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Active Power Filter

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Honeywell can trace its roots back to 1885. In May, 1885, one simple invention named “damper flapper”(Automatic
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Harmonic solutions
Harmonic and source
Harmonic harm
SmartWave products summary
SmartWave main feature
SmartWave working principle
SmartWave Interface
SmartWave application case
SmartWave application Field
SmartWave specification
SmartWave capacity selection
SmartWave Plus technical background
SmartWave Plus principle
SmartWave Plus structure
SmartWave Plus feature
SmartWave Plus advantage
SmartWave Plus specification
SmartWave Plus capacity selection
We bring the green power

The best harmonic solution

Recently, power electronic devices are widely applied in electric quality, and destruction of electric power components and equipment.
power equipment, such as uninterruptible power supply, motor driver, It is extremely urgent to bring the harmonic pollution under control.
arc furnace, trolley car, battery charger, and lighting appliance. The
electric power equipment may generate a large amount of harmonic Active Power Filter (APF) is the most efficient equipment to dispose the
currents due to the nonlinear input characteristic of such loads. The power harmonic pollution, enhance the power quality, ensure the safety of
harmonic current will pollute the power distribution system and result the power and equipment, and bring about the green power finally.
in transformer over-heat, rotary machine vibration, degrading voltage

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Harmonic and sources

When a non-linear load, such as a rectifier, is connected to the system, it

draws a current that is not necessarily sinusoidal. Through Fourier series
analysis, it is possible to decompose it into a series of simple sinusoids, which
start at the fundamental power system frequency and occur at integer
multiples of the fundamental frequency. The wave whose frequency is an
integer multiple of the fundamental frequency is called harmonic.

With the increased presence of electronics on power distribution

systems, disruptive anomalies are created, and harmonics can become
a problem. Typical sources are:

Rectifier devices(electrolysis, electroplate)

AC/DC Variable Speed Drive

DC Power Systems/Chargers

Arc Welding furnace, Induction Heating Equipment

Welding Machines

Electric Training, Marine electric drive

Air condition

Fluorescent Lamps

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

Computers and Peripherals

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Harmonic harm
Harmonic pollution may disturb electrical equipment and systems’
normal operation badly, and causes the following problems:

Over voltage/current in the distribution network

Overheat power cables, transformers, & generators

Overheating in all types of electronics systems
causing component failures

Nuisance tripping in circuit breakers and protection relays

Malfunction of automatic control system

Damage to capacitors due to resonance

Inaccuracy of instrument measurement

Interference to telecommunication systems

Voltage distortion and lagging in power factor

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Product summary
SmartWave APF provides a truly effective harmonic solution
with the advanced active harmonic compensation technology.
SmartWave APF behaves like a harmonics current generator.
It measures the harmonic current generated by nonlinear
loads and cancels the harmonics by generating an opposite
phase shifted harmonic current with the same amplitude and
injecting it to the line, making source current sinusoidal.

Besides, SmartWave APF can provide leading or laggard

reactive current to improve the power factor.

Main features

Active power filter, fully improve the power quality.

DSP full digital control, 20kHz switching frequency,
immediately response for the load’s little change.

Truely closed-loop control, more than 98% of the harmonic filtered.

Harmonic order compensation can be selected, up to 51st order.

Reactive power compensation also can be selected.

Capability of phase imbalance compensation.

Automatically limit the current, over-current not happened.

High efficiency , wastage less than 2.5% with full-load.

Shunt connection, easy for maintenance.

Reduce the net wastage and eliminate the overheating of
transformer and motor to achieve the good saving-energy.

Filter effect holding the line with impedance change,
automatically eliminate the harmonic.

According to the power configuration ,partial or full compensation,
selectable CT install on source side or load side.

Easy for extending and redundancy design, up to 10 units parallel
connection with different capacity ,smart redundancy function.

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Major components:

High Frequency I IGBT电

GBT power
Soft- start缓启动电路
Circuit Reactor
高频电抗器 能转换器

FU1 MC2 R1 L1 C1
熔丝 Capacitor
Fuse R2

Ripple Current
Filter Module

Working principle

Soft-start Resistor Module pre-charges the DC capacitor to avoid

from any inrush current while connecting SMARTWAVE to grid
initially. When the voltage of the DC capacitor reaches the setting
value, the contactor of soft-start module switches on and bypass
the pre-charge resistor. Then, the IGBT power converter module
start to generate harmonic and reactive current to improve the
power factor and eliminate load harmonic. Ripple current filter
module filter the high-frequency ripple current from IGBT power
converter to avoid high-frequency harmonic pollutions

Power Nonlinear Load

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SmarWave APF has user-friendly control interface which can be easily operated.

