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<shititsNORIbitches>: Well, it's this whole moving to Chicago thing

<shititsNORIbitches>: a lot of shit went down and blew up with my family, and no
w I don't know if I really wanna move anymore
<shititsNORIbitches>: I have about 24 hours to decide what I wanna do
<shititsNORIbitches>: and my options are all looking like shit right now
<shititsNORIbitches>: Like... total and absolute shit
<Cmdr_Harabec>: Why don't you want to go?
<shititsNORIbitches>: did you look at my fb status?
<shititsNORIbitches>: says 'if you can't handle a 14 hour car ride with me, what
makes you think I'm gonna make you suffer an 18 MONTH lease'
<shititsNORIbitches>: basically the gist of it
<Cmdr_Harabec>: <_< so what, your sister doesn't wanna ride with you to there, o
r what exactly?
<shititsNORIbitches>: my brother and I got into a small spat, and he went off ty
pical drama queen manner and blew it completely out of proportion
<shititsNORIbitches>: it's my bro
<shititsNORIbitches>: my sister's already there
<Cmdr_Harabec>: Ah
<shititsNORIbitches>: but we got into an argument and he stopped talking to me,
said I shouldn't say a single word to him the rest of the day, then told my sist
er and my mom that he would not be giving me a ride down there
<Cmdr_Harabec>: The fuck happened to get him that mad <_<
<shititsNORIbitches>: it was the content of things said during the argument real
<shititsNORIbitches>: I did lose my temper, but I was really short with patience
due to incredible build up from the past couple of weeks
<shititsNORIbitches>: it's like this Bex, I gave my sister all of the money I've
saved for the last two months and suddenly they sprang it on me that I was goin
g to be moving in August and not September so everything got rushed
<shititsNORIbitches>: I was counting on being in Chicago early so I could get a
job before all of the college students came back, flooding the market and making
it just about impossible to get a decent job that isn't in a shitty neighborhoo
d, with crap hours, and doesn't require me taking off my clothes and being ogled
by old guys
<shititsNORIbitches>: throughout this entire process, no one has asked my opinio
n, asked me about anything even though I'm paying for half of everything, and I'
m the only one who will have a job
<Cmdr_Harabec>: And here I thought everyone aspired to be a stripper..
<Cmdr_Harabec>: Well, I mean, so what are your options? And are you really that
mad over the argument that you don't want to live with them?
<Cmdr_Harabec>: If you're the only one with a job that is a little weird.
<shititsNORIbitches>: my sister invited our brother to live with us without aski
ng me even my thoughts, when I talked to her about it she just said "I didn't kn
ow I had to ask your permission" and I just said "you should've asked my opinion
instead of just saying this is what you decided and that's how it was gong to b
e" and yeah she SHOULD have asked me for permission
<shititsNORIbitches>: cus I've put in way more money than both of them
<shititsNORIbitches>: no, it's the whole being stepped all over thing
<Cmdr_Harabec>: I see
<shititsNORIbitches>: like, my entire family ganged up on me because of this lit
tle fight
<shititsNORIbitches>: my mom, my sister, my brother
<shititsNORIbitches>: my entire interaction with them yesterday was me getting y
elled at, getting called immature, getting blamed for everything really
<shititsNORIbitches>: and it's like, every time there's a fight, they say I run
to my mom; which I don't. It's natural to just tell someone something, of all p
eople you should be able to tell your mom.
<Cmdr_Harabec>: But you're working a job... That is a bit ridiculous..
<shititsNORIbitches>: but my mom goes crazy and gets all dramatic, which is not
what I'm expecting every time I say something casually to her, not in anger but
more matter of factly
<shititsNORIbitches>: yes, it is ridiculous, but I'm the youngest
<shititsNORIbitches>: which is excuse enough for THEM
<Cmdr_Harabec>: I am the youngest as well, but when you're working a job and bei
ng self-sufficient
<shititsNORIbitches>: and it's just stupid, I'm not asked for ANYTHING except to
give them my money and shut my mouth and just go along with shit
<shititsNORIbitches>: and I am not gonna do that
<TrooperCooper>: DAS
<TrooperCooper>: IST
<TrooperCooper>: SHPARTA!
<shititsNORIbitches>: and now my mom's all mad at me because I said I don't thin
k I wanna live with them anymore because this is how shit's gonna be
<shititsNORIbitches>: only in Chicago, I really won't have any choice in what I
do or where I go, I'll be virtually stuck
<shititsNORIbitches>: and of course my mom co-signed the lease for my sister, fo
r the three bedroom apartment that I OBJECTED to getting, to having my brother a
s a roommate which I OBJECTED to having
<shititsNORIbitches>: and now everyone's mad and saying 'well, you said you WOUL
D live with them'
<shititsNORIbitches>: and I had the option of going back to Michigan instead and
finishing school there, and I TOLD them
<shititsNORIbitches>: that if shit was not gonna work out, I was not going to fo
rce myself to live with them if they couldn't act like grown ups
<Cmdr_Harabec>: Is that an option now?
