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The '

Vol.V No.1 1-15 January 1990 (Fortnightly) . Rupees Two Gazette

In This Issue Give Peace A Chance tions conduciVE> to negotiations. resolve all the problems within the should not be doubtful. And at '
VIEWPOINT By A.-S. Narang On the other hand The All India framework of the Indian Constitu- least for the time being these are
not. Therefore Akalis are required
Sikh Students Federation (Manjit) tion (this does not rule out any
Rise And Growth has alleged that the Janata Oal amendments in the Constitution) to be reasonable and accommod-
he much awaited <:II party was still to prove its sincerity. and without compromising the ative.
of Terro"ism in

T meeting held on 17 Octo-
ber 1989, was not
attended by the two Akali
Dais and the Congress along with
Given the events of last fifteen
days or so it seems Akalis are not
prepared to learn much and
remain struck in the dangerous
'its allies AIAOMK, National Gon- game of one-up-man-ship. within
unity and integrity of the country,
the government has also to keep
in mind the repercussions in other
parts of the country and many
othor movements active and sim-
Another redeeming feature of
the last elections is that voters in
the Sta:" folled the bid to divide the
people and let Congress party
have the major share of powers.
ference ant. 'L ne Kerala Congress a fortnight of its coming into power . mering. Also any solution has to The people gave the rulers a hast-
dissociated itself from the consen- the National Front government has De accertable to India at large. ing which they never imagined.
I sus paper adopted at the meeting. expressed through words and But they also punished the Akalis
Latgest Postal It suggests that understanding on deeds its desire that agony of Redeeming Feature for their ditherings and factional
fights. People are not only fed up
N~twork In The Punjab remains divided on party
lines as it was before elections.
Punjab must be ended expedi-
tiously. Starting from Prime Minis- with continuous violence and
-World 5 Only difference is that the parties ter, V.P. Singh's visit to Am.itsar,
, which favoured a political solution appointment of Mr. Nirmal Muk-
I t seems that for Akalis all this is
not much important. For them
seeing beyond Punjab and r;ven
supression but also concerned
with the state of economy which is
'through dialogue are now in a little 'harjee as Governor of the State, within Punjab beyond petly fac- in ruins.
CENTRESPREAD better position being in the gov- convening of the all-party meeting,
ernment. Blit, how far these par- its decision to repeal 59th Consti-
tions seems to be a difficult task.
They does not Sgem to ~that New Initiative
Industrial Safety: ties go in the absence of a national tutional amendment in the very it is a bleeding and bankrupt
herefore all must support the
Can Bhopal
consensus and partic.ularIYI first session of Ninth Lok Sabha
apathetic,. if not non.:cooperative, etc. are positive steps in the right
attitude by Akalis and ott er' organ direction. in addition, more than
Punjab that has fallen into the lap
of the presant government.
Already thousands have died in an
T "Eroad Consensus" arrived at
the All-Party meeting which con-
Happen Again 6&7 izations that matter. one National Front spokesman unending bloodshed and many cludes by calling for fresh
Wnlle me Toqller Punjab Chief have made clear that culprits of have experienced horrifying con- approach that must be sustained
Minister Praka!;h Singh Badal has 1984 riots Will be brought to book ditions in jails. More than any thing in order to resolve the Punjab
RELIGION clarified that by not attending the irrespective of progress on Punjab what Punjab needs today is problem on an ending basis. The
meating his faction was not boy- crisis. peace. All demands, disputes and opportunity that has come our way
Christmas: A Two- cotting it, Mr. Simrangit Singh At the samo time apart from the differences can wait. Only thing is now must be seized by ail con-
Millennium-Old- Mann has only listed eight condi- fact th'at National Front has to that intentions of the government Continued;'" page 4

Message 8

LTn Devotion To
Thorny Path For V.P. Singh
I -euru Gobind By S. Nihal Singh
away. It will also turn on Raji\" s
generalship and how he translates
Oal. And it is here that he is using
. his weakness as his weapon.
egos could be more difficult to
handle .
Singh On His the "constructive cooperation" he Everyone knows that the delicate Thus far, V.P. Singh deserves
has promised the new government edifice of the National Front would full marks for what he has been to

wo facts stand out as
Birthday: Vishwanath Pratap Singh into his own and his partymen's collapse like a house of cards if achieve, despite the ruse he
Perpetual Kingdom takes a measure of his played on Chandra Shekhar to
immense new burdens. ensure his own leadership. His
Of The Pui~ 9 He will seek to use his very first address to the nation struck
weakness-the fragility of the . the right note. And in choosing his
Janata Oal and the minority status J Ole outcome of V.P. ministers and the portfolios they
LITERARY of his government-as his Sln;/,",' s daring venture should have, he has acted with
strength. Second, his aim remains political savvy and a measure of
Malayalam's very much to prise away the bulk
will depend upon how ,daring.
of the Congress party to form a he and his government V.P. Singh had to propitiate
Thematic new centriSt organization with perform in the short ,Oevi Lal by offering him the Oeputy
Go Back 11 like-minded persons in the Janata term and how much Prime Minister's post. That was
,the pound of flesh the Haryana
The outcome of V.P. Singh's time he has to make :Ieader extracted for being part of
daring venture will depend upon his mark. :the ruse to trick Chandra Shekhar.
how he and his government per- ~ But he has succeeded in steering
form in the short term and how Devi Lal and other such claimants
Apartheid: An much time he has to make his as Arun Nehru and Ajit Singh
Indi~ South mark. In other words, will the pos- I away from the crucial home port-
'. sible collapse of the Janata 0.,,' behaviour in Parliament and the V.P. Sing" were to quit. folio. In the process, he has intro-
African's Point stemming from its factional and state assemblies. I In a SElnse, of course, V.P. duced the inn.Jvation of appointing
other squabbles give him the time There is little doubt that V.P. . Singh's position is somewhat like Mufti ~ohammed Sayeed, the first
Of View 12 to demonstrate to the country that Singh and his colleagues and that of the Pope who exercises Muslim Home Minister. On the
he has it in him to be a worthy antagonists know the interim influence in his worldwide parish other side, the lowly position
leader? nature of the present dispensation. without battalions of armed troops. foreIgn policy has in the Prime
PLUS The coming together of the bulk The immediate threat comes not He has fewer chelas in the Janata Minister's scheme of things is clear
of the Congress and , the Janata so much from the disparate oppo- Oal Parliamentary ' party than from the low ranking given to I.K.
Many More With Oal into a new centrist party will, sition that has chosen to support Chandra Shekhar, not to speak of Gujral, the External Affairs Min;s-:
Our Regular in turn, depend upon how Rajiv the new government for its own Oevi Lal's squad. Chandra Shek- ter. He has thereby confirmed the
Gandhi and his party acquit them- . reasons, but from within the har would be easier to deal with impression that his government
Featur~s selves in elections to state assem- 'Janata Daf. And it is here that he because he is a known dissident. would be inward-looking.
blies, now a mere few months is using his weakness the Janata Others ir, the party nursing bruised Continued on page 4
Soun.d .:And Fury
Do'~ And Don'ts safeguard the freedom of the as it disturbs them. The Maharaja
replied, "Yes, I will put ban on their
press and encourage freedom of
For New Government expression in arts, theatre, litera- early morning 'Azan', provided the "Tum ~ub cho~ ho. Chullu bhar pani mein dOob maro." (You are
ture, films and T V. Free flow of Sikhs go round the Muslim hotJc:;es all thelves. ~a~ yo~ d!own in a handful of water)

