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Bentley Map Enterprise V8i (SELECTseries 4)

Powerful, Extensible 2D/3D GIS for the Worlds Infrastructure

Bentley Map Enterprise is a fully featured GIS that is

intrinsically 3D. It is designed to address the unique needs
of organizations that map, plan, design, build, and operate the
worlds infrastructure. Bentley Map Enterprise supports the
creation, maintenance, analysis, and sharing of 2D and 3D
geospatial information, even in the field. It is also ideal for
developing custom GIS applications.

Support for Leading Spatial Databases

Bentley Map Enterprise supports Oracle Spatial and Microsoft SQL Server Spatial
databases that allow organizations to store and manage very large volumes of spa-
tial data. Bentley Map Enterprise can edit 2D and 3D data directly in any standard Image courtesy: City of Quebec
Oracle Spatial environment. Bentley Map Enterprises connection to Oracle enables
raster and vector data to be stored in a centralized database using native Oracle Experience native Oracle Spatial support for 2D and 3D objects including the
Spatial object definitions. Spatial data is streamed to the desktop to improve pro- support of textures.
ductivity. Bentley Map Enterprise supports Oracle Spatial textures, non-top view other engineering disciplines. Moreover, Bentley Map Enterprise interfaces to FME
queries of 3D data, B-Spline curves and non-circular arcs in Oracle 12c. from Safe Software, greatly extending interoperability.

Image and Point-cloud Processing Symbology Synchronized With Attribution

Bentley Map Enterprise allows you to work directly with point clouds, raster data, Bentley Map Enterprise has administrative tools to define features, attributes,
imagery, and scalable terrain models to speed geospatial workflows. symbology, behavior, and placement tools. It also includes tools to promote simple
geometries to intelligent features with full attribution. The product ensures that
Intelligent Geospatial Object Creation feature symbology remains synchronized with attribution.
Bentley Map Enterprise includes advanced 2D and 3D design productivity innova-
tions to create and maintain engineering-quality spatial data. Geospatial objects Powerful Rendering Tools
can be intelligently created with ease using interactive snapping tools. Bentley Powerful 3D rendering tools are included to generate scenes and fly-throughs of
Map Enterprise also includes dimensioning, annotation, raster display and editing, urban models. Capabilities include shadow studies, line of sight, view corridors,
printing, publishing, and much more. street profiles, disaster scenario studies, and more.