<shititsNORIbitches>: I dunno, my mom is like -this- close to just kicking me ou
<shititsNORIbitches>: and I don't know that I'm gonna get all the money I saved
back from my sister
<Cmdr_Harabec>: Maybe it's your best, because it seems like you aren't really ge
tting anything much out of living with your family but being hassled <_<
<shititsNORIbitches>: this is just such fucking shit
<shititsNORIbitches>: well yeah
<shititsNORIbitches>: if Chicago could work, I'd like it to. But it'd be easier
if my brother and sister didn't cut me off yesterday and just tried to talk it
<shititsNORIbitches>: And there's no fucking sense trying to talk to my brother
because he's always like "You can't act like my mom, I'll do whatever I want. I
get what I want, final."
<shititsNORIbitches>: who the fuck in their right mind would move in with that?
<shititsNORIbitches>: and then my sister? Holy crap man. She yells at me for 5
minutes on the phone, says I can't argue with people or need to change how I fi
ght with people, and then hangs up on me because she's sick of conversations alr
eady at 11 in the morning
<Cmdr_Harabec>: <_< Not a great roommate, no. You can always try to move out.
<shititsNORIbitches>: Yeah, kind of shitty.
<shititsNORIbitches>: all I needed was to fucking talk to them, but they gave me
the entire day to just be fucking pissed off
<shititsNORIbitches>: of course what comes to mind is that I am not going to liv
e with them
<shititsNORIbitches>: I want to talk to them today and now, but I know it's just
gonna be more yelling and it's going to sound to them like I'm 'threatening' th
<shititsNORIbitches>: when all I want is for everyone to be fucking responsible
and grow the fuck up for once
<Cmdr_Harabec>: <_< Well, I really don't know what to tell you at this point. Yo
u are in a pretty bad situation. My family is pretty respectful to one another,
my brother can be a douche at times but he's cool.
<shititsNORIbitches>: Yeah. Well, if I stay here, I have a guaranteed job at my
old workplace
<shititsNORIbitches>: My boss loves me
<shititsNORIbitches>: and she said that if things didn't work out she'd definite
ly put me back on the schedule gladly
<shititsNORIbitches>: but my mom is pissed off because of her name being on that
lease, and is getting ready to kick me out if I stay
<shititsNORIbitches>: and if I don't live there, my brother and sister are gonna
try to force me to pay half the rent anyway
<shititsNORIbitches>: and if I get kicked out of my house, and don't go but deci
de to save money for Michigan, I have no guarantee of getting all of my money ba
ck or any of it really
<shititsNORIbitches>: and then, no place to stay while trying to save money
<shititsNORIbitches>: and I certainly don't have the money to go anymore since I
gave my money to my sister
<shititsNORIbitches>: and if I go, then I'm totally fucked because then my broth
er and sister will take it as 'yeah, we can still pretty much just push her arou
nd like always'
<shititsNORIbitches>: screw the face that I went out into the world, developed a
personality and have a fucking spine
<shititsNORIbitches>: fact* even
<Cmdr_Harabec>: hmm, kind of sounds like you don't have much choice but to go.
<shititsNORIbitches>: I'm tempted to go only to fuck them over when I get there
<Cmdr_Harabec>: or hey, drive to north carolina, I could use a roommate. You won
't be able to find a job there though <_<
<shititsNORIbitches>: <_<
<shititsNORIbitches>: didn't think so
<shititsNORIbitches>: def need a job
<Cmdr_Harabec>: >_> You can live under the radar, it's all cool. File for unempl
<shititsNORIbitches>: I want to talk to them so I don't end up fucking them over
when I get there
<shititsNORIbitches>: I want a job damn it
<shititsNORIbitches>: but if they don't listen to me? I'll go there, get a job,
save my money, then fucking leave
<shititsNORIbitches>: go live with my friend Rob until I have enough money to go
back to Michigan and stay there instead
<shititsNORIbitches>: I know that I don't have a lot of choice right now, I just
need to fucking talk to my family; but it's become impossible because EVERYONE
is pissed off at me and NO ONE wants to talk like civil and they interrupt me ev
ery other fucking word
<shititsNORIbitches>: and it's MY fault that my brother who's a fucking marine,
has no money
<Cmdr_Harabec>: I guess you just need to wait it out until people cool down..
<shititsNORIbitches>: it's my fault that every fucking week I get a phone call f
rom bill and debt collectors for him
<shititsNORIbitches>: it's my fault pink envelopes keep coming in the mail for s
hit that he bought but couldn't pay for
<shititsNORIbitches>: it's my fault that he's taken his sweet time getting over
here so that the job market in Chicago closes up and all positions get filled by
fucking college students
<shititsNORIbitches>: it's also my fault that when he was supposed to responsibl
e for just a fucking little bit, he went out and drank and bought rounds for fuc
king sluts at bars and spent all of his damn money
<shititsNORIbitches>: and of course I only have 24 hours to decide, because if I
go I have to leave fucking tomorrow
<shititsNORIbitches>: and all of my fucking stuff has already been sent down the
re too
<shititsNORIbitches>: fucking shit stain on my life man