T he Janata Dal and its allies

have succeeded in dislodging
the (,ongress(l) government. Now
information and uninhibited intel-
lectual growth should be encou-
to wake them up to say their .10rn-
ing prayers". They felt "orry and
-:One vo~er s mscflptlon on his ballot paper in Delhi.
We consider communists and commununism as wholly irrele-
raged. went back. And thereafter, no such vant to India and indeed the whole world. "
it remains to be seen whether they Compraints came. -L.K. Advani, BJP President '
The middle class must be given ,
are capable of delivering goods. "We will form the (next) government.
tax relief and those, taxes that New OAlhi
The National Front looks pro-
hamper the growth of free trade -:-R.aji~ G~nd~i, b.efore election results were announced.
mising with an impressive line-up
should be abolished . Lt. Col. Manohar Singh (Ratd.) . ThIS. tIme s Klchdl (the opposition) will have 14-15 daIs of differ-
of political figures unlike the erstw-
The government must be the ent sl7,es and you can imagine the stomach ache this will give us "
hile Janata Government of 1977
guardian angel of the minorties. How To Strengthen -RaJlv Gandhi .
which comprised mostly old ' and
A liberal economy should be Secular Cause "In fact I relish Kichdi."
eccentric men who made fools of -Jyoti BaSI!, West BengqJ Chief Minister
encouraged. The government
themselves. The new government "How can they (the people) do this ... /'ve worked so hard they
must allow more foreign invest-
must not forget that it has not
come to power with a landslide
ments. It should emulate the East-
ern bloc countries, .that are
N ow that the new Government
. ' at the Centre is consolidatirrg
Its position, it is time to exercise
should be grateful.'
-Ja!!dish Tytler, defeated Congress(l) candidate from Sadar

victory. Almost half the nation is DeIhl. '

opening up (communism having political will for strengthenirg the
wary of the new government and "(The) people are the masters ... ild kings. The king can do no
proved a failure) and the South- cause of secularism . Recent
unless it performs well it may not wrong."
East Asian countries and Japan events indicate that unscrupulous
live to see its full term. However, -::o.r. C,~enna Re~dy', APCC President on the election results.
that have a free economy. ' politicians have unleashed com-
here are some points for those in The National Front has five I Visualize an India In which. every Hindu will defend the hoi
munal and obscurantist forces.
power to remember: years or less to show its merit. 'If Koran and every Muslim the holy Gita." Y
Recommendations made by pre-
"He who governs least governs Mr Rajiv Gandhi tried to take us to vious inquiry commissions, such -M.J. Akbar~ Congress(l) MP from Kishenganj
best." Working on this pre- the 21 st century. albeit with some as those headed by Mr Justice "You people walk about hungry and naked while h~ (Rajiv Gandhi)
mise should reduce a lot of mistakes, we hope Messrs V.P. ,Ma~an and Mr Justice Saxena,
roams about in a ~elicop~er. How can he know what's going on ,
headaches. Singh and Devi Lal will not take should be studied to find out the on t~e gr?und while he IS moving about in the sky?."
They should avoid making blan~ the country back to the middle - VlJayraJe Scindia, BJP MP . -_..J
root cause of cOmmunal riots.
ket policies on issues such as reli- ages. The minorities,and fundament- "We (Musli.m). voters like 100 gms. If the scales are ever. -Ki}
alists of any religion, should not be ca~ ma~e It tilt by hoping out to one side. And this time, we are
gion and language. The court must Siligurl Nelson A. Petrie
decide the Ayodhya issue. placated through charades such gOing With the opposition.". .
They should not insist on (a) ban as the Muslim Women's Bill, ban -A.hmed Hussain from Kansi village, Darbhanga in Times of
on cow slaughter as this would Thackeray's Warning on books (such as Salman Rush- India.
become a religious issue; (b) pro- die's), and giving nods of approval "To sin by sil~nce when one should protest miuces cowards of
al Thackeray, the Shiv Sena
hibition, since prohibition per se is
a failure-persuation, 'not prohibi- B supremo, has warned Mr.
V.P. Singh against appeasing
to the Ramshila busine$$.
A secular society should
men. Let them who dare, speak and speak ,again to right the
wrongs of men. "
-K.~atwar Singh, defe}!ted Union Minister of State for External
tion, is the answer; (c) propagation encourage worship at home or at
Muslims and declared that the Affairs on the criminalisation of politics.
of Hindi, since a huge majority in places meant for this purpose.
the South, East-and the North-east Sena-BJP alliance would ban "I say toler~nce i.s cowardice. Tolerance has made Hindus impo-
Religious processions, which gen-
would never acccept its imposition. 'Namaz' (prayer) on the roads and tent. If Ahlmsa was truly our religion why do our gods and
erally are aggressive, tend far too
the use of loudspeakers in Mas godesses carry weapons?"
Top priority should -be given to often to inflame passions, which
environment protection (which jids. -::Mahant Ava~dnath, Hindu Maha Sabha MP from Gorakhpur.
are then exploited by anti-social
Thackeray might be justified ir, Ha.d t~,e PM (Instead of Sanjay ,Singh)been injured, would the
~ever figured in Mr. V.P. Singh's elements to their advantage, A
his own way to warn the PrimE! polling nave been allowed to continue? This shows that one m'ah
Inaugural address) and pollution way must be found by consensus
Minister against appeasing thE' does .not have the same rights as another man:
control ; population growth; and to regularize or ban such proces-
Muslims, but under what authorit), -R8Jmohan Gandhi
education (which should be in the sions.
or under moral duty he dictates thu '. "I doubt if the new government will last for even two years."
private sector as governments so Anti-riot squads comprising
government t,o ban the 'Namaz' 011 -Sh~rad Pawar, Maharashtra Chief Minister
far have failed to achieve any sub-
the roads and the use of loud '
specially trained personnel from all
~He (V.P. Singh) is very suspicious-and gets angry easily butth~:'
stantial improvement in the coun-
try's literacy rate).
speakers in Masjids. The sam"
communities should be formed for
quick deployment in sensitive
IS no doubt that he h~s got an understanding of what is hord'\S~~
, The new government should
person, sometime back, threat-
areas. The Government should
-::Kon~omolsk~ya Pravda, Soviet newspaper '
ened the Sikhs with a boycott b~r What IS V.P. Singh? A mere creation of The Stateman and Indian
commit itself to inducting educated '
the Hindus throughout India. It i:~ Expre~s.They are his only supporters: '
Managing Editor members of minority communities
a misfortune of the country if suc l, -Satlsh Sharma, Rajiv Gandhi aide.
Amrik Singh into the armed and police forces.
characters are not co~rected b( I~ Haryana, ~he ~ave is against family rule, corruption and nep-
This will bring the minorities into
the co~cerned community, whQ.$'l: otIsm: We wl.1I Win all ten Lok Sabha seats there and Mr. Devi
GenerlJl Manager the mainstream of Indian society
Iduty is toe'nliute 'cordial atmos- Lal will loose In ~II the three constitl,lencies he is contesting from."
Lt. CoL Manohar Singh and give them a sense of security.
phere and unity of the country. ,.-;:-Ghulam Nabl Azad, AICC General S9f;retary
(Retd.) While granting autonomy to the
H~re the BJP will have to tak,. My heart beats for India."
!Iectronic media, steps must be
speCial note of this. The BJP, OM .....:..A.B. Vajpayee, BJP leader .
Editors taken to ensure that television is
of t~ major national politica! parN

