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Art & Life Skills

Kyra Kalageorgi
Kyra Kalageorgi joined the Caurus Family in the fall of 2017, taking the position of Middle
School Art and Life Skills teacher. A native of Michigan, Kyra had a unique experience
while growing up. At age 1 she moved to Russia with her mother and father, living there
for 9 years. During that time, Kyra was afforded the opportunity to travel the world with her
parents which led to her to fall in love with the ocean, all of the earth's animals and
various cultures around the globe.

She attended Michigan State University and obtained her Bachelors Degrees in both
Russian and Studio Art, graduating in May 2013. In 2014 she became and intern in
Mozambique for Fiona Ayerst’s Underwater Photography Program. Scuba diving and
photography became a passion and Kyra was invited by Fiona the following year to
become a field specialist for Africa Media in South Africa, writing blogs, training other
interns about photography techniques, equipment and websites. Upon her arrival back to
the United States, she was commissioned by a private Montessori school in Cave Creek
in 2015 to create a mosaic, which was based on Maria Montessori’s ‘Timeline Of Life’.
Word of Kyra’s artwork spread through the artist community of Cave Creek and she was
then asked to join the Sonoran Arts League. In 2016 she was again asked by the
Montessori school to create and design a mural project called ‘Art In The Heart’ for the
town of Cave Creek, to be completed with the help of the students. The following year in
early 2017 she was commissioned to create a one-of-a-kind mosaic/mural for Desert
Willow Elementary.

Kyra is very excited to be part of the Caurus Family and share her talents and dedication
to world conservation, Love The Oceans and other non-profit organizations. She is
passionate about teaching the students of Caurus that there is a BIG world out there and
it is ours to explore, as well as ours to care for.