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(Offer To Purchase – House & Lot)

______________, 200__

___(Name of Owner-Seller)___

-- through --

___(Name of Listing Broker)___


Dear Mr./Ms. __________,


This has reference to that house and lot situated at _________(location/address of house &
lot)__________, the lot of which has an area of _______ square meters together with a
___(2-storey house/bungalow/other types)___ containing a floor area of ______ square meters
and covered by Transfer Certificate of Title No. _________ on file with the Registry of
Deeds of _______________ and Tax Declaration (TD) No. ________ for the lot and TD No.
_______ for the improvement (hereinafter, the “Property”), and which Property is
registered in the name(s) of _____________________________.

In this regard, I am/We are pleased to submit to you herewith this formal expression
of interest to purchase the aforementioned Property at the following price and terms
and conditions:

1. Gross purchase price of _____________________________________________Pesos Only

(PhP___________), Philippine Currency (hereinafter, the “Purchase Price”) on an
“As Is” basis, (add the following sentence, if necessary: - including all appliances,
equipment, furnitures/fixtures and fittings found therein and already installed in
the house as enumerated in the inventory list attached herewith as Annex A);

2. The payment of the applicable capital gains tax or creditable withholding tax shall
be for your account as owner-seller. The documentary stamp tax shall be for the
account of the _________. The broker’s commission shall be for your sole account
and responsibility. On the other hand, the transfer tax, notarial expenses, and all
costs and expenses for the registration of the sale, the transfer of title and all
other Register of Deeds-related costs, fees, charges and expenses as well as such
other miscellaneous and incidental expenses, shall be for my/our account;

3. The aforesaid Purchase Price of PhP_______________ shall be paid in the following


a) As a gesture of my/our good faith, I am/We are tendering to you herewith an

earnest money of _______________________________ Pesos (PhP____________).
Should you accept this offer to purchase your Property, this earnest money
shall form part of, and shall be deducted from, the Purchase Price and you
agree not to entertain any purchase offers from other interested buyers
during the effectivity of this offer. However, should there be adverse findings
in the process of verifying all the documents related to the Property, or if for
some reason(s) through no fault of ours, the purchase of the Property is

SOURCE: REALTOR® Phil M. Coquia 38

cancelled, voided or invalidated, the earnest money shall be returned to
me/us within three (3) business days from the date of such cancellation,
unless such adverse finding is cured by you within a reasonable period of time
and accepted by me/us.

b) The full amount of the Purchase Price less the earnest money or equivalent to
PhP _____________, will be paid to you within a period of _______ (__) days from
the date of your acceptance of this offer, simultaneous with the execution of a
Deed of Absolute Sale by and between us (hereinafter, the “Closing Date”)
together with the conveyance of all original Property documents stated and
enumerated in paragraph 4 below, including the turn-over of all house keys to

In the event that I am/we are unable to pay the full amount of the Purchase
Price at Closing Date or on any mutually-agreed extension date, you are free
to forfeit the abovementioned earnest money to your favor, as and for
liquidated damages, without need for notification to me/us.

The venue and procedure of payment and the execution of the Deed of
Absolute Sale shall be discussed separately through ____(listing broker’s

4. That within the aforementioned __-day period (or any mutually-agreed

extension date thereof), you agree to undertake certain activities by way of
obtaining, regularizing and updating all original Property documents for
submission to me/us on Closing Date, which include, but not limited to, the

a) At least two (2) Certified True Copies of Transfer Certificate of Title No.

b) At least two (2) Certified True Copies of Tax Declaration Nos. _________ and

c) Update payment of the real property taxes on the Property up to the end of
the quarter following the Closing Date of the sale transaction (i.e., if for
example the Closing Date is say, February 15, 2005, then the real property
taxes should be paid up to March 31, 2005, at the very least). Original tax
payment receipts shall be submitted to me/us;

d) Obtain Tax Clearance Certificate from the _______(City/Municipality)_______

Treasurer’s Office;

e) Update payment of all utility bills which include, but not limited to, electricity,
water, telephone, gas, cable TV, internet service, etc. at least up to the end of
the month following the Closing Date. Original payment receipts should be
submitted to me/us on Closing Date. Likewise, the homeowner’s/association
dues shall also be updated up to the end of the month following the Closing
Date and that a certification to this effect should be obtained from the
Homeowner’s Association;

f) (Include this paragraph, if necessary: - The Property should be free and empty
of occupants and/or tenants at Closing Date / or any other agreed date);

g) (include additional documents/requirements, if need be)


39 33

The Owner’s Duplicate copy of the Transfer Certificate of Title and the Tax
Declarations shall also be surrendered to me/us on Closing Date.

Meanwhile, upon your acceptance of this offer to purchase, kindly provide me/us
with photocopies of all Property documents for my/our independent verification
and reference.

5. You warrant that the Property is free from and clear of any liens, charges,
encumbranes, lis pendens, court case, adverse claims from third parties,
expropriation and other legal proceedings of whatever nature.

This offer is valid for a period of __(seven/fifteen (7/15) days)__ from the date of your
receipt hereof.

Should you find this purchase offer to be in order, acceptable and in accordance with
our earlier discussions, kindly therefore signify your conformity/acceptance by
signing on the space provided for below, and henceforth, the terms and conditions
stated herein shall serve as the basis for preparing the Deed of Absolute Sale that
will be drawn up to finalize the purchase.

Thank you and I/we look forward to receiving your immediate positive response

Very truly yours,

______(Name of Buyer)___________

C O N F O R M E:

_____(Name of Owner-Seller)______

__________________, 200__