A.S. Narang not used to promote personality
which received widespread
Glan Singh Sandhu cults or narrow beliefs. Soap
~upport In the r~cent general elec-' operas with blatantly religious ,_"":-____--0;._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
:Ions, must come forward prevent-
Assistant Editor Ing Mr. Thac!<eray making an'l ~opiate for~he
themes, which only serve as an
masses, must be
KH Nazeer (Balju) such unwarranted statements a~1
, 8yc?ided. Themes from Hindu .
comments. :
D~slgn . ~ythology,without proper empha-
'!he elections have proved on"
PN CJlex SIS on the spiritual philosophic
.POint beyond any ambiguity that ,,:'
values, appear to have t>ecome
common man would not support
Busine~!! Manager any communally oriented party:'
counter-productive for the cause
Onkar Singh GuJral of secularism. Recent announce-
Therefore, BJP should either
'- ments that certain t jle-films will be
:make Bal Thac;keray to shun
Publishers based on the Bible and the Koran
,hatred towards other communities'
Ekta Trust will only add to this trend.
, o~ severe its political connections
2126, SaNa Priya Vihar Even after 40 years of indepen-
With the Sena to retain faith of the
New Delhi 110 016. dence, education is being
'peopls of other communities.
'Ph. 660738 neglected. This means no osmo-
Bal Thackeray will do well it h$
sis can take place to achieve
' t~es a lesson from Maharaja
.Editorial, Business social and economic justice which
'Ranjit Singh, who was once
and Circulation Offices ultimately will lead tq humanism
:aPe.roached by some Sikhs with a
3,. Masjid Road, Jangpura and true secualrism.
complaint against the Muslims that
New Delhi 110 014. ..
they should be stopped from
Ph. 619284 giving early morning 'Azan' (call) BHARATI & HAMEED JAFFREY

2 ' 1-15 January 1991

.. . . .,
. '
- :. ~


q ' ~ . : " ... . . '

Rise And Spread Of

,F 0" RUM'
. ///// Minority Rightc
,' . ,
Civil Liberties
Equality For Women
Gaz tN" Democratic Values
Terrorism In Punjab
/ //// e " Environmental Protectl~!i
By Lt-Col. GurchCiran Singh (rptd.)

Ow the Pan jab came to Congress (I), especially from the Bharat Sarkar was thorough

The PunJab Tangle

fter the victory of the Natimal Frmt and the visit of VP Singh 10 Armit-
H be i:'lfested with terror-
ism is wofth examining.
H we look back a few
years, the first shooting incident
took place on 13th April 1978 at
Punjab, led their respective briefed by its masters. Golde
groups. Their aim being, first, to let Gurdwara and a large number
each other down, and secondly, other gurdwaras in Panjab, ar
work against the Akalis (in fact even villages, as these had Sill
against the Sikhs) because Mrs. population, were besieged as

