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TATA DAEWOO The Action To Advance
Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle is continuously striving to become a global commercial vehicle company
through "relentless innovation that impacts the world".

The Action
Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle is continuously striving to become
To Advance
Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle was newly launched in 2004, after Tata Motors, the Indian automobile manufacturer, acquired 100%
of its shares. Tata daewoo provides unique experience to its customers by listening to their needs and reflecting them in its product
a global commercial vehicle company through development.
With this rebirth, Tata daewoo strives to become one of the most respected companies in Korea for the commercial vehicle industry.
“Relentless innovation that impacts the world.” With“The Action To Advance”, we will become the best commercial vehicle maker to achieve the goals which looked impossible and
to make everyone realize their dreams.


Accordingly we have over. Malaysia.5 ton and 3 ton Having sold almost 50.000 units in light duty trucks and buses to com. Iraq and this end. plans will help us enhance our sta- tions by offering preferred prod. South Africa and Pakistan to cater to the respective With“The Action To Advance”. Tata daewoo has identified local We are confident executing our tomers exceeding their expecta. plete line-up of 2. the international markets over the plement our existing medium and last 10 years. production in key markets as a sig. we Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle local markets. bases in Russia.CEO MESSAGE The Action To Advance. we will achieve our goal of becoming continuously strives to become a have plans to begin local assembly the best commercial vehicle manu- leading global commercial vehicle in Algeria. Columbia. Currently we are pres- innovation that impacts the world”. with our in this endeavor. we strive to sell fur- heavy duty trucks range. We have formu. Going forward.000 units in the next 5 years. Russia. Tata Daewoo Tata daewoo provides value to cus. sustainable. nificant strategy lever to achieve its tus as a leading global brand with a ucts and services. manufacturer through“relentless Philippines. lated long term strategies towards Vietnam. We also enhance goals. ent in 70 countries in 5 continents Tata Motors supports Tata daewoo through over 300 dealers. 04 THE ACTION TO ADVANCE THE ACTION TO ADVANCE 05 . Kenya and facturer and realize our dreams. We are developing a com. UAE. major markets being Algeria. ther 50. comprehensive product range in stakeholder value with focus on seas assembly and production the commercial vehicle space. profitable growth.

Daewoo PRIMA 2013 Export Tower Award 1996 Acquired by Tata Motors and rechristened as Premium Truck Daewoo PRIMA Won the 300 Million Dollars Export 1995 Tower Award HISTORY Awarded Good Design Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle won the best design award at Commenced pilot production of the Successful Design Award Launched Euro3 NOVUS Truck Good Design Selection 2009 Daewoo New generation truck 2006 Signed single largest contract for 2015 Renamed as Daewoo Motors 1998 2005 Won the 100 Million Dollars Export supply of 2570 nos. Company Launched the first RHD Truck in korea Launched NOVUS Medium Duty Truck Tower Award & Developed LNG Truck Trucks to Iraq Ministry of Defense New Experience 06 THE ACTION TO ADVANCE THE ACTION TO ADVANCE 07 .HISTORY Milestone of TATA DAEWOO 2007 Established KD plant in Pakistan with Afzal Motors Acquired ISO/TS 16949 certification 2008 Launched Euro4 NOVUS Truck 2010 2006 100 Million Dollars Developed LPG Truck Launched Premium Truck Export Tower Award Won the 200 Million Dollars Export Daewoo PRIMA Medium Duty Truck Tower Award 2008 200 Million Dollars 2012 Export Tower Award 2009 Launched NOVUS Special Edition Launched a World-Class 2013 300 Million Dollars 2004 Premium Truck. of Heavy Duty Launched Euro 6 New Engine.

