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____________, 200__

__(Selling Broker’s Name)____

_____(REBL No. ___)________

Dear Mr./Ms._______________,


This has reference to your request for an extension of my/our Exclusive/Non-

Exclusive Authority To Sell covering that property situated at
______________(Address)____________, consisting of ________(Type of Property)________
with an aggregate land area of approximately ______ square meters, covered by
OCT/TCT/CCT No. ________ and containing ________(Describe Improvement
Therein)_______, after you have represented to us that you will offer to sell the same
to your prospective client, ______(Name of Prospective Buyer)________.

In this regard, I am/we are pleased to extend to you/your company our selling
authority for a period of _______ (__) days from the date of your acceptance hereof,
subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. That the said property shall be offered for sale to your aforementioned client at a
price of _____________________________________ Pesos (PhP______________);

2. That the terms of payment shall be on cash basis unless otherwise agreed upon
between the buyer and seller. Any formal offer to purchase from your
prospective buyer should be signed by him/her personally and/or his co-
purchasers and/or the senior officers of the company and shall be accompanied
by an earnest money of at least 10% of the offered purchase price;

3. That the applicable capital gains tax and/or the creditable withholding tax shall be
for the account of the owner-seller. The documentary stamp tax shall be for the
account of the _________. On the other hand, the sale registration expenses,
transfer tax, notarial expenses, legal documentation expenses (if any), transfer of
title and all other Registry of Deeds-related costs, expenses, fees and charges as
well as other incidental and expedite fees and expenses, shall be for the sole and
exclusive account of the buyer;

4. That you or any of your employees/representatives shall, with respect to the

aforesaid property, course to me/us or through me/us or to any one of us, any
and all communications, inquiries, negotiations, offer to purchase, requests for
property documents, requests for meetings with the owner-seller or any of his/her
employees, conveyance of payments, etc.;

5. That any and all property showings/ocular inspections of the property should also
be coursed to me/us and be advised to me/us at least ___ day(s) in advance and
I/we will be accompanying you and your prospective client for the physical
inspection of the property premises;


6. That when your prospective buyer is ready to make a formal purchase offer33
and/or to negotiate, you agree to endorse him/her to us for the required
negotiation of the terms and conditions of the sale and the eventual
documentation and finalization of the same;

7. That in the event of sale of the property to your client, you shall be expected to
undertake the responsibilities of a selling broker and provide the necessary
work/services/assistance thereon, to the extent necessary;

8. That this extension of selling authority is limited to your disclosed prospective

buyer, ____(Name of Prospective Buyer)____ or to any of his/her relatives and
his/her companies or businesses. You shall formally register to me/us in writing
the name and address of your said prospective buyer together with a copy of your
written offer to sell to him the aforementioned property;

9. That you cannot extend this authority further to anybody else without my/our
express consent;

10. That in the event of sale of the property to your prospective buyer, you and all
your other cooperating agents will be entitled to receive a share of the ___%
broker’s commission (based on the final selling price) for an amount equivalent to
One-half (1/2) or 50% of the said ____% commission, payable to you by the
undersigned immediately upon my/our receipt of the full commission, if paid to
me/us in cash, or after three (3) business days if the full commission is paid to
me/us in check. If the broker’s commission is paid to me/us in installments
following the payment terms of the sale, then your share of the commission will
also be paid to you proportionately. In the event, the owner-seller deducts the
10% broker’s tax from the commission, we shall also be deducting an additional
10% withholding tax from your net share of the commission. To illustrate,
assume that the total commission is P100.00. If the sale is closed, you would be
entitled to receive P50.00. But if the owner-seller deducts P10.00 as tax from the
commission, then the net amount that we will receive would be P90.00. From
your share of P45.00, we will still deduct 10% tax or P4.50 from your share of
P45.00. Your net commission therefore shall amount to P40.50.

Should you find the foregoing terms and conditions of this extension of selling
authority, kindly therefore signify your acceptance and conformity by signing on the
space provided for below.

Very truly yours,

Listing Broker/REALTOR®


Selling Broker - Extendee

Date: _________________