Amritsar, .when the Neo- Indira Gandhi had wanted to teach these belonged to some foreig
, sac, it looked as if there was going w 'be some kind of a breakthrough
Nirankaris, a movement launched the later a lesson for various rea- country.
'in Punjab. That has not happened. This may nOl be a cause for roncern
against Akalis (i.e. against the sons. Firstly, it was only the Akali Then the Indian Army struck i
but it is certainly a cause for serious Qisquiet
The only positive thing that has happened so far in that unfortunate state is the Sikhs in fact) and supported by , Dal and no other political party, the Sikhs ruthlessly. No considf
that had started an agitation ration was there whether it was
appointment of Nirmal Mukherjee in place of SS Ray. Nirmal Mukherjee is a man Bharat Sarkar, shot dead a
number of Sikhs, followers of San: 'against the imposition of emer- male or female, young or old, S
witt} impeccable credentials and an outlook 00 things which cannot but inspire con-
Jarnail Singh Bhindral1wala, while gency in the country in 1975, when long as he/she was a Sikh. Gun
fidence. After that appointment. however, things seem to have come to a dead end.
on a-peace mission. They were on her throne had started shaking on waras were destroyed, copies (
The all parties conference has only taken a few hesitant steps towards the reso-
lutioo of the problem. This was not for lack of trying but because the strategy adopted their way to request the Neo- account of the adverse judgement Gu~u Granth SahD burnt, Sikh
:seerned to be (lawed and umealistic. As a spokesman of the Mann group put it, Nirankaris not to denigrate Sikhs given by Allahbad High Court. were killed in thousands, 'thei
the whole Ihing had been arranged in the spirit of a seminar rather than a strategy and their Gurus and the Guru Secondly, the Akalis had sup- ,property looted and the
session for solving the problem. What precisely this means requires to be elaborated, Granth Sahib. But before they ported the Janata Party against destrciyed, Sikh women wet
The correct thing would have been to have given some guidelines to the new could fuHil their mission, the Neo- the Congress (I) in the 1977 gen- raped. Sikh children were brandf
Governor to get ~rtain tkings moving. For instance, the Director General of Police Nirankariis fell upon these Sikhs eral elections. progeny of serpants and kille<
, remains in positioo. h may be recaDed thal, ooxtlO the Governor, he was the most and killed a number of them. I . A number of kiilings followed the Akal Takht was destroyed by gur,
impottanl agent of the Centre in that state. While fak~e encounters are in all pro- case was registered against these murder of Lala Jagat Narain: Shri fire; there was not a single plac
bability nOl taking place any looger, almost everything else remains the same: The offenders. However, the case was, Ramesh Chander (the Lala's son). or building in the Golden Gur
. whole state apparatus which is still imact is geared 10 the kind of policy that was on the bidding of Bharat Sarkar, Sardar A.S. Atwal, D.I.G.; Sardar wara complex that did not race;
II , ' laid down by the Centre and quite often even executed from the same source. Those transferred to a court outside Harbans Singh Manchanda and a bullet or she,. The surviving Si
who can recall the circumstances in wbich'thaman Lal had 10 leave more than Panjab; i.e. at Karnal in Haryana so on. Bu't their killers have not youth was put into jail. The SF
a year ago would recall the details ~ bow it wu the Centre which was calling where it could be proceeded with bee_n_ caught so far. Reference Library, a rare g9f
the shots and an that the State administration was doing was 10 carry 0U1 orders. accordir>g to the wishes of the Now the question of Purojao ' was burnt to ashes thus deprivil
There are ceruin things that required 10 be dooe and unless those are done prompcly Bharat Sarkar. That the Neo- river-waters was raised . To the coming Sikh generations l
and efficieoaly, the situatioo 00 the ground would not take a favourable tum. For Nirankaris had Bharat Sarkar's deprive Punjab of the wafer of its their valuable literature-an irr~
instance, is it not necessary to replace the Director General of Police?.Js i , not ad ... is- support was quite cleaJ from the rivers, a Satluj-Yamuna Canal was arable loss. The situation in tf\
able that a man like Chaman Lal who enjoyed considerable credibility as a fair fact that whenever their head vis,- proposed to carry water to Hary- districts of Amritsar and Gurda
mlin is lm?ught back and given a position which is commensurate with his back- ited a foreign country he was ana. The Shromani Akali Dal pur was the worst.
glTllmd ~ seniority? accorded treatment of an Indian (SAD.) opposed this and started The army acted savagely as
, \Vhal:.about the innwnerable fake encounters that have taken place? Is it no! called Ambassador. - an agitation. The venue was later it was operating on somEt foreig
for thai those are enumerated, enquired into and responsibility fixed? What about As suspected, the case was shifted to the Darbar SahD, Amrit- soil and against foreigners. Bruta
some of those officials who have had Questionable antecedents and whose conduct dismissed and the murderers let sar. Akalis also asked tor the ities at the hands of the country'
has been anything but fair and straightforward? To punish them for any offence off scot-free. This caused great implementation of the Analldpur own army committed against
canmi.l1ed would require their being chargesbeeted and all that goes with it. Why resentment amongst the Sikhs; Sahib Resolution asking for more part of the 'country's populatio
. are these steps not being taken? more so among the members of powers for states. And Akalis were has no example in the world his
The answer. far as ODe can judge is that the assumptioo in Delhi was that the
tha Damdami TaksCiL This also not alone in putting forward this tory. This was followed by Opera
mailer would be ioned <u with the leaders that have now emerged and some of
speaks for the independence of demand. This was demanded tion -Wood rose- with simila
