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[The Firehouse Jazz Band] 693) AT THE DEVIL'S BALL Irving Berlin - 1913, Rec: The Peerless Quartet 1913, Bob Scobey's Frisco Jazz Band (voc: Clancy Hayes) 1955, ete. (Concert Pitch] I hada dream last night,That filled me full of ¢ E7 [dreamt that I waswith the Dev-il be-low. “In his Gi great big fier - y hail, Where the Dev- - ing a Ball. I checked my Am coat and hat and Started gaz-ing at the mer-ry crowd that came to wit-ness the show. And I G7 D7 must con-fess to you, ‘There were ma - ny there I knew. At the At the Devil's Ball - P.2 Chorus: @Qc D7 Dev- il's Ball, At the Dev-il's Ball, T saw the G7 cP G7 Cc ce c cute Mrs. Dev - il, so pret=ty and fat, Dress'd in a lit - tle red fire’- man’s hat. D7 G7 i Eph-re-ham, the lead-er man, who led the band last Fall, He play'd the mu-sic at the D7 In the Dev-il's Hal Gl (3 GT fe saw the cr ic fun-ni-est dev - il that I "ev-er saw, ‘Tak-ing the tick - ets from folks at the door, E. E Am D7 D7 G7 D7 G 2 T caught a glimpse of my moth-er- in - law, Dane-ing with the Dev-il, Oh! the lit- tle Dev-il, D7 G7 Cc Dane-ing at the Devil's Ball. At the