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Emily’s 100 List

1. Graduate college before 41. See European vineyards

marriage 42. Visit Florence
2. Get married…have sex 43. Visit Venice
3. No sex before marriage 44. Swim in the Mediterranean Sea
4. Go to Oxford 45. See Irelands green hills
5. Study abroad 46. Go to Italy
6. Read the Bible cover to cover 47. Travel to Egypt and float the
7. Intern under a CPA Nile
8. Pass the CPA test 48. See St. Petersburg
9. Go Olympic event in exotic 49. Visit Moscow
location 50. Mission trip to Africa
10. Visit New York 51. See the rain forest
11. See a Broadway show 52. Travel to India
12. Visit an actual Southern 53. Go to Papua New Guinea
plantation 54. See how the government runs
13. Learn to ballroom dance at Washington DC
correctly 55. Meet the current president
14. Sit on a jury for a demanding 56. Go island hopping at Greece
case 57. Swim a mile in the sea
15. Shower in a waterfall 58. Be someone’s Maid of Honor
16. Complete my mission trip of 59. Milk a cow
California missions 60. Learn to ride a horse
17. Visit the Winchester House 61. Be an extra in a movie
18. Take a cruise to Alaska 62. Bungee jump
19. Go to Hawaii 63. Go on a real jungle cruise
20. Vacation in the Bahamas 64. Visit all seven continents
21. Lose thirty pounds 65. See an active volcano
22. Drive across country 66. See a tornado
23. Travel through all fifty states 67. Have Thanksgiving at Plymouth
68. Play with a lion cub
24. Christmas on the beach with
69. See a baby elephant in the wild
70. See a drive-in movie
25. Own home with wrap-around
71. Learn to sail
72. Learn to sew and make a shirt
26. Grow a flower garden
73. Be debt free of college loans
27. Grow a vegetable garden
74. Go whale watching
28. Visit an English castle with
75. Fly first class
76. Backpack on a four+ day trip
29. Drive a convertible with top
77. Get my masters
78. Adopt a child
30. Scuba dive with fish
79. Own ten pets at one time
31. Ride in a hot air balloon
32. Visit the Holy Land 80. See every home game of
33. See the Statue of Liberty football for a year
34. See the Eiffel Tower 81. Own my own car
35. Create my family tree 82. Stay in a country cottage
36. Go to Sweden 83. Live by a fresh water body of
37. Learn to play piano well water
38. Learn to swing dance 84. Teach Sunday School for a full
39. Go on a mission trip to Mexico year
40. Vacation at Prince Edward 85. Lead a study group
Island 86. Get a henna tattoo
Emily’s 100 List

87. Own a hundred and fifty DVDs

88. Ride in a limo
89. Eat in a fancy restaurant $50
90. Walk the Great Wall of China
91. Take family to Disneyland and
stay in Disney hotel for five
92. Take ferry to Catalina
93. Visit the Niagara Falls
94. Travel to Prague
95. See Stonehenge
96. Explore the ancient city of
97. Ride a motorcycle
98. Bowl a 250 game
99. Buy into the stock market
100. Be a contestant on the Price is

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