these things can wail 'Ibis is not the right order of priorities to follow. What was
the judiciary in our country. nearly by all the non-Congress (I) activities against Sikhs. but thi
discussed at IIle an paJties medin& W81 00 the whole constructive and the only
Expecting no justice from ,the ruled states. time carried t'ut more thoroughly
discmIanlnue wu struck by the Congress party. That, however, was only to be
Congress (I) government. 'Bhin- This suited the machinations of The actions of Mrs. Indin
, .. , expeced. (No me expects that party to .sist in the process of the pllilishment of
dranwale, originally a creation of Mrs. Indira Gandhi. She started Gandhi gave rise to what she an<
m -thOle guilty ofllle 1984 tillings. Having org~lJed them in whatever direct or indio
the Congress (I) itself, planned to propaganda that the murderers of her government started calli~
"-'- reel way ilmigkbavebeenclooe, it stX:OeSSfullyev.ded any kind of follow up action).
Whether thalsense of grievance is wen founded or ill-founded is not the issue.
avenge the murder of his follow- the various persons took refuge in ' 'errorism-. The blood of the Sik!
Left to himsdf, Samranjit Singh Mam might have acted differently. But then he ers. Neo-Nirankaris became the the Golden Gurdwara (mistakenly youths boiled and they were up tr.
\ bas 10 carry IIle militants with him. The militants are given to 'making claims that target~ven their head Baba ~ called 'templg'), Amritsar. The avenge the disrespect shown te
,some people would describe as extravagant The way to strangthen S S Mann's bachan Singh was not spared. , Bharat Sarkar even gave a list of their religion, their religious plBI*
hands, theref..ore, is to take those necessary actions,which have to be taken and will Strange! No arrests Of the Dam- ,; -: 'such men to the Shromani and their religious book and thei,
in any case be taken. The only questioo on which there is some disagreement is dami Taksal men were made rdwara Parbandhak Committee ,womenfok.
when they are t!l be taken. either. The government wanted (;.l' C). The latter pointed out that Now the unexpected happened,
No more need 10 be said in regard to this issue, for the key to peace and stability the two sections 10 fight between out f these some had died and On 31 October 1984, Mrs. Indira
, in that state is how the people perceive the administration' that they have to deal , themselves and finish each other some had gone abroad, thus leav- Gandhi was killed. Her son, witt
, with. Over the years they.have perceived it as an agenl'<iftyranny. This image has ' off. What a nationa! government! ing only 26 such persons behind. the only qualification of being c
to change. Unless it is changed, tIie linJcage between crime and terrorism will not ' Then came the murder of Lal ' Bhindranw21e, SGPC and Prime Minister's son, was madE
end. Certain officials came to be looked upon as symbol of tyranny. The minimum Jagat Narain, proprietor and editor SAD, all naives: played into ,the Prime Minister. Under the ne~
that is required is thal they are moved to some other job. Even that h::s not hap. of the Hind Samachar group of hands of the shrewd Mrs. Indira Prime Minister, the ' Cong(ess (I
pened so far. No wonder the general feeling is that people are prepared to t~st papers, who used to write against Gandhi. party went burser!<. The plans tc
the new government but the evidence of change is both skimpy and unceltll,in. Mrs. Indira Gandhi- the Prime Propaganda to the effect was finish off Sikhs wer9 put into exe,
While it is very easy to say that nothing will be done if preconditions are laid Minister of Bharat. No murders cleverly put across the country and cution in Delhi and the Congres~
down, let it not be overlooked that.both the National Front government and could be apprehended, but one also abroad. The situation had (I) ruled States. Thousands 0
S S Mann are'hostages to each other. The National Front cannot succeed in Punjab person already in the police cus- been so created by the Prime Sikhs wer~ killed in an organisec
without,Mann md Mann 'c anoot provide leadership to thl: state unless he receives , tody was declared caught while Minister and her government that manner-by pouring over them
~ful and positive help from the Centre. ' hiding near the place of murder. it enabled her to take a stronger Kerosene oil (a rare commodity
The instrument for that policy should he the Punjab administration headed by Naturally, there were no eye- step. She deployed about ten divi- those days) or petrol and then put-
the Government and not .I forum where different political opinions are expressed witnesses to the crime, but Sant sions of the Indian Army through- , ting match to it The Hindu zealots
and the objectives are identified but DO concrete line of action is adopted. By and Bhindranwale was blamad for it. out the tiny state of Panjab. Some danced around the burning Sikhs
large, the constituent of th~ Natiooal Front despite some reseNalions have a broadly He was arrested at the place and of thes6 troops had already been Again, the Sikh women were
similar approach. It is only the Congress Party that speaks in a different voice. Let time of his own choosing; i.e. at trained on Sand Model as to how raped, t h l G ' > property looted
.it do so. But before the National Front ~ achieve its objectives, the situation has Chowk Mehta, district Amritsar, . to assault and capture the Golden and then ' , ed.,This want on
;to be Changed on the ground and thal can be dme through action rather than through , where a huge religious congrega- Gurdwara at Amritsar. Curfew was ' for four din the first week of
wonts. tion had been arranged. Nothing imposeathroughout the State; no November ~. under the VEry
incriminating was found against movement was permitted-no , nose of Sh RaiivGandhi, but he
the Sant, and he was released vehicle of any type, not even a fiddled with his flute.
after a few days. cycle or bullock-cart Vias allowed
In this game, top leaders of the to mov~ about. It seemed that Conlinued 011 page ' 10

