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es 97 NOTICE TO PROPERTY OWNER OF FINAL : DECISION OF BOARD OF ASSESSMENT APPEALS —_ aperoteas Setioaiet even —_— — -2022_0103 9009 tesa aaa enue ‘Natcss hereby given in Bxordance with Kentucky Revlzed Statute 131-340 oe fina dcston ofthe Board of ‘Assessment Appeal In your Raal sate Arsesmcat fr the Jar 2017. Jove ayaa Aste In The chorge, LC and Anchorage Pcs, LLC 420 Went rat net Sta Far Fo tembe: 22077 Des Hr Somme, In accorsance wih your quest | hve appraised ne ea propery at 204 Evegeen Road socnerape KY 40223 ‘The purpose ovis spre to develop an opinion oe mast valu of the sujet ope, as improved. ‘The property ihe appraised ave he fe simple interest in he site and improvements, In my opinion, be mete value of he property 2s of Janey 1, 2017 2.150000 “wo Mif]on On Hundred Pty Thousand Dotars data forthe conclusions. ‘The attaches report contains the description, analysis and support final opinion of vale, descriptive photographs, liming condions and eppropiatecertific ‘Boroner NA ADDENDUM. pepsin Stag Sa ee Pe pe The. -Avchorage, LLC a Anchortg Poca LIC ‘Summary of Appraisal Resuits 804 Evergreen Road, Anchorage, KY 40223 Problem To Be Solved: The clients requested the subject property be eppraised as of the statutory date of assessme 01/01/2017 when itcontained 19 acres, and on the date of sale 031082017 when contained 10 acres. The folown ‘breakdown illustrates the impact ofthe 2017 Minor Plat and the division of the larger parcel into three separate parce the resuiting value ofthe subject property. All improvements were retained on the carved out 10 acre parcel, none Ww transferred to the other tracts nO -ogoani7 vez 81,15, 00. (Waar) $7500 (155) improvements 3101500 1016000 otal Value $2150, 0, 31540000 Lend Sales Table 2 Sei Be ses See isl Saab c eae ans ho errs Tara ‘Tako wearin | eioOTangview ch] Soa Na arr | 19605 OU awravas A ara F500 op oo Fs on, dace Saas Tena Tareas [PasPeae | Sersenncs —Pseanance sammhae EROTIC In conclusion, itis the appraiser's opinion thei sabity jee’ opinion the highest bes use ofthe subject 19 aes produces ts maximum pro rth vision, The 3 are front twas judged the most valuable, npr ot leaboral properties, 08d Frontage lack of {sement encumbrance and scenic pond feaure, The 10 ares retained for he hisorc house allows for he privacy nd Fetention ofthe histone favor ard aura ofthe home The 6 acre ove at he rea ofthe orginal vac may yield a single bldg lot, sven its proximity characteris, butte tract was acualy taken by sn ajoing land ownet fr some Ae so-nol pat of this assignment. The nal vale of the dvidd parcels 3 ares 420,00, 6 acres-$270,000, and 10 ‘cres-$575,000 for a grand total of $1 135.000 Commun on Sle Comparison ‘The sales comparson approsch produces a value indication by comparing the propery being praised to similar proper | that have sold recent, applying appropriate Uns of comparison and maxing ajutments fo te sle prices ofthe ‘comparables based on elements of comparison. In adon fo cose sales, the appraiser has considered active and pending listings inthe subject market area. An important concep inthe sais comgarion mathod ithe theory of Eabatition, whic hold that the value ofa propor tends tobe se by the price that would be pld to acquire = substitute Property of simlor desirably. The sales selected for is enalysis were judged reasonable measures of value for his ‘market. “The appraisers selection of sales included the search for comparables within a 17 mie radi, and preference given to Fee eee ermiar age and quelty of constuction, The sales slecod are located inthe subject's general area and were [idged reasonable measures of vale forthe market IR ss sara, pirgensmnovorarnnraeraoed ‘sprang olin af ea si obese Eavebpe estar ncaa nonce een ones heey Sai tes enone ncaa cota arene ema eat fits the subject property and is attributes.