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Gary Moore

My Pleaidian Journey

I had been living a deeply spiritual life for about 15 years prior to this event, thru traditional
Lakota Indian spirituality with Sundance, Sweatlodge, Vision Quest and other traditional Lakota
Spirit has moved me, along with the urgings of many others have moved me (you know who you
are) to at last document my journey to the Pleaidiaes which for me occurred the night of May
27th, 2007.
This was long before I had a computer or internet, and before I made the decision to return to
broadcasting. I had no previous knowledge of Barbara Marciniak, or anyone regarding the
Pleiadiaes. They to me were merely a tiny star pattern in the sky that I would occasionally notice,
and somehow get a deep sense of familiarity.
I had been meditating under the stars on a beautiful Colorado night for the second night in a row.
I had taken a sleeping bag out in the yard where I was living at the time. The weather was
beautiful and the sky was clear. Although I had been walking a spiritual walk for a long time, I
had only recently gotten into meditating, and quickly developed a deep enjoyment by doing it,
and I did it whenever I had the opportunity.
I had just begun my meditation on this night, when suddenly I was gone. I felt myself rising and
rising… up… higher…I begun to sense that I was going way too far, and started to wonder if I
should turn back when I heard a voice lovingly call to me… “Come on… just a little bit
further”…Like a parent teaching a baby how to walk. When I heard that encouragement, I was
able to continue…..
I found myself in a land I had not been to before in my lifetime, wildly beautiful and richly
fertile. I was on a path. An ancient path. Somehow it felt familiar to me. I followed the path
which ran along a wild and beautiful river, upstream to a gate. There was a wall surrounding this
place and the gate was closed. I stood and was struck with a deep sense of love, respect, and
wonderment…when those feelings came upon me, the gate opened. The feelings of surrender
were the key that opened the gate.
Inside was a vast, exquisite garden.. ancient trees, exotic birds, and warm pools with dolphins
playing in the water… green rolling hills off in the distance. I continued following the path,
which then led to a crystalline temple. I ascended the gentle steps into this place.
There I was greeted by more love than I had ever experienced in this lifetime. I was in the
presence of beautiful tall, blonde, beings who communicated with me not thru language or
words, but by telepathy. They told me many things.
First of all, they told me I was from there. They called the place “Merope”, and this was actually
home to me, and they were family. They told me I will be meeting more family in the near
future, and I will know them by their vibrations. They cautioned me however to never disclose
this to them, unless they asked me directly. I was not to interfere with their reality. They said that
they were all about love, joy, freedom, happiness, laughter and fun. They represented all the
light-hearted stuff people on earth all had the capacity to enjoy. They told me I was a guide there,
and had been for a very long time, and that I had signed up to be on earth during this time along
with many many others to assist with the awakening of humanity. They also said that I had to
return. I didn’t want to do that!! I wanted to stay! They said I had to go back. I told them, if I had
to go back, then it had to remain fun. I said “ okay I’ll go, but keep it fun!” and they have. Lastly
they told me I was to meet more and more family along the way. There are ones with me here
now, guiding me and protecting me.
I awoke the next morning in my yard. So I came into the house and journaled the experience. I
had no idea what had happened to me and I drew the pattern of stars on paper. The pattern was of
4 stars arranged like a diamond, or kite. I didn’t know the name of this star pattern. And for
nearly 2 years, I didn’t talk about this experience to anyone. Then I got a computer and began my
shows on BTR. I met a woman who thru chatting with one night, showed me the now famous
picture of the Pleiadiaes. I wept like a baby. That was the place. I have learned so much more
since that time 3 years ago, and I have met more beautiful family along the way. And, just like
they said, they have kept it fun!
I love you all.