1-15 January ~990 3

FORUM _________________________..
Thorny Path ~orl To observe the first

V.P. Singh death anniversary of

Safdar Hashmi,
Condnued from page 1 Incompetent. V.P. Singh could vbsessed with getting rid of Rajiv organising the
But the Prime Minister has taken lose the same constituency by fail- Gandhi's government. It will , in following programme
the right step in making a gesfure ing to deliver on his promise of let- future, be in a less forgiving mood.
to Sikh sentiments by paying e. ting tha press be free in every In a strange way, Rajiv remains in Delhi.
visit to the Golden Temple at sense and radio and television a key to V.P. Singh's future. The
.Amritsar. V.P. Singh needs an become non-partisan in nature . opportunistic support given to the .Day of Resolve
early break in imposing his stamp The Chanakya in V.P. Singh National Front government by the
on the new government. And if he has already left several question BJP and the two Communist par- Jan 1, 1990 11a.m.
'can begin to resolve the Punjab marks among the middle class. ties is dictated by their desire to March from Rabindra Bhavan, New Delhi to
problem, it would represent a His stated desire not tobe Prime kl3ep the Congress out of power Jhandapur, Sahibabad.,Jana Natya Manch to perform
feather in his cap. Having a wnile savouri;'lg their new status in
defining the central government's
Natak Jari Hai
Muslim Home Minister could also
'help in Punjab as it would in ' limit of action. These opposition Day of Homage
Jammu and Kashmir. The irony is that the parties' interest is to have Rajiv Jan 2, 1990 5.30-7 p.m.
To an extent, 'V.P. Singh is circumstances that head the Congress because it
forecloses the option of a new cen-
Programme of protest poetry, songs, music
seeking to appeal to the people
above the heads of his partymen
brought him to trist party out of spiits in the Con- and dance, audio-visual presentations. A
and the constituencies repre- power are loaded gress and the Janata Dal. display of paintings on Safdar, Freedom of
sented by the Bharatiya Janata with a set of V.P. Singh has quite e different Expression and Communal Harmony.
Party and the two communist par- dilemmas that can interest. He \'/as disappointed that
ties. Public perceptions of his per- his ir.itial effort to attract the bulk
formance, therefore, hold a central
only be resolved as of the Congress to his side after Rabindra Bhavan Lawns
place for him .. And this overwhelm each of them his expUlsion from the party ~==========================================~
ing compulsion will stand in the intrudes into the provE:d a failure. Now heading a
way of fulfilling his promise to
J:Ylake Doordarshan and radio
non-partisan ,and free, barring '
essential tasks of
minority government, he is hoping
, to make another try so that he can
liberate himself from his uneviable
Give Peace
strictly defined taboos.
It cannot be lost upon the Prime
Minister that his image-building Minister and his earlier suggestion
position, dependent as he is on the
self-interest of the BJP and the
The present situation thus raises
A Chance
exercise,could lose him the 'valu" that he would be a disaster as one bleeding State in one go. No gov-
abl~_ rttiddl~ class constituency are etched on public memory. The more questions than it answers. Continued. frorr) page ernment can accept all the
Whose influence is far beycnd its ruse that he was party to in ~defeal But these are early days yet for the cerned with sincerity .and sagacity. demands cif any people at once in
numbers. The press played a key ing Chandra Shekhar's initial chal- V.P. Singh government. The irony The consensus paper hopes that entirety. What is required is sin-
part in building him up a leader of lenge was an ugly reminder of is that the circumstances that the people of Punjab will rise to the cere and bold initiatives. The new
pre-eminence , after he was Janata Dal politics. Now that he brought him to power are laced occasion, and uphold the glorious Government at the Centre and the
expelled from the Congress. Rajiv, has assumed office as Prime with a S'3t of dilemmas that can traditions of this State (Punjab) in changed political climate provide
once eulogized by the press, lost Minister, his actions will be only be resolved as each of them defence of the nation's unitY and some chance for the same. The
his middle class constituency watched more closely by a middiEs intrudes into the essential tasks of integrity. Akalis must help that not miss the
because he proved politically class in North India until recently .governance. No peace can prevail in t~e opportunity. .

