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Sika SarnafilWorld Class Roofing and Waterproofing

Company Introduction Product Properties
Ecology Innovation
Modern plastics engineering is environmentally The latest polymer blends form the basis
conscious. As a result, a majority of Sika for Sika Sarnafil numerous developments. General Product Features: Special Properties and Application:
Sarnafil products are recyclable. Eco-friendly And the resulting Sika Sarnafil waterproofing About 50 years' application record under

 S327 Membrane:
production is also an integral part of Sika membranes are proven and tested thousands various climates. U V resistant polyester scrim reinforced

Sarnafil environmental management and a of times over, throughout the world. When A ging-resistance property proven by

 membrane with lacquer
particular focus of company policy. combined with modern fastening technology, projects and artificial weathering test. H igh tensile strength and excellent

full adhesion or ballasting, they offer an M inimum 20 years life expectancy for

 mechanical properties
extremely high standard of reliability. This exposed applications and 50 years life S uitable for mechanically fastened

level of reliability allows for a wide range of expectancy for unexposed applications. Exposed Roof System
design options and tailor-made solutions. Low temperature flexibility, no cracks at

 Projects Proven for Decades
-30 . G410 Membrane:
Sika Sarnafil was created in 2005 by the Partnership Root resistant, especially required for roof

 U V resistant fiber glass reinforced

merger of two world leaders in waterproofing. gardens. membrane with lacquer
Understanding customer needs' is not
Sarnafil is now part of the public listed Sika High puncture resistance and high mechanical

 G ood dimension stability and high

only a catch-phrase. A top-to-bottom,
Group in Switzerland, creating the largest resistance. elongation at break
customer-focused culture at Sika Sarnafil
high polymeric membrane supplier in the Low shrinkage rate.

 Suitable for fully adhered Exposed Roof

is underscored by a strong commitment to
world. Sika Sarnafil has over 350 million Homogeneous quality,no delamination,no

meeting the customers' local needs through
square meters installed worldwide and is Innovation Partnership capillary effects.
our worldwide network of subsidiaries. Sika F610 Membrane:
a recognized leader in protecting the roof C hemical resistance, resistant to alkali

Sarnafil has production sites in Europe, North UV resistant two layer fused homogenous

from weathering effects and other problems water from concrete.
America and Asia, and distribution companies membrane
associated with water ingress and moisture Good fire resistance.

throughout the world. Top layer with excellent long term

penetration. Today, these world class roofing 2 .00m wide, minimum material waste

 properties and high elongation at break
systems are available in Asia. during installation.
Sika Sarnafil regards itself as a service Suitable for fully adhered and mechanically

Seam integrated through hot air welding.

 Hot Air Welding
company. It means that specialists will fastened exposed roof system together
Dependability provide assistance on each project: from the G ood moldability, easily adaptable to

 with concealed systems. (All types)
Only an absolutely watertight flat roof Ecology Reliability complicated flashings and corners.
planning phase through to project completion.
can be considered a good flat roof. Sika Easy maintenance with low cost.

 G476 Membrane:
Sarnafil has nearly 50 years of experience
N on UV resistant fiber glass reinforced

in the production and use of thermoplastic membrane with signal layer
waterproofing membranes and systems. In
R oot resistant and good elongation at

addition, Sika Sarnafil guarantees an above break
average life expectancy and functionality.
S uitable for loosely laid Protected Roof

System, particularly roof gardens

S/G membrane achieves superior long term

performance compared with homogenous
Root Resistance
Putrajaya Convention Centre, Malaysia

Technical Datasheet Application Fields

PVC waterproofing membrane produced by Sika Sarnafil refers to Sika Sarnafil PVC membrane is produced
international and domestic standards for various technical properties. with special recipe. Its life expectancy of the
Advanced product recipe, modern production equipment and strict whole waterproofing system is over 20 years
production management result in excellent product properties. for roofing, by far exceeding the normal PVC
waterproofing systems. This outstanding
advantage makes Sika Sarnafil products
Physical Properties of Selected Membranes
widely used in various waterproofing fields.
Item S327-15L G410-15L G476-15L F610-15L
Exposed Roof