Spatial Analysis and Presentation Advanced Map Finishing Tools

The software also includes a full collection of spatial analysis and presentation Bentley Map Enterprises advanced text display capabilities allow map features
capabilities using 2D and 3D data. Among these are tools for creating buffers to be presented with drop shadows, halo effects, linear gradated fill, cartographic
around objects, performing topology overlays, creating thematic maps, 3D collision styles, and other map finishing effects. Advanced support for the placement and
detection, labeling, and more. manipulation of curved text enables users to create and modify text and annota-
tions associated with any spatial element.
Improved Interoperability
Users can leverage the tools in Bentley Map Enterprise to improve interoper- Field Access
ability with other GIS formats. They can directly reference from the Bentley Map Bentley Map offers support for the Bentley Map Mobile app for tablets and
Enterprise interface Esri SHP files, MapInfo TAB files, Oracle Spatial, ODBC, WMS, Bentley Map Mobile Publisher, which together provide mobile workers access
Google KML/KMZ, Esri File Geodatabase, 3D PDF, i-models, SQL Server Spatial, to rich Bentley Map project information, allowing them to make better informed
Bing Maps, and others. Data can also be exported into these formats and with decisions when in the field.
System Requirements Bentley Map Enterprise At-A-Glance
Refer to the Requirements section of
the Bentley Maps ReadMe file: Engineering Workflows Geographic Coordinate Systems Curved text placement
Clash detection with point clouds Custom datum/ellipsoid Text and element halo tools
Extract pipe runs with single click Create custom grid/graticule definitions Direct data access (DDA)
Create and adjust elbows Integrated alternate coordinate Automatic geo-location of features*
Raster digital elevation model export system (ACS) input and readout
Find out about Bentley Map Generation and Printing
Drape element and contour export
Oracle Spatial Editing Interactive location map index
at: for scalable terrain models
Fully Oracle Spatial compliant with references
Raster editing tools
Contact Bentley Two- or three-tier connection WYSIWYG plot generation with user-
1-800-BENTLEY (1-800-236-8539) Mapping and GIS 3D object support including textures defined templates and legends
Outside the US +1 610-458-5000 Compile and edit data efficiently Adherence to native Oracle Spatial Publishing to intelligent PDF,
Global Office Listings Build and publish accurate maps and feature and topology models PostScript, color separates infrastructure models Support for GeoRaster, long transac- Data cleanup and integrity tools
Enforce business and topological rules tions, valid time and historical tables Solve integrity problems with
Brings CAD accuracy and ease to GIS imported or legacy data
SQL Server Spatial Editing
Cartographic line symbology Easily adopt XFM schema for
Two-tier direct connection
imported or legacy data through
All the Power of MicroStation 3D object support
Dynamic Feature Scoring
Smart, quick drawing, and editing of
GIS features Topology Modes Interoperability
Raster management Workflows for cadastre management
Direct reference geospatial formats
(split, merge, build)
AccuSnap, AccuDraw Support for Bing Maps**
Topology maintained while editing
Display priority, transparency MapInfo (TAB, MID/MIF), SHP files,
Coordinate system assignment and Integrated COGO Editor Oracle Spatial, CSV, GML, Esri File
on-the-fly re-projection Input precision coordinate geometry Geodatabase, SQL Server Spatial, and
Full 3D modeling Create parcels from legal descriptions ODBC sources
Import/export tools
Map Manager Measurement Tools and Linear Integration with Safe Softwares FME
Intuitive, easy-to-use, persisted Adjustment
map definitions Publish i-models with RDBMS properties
Place points through radial or rectan-
Drag-and-drop layers to control gular measurements from a baseline Spatial data streaming
display order Create list of radial or rectangular Web feature service client - read
Control all aspects of map display staking measurements (query) access
Automatic creation of thematic map Perform linear adjustments on Image Editing Tools
from template inaccurate data Clean up and vectorize scanned documents
Export of layers to MicroStation elements
Point-cloud Processing Convert, edge match, and rectify
XML Feature Modeling Drape and snap elements many formats of aerial imagery
XML metadata-driven GIS Classification editing Rectify and texture 3D models with
Property-based symbology Smart snap digital photographs
and annotation Visual explorer Display DEMs in various shading modes
Convert simple elements to smart Batch tile export Publish to Bentley Map Mobile
GIS features
Export to POD, LAS, and XYZ files GIS Development Platform
Geospatial Administrator Extraction of planar and cylindrical Utilize Open API, C/C++, C#, NET
Manages the XFM framework through elements including pipes and elbows other modern programming languages
one interface
Scalable Terrain Modeling (STM) Field AccessSupport
Runs outside MicroStation
High performance display of very Support for Bentley Map Mobile and
Defines and maintains XFM project files
large digital terrain models Bentley Map Mobile Publisher.
Defines features, properties, and the
High resolution image draping on STM Android and iOS Tablets
tools used to build those features
Display modes: smooth shading with Fast access to large geospatial databases
Choice of Data Stores shadows, aspect angle, elevation,
Easy to use with standard tablet-
Three-tier connection to Esri ArcGIS slope, contours
based gestures
Self-contained XFM DGN files STM synchronization with DGN, Civil
Simple query tools
Any RDBMS/DGN supported DTMs, point clouds, and XYZ files
GPS integration
by MicroStation
Presentation and Analysis Google Maps integration
Data Capture and Maintenance Spatial, solar/shadow analysis Apple Maps integration
3D geometry cleanup Thematic display Disconnected, view-only
Polygon parallel creation Buffer creation operation for access without
Dynamic domain lists Dynamic labeling a network connection
* Only applies to direct data access (DDA) graphical source connections (e.g. Oracle Spatial, SQL Server, WFS, etc.).
**User provides Bing Map licenses.

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