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Friday Newsletter

Friday Newsletter Friday
Friday Newsletter Friday
Friday Newsletter Friday
Friday Newsletter Friday McBride Teen Center & Skate Park Break Ground August 6, 2010
Friday Newsletter Friday McBride Teen Center & Skate Park Break Ground August 6, 2010

McBride Teen Center & Skate Park Break Ground

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City of Long Beach

Working Together to Serve

August 6, 2010

Mayor and Members of the City Council

Patrick West, City Manager Suzanne Frick, Assistant City Manager

Friday Newsletter


Another Ground Breaking! McBride Teen Center

Tomorrow at 11:00 AM at 1550 Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue, Councilman Dee Andrews will break ground on our new teen center to be located at McBride Park. This will be a great recreational opportunity in Central Long Beach and will help for years to come to provide our youth safe and healthy activities in their leisure time. The $3.5 million funding is coming from the Open Space Bond program, administered by the Redevelopment Agency and funded through tax increment and CDBG dollars.

Gridlock at the Shore

I’ve mentioned in the past several weeks that we have had the opportunity to undertake many street projects throughout our 50 square miles. Although we

tried to stage construction within the short ARRA window for completion, along with other funding sources we are experiencing some severe traffic congestion

related to our 2

Naples Island to Pacific Coast Highway. The Public Works team have been working closely with Councilmember DeLong to reduce traffic impacts by relocating message boards, adjusting work schedules, re-opening curb-side parking, revising alternate routes and suspending other conflicting street projects. The difficulty we face is that Naples is an island and can only be accessed via bridges.

Street repaving project, which starts at Bayshore, runs through


The work on 2 nd Street and the proposed alternate routes conflicted with an ongoing County project to replace the Termino Avenue Drain. Message boards

and signage were used to try to successfully route traffic up to 7


Unfortunately, on Wednesday, a Sig Alert on the southbound 405 freeway resulted in many drivers exiting the freeway and overwhelming what little

capacity we had on PCH, 2 nd Street and 7

Street. The good news is: 2 nd Street

is completely open today and will remain open over the weekend. Monday will be

a very long day to complete the asphalt paving on the entire street between

Bayshore and Naples Plaza. One lane in each direction will be open at all times.

The intent is to complete this final asphalt work in one day. Then, crews will return in a few weeks and pave the Davies Bridge at night to minimize traffic impacts.



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More Street Work

Major street work (not including residential streets) currently underway or near inception includes:

Long Beach Blvd from Ocean to 10 th

Pacific Avenue from Ocean to 7 th

Los Coyotes Diagonal from Outer Traffic Circle to Studebaker

Broadway from Livingston Drive to Bayshore Avenue

Wardlow Road from Clark to Woodruff

Atlantic Avenue from San Antonio to 52 nd St

Long Beach Blvd from Del Amo to 710 freeway

Vista Street from Temple to Nieto

3 rd Street from Alamitos to Golden

Broadway from Alamitos to Golden

The Toledo Undergrounding project

Welcome Marshall’s

Our newest department store opened yesterday to a crowd of over 300 people at the Bixby Knolls Shopping Center. As noted last week, this is a huge accomplishment for Councilmember Gabelich and the Bixby Knolls community. This project was made possible by a $3.5 Million low interest loan by the Redevelopment Agency from 2006. Even local celebrity “the Knoll’s Ranger” was in attendance.

Mobility Hub

This week we celebrated the opportunity to install several mobility hubs in our community, all sponsored by private dollars. Go to for an article from the Denver Post that may make anyone rethink his or her support of mobility hubs! Apparently, Republican Governor candidate Dan Maes (a Tea Party favorite) was warning voters that the bike movement is very well disguised plan forced on America through the United Nations.

Unexpectedly Green

USA Today ran an article that highlighted a list from the Huffington Post, which featured Long Beach as one of 7 “Unexpectedly Green” cities. See their website at



their website at

energy. Bringing Long Beach a place among the NRDC’s 2010 Smarter Cities!

In addition, the NRDC Smarter Cities program did a case








August 6, 2010 Page 3

Los Angeles River Stormwater Clean Up

This week kicked off the LA River Cleanup Project where the COG was successful in getting $10 Million to install catch basin “treatment trains” to capture debris from 16 cities bordering the LA River. This has been lauded as a national model in dealing with regional environmental issues. Approximately 12,000 storm drains will receive these treatment trains.

Memos to the Mayor and City Council

We sent up the following memos to the Mayor and City Council this past week:

Neighborhood Leadership Program Graduation – August 14, 2010

Restructuring of the Summer Concert Series