Tensile Strength 1050 N/50mm 10 N/mm2 10 N/mm2 12 N/mm2
Roof Garden

Elongation at Break (%) 12 180 180 250 Utility Deck

Pedestrian Roof

Dimension Stability (%) 1.0 0.2 0.2 2.0
Traffic Roof

Exposed Roof with Logo (Brooks Pharmacy, US) Exposed Roof (Sentul School, Malaysia)
Low Temperature Flexibility (oC) -20oC -20oC -20oC -25oC Light Weight Roof

Roof Renovation

Water Tightness meet req. meet req. meet req. meet req.

Puncture Resistance meet req. meet req. meet req. meet req.
Heat Aging Treatment meet req. meet req. meet req. meet req.
Life Expectancy
Chemical Corrosion Resistance meet req. meet req. meet req. meet req.
The life expectancy of a roof system is the single most
Artificial Weathering meet req. meet req. meet req. important factor in the overall life cycle cost.
Sika Sarnafil roofs have passed the ultimate test - the
Testing Standard: DIN (German Industrial Standard) unless otherwise indicated. test of time. Sika Sarnafil has numerous projects over
30 years old that are still performing today.
With exposed roof system still watertight after 30+ years.
Sika Sarnafil has developed a world class reputation
for performance unequalled in the roofing industry.
More than 350 million square meters of Sika Sarnafil Light Weight Roof (Nokia Plant, Beijing, China) Roof Garden (Quancheng Square, Jinan, China)
membrane protects some of the worlds most valuable

In the assessment of Sarnafil the BBA (British Board of

Agrment) States:
All available evidence indicates that the Sika Sarnafil
Roof Covering System should have a life in excess of
Sarnafil S Membrane (Polyester Reinforced) Sarnafil G Membrane (Fiberglass Reinforced) Sarnafil F6 Membrane (Unreinforced)
30 years.

Pedestrian Roof (Nestl Chocolats, UK) Traffic Roof (Allee-Center, Germany)

Porsche Service Center, Germany

System Concept Installation Knowhow

Sika Sarnafil puts much emphasis on To benefit from all advantages of Sika
design and integrates it into a total package Sarnafil waterproofing systems, the use of
of waterproofing systems. To maintain a Sika Sarnafil PVC membrane and system
high design quality, Sika Sarnafil employs accessories is not enough. Installation
professional designers. Under the guidance should also meet Sika Sarnafil installation
of Swiss headquarters, Sika Sarnafil develops requirements as installed by a Sika Sarnafil
customized waterproofing system solutions certified applicator.
for numerous roofing applications. The roof
garden and light weight roofing system offer Installation features of Sika Sarnafil
a complete new design option for the Asian fully adhered system:
construction market at European standard.
S pecial Sika Sarnafil adhesive and low

consumption rate.
Sika Sarnafil Waterproofing Systems
Mechanically Fastened System Fully Adhered System Tight adhesion fully reflecting the original

 Sarnamatic 661Automatic Welding Machine Hand Welding Guns and Prefabricated Parts
Offers tailor-made design of waterproofing

 shape of a building.
system for each project. Convenient and safe installation, automatic

P rovides system accessories with high

 welding machine available.
Is backed by 50 years experience.

 Installation features of Sika Sarnafil
Selects proper and practical material type

mechanically fastened system:
for different projects.
Uses advanced installation tools to guarantee

 Little climate influence, quick and reliable

the reliability of various waterproofing installation.
systems. Bearing high strength wind load to guarantee

Offers scientific training and establishes

 the security of the system.
work process for installation team to High quality fasteners applicable to different

guarantee a first-class technical level. substrates.
Offers site support to guarantee a complete

 Automatic welding machine available.

implementation of waterproofing system. Pedestrian Roofing (Loosely Laid) System Roof Garden (Loosely Laid) System Low installation and system cost.

 Details for the Treatment of Outside Corner Details for the Treatment of Vent Pipes

Installation features of Sika Sarnafil

loosely laid system:
Cost effective.