With the LCD graphic multifunctional display, users can easily read the
electrical date, current and voltage waveform and spectrum, manage
the SmartWave APF and monitor the power quality. Users can easily
read the information below and operate it in these sections: SmartWave
APF, load side and source side:

Voltage, current, frequency, power factor and THD etc.

Waveform and spectrum data (up to the 31st order)

System management and parameter setting

Status and alarm, fault

Event Log
SmartWave APF also provides 4 standard relay outputs for remote
monitor: power, running, alarm and fault.

PC monitoring module (optional)

SmartWave APF provides the communication interface below:

COM port : RS232/RS485

Ethernet, RJ45

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Application case

A semiconductor manufacturing factory, there are two chip assembly

and test plants, and a data analysis center. A lot of low-voltage VFDs,
UPS and other non-linear loads are installed in the factory. Equipment
can not power off during normal operation, when power-down will
result in tens of millions of dollars loss. There are transformers and
various protective devices in the power distribution room. During
the test run at the factory, transformer overheating and protective
equipments malfunction phenomenon is happened. After measured,
large 3,5,7,11,13 harmonics are existence and exceed the limits of
IEEE519-1992 standard.

After concentrative compensation for the equipments in the

workshop of choosing each SmartWave4L/200-400,, the current
Steady State Performance
THD declined significantly and meet the IEEE519-1992 standard. It
successfully solved the problems of transformer overheating and
protection equipment malfunction to eliminate the huge losses
caused by a sudden power outage.

Source Current

Dynamic Response
Load Current

Master Current

Application fields

Semiconductor, Metro, Telecommunication, Bank, Hospital, Smart

Building, Oil and Gas, Chemical, Power, Mining, Papermaking, Printing,
Automobile Manufacture, Oceanic Oil and so on.

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Item Unit 50A 100A 200A 300A

Input Voltage V 380, ±15%
SmartWave:3L:3 phase 3 wires;
SmartWave 4L:3 phase 4 wires;
Frequency HZ 50/60 ±5%
Maximum Compensation Current/Phase Arms 50 100 200 300
Maximum Compensation Current for Natural(*) Arms 150 300 600 900
Transient Response Time ms <40
Inrush Current Less than rated current
Current Limitation Yes, at full correcting
Maximum Heat-loss Watt 1000 3000 5000 8000
Noise dBA 60 65 70 70
Color RAL7032(optional)
Protection Index IP 31
SmartWave 3L 500 x 500 x 900 600 x 600 x 2200800 x 600 x 2200 1400 x 600 x 2200
Dimensions (W D H) mm
SmartWave 4L 500 x 500 x 900 600 x 600 x 2200800 x 600 x 2200 1400 x 600 x 2200
SmartWave 3L 100 200 400 600
Weight kg
SmartWave 4L 140 250 480 730
Installation Wall Mounting Floor Standing
Filter Performance 3rd to 51st Order(whole or Selectable)
Controller Full Digital DSP Design
Switching Speed 20 KHz
Communications RS232 (standard), RS485, TCP/IP (optional)
Equipment Storage Temperature -40℃ ~ +70℃
Operating Temperature -5℃ ~ +40℃
Relative Humidity <95% non-condensing
Operating Altitude <1000m
Reference Harmonic Standard IEEE 519-1992
Reference Design Standard EN60146
Reference Safety Standard EN50178
Reference EMC Standard EN55011, EN61000-4-2, EN61000-4-3, EN61000-4-4, EN61000-4-5
(*) Only for SmartWave 4L

Capacity selection

There is no need to measure the impedance of the power system or

analyze the load harmonic spectrum &their individual amplitude. The
SmartWave APF has 2 types: SmartWave 3L and SmartWave 4L. SmartWave
selection is based on the known estimated load harmonics current
3L is 3phases/3wires active power filter and adapt to 3phases/3wires
amplitude (ILh) to be compensated, and then select the SmartWave
power systems. SmartWave 4L is 3phases/4wires active power filter and
model which has the output compensating current rating greater than
adapt to 3phases/4wires power systems, and it can compensate neutral
that of the ILh .Generally, we recommend a 20% higher rating than the
line’s harmonic current besides SmartWave 3L’s functions.
ILh to be compensated.