Philippines. Azerbaijan. We are also planning to reach 12. Yemen. Syria. Mongol. Bolivia. Singapore. Bahrain South America Colombia. creating top quality Ukraine Russia and top value as a global brand. Nigeria.NETWORK TATA DAEWOO Global Network World Class Quality Assurance Established an automated Ireland system. Iraq. the UAE. Middle East New Caledonia. Afghanistan. South Africa. Dominican Republic plan. Uzbekistan. China. Tanzania. Morocco. We have also been preparing for the projects to expand our KD production bases Ethiopia. Malaysia. Pakistan. global market. Angola. Cuba. Iraq and Colombia and expanding our export sales by world. Papua New Guinea. Myanmar. Kenya. Russia. aming at entering the Algeria. Tahiti We are now cooperating with over 70 countries in 5 continents through over 300 dealers. Malaysia. Thailand. Ukraine manufacturer in the world. Tunisia Bangladesh. Trinidad & Tobago.000 units every year in exports within the next 5 years. in Algeria. Through this CIS and Europe Antigua. 08 THE ACTION TO ADVANCE THE ACTION TO ADVANCE 09 . Vietnam. Japan. Venezuela. Kenya and the Philippines. Kazakhstan. Azerbaijan Spain Turkey Kazakhstan Mongolia Morocco Syria Tunisia Cyprus Iraq Algeria Uzbekistan China Libya Kuwait Korea Japan Iran Afghanistan Bahrain Egypt UAE Qatar Pakistan Bangladesh Saudi arabia Oman Sudan Yemen Myanmar Vietnam Ghana Naigeria India Philippines Laos Cuba Ethiopia Thailand Dominican Rep. Laos. Peru. Kuwait. we will enhance our status as a global brand and become a comprehensive commercial vehicle Russia. Cambodia. Qatar. including Algeria. Libya. India. Vanuatu. Egypt. Sudan. Russia and South Africa. Ghana. Ecuador. Indonesia. Sri Lanka Cambodia Malaysia Trinidad & Tobago Antigua Kenya Singapore Indonesia Venezuela Tanzania Colombia Angola Papua New Guinea Tahiti Ecuador Madagascar Vanuatu Bolivia Mauritius South Africa New caledonia Peru TATA DAEWOO Chile Customer Care System A-Z Care Special Customer care Speedy Service Africa Asia & Pacific Proactive After Service Tata daewoo has overseas production bases in Pakistan. Sri Lanka. Chile. Vietnam. UAE. Oman. Saudi Arabia.

NOVUS SPECIAL EDITION DAEWOO PRIMA Basic Product Line-up New Offering for the Present & Future Classification MCV HCV Classification MCV HCV Drive Type 4X2 4X2 6X4 8X4 10X4 Drive Type 4X2 4X2 6X4 8X4 10X4 Twin steer Twin steer Rear 3-axle Rear 3-axle CARGO CARGO Twin steer Twin steer Rear 3-axle DUMP DUMP MIXER MIXER 6X4 4X2 6X2 TRACTOR TRACTOR 10 THE ACTION TO ADVANCE THE ACTION TO ADVANCE 11 .

SPECIAL PURPOSE VEHICLE Diverse applications for customer’ s needs Tank Lorry Van Truck Fuel / Water / Water Sprinkler / Water Cannon / Aircraft Refueler / Others Refrigerated Van / Dry Van / Wing Body Crane Truck Construction Stiff Crane Truck / Knuckle Crane Truck / Wrecker Truck Concrete Pump Truck Garbage Truck Special Transport & Trailer Press Pack / Arm Roll / Vacuum Lorry / Road Sweeper / Vacuum Loader Jetter Troop Transport / Fire Truck / Self Loader & Mobile Workshop / Flat bed / Low bed / Tank & Bulk Cement / Dump & Wall 12 THE ACTION TO ADVANCE THE ACTION TO ADVANCE 13 .

