Global Standards.
Objective - Develop a Complete Set of ISO
Standards That Could Be Used As the Basis for
National Standards and Regulations
Approximately 150 ISO/TC 127 Standards Have
Been Published to Address Commercial Needs
and All Safety Risks
ISO/TC 127 Is Currently Revising 15 and
Developing 15 New Standards to Address
Smaller, Larger and New Types of Machines, New
Technologies and New Applications.
Value of Safety Standards
1. Define Acceptable Safety Levels
To Quantify Safety Expectations of Health And
Safety Organizations and Machine Users
To Establish Acceptable Safety Levels for Machine
2. Promote Single Global Requirements
3. Establish a Level of Safety To Allow Machines
to Be Known as Safe Machines, Not
Hazardous Machines
4. To Enable Manufacturers to Self Declare
Conformity to Standards and Regulations to
Reduce Machine Costs
Construction and Mining
Machine Safety Process
Zero Injury/Harm Goal

Worksite Risk Assessment

and Safety Process
Conformity Assessment Certification

Safety Regulations

Define Safety Risks Create ISO Standards

ISO Standards To Address Safety Risks
Objective Address All Safety Risks for
Operators, Mechanics, and People Around
Obtain Input From Machine Users, Health
and Safety Experts, and Manufacturers
Define Acceptable Performance Criteria to
Address All Safety Risks for Machines
Create Global Standards in ISO/TC 127
Develop Standards to Address Specific Safety
Risks (brakes, steering, access systems,
visibility, controls, etc.)
Cover All Safety Risks in a Single Standard
that References the Specific Risk Standards -
ISO 20474 General Machine Safety Standard
ISO/TC 127 Participants

National Standards Body Staff

Trade Association Staff
Health and Safety Bodies
Testing Agencies
Machine Users
ISO Process/Timeline
Ad-hoc TC
Group Members TC Public Public
Members Vote on Internal WG
Preparation Member Enquiry Enquiry
Prepare Need for Voting and
First and Scope All NSBs Editorial
Comments Voting Comments
Proposal of Proposal Only
Comments Comments
Resolution Resolution Publication


Accelerated 0-months --- --- 6-months 18-months 24-months

Normal 0-months 6-months 12-months 18-months 30-months 36-months

Enlarged 0-months 6-months 12-months 24-months 43-months 48-months

ISO Standards Being Revised
ISO 3449 FOPS and Operator Guards
ISO 5006 - Visibility
ISO 5010 Steering
ISO 6405 Parts1 - 2 Symbols
ISO 6393-96 - Noise
ISO 7096 Seat Vibrations
ISO 7136, 8811 and 8812 Nomenclature
ISO 8643 Linkage Lowering Control Device
ISO 12117 Excavator ROPS
ISO 10261 PIN
ISO 10968 - Controls
ISO 12509 Lighting
ISO 13766 - EMC
ISO 16001 - Object detection systems
ISO 20474 General Machine Safety
ISO 25398 Machine Vibrations
New ISO Standards Being Developed
ISO 10987 NWIP Sustainability Second Phase: Reman, Used
Machines, GHG
ISO 10906 - Component level tests for external auditory warning
devices, performance and recommended applications
ISO 11152 Machine Energy Use
ISO 12117-2 Excavator TOPS
ISO 13031 - Quick couplers Safety
ISO 13649 - Fire Safety
ISO 14990-1/3 - Safety of Electric Drive
ISO 15818 Lifting and Tie Down
ISO 16417-1 Hydraulic Breakers Nomenclature
ISO 17253 Safety for Machine Roading
ISO 17757 - Autonomous Machine Safety
ISO 19014 - Control system safety -- Risk
assessment and determination of performance level
ISO 19296 - Underground Mining Mobile Machine
ISO 19948 Conformity Assessment Process
External Points Supervision
Reference Monitored System
-- Manned Machine Operations Site Safety RC
-- Situational Awarenss Situational Awareness
-- User Interface
Mission Planner
Comms Communication/ Terrain / Hazard Map

General Network Tag

Safety Un-Monitored
On-Board People / Machine

Task Comm
Navigation POSE Perception Safety

GNSS LASER Situational Awareness

Inertial Radar Mode Indication
Relative Camera Remote Stop
Tactile On Board Shut Down
Ultrasonic Obstacle Detection &
Access Classification
Points Fire Suppression
Machine Controls
Steering, Braking, Implements, Electrical, Etc
Access Points