Rated Line Votage(Vrms)

Compensate Current(Arms)
Phase/Wire Example: SmartWave 4L/100-400 represents
3L-3Phase/3 Wire the SmartWave series APF 3 phases /4 wires,
4L-3Phase/3 Wire its compensate current is 100A and rated
line voltage is 400V.
Product Series

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Power Quality General Controller
based on Active Power Filter

Technical background Product principle

Recently, the reactive power compensation usually chooses shunt SmartWave Plus Power Quality General Controller combines capacitor
capacitor bank which has many characteristics such as simple bank, passive power filter and APF for parallel connection and control
structure, easy control, big capacity, easy extending and so on. them as a complete system. SmartWave Plus can compensate large
However the shunt capacitor bank can’t eliminate harmonic reactive power, eliminate the power harmonic with avoiding the
efficiently and this may cause the series and parallel resonance resonance between capacitor bank and system impedance. It can also
with the system impedance. In the application field of need large enhance the equipment’s stability and reduce the custom cost with
amount of reactive power compensation and harmonic elimination, only one control module.
shunt capacitor bank and APF will be generally parallel installed and
controlled respectively, which may change the load’s equivalent
harmonic impedance and cause the current coupling problem. So, it
needs special design to keep system stable running.

Zs CT1 CT2

Non-linear Load


KM1 ... KMn Soft-start

C3 Cn
High Frequency Filter
Module C2 R1
Capacitor Bank

Module L1
is us il

Interface Drive
Board Board Board
IGBT Power Module

SmartWare Control Module


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SmartWave Plus is module designed, includes APF module, capacitor bank

module, passive filters module and SmartWave control module, these
modules can be assembled freely if need.

Active power filter plus with

control module
Active filter 100A, 180Kvar
Smartwave control module compernsation capability

Active power filter plus

Passive filter plus 6 units 30Kvar,
with control module,
only 400mm width
100A only 600mm width


Integrate multi power quality solutions ●
On line maintenance and long life

SMART Control Module, easy configured ●
Resonance protected automatically

Higher Cost-effective ●
User-friendly interface, graphic show, operating easily

Module design, function module can be easily expanded. ●
Small cubage, aesthetic appearance and easily install.

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Item Conventional power quality disposal solution SmartWave Plus

Effect Effect not good, not fully improve power quality Good effect, almost solve all problems
Function Single Multiform, gather five main types to one
Safe, roundly meet all the safe problem of
Security Sometimes not protect itself
equipment caused by power pollution
Expansibility Difficult to expand Module design and easy to expand
General Cost High Low
Flexible ability with the Weak, need design and adjusting again Strong, rapidly response with the control module
power'spollution changing


Dimension of APF module:

Module Type Width(mm) Height(mm) Depth(mm) Note

50A 600 2200 800(1000)
100A 600 2200 800(1000)
200A 800 2200 800(1000)

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Dimension of Capacitor bank module:

Capacitor bank module uses the drawer type combination structure, One SmartWave Plus power quality controller can be assembled with
each cabinet’s dimension is 400*800(1000)*2200, and the amount of 2 capacitor compensation modules.Standard capacitor compensation
included drawers is up to 6. Each drawer’s capability is up to 30kVar. module’s dimension is as below:

Module Type Width(mm) Height(mm) Depth(mm) Note

180kVar 400 2200 800(1000)
360kVar 800 2200 800(1000)

Note: Following the customer requirements, capacitors with different capacity can be installed.

Capacity selection

Rated compensation Current(Arms)

Rated Line Votage(Vrms)

Maximal reactive power compensation capacity(kVar)

3L~3phase/ 3 Wire; 4L~3phase/ 4 Wire

Products Series

SmartWave Plus 3L/150-380-100 represents the SmartWave Plus series Power Quality Controller: 3 phases /3 wires, maximum reactive power
compensation capability is 150kVar, rated line voltage is 380V, rated harmonic compensation current is 100A.
it’s compensate current is 100A and rated line voltage is 400V.

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