300 212/1. With ABS/ASR.500 440/1.Torque kg.200 255/1.880 10. No.051 14. the driver can maintain full directional stability EURO 1~2 Max.300 340/2.000 No.900 EURO 5 Output Max.400 135/1.800 12.051 GL08 GL11 * The engine power varies depending on the mapping of the vehicle.890 7.200 of the vehicle at all times and avert potentially dangerous situations.640 10. 6 6 6 General 128X142 Spec Bore X Stroke mm 100X125 108X139 Displacement cc 5. no brake failure Output ps/rpm 340/2.300 Rr Brake rear wheels. No hydraulics are necessary.100 420/2. Without ABS With ABS Classification Unit B5.m/rpm 82/1.Frt separate and independent at the front and Classification Unit GL08 GL11 Max.of Cyl . No oils leaks.Torque kg. 6 6 6 General 135X150 Spec Bore X Stroke mm 104X132 125X147 B/Vlv Displacement cc 5.Torque kg.m/rpm 82/1.500 481/2.964 DL06 DL08 DV11 * The engine power varies depending on the mapping of the vehicle.200 450/1.260 170/1. No.of Cyl . 6 6 8 General 128X142 Spec Bore X Stroke mm 111X139 123X155 Displacement cc 8.883 14. Classification Unit NEF ISM CURSOR 13 Front Impact test Rear Wall Strength test Collision Impact test Max.071 11.100 kg.Power ps/rpm 280/2.Torque 82/1.946 B5.of Cyl .Power ps/rpm 215/2.900 Output Max.Rr Full Air Brake System (Dual Circuit & S Cam) * The engine power varies depending on the mapping of the vehicle.100 Output Max. 6 6 Chamber Simpler maintenance.Torque kg.Power ps/rpm 225/2.200 215/1.m/rpm 100/1.071 11. 14 THE ACTION TO ADVANCE THE ACTION TO ADVANCE 15 . controlled stop and is particularly advantageous while driving Classification Unit DE08 DE12 DV15 under slippery road conditions.200 No.PERFORMANCE & SAFETY ENGINE Engine Application ABS & ASR Engine Specification ABS brings the vehicle to a safe.618 DE08 DE12 DV15 * The engine power varies depending on the mapping of the vehicle.m/rpm CNG Max.200 145/1.882 NEF ISM CURSOR 13 A/T.500 320/2.9 ISX Max.000 EURO 3 Braking Point Output EPA99 Max.9 ISX * The engine power varies depending on the mapping of the vehicle.400 140/1.m/rpm 107/1. Doosan Engine Classification Unit DL06 DL08 DV11 EURO 3~5 Max.900 560/1.300 Frt Brake Chamber due to hydraulic line.Power ps/rpm 260/2. Brake circuit is A/T. stronger braking power General Spec Bore X Stroke mm 111X139 123X155 Displacement cc 8. 6 6 European level CAB safety during accident (ECE R29/21) General Spec Bore X Stroke mm 102X120 137X169 Displacement cc 5.of Cyl .500 255/1.Power 230/2.200 No.of Cyl .

NOVUS EXSTYLE Design for best performance Safety & Aerodynamic Exterior NOVUS Cabin complies with the European safety regulation provisions of ECE R29. Front Lid & Radiator Grill Proximity Mirror Large Corner Vane Reducing air resistance to the best possible Essential for drivers to see side under view Reducing wind noise inside the cabin effect positioned to their immediate right Side Quarter Glass Head Lamp Side Marker Lamp Provide impeccable visibility in the dark Warns other drivers of truck getting closer 16 THE ACTION TO ADVANCE THE ACTION TO ADVANCE 17 . including Front Impact. Keeps the cabin cooler. rear view Inmpact and heat resistant. which is designed to give the driver the best riding comfort regardless of the road condition. Air Horn Sunvisor with EOL Lamp Rear View Mirror Loud and grand volume Reduces sun glare in the cabin and the risk Large outside mirror provides perfect for being blinded. The Cabin is made up with pressed sheet steel panels welded together to provide reinforced structure for the driver. Full Floating Cab Suspension NOVUS Truck features full floating 4 point cab suspension. Rear-wall strength. Roof crush.

Safety Side Window 04.NOVUS INSTYLE Cabin interior with convenient utillities NOVUS Cabin Interior NOVUS Cabin interior gives a cozy appearance in light gray color scheme. Hazard warning flasher Heating 01 02 Air Suspension Seat (Optional) The air suspension seat offers ideal driving position from pneumatic lumber support and side contour adjustment for fatigue free driving. The dashboard and other interior belongings have smooth contours and provide independent space for both the driver and passenger. Fuse Box Steering Wheel Steering Column Adjustment Combination Switch Driver Seat Arm Rest Large size & Soft grip 2 spoke wheel with horn Adjusting angle : 10° Turn Signal Lamp. Manual Transmission Parking Brake Instrument Clusters Economical operation and smooth gearshift ON/OFF type air parking break(STD) State-of-art design and clear presentation of 03 04 Gradual type hand break(OPT) the information during driving situation 18 THE ACTION TO ADVANCE THE ACTION TO ADVANCE 19 . Windshield Wiper. Large Interior Lamp 03. Exhaust Lumbar Support button Travel : 60mm Break. 01. Audio & Aircon Controller 02.

