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Lesson Focus: Learning Area / Strand: Year Implementation Date:

Level: Week 1 Lesson 4

Nutrients Continued Fabulous Food
(Hospitality) 11 Duration: 60 minutes

Curriculum Curriculum links (Strands/Content Descriptors):

Framework: - Investigate and make judgements, within a range of
Australian Curriculum technologies specialisations, on how technologies can be
combined to create designed solutions (ACTDEK047).

Prior knowledge of learners:

In the previous lesson students have been introduced to the purpose of food and the five food
groups. They have begun to investigate and discuss a number of key nutrients required for a
healthy body.
Lesson objective/s
By the end of this lesson, students should be able to:
Identify the importance of correct daily nutrient intake.
Identify key nutrients required in ones daily food intake
Identify the types of nutrients which target particular areas of the body.
Evidence of learning:
Students will participate in a number of class discussions and activities that align with the
selected topic to demonstrate their understanding of key nutrients.
Clarification and check for understanding
Monitoring student work and ensure that they are taking notes and engaging in discussion
Open ended question strategies to engage the learner and check for understanding.
Classroom Management Strategies:
Students are to be aware of routine and expectations in the classroom.
Encourage students to ask questions.
Gentle remained for students to remain on task.
Implement positive reinforcements.
Utilise 1, 2, 3, eyes on me technique.
Class Roll, laptop, projector, white board, whiteboard markers, teacher power point: nutrients,
Differentiation considerations:
- Visual prompts for various learners present in class (characteristics detailed in class
profile table)
- Teacher aide utilised to assist identified SEP students with reading difficulties (implement
simplified word search activity)
- Support student learning with ongoing monitoring and questions to provide further
clarification when necessary.
- Provide additional time for select students to complete tasks (refer to class profile and
OneSchool table)
- Form students into small groups of fast and slow paced learners for additional learning
Lesson Before beginning the lesson, the educator should ensure that they have
Introduction enough resources for all students in the class.
Introducing the Write the lesson objectives and numerous instructions on the board.
topic When the students arrive at the classroom for todays lesson they should
Engagement of be instructed to line up quietly before the educator allows them to enter
the learners the classroom.
Mark Roll
Introduce learning goal Previous lesson observations have
demonstrated that the students learn best when they understand the
specifics of the tasks that they are required to do. Step-by-step
instructions ensure that students are able to complete tasks within their
own self-pace and achieve the learning goal.
Lesson Body Activity 1 Completion of the remaining nutrient slide show present
Delivering the Take the opportunity to revisit a number of components discussed in the
content through previous lesson to provide further clarification to students.
Students are to be encouraged to take turns reading from the slides if
comfortable and participate in classroom question and answers. Reminder
that this is voluntary, this will ensure that Student F remains calm and
does not become overwhelmed by the possibility of reading aloud to the

Students will be instructed to take notes throughout the presentation.

Provide further clarification of nutrients, points of information and

questions when necessary.

Question: After examining the nutrients slide show presentation, why do

you personally believe that particular nutrients are more necessary to
include in ones diet rather than others?

Remind students throughout the lesson what the classroom expectations

are, if students do not stop talking when asked, wait and scan, praise
those for the correct behaviour.

Activity 2 Nutrient Word search

Students will complete this task individually. Ensure to provide a simplified

version of this task to student J in order for successful completion of this

Lesson Students are to participate in a classroom kahoot challenge to recap on

Conclusion what they have learnt throughout the week.
the lesson
Evaluation / Reflection
Todays lesson ran quite smoothly, the students knew the expectations for the lesson, what was
required of them, how they were to do it and why. I believe that the process of establishing clear
and concise learning goals is essential to all students learning. Unfortunately during this lesson
many of the students were unable to access a student laptop or internet and therefore much of the
kahoot required completion as a class. This challenge lead me to believe that in the following
lessons I will aim to ensure that I have a back up activity for situations like this. Differentiated
practice in alignment with collected student data ensured that I was able to continue to support
the diverse learning needs of students present in the classroom.