'Witn .~est CompUimmts'

Satkar FinanCial
ten 'Rajiv Loogowal
To an audiance of
na reception given to 300-strong who partici- '
IMr. Inder Kumar Gujral, pated in the reception, Mr.
2651 Kucha Chelan
the Minister Of External Gujral promised every-
'Affairs, by the Sikh Forum, thing possible to rehabili- Darya Ganj, New Delhi-ll0002-
for his v~ory in the Lok tate the November 1984
Tele. Nos. 275595, 267618.
Sabha elections, he said anti-Sikh riot victims. He
that he would be at the said that his government
forefront in resetting the would spare no chance to
distorted picture of peace find an early solution to the
in the Punjab. With an Punjab tangle. A delighted
insight into the Punjab Gujral later said that he
imbroglio and its various would be obliged to the
parameters, MI. Gujral profound love and affec-
had contributed a lot to the tion ~howered on him qy
:signing of .the now forgot- the people of Punjab.
\ .
4 1-15 January 1990,


Network The Sikh Seva Dal, a youtl1 wiilg of the Sikhs
in Poona, has been organizing 'Kirtan Darbars'for

In The World the last five years. This year also this devoted
youth organization, which is determined to spread
love and peace for mankind, is arranging 'Kirtan.
ndia has th~ largest postal they have been all through behind Darbars' from December 22 to 24.

I network in the world. As

against around 20,000 post
offices at the time of indepGn-
dence, today we have as 'mar,y as
141akh post offices soread all over
By Girdhar Gomango

districts In 15 states on an exper-

imental basis. Under this scheme,
the department in all its endea-
. The department has been doing
well in the philatelic field. In orde r
to promotu philately as a hobby
Tens of thousands of people from different
com'munities partiCipate in the 'Kirtan Darbars'
held yearly in Pune for the last five years. Last
the country. Indian postal system 'Gram Panchayats' ar3 given a among the students, it is proposed year, it recorded an attendance of more than
is also reputed to provide one of monthly grant of Rs. 150 besides. to open Nehru Stamp Clubs all 50,000 heads in the three-day prayers. People
the best services in the world. a commission on sale of postage over the country. Commemorative
Out of the total 1,47,377 post stamps and stationery and, asked . postage stamps have been of all religions, castes and class participate in the
offices in the country, 1,31,305 are to appoint their own 'Oak Sewaks' brought out on a number of per- iKirtan Darbars' and the free kitchen (Guru ka
in the rural areas. Each post office with service linkage with the near- sonalities, themes and events.
serves on an av~rage, an area of est post office. Many more on these themes are langar) arranged on all these days.
22.69 sq. km. arid a population of to be issued in the forthcoming This season also the organizers expect the
4731. At this level of development, Modernization months.
number of participants to cross all previous
the country is well within the norms
adopted by the Universal Postal many steps taken to mod- Public Cooperation records. The programme would be held at Tilak
Union.that there ~~ould be one post erniz90 the postal services,
Ayurvedic College Hostel Ground behind the
office to serve on an average
~r an area (If between 20 tc 30
~':<ms or 3000 to 6000 inhabi-
popularization of franking
machines is very important A
rebate of 3 per cent is being given
P ublic cooperation is a must to
enable the postal system to
discharge its functions more effec-
Cycle Society, Quarter Gate, Pune 411 011.
for its use. 60 high-speed franking Itively in the fast changing scena-
Those who are interested can obtain more infor-
machines with a speed of franking rio. The composition of mail is mation from the office of the Sikh Seva Dal, 24/25
Priority Areas 8000 letters per hour have been rapidly changing with increasing Somwar Peth, Pune 411011. Phones: 24417,
imported and supplied to the busy industrialization and commercial
n its eff~rts . to extend postal
24430 and 21897.
I commu':lIcatlQns to remote
post offices in the country.
The postal department has also
activities. Posting of mail in bulk
numbering a few lakhs at a time
areas, the government has
relaxed norms'for opening of post
introduced computers which will
provide speedier processing of
has now become )lery common .
Obviously, a post office, which is PREET MANDIR
offices in the hilly, tribal and back- accounting, data and better servi- geared to handle a few thousand (HOPE FOR ABANDONED CHILDREN)
ward areas. In such areas, post ces to the people. Similarly, articles cannot dispose of a lakh
office is established for a grouped mechanised sorting of mail is. or so articles when presented
population of 1500 as against being attempted at Bombay. suddenly. The problem of such
Preet Mandir complete 10 years of dedicated service to the nation's
3000 in other areas. The minimum bulk posting can be greatly
Domestic 'Speed Post' service, destitute children on January 16, 1989. It was registered in 1979 as
revenue expected is only one third reduced by public cooperatioin, if
introduced with effect from August the BALW ANT KAUR ANAND MEMORIAL WELFARE SOCI-
of the running cost. This require- the senders could arrange the mail
1, 1986 is presently available in 50 .in the order of PIN Code for spee- ETY, in the fond memory of the wife of Shri K S: Anand, founder-
ment is further reduced to 15 per President of the project. Its mission is to mitigate the suffering of infants
cent in ,he case of hilly, tribal and cities with 6 extension counters. A dier operation through computer-
new scheme of Domestic Speed in distress, of any caste or race. '
backward areas . ized mailing list. Even in other
The seventh plan envisages Post Money Orde" Service has cases if the mail could be bundled
also been introduced with effect ' statewise,' district-wise and even ACTIVITIES:
.~ning of 6000 new post offices,
from May 13, 1988 for remittance
~ extra-departmental ' branch city-wise it would greatly help in Child Welfare:- There are a number of schemes in the five
offices in villages and depart- of money orders upto Rs. 1000/- disposal of the mail quickly.
year pians for destitute children and allotments and aids for their imple-
mental post offices required to ensuring payment to the payee Persons who receive large mentation. There is also a netw0rk of voluntary agencies involved in
provide communications support within 24 hours to 72 hours. This volume of daily mail can help . the welfare !lCtivities for needy children. Even though considerable work
to projects in the State/Central/ facility is available at all the Speed themselves and the post office by
has been done in India in this field much remains to be done still, con-
Joint sectors including townships Post Centres in the country. hiring a post box. A post bag hired sidering the gravity of the problem and the mass of population in our
created under urban development along with the post box also ena- country. We, in Preet Mandir, hope to contrihute our little mite towards
schemes. Unlike most other plan bles the receipt of the mail safely solving these problems. Our activities have received lecOgnition from
schemes in which the staff com- Other Activities at the addressee's premises and the Central and State Govts. Even the Income Tax Dept. by exemption
ponent constitutes only a small it can also be used to send the granted under Sec. 80 (G)' of the Income Tax Act.
.. proportion of the total project cost,
the scheme of expansion of postal
T he Post Office Saving Bank is
in fact, one of the biggest
mail for posting .
The residents of the multi-
banks in the country which oper- . storeyed buildings can help by
Adoption:- Preet Mandir is a home, temporary thought it may
network is predominantly made up be, for nurturing children and destitute babies upto the age of three.
ates through the wide network of installing mail boxes on the ground The Management constantly looks for adoptive homes where the very
of manpower costs. Even with
post offices. The Savings Bank floor. This will help the postman to young children may be placed. So far Preet .Mandir has succeeded in
these constraints, it has been pos-
collections have a net balance of distribute mail speedily. acquiring homes for 200 children, the majority of whom have been
sible to open 3468 new branch
Rs. 28, 400 crore. The Postal Life . The most important way by adopted with families in this country.Occasionally a family from abroad
.pOst offices and 93' departmental
Insurance is yet another major which the public can help the adopts a child, usually handicapped are not accepted by. Indian par-
sub-offices till now. The depart-
service rendered by the Postal department is by writing the ents. Experience has shown that Indian famille'; do not care to/ take
ment will open 2500 more post off-
department. It has 14,01,291 pol- address legibly and fully with the children that are handicapped whereas foreigners do .
ices in the current year thereby
icies and a fund balance of Rs. PIN Code. Writing the sender's
achieving the plan target.
The governmtmt is keen to pro-
446/- crore. address also is very useful Funds: - This is a voluntary. organisation which orginally began.
vide basic posti:tl facilities on the On the human resource front, because the sender can include with private funds made available by Mr. K..S. Anand. The present mag-
widest posible scale both in the the department is one of the big- the PIN Code in his correspon- nitude of the work and the expanding volume of the worksphere is from
gest employers in the country. The dence and his correspondents volunteers and voluntary organisations. funding agencies and Govern-
urban and rural sectors. For this,
manpower has been the main would then automatically start ment sources, while the Government assistance is very small we mostly'
the services of departmental and
extra-departmental post offices asset of the department. It is a using the PIN Code while writing depend on voluntary assistance. We look forward to philanthropic indi-
back. The use of PIN codes in viduals, organisations and friends appreciating the noble work done
need to be supplemented by widespread network spread
letter heads, covers having printed at Preet Mandir to come forward and extend a helping hand to carry
establishing secondary levels of throughout the country. It has to
address, rubber stamps, etc on the work humbly begun by the individuals. Raising of funds for
service through 'licensed Postal depend almost entirely on the
such a cause may not be a problem if friends and voluntary forces come
Agents' and 'Panchay;:tt . Da~ capability of the employees. The would enable others to know tf'le
together to arrange the same for this organisation.
Sewaks'. ' . fact that the Indian .Postal System, correct address with PIN Code
A visit to Pi-eet Mandir, whenever possible for you is solicited for
The scheme of 'Panchayat Oak' one of the oldest Qr'ganized ser- and use it in their correspondence.
receiving the blessings of the children of Preet Mandir and also to
Sewaks' has been started in about vice sectors of the country, with- The spirit should be to help the
receive God's blessings. '
3,000 'Gram Panchayats'. in 21 stood the test of time proves that department to serve us better.