Air Tanks 04. Brake Valve 07 (Steel-STD. Air Dryer 08. Auto Slack Adjuster(Optional) 09.8 o 01 02 03 07. 07 08 09 01. Cab Absorber 08 08. Air Filter 02. This wide vision enables the driver to see all around the operation switch on the center console vehicle and to have a good view of the traffic as well. 52o 01. Battery 02. Tata daewoo trucks also ensure driving comfort and safety with the durable design. A combination of ergonomics Cab tilt device opens up to 52 degrees. Head Lamp Spare Tire 20 THE ACTION TO ADVANCE THE ACTION TO ADVANCE 21 .CHASSIS & UTILITY Best Design. Battery Cut off Switch(OPT) 34. 06. Special Features Easy & Simple Maintenance The highly durable frame structure and rear shock absorbers ensure the pay-load under any strenuous road conditions. and optical engineering were used to determine the optimal size and position of the rear view mirrors The cab tilt system is fitted with an 04 05 06 which offer a 34. Aircon Pipe AL-OPT) 07. Wiper Motor Leaf Spring 04. Side Protector 40.3 degree field of vision. Water Separator 82.3o 03.5 o 05. Air Gun Ultra-Large Front Windscreen Electric Cab Tilting Ultra-large front windscreen gives the cabin a 40. which enables / disables the cab tilting. Walking Plate 06. Heater Core 01 02 03 06 05 03. Washer Tank 04 Tool Box Fuel Tank 05.5 degrees field of view.

00R24-18PR 04. Rear Protector K4DRF(10㎥) DV11 10.5-16PR 01. Your Tata daewoo dealer Rear Dump Deck Ladder will be glad to discuss your particular requirements.100 135/1.000 30.m/rpm) Euro 1 / 2 / 3 M/T Front / Rear Front / Rear F3DBF(5. Specification Engine Emission Transmission Max.051 340/2. F10/R2.100 170/1.000 12R22.964 380/1.964 380/1.100 135/1. F10/R2. F16/R2 9.500 23.00R24-18PR K4DEF(10/12/15㎥) DE12TIS 11.100 160/1. F16/R2 6. Multi & Taper Leaf Spring FRT:385/65R22.260 ● F6/R1.300 82/1.000 12R22. Tool Box.3/7/12㎥) DE12TIS 11.000 12.500 23.3㎥) DE08TIS 8.power(ps/rpm) Max.(ℓ) Max.000 31.051 320/2.000 26. Rear Lamp with Protector K6DRF(16㎥) DV11 10.100 145/1.500 12R22.100 ● F9/R1 8.000 12R22.000 07.500 11.100 145/1.260 ● F9/R1.500 26. Side Protector K6DEF(16/24㎥) DE12TIS 11.100 ● F6/R1 6.000 30.200 ● F6/R1 7.260 ● F9/R1.NOVUS DUMP Impressive technological advances can also be found on the tipper mechanism which features new safety controls.071 225/2. K6E6F(C/CH) DE12TI 11.5-16PR K6D6F.500 23.051 340/2.5-16PR F3DEF(5.torque(kg.800 160/1. look no further than Tata daewoo.5-16PR 05.260 ● F6/R1.260 ● F9/R1.5-16PR 03.051 340/2.200 ● F16/R2 18.100 135/1.000 12R22. Spare Tire RR:12R22.5-18PR 01 02 03 N7DVF(16/20㎥) 8X4 DV15TIS 14.100 170/1. The NOVUS special edition of Tata daewoo dump trucks will help grow your business profits.00R24-18PR 06. Hydraulic Cylinder K4DVF(10/12/15㎥) DV15TIS 14. F9/R1. F16/R2 9.051 340/2.618 420/2. Rear Dump Deck System K6DVF(16㎥) DV15TIS 14.200 ● F16/R2 8.618 420/2.5-16PR 08.4X2 : 5.200 ● F6/R1 4X2 6.618 390/2. Fuel Tank. Battery & Battery Cut off Switch(OPT) * The above specification might be changed as per operating conditions and selected options Optional Items Dump deck size .000 12. F10/R2 K4D6F(10/12㎥) DE12TI 11. F10/R2. F10/R2 6.000 31.000 12. Specification If you’re looking for the top performing dump truck to satisfy your requirements.800 160/1.3 ~7m3 / 6X4 : 10 ~ 16m3 / 8X4 : 16 ~ 20m3 Dumping Mechanism 04 05 06 07 08 Marrel Type Telescopic Type 22 THE ACTION TO ADVANCE THE ACTION TO ADVANCE 23 .GVW(kg) Tire Classification Model Disp.00R24-18PR 6X4 02.000 12.