Little climate influence, quick and reliable

Proper felt protection measures.

Widely used in protection system such as

roof garden, utility deck and basements.

Roof Drain Penetration Accessories Walkway Pad

Exploration Place, USA

Reference Projects in Asia Guangzhou Honda Automobile Co., Ltd., China

1. Esplanade Theatres on the Bay, Singapore

2. Police Coast Guard Headquarters, Singapore
3. Fusionpolis, Singapore
4. Lagoon View Condominium, Singapore
5. JTC Factory at Changi North, Singapore
6. Millennia Institute, Singapore
7. Sentosa Cove, Singapore
8. Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore
9. Changi Terminal 3 (Planter Gutler), Singapore
10. Jurong Bird Park, Singapore
11. Putrajaya Convention Centre, Malaysia
12. Masjid Sul. Nasaruddin Shah Mosque, Malaysiae
13. Sarawak International Medical Centre, Malaysia
14. Astaka Hockey Stadium, Malaysia
15. Mercedes Showroom, Malaysia GBR Foundation Inc, Philippines
16. Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, Thailand
17. Swiss Embassy, Bangkok, Thailand
18. Egate Power Plant, Bangkok, Thailand
19. Siam Royal View, Bangkok, Thailand
Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, Thailand
20. Peruri Currency Printing Plant, Indonesia
21. Philips Factory, Indonesia
22. Sumitomo Plastics, Indonesia
23. Sanyo Electronics, Indonesia
24. Nestle, Philippines
25. Bacolod Airport, Philippines
26.Vietnam Convention Centre, Vietnam
27. French Embassy, Vietnam
28. Miho Museum, Japan
29. Hitachi Computer Company, Japan
30. Proctor &Gamble, Chandigarh, India
Las Vegas Sands, Macau
31. Evershine Jewel - Mumbai, India
32. Evershine Mall - Mumbai, India International Convention and Exhibition Center, Hongkong
33. Reliance RCP Project - Mumbai, India
34. Tejomaya IT Park - Cochin, India
35. NDTV - New Delhi, India

International Convention & Exhibition Center, Nanning, China

IWM American Air Museum, Duxford, UK

IMAX Cinema, Germany

International Reference Projects

1. Palexpo, Geneve, Switzerland
2. Siemens AG, Germany
3. Heathrow Airport, London, Great Britain
4. American Air Museum, Duxford, Great Britain
Tempodrom Center, Germany Staples Center, US
5. Fischer Park, Wiener Neustadt, Austria
6. Subway station Via Cilea, Milano
7. Alcatel, Autun, France
8. Sports Activity Center, Kopenhagen, Netherlands
9. Volvo Bulycke, Sweden
10. Royal Hospital, Bergen, Norway
11. AEG Hoofdkantoor, Brussel, Belgium
12. Shell, Rotterdam, Netherland
13. Compaq Computer, Spain
Salt Lake 2002, Olympic Oval, US
14. Uninova, Lisboa, Portugal
15. Olympics Sports Hall, Athens, Greece
16. R. B
 osch, hala 080a/090, Ceske Budejovice
17. Flughafen Ferihegy, Budapest
18. Solco Pharmaceuticals, Warsaw, Poland
19. National Economics Academy, Moscow, Russia
1. Coca Cola Bottling, USA
2. Chase Manhatten Bank, New York, USA Stade Gabriel Montpied, France
3. Harvard University, USA
4. Boeing Corp, USA
5. World Trade Center, Boston, USA
6. United Airlines, USA
7. Motorola Company, USA
8. Hewlett Packard, USA
Truro College, France
1. Mitsubishi Power Plant, Cairo, Egypt Calgary Olympic Coliseum-Saddle Dome, Canada
2. Underground Garage GR2, Tripoli, Libya
3. U.N.E.C.A., "New Conference Facilities", Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
Middle East:
1. Accumulator Battery Plant, Iran
2. Al Khiran Coastal Development, Kuwait
3. PBC, Industrial Building, Tel Aviv, Israel Phoenix-Zeppelin Company Czech
4. Royal Commission Housing, Jubail, Saudi Arabia
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