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Comments on Low Level Design (LLD) of New Data Center Virtualization

1. Backup

As described on the HLD Document there are two options for taking
a. Image Level Backup
b. File Level Backup
Its clear that on the Image Level Backup all the components will be backed up as a single
image. In my opinion these may consume a high volume of storage and takes time. With this
option its impossible to run scripts, programs the Vmware takeover the task. So I have never
seen that as there is option to perform the FILE level Backup on LLD Document. These
mean that we are unable to take backup of a single table/s or even a database only.

On the HLD they mentioned that as vmware supports a File level Backup but these is not
included on the LLD document.


on these part its mentioned that as its possible to restore the required file(file
level) to the image level.

These can be performed through the restore tab. Just what make me confuse here is
currently our network is separated between test and Production. How the vmware will
handle to restore the file from production to Test? Since the Network is different
2. vSphere Data Protection

3. vSphere Replication

On the LLD of Document its stated that the replication of DC TO DR works by transferring
the changed Blocks in the vmdisk to DR site.

Here with the current scenario of DR sites what will be transported is the is the log file from
the production to the DR site. But the LLD stated that the changed Blocks will be transported
from the production to DR. They argue that these method as consume much of the Resource


There was a concept existing about Log (Archive log, Transactional Log) management on the
HLD but this concept is not included in LLD. Since log management is the basic for the
Oracle database.

On HDL its mentioned that as this activity LOG management is performed image level backup

And no need of writing scripts for managing the logs.