F16/R2 55.000) 01 02 03 M2SVF DV15TIS 14.5-16PR 04 05 V3TXF CUMMINS 14. Moreover. Walking Plate Cover M2SNF. F10/R2.Jost or GF Model Disp. F16/R2 (With Hub reduction 06.2" / 3.051 340/2.NOVUS TRACTOR Outstanding driving and handling characteristics. Specification a powerful and rugged power train. dependable engine.900 187/1.200 ● F18/R4 75.100 170/1.000 255/1. F16/R2 M2S6F 05.000) V3TSF DV11 10. superb comfort and convenience that begin with a spacious interior.200 ● F16/R2 07. 01. impressive hauling capability including hill climbing performance.5-16PR V3T6F DE12TI 11.946 481/2.260 ● F9/R1.051 340/2. this tractor leads the way in performance and features.260 ● F9/R1.000 V3TEF DE12TIS 11.5-18PR * The above specification might be changed as per operating conditions and selected options Optional Items * Coupler (5th Wheel) . M2RNF CUMMINS 10. Battery & Spare Tire Engine Emission Transmission Tire Classification Max. F10/R2.200 ● F16/R2 60. F10/R2.100 145/1.800 187/1.00R24-18PR KL3TX(Prima) CUMMINS 14. Air Tanks Specification 02.000 255/1. Coupler . it is built to handle around-the-clock high speed operations that will enhance your bottom line.000 V3TVF DV15TIS 14.(ℓ) Max.800 415/1.946 481/2. F10/R2. Rear Protector & Lamp DE12TI 11.100 135/1.torque(kg. Equipped with a powerful.100 145/1.618 420/2.260 ● F9/R1.000 315/80R22.000 12. Tool Box 40.200 ● F16/R2 75.5" Rollingless / Universal 06 07 24 THE ACTION TO ADVANCE THE ACTION TO ADVANCE 25 . F16/R2 55.power(ps/rpm) Max.m/rpm) Euro 1 / 2 / 3 M/T Front / Rear 04.100 ● F16/R2 55. Trailer Connector & Working Lamp 4X2 : 60.964 420/1.051 340/2.260 ● F9/R1.100 135/1.100 170/1.051 340/2.GCW(kg) 03.000 12R22.618 420/2.200 ● F16/R2 (With Hub reduction 6X4 : 75.000 12R22.000 M2SEF DE12TIS 11.

F9/R1.000) MD:385/65R22.900 187/1.05 K7CRF DV11 10.051 340/2. F10/R2 4X2 6. . F8AKF DL08 7. F4CJF. K8C6F.260 ● F10/R2 Opposite to Opposite to Opposite to Spin Direction Opposite to engine engine engine engine M9AVF.200 ● F6/R1 PTO Shape K7C6F.200 ● F16/R2 Model 4X2 4X2 / 6X4 / 8X4 4X2 / 6X4 / 8X4 6X4 / 8X4 / 10X4 * The above specification might be changed as per operating conditions and selected options * The above specification might be changed as per operating conditions and selected options 26 THE ACTION TO ADVANCE THE ACTION TO ADVANCE 27 .100 ● F6/R1 Factor Low 0.GVW(kg) Tire Classification Model Disp.200 ● F16/R2 13. 0.000 23.5-16PR P9CSF 10X4 DV11 10.350mm m 00m 9.071 225/2.300 82/1.500 ● F6/R1 S&T 6 Speed S&T 10 Speed Eaton 9 Speed ZF 16-Speed ZF 12-Speed F3CBF.000 Capacity(Kg.949 0.000 Same as Same as Same as M9CEF DE12TIS 11.100 ● F6/R1 22.100 145/1.260 ● F10/R2.500 11.1 .500 T8S6 / T9S6 T10S6 T15S6 T16S6 T14S10 FSO 10309 ZF16S1830TO ZF12AS2330TO F4CEF.883 215/2.260 ● F6/R1. F9/R1. F6CBF DE08TIS 8.898 0.100 135/1.200 ● F6/R1 Classification Manual AMT M4P6F(Pull Cargo) DE12TI 11.NOVUS CARGO Maximum power output is realized by a state-of-the-art high pressure fuel injection system that squeezes the maximum Chassis amount of power out of each fuel drop.77 0.964 420/1.260 ● F6/R1 Speed High .200 ● F6/R1 F4CKF. F8CKF. while heavy duty cross members and all bolted construction technique to the frame assure high efficiency in distributing payload stress over the frame.500 82/1. K9AEF DE12TIS 11. 1.100 145/1. 12R22.964 420/1.618 420/2.000 FRT/RR:12R22. 16/R2 23.785 1.100 ● F16/R2(ZF12 AMT OPT) ( Pusher 23.5 Diverse solution for optimal transport Specification PTO System Engine Emission Transmission Max.640 300/2. 2.964 380/1.m) 30 30 50 50 50 61.200 115/1. K9A6F DE12TI 11.5-16PR P9CNF CUMMINS 10.207 0.029 0.051 340/2.829 1. The high tensile heat treated steel maximizes payload capacity and durability.051 320/2. Tata daewoo cargo truck presents a highly efficient solution to the problem of transporting large cargo loads.100 135/1.91 1.82 1.800 160/1.618 420/2.824 415/1.(ℓ) Max. .9 6X4 6. K9CRF DV11 10.640 250/2.100 ● F16/R2 (Clockwise) (Clockwise) (Clockwise) clockwise) clockwise) clockwise) P9CVF DV15TIS 14. F8CJF DL08 7.800 187/1. F4CBF.9 102 43. Combined with its abundant cargo hauling capacity.200 90/1.power(ps/rpm) Max.2 51 102 43.800 187/1. F10/R2 F6/R1. M9CVF 8X4 DV15TIS 14.000 engine engine engine (Vehicle Rear Side) (Clockwise) (Counter (Counter (Counter M9CSF DV11 10.m/rpm) Euro 1 / 2 / 3 M/T Front / Rear Front / Rear Power Take Off System F4C1F.9 5.100 135/1.800 160/1.500 K9KEF.100 170/1.000 Flange(mm) Φ86 Φ90 Φ98 Φ98 Φ98 Φ90 : 9.051 340/2.833 0. .051 340/2.964 380/1. F6CEF DE12TIS 11.5-16PR PTO Type Direct Type Direct Offset Direct Offset Direct Offset K7CEF DE12TIS 11.051 340/2. Allow Tata daewoo to be your best choice in cargo transportation. .torque(kg.100 170/1.260 ● F6/R1.260 ● F6/R1 F3CJF.100 145/1.17 0.98 K8CRF. F6C1F B5.200 ● F16/R2 13.

Motor & Pump K6MVF DV15TIS 14.torque(kg.100 160/1.NOVUS MIXER For extra fast unloading of remix.100 145/1.100 160/1. Eng. Auxiliary equipment includes a high performance decelerator and a large-capacity water tank for quick clean ups and faster turnaround times.500 26.000 04.500 23.618 390/2. Step K5MLF DL08 7.618 390/2.000 30. If remix is your business.200 ● F6/R1 7. Guide Roller 06. F10/R2 6.051 340/2.GVW(kg) Tire 02. Chute Classification Model Disp.200 135/1. the drum on 6x4 mixer truck features a 3.100 160/1.100 160/1.00R24-18PR * The above specification might be changed as per operating conditions and selected options 04 02 03 Optional Items * Mixer type .m/rpm) Euro 1 / 2 / 3 M/T Front / Rear Front / Rear 03.200 ● F6/R1 6.200 ● F16/R2 15.000 315/80R22.00R24-18PR M8MVF 8X4 DV15TIS 14. 8m3 and 9m3 Specification capacity.200 ● F16/R2 8.) DE12TIS 11.500 23.640 320/2.0 rotation mixer blade and 7m3.(ℓ) Max.500 23.618 390/2.618 390/2. Tata daewoo’s 6x4 mixer is a partner you can count on.000 12.5-16PR 05.260 ● F9/R1. Hydraulic Oil Tank K4MVF 6X4 DV15TIS 14. Control Lever K4MEF(Aux. F10/R2 6.000 01 K5MVF DV15TIS 14.Wet / Dry 05 06 07 28 THE ACTION TO ADVANCE THE ACTION TO ADVANCE 29 .200 ● F9/R1. Specification 01.power(ps/rpm) Max.000 12.000 26.000 12R22.5-18PR 07. Hopper Engine Emission Transmission Max.

Water Separator & Air Dryer Side Door Grip 05. Bumper Step 03. Air Intake Duct 07. Multi Leaf Spring 06. Trailer Connector & Working Lamp 04. Roof and Side Air Spoiler 04. Torque Rod 09. Rear View Mirror 06. Roof Air Horn 02. Rear Brake Chamber Side Marker Lamp Auto Slack Adjuster(Optional) 01 02 01 02 03 05. Fuel Tank & Side Protector 08.DAEWOO PRIMA TRACTOR Chassis & Frame Coupler 65-Degree Electronic Cab Tilting Easy to access the engine to perform maintenance and repair work o Side Lamp 65 Rear Protector Rear Lamp 01. Cummins ISX 02. Battery Cover & Walking Plate 03. Sunvisor & EOL Lamp 01. Silencer 03 04 05 06 04 05 06 07 08 09 30 THE ACTION TO ADVANCE THE ACTION TO ADVANCE 31 .

Head & Fog Lamp Controller 04. Center Console OBD Connecting Spot Cabin Variation + 280mm + 0mm 04 05 06 07 08 09 Low Dome High Dome 32 THE ACTION TO ADVANCE THE ACTION TO ADVANCE 33 . Air Suspension Seat Multi-Function Storage 01. Cup Holder 09. Eaton AMT 18S Shift Button 06. 10. Tachograph 05. Assist Seat Cabinet 08. Two Beds (OPT) 11. Steering Wheel 02. Metercluster 03.DAEWOO PRIMA TRACTOR Interior The ergonomical designed driver's space on the Daewoo truck harmoniously combines functionality with efficiency. Audio & Aircon Controller 01 02 03 07.

9 5. Rear View Mirror Engine Emission Transmission Max.(ℓ) Max.500 9. Coil Cab Suspension 05. KC6C1 F6/R1 04. Front Hook Model Disp. Fuel Tank 02.500 265/70R19. Air Cleaner 03. Exhaust Brake 06.power(ps/rpm) Max. Side Marker Lamp * The above specification might be changed as per operating conditions and selected options 06.torque(kg.500 ● 5.DAEWOO MCV CARGO EXSTYLE Chassis & Utility Best Design. KC3C1. Front Easy Steps 05.9 Engine Optimized Double Frame (Long WB Model) Specification 01.m/rpm) Euro 1 / 2 / 3 M/T Front / Rear Front / Rear 03. Antenna 4X2 CUM B5. Front Brake Chamber 05 01 02 03 Multi Leaf Spring Shock Absorber 04 06 04 05 06 34 THE ACTION TO ADVANCE THE ACTION TO ADVANCE 35 . Special Features Mechanical Type Engine .500 82/1.883 215/2.GVW(kg) Tire Classification 02. Rear Lamp 01 02 03 01. Water Separator 04.Euro3 B5.5-14PR KC2C1.

7L 8.7L 8. All-in-one Rear View Mirror 05. Intarder Brake 03.m WGT WGT eVGT 01.DAEWOO PRIMA NEW Euro6 EXSTYLE & INSTYLE Performance Powerful Engine.9L 480ps/229kg.1L 12.7L 320ps/112kg. AV/Navigation/Rear View Camera 04.m 560ps/255kg. 4Bag Air Suspension 02 03 06 01 02 03 36 THE ACTION TO ADVANCE THE ACTION TO ADVANCE 37 . Disk Brake 02. Full Color LCD Metercluster 03. Large Corner Vane & Front Radiator Grill 04 L-6 type L-6 type 128X144mm 135X150mm 11. Flexible Transmission New Engine makes New experience NEF CURSOR 9 L-6 type L-6 type L-6 type 104X132mm 117X135mm 117X135mm 6. Dashboard & Large Center Console 02.m eVGT eVGT 01 05 Features 01.m 360ps/160kg. Roof Air Horn CURSOR 11 CURSOR 13 06.m 400ps/173kg.

54006. 13th Floor. Gunsan-si. Jung-gu. Jeollabuk-do. . Korea 04637. Korea Published by Tata Daewoo International Business Division Copyright Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Co.. Ltd. Daewoo Foundation B/D. DAEWOO TRUCKS EXPORT VEHICLE Head Office Seoul Office 172. 526 Namdaemunno 5-ga. Dongjangsan-ro(Soryong-dong). Seoul.