1...0 January 1990 5

F()ltlJ~ ...................................C.E.NT_RE
Can BhopalH ,
By Bharat Dogra On October 22, 1988, a fire in
a plastic factory located in the
premises of a cold storage in law-

fter the biggest-ever rence Road (Delhi) resulted in the
industrial disaster at death of 25 persons and injuries
Bhopal in December, to atleast 50 others. A few days licence since 1979 for failing to
1984, there has been lot later on November 13, another fire comply with fire brigade stipUla-
of activity on the part of the author- accident in a chemical factory in tions.
ities to collect information on haz- the same area took the life of one At a cloth mill in Gwalior, 16
ardous -industries, and to improve person while four others were people were seriously injured
the organizational set upfor ensur injured. when chlorine gas lea!~ ed.
ing better industrial safety. On may 5, 1989 in Rithala vil- , Two workers died and a chem
The Ministry of Envirpnment has lage of Delhi, at least 3 persons ist fell after inhaling pOisonous gas
been busy preparing data bank were killed and nine injured in a at a chemical factory at Rudeli Vil-
of all hazardous chemicals in the big explosion that blasted an lage in Gujara\'s Kaira district.
country , to be made available to under-construction waste treat- Between January 1985 and
every district which has a hazar- ment plant. March 30,1987 there were 79
dous industry. The Ministry has In 1985, there were two chlorine recorded gas leaks in India.
also set up a central crisis group gas leaks in Calcutta within a span On December 4, 1985 (the day
which coordinates the work of two of 24 hrs. On 11th June, chlorine after the first anniversary of Bhopal
or more states and centre in man- gas leaked from Mullickghat disaster) a massive gas leak from
agement of any serious mishap pumping station of the Calcutta Sri Ram Food and Fertilizer Indus-
whenever such need arises. This Municipal co rporation . One person tries (SFFI) complex in Delhi led to
group will also function as an apex died and 32 others fell ill. The widespread panic among people,
body for laying down policies and Minister for Urban Development and severa: harmful manifestation
providing expert guidance for Mr. Prashdnta Sur said this leak of the impact of gas. Over 700
handling major disasters. could have resulted in a bigger people ' were hospitalized and at
A four-year ILO aided project disaster. A similar leakage occur,
known as 'Establishment and initial least two of them died within the
red at the Calcutta Metropolitan next fortnight. The gas leak was
operation of major accident Development Authority's booster caused by a collapse of a tank Of
hazards control system ' was pumping station at Auckland uleurr spilling tom. of acid, which
started in 1986. The project makes Place, in South Calcutta , Again a reacted with water (large quanti-
available international experts for major disaster was avoided by ties of which were sprayed en it,
help in this area. It also aims to timely remedial action. indiciating the lack of training to
strengthen Central Labour Institute In 1985, ammonia gas leaked light emergencies) to lorm a dense
(at Bombay) and regional labour from a big fertilizer factory, the clOud of harmful gases.
institutes (at Calcutta, Kanpur and Rastiriya Chemicals and Fertilis- This, moreover, was only one of
Madras) for work on industrial ers Ltd)ocated in Chember region
safely: ' the several other mishaps which
of Bombay causing wide spread have already taken place at SFFI.
The Union Labour Ministry pre- panic. Poor safety conditions in On December 17, 1982, 40
pared a Safety and Health Accid- this factory have been well doc- school children fell ill, inlact some
ent React,ion Plan (SAHARA) umented. became unconscious, while walk
aimed at, among other things, In 1985, there was a chlorine ing near a place where SFFI dis-
strengthening state factory inspec- gas leak in the caustic soda unit charges its effluents.
torates, setting up industrial of the Kotharis in Madras, creating On September 10, 1985 a leak
hygiene labs, and forming safety panic among the people in parts from the sulphuric acid plant
committees, in factories. of this metropolitan city as they affected several hundred residents
Recently six labs of the Council suffered from eye irritation, con- Hungry for Justice: Thousand of protesters galher~ beneath the banner 0
in nearby colonies.
for Scientific and Industrial gestion in the chest and nausea. side the Supreme Court on 25 August, 1989 In SLipport of their demand for a
Two days after the widespread
Research (CSIR) collabOrated in Several of them had to be hospit scare and mass hospitalization on
an interdisciplinary effort for pre- alized. depth, the maintenance record of exploded in 'N'asik, spilling 200
Dec. 4, 1986, there was another
paration of a report on the hazard Sometime back three persons, this unit has contractors to save litres of oil and killing nine persons
le~k at the sulpuric acid plant of
and risk analysis of the Hazira Gas including a geologist of the Oil and costs and evade responsibilit~. and injuring 27.
Processing Complex. , Natural Gas Commission (ONGC) According to a note written by Several school children ' ) to
Some time back a 'safety audit' were killed following a blow-out at This aspect of SFFI is very sim- Miss Neeta Bali, former Secretary be rushed 'fQr medical treatment,
was ordered for all oil installations a jack-up .rig on contract with the ilar to Union Carbide in Bhopal a (Labour) Delhi Administration, "the when a driver driving a leaking
in the country, particularly in ONGC in the Da,man off shore spate of smaller incidents taking only affective method to guarantee tanker carrying chlorine thought-
onshore and otfshore drilling rigs. area. Fortunately, 54 of the 57 place one after another, com- the safety of the people living in lessly abadoned it near a school
The Minister for Petroleum a-nd people on the rig could be plaints being made against these, the adjoining locality is the reloca- in Bombay.
Natural Gas recently told the Par- rescued. to the authorities, these being tion of the unit from the existing Oleaum leak from an overturned
liamentary Consultative Commit- On March 23, 1988,}a major fire ignored and covered up and area". But this advice has not been tanker in Baroda led to the spread
, tee that the entire aspect of safety started in Central Ordnance Depot meanwhile the potential of a major followed up so far, despite the fact of acid fumes and panic among a
in the oil industry, including drilling in Jabalpur which continued to tragedy continuing to exist all that it has been supported by sev- large section of the population .
and production of oil and gas,is rock the city for three days. Two along. If in Bhopal this risk was eral concerned persons and Four persons were seriously
being brought under the Oil Indus- ma~azines (ammunition god- provided by the big storage of MIC groups. Instead, the official who injured.
try Safety Directorate. owns) were blown up. Major loss gas, in SFFI this exists because of wrote this note was soon transfer- A fire in a leaking oil tanker led
Despite this, - the fact of human life could be avoided, in the big if somewhat reduced slor- . red. to 39 people being charred to
remains that industrial accidents fact only 10 persons were injured age of the deadly chlorine gas. SFFI has ,continued to make death in Karnataka.
have been reported at regular although the huge explosions had Ash,ish Kothari, a leading acti- news for its accident potential. In Moti Nagar P.S. area in West
'intervals during the last five years the capacity of a much bigger vist of 'Kalpavriksha' environment Recently another panic situation Delhi, a tanker carrying acid
in the post-Bhopal phase,and in tragedy. group, which has made a thorough was created due to the leakage of started leaking and in the existing
the case of several of these, faulty n August 30, 1985)one of the study of SFFl's hazards, has writ- harmful gas from the cylinders efforts to plug this leak, three per-
pra~tices related to the 'safety
asPect have been highlighted. and
O three tanks which store chlor
ine at the chamber (Bombay)
ten on the basis of this study (Eco-
nomic & Political Weekly), "Each
transported by it.
Risk from transport of hazar-
sons were injured and severa!
others were affected by acid
several-of these could potentially based plant of Calico Industries of the expert comittees which has dous materials is considerably fumes.
have be'itn much bigger tragedies began to leak. One employee died looked at the caustic soda plant increased in India due to callous Recently, in Goa, a truck carry-
but for chance factors or the valour while about a hundred other have stated that the result of such neglect of safety norms frequently ing six one-tori cylinders of liquid
and timely actions of some indi- persons had to be hospitalized a leak would be catastrophic, shown by industries, including use chlorine to a pesticide plant col-
viduals. Earlier an experts, committee several thousand people may die of untrained and ill-informed driv- lided with a bus and fell into a
On November 9, 1988 a fire in which examined the safety or be permanently maimed, and ers who are themselves not aware ditch. Two cylinders , developed
Bharat Petroleum Refinery at aspects of this plant had warned," several lakh could be affected in of the full hazardous nature of the leaks. The ciriver tan away after
Mahul, Bombay took 32 lives. The The highly corroded valves , pip- varying degrees and the possibil- cargo carried by them, the move:. shouting some warnings which
courage and timely action of four elinesand storage vessels in ity of such a leak occuring has not ment of these vehicles through could nut be understood by local
workers prevented this from turn- caustic soda and the cholrine plant been far from remote, as has been several crowded and accident- villagers. Some people fell uncon-
ing it into a much bigger catastro- nead to be replaced immediately. repeatedly painted . out, safety prone areas,and the ignorance as scious, others were affected by
phe, while a faulty maintenance of The plant is not safe to operate in conditions and emergency inade- well as lack of preparation to deal nausea and dizziness. 1'Ii.:.C!dy 80
critical equipment during a routine the present condition", what is quate. According to another with emergencies involving haz- people were affected, several of
shut-down has been pointed out more the Bombay Municipal cor- researcher Ashok Bharat~who has ardous cargo. them seriously.
as a likely factor behind this poration had not renewed i!s studied this factory's hazards in In May 1986, an oil tanker This tragedy drew attention to

6 1-15 Jar
:sP-RE-A-D. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .--~()It1J~

h~lVe permitted flagrant viola~6ns

appen Again?
Lifacturing factofy belonging to an
influential political leader to some of the labour laws. - ,
safer place, far from the city. This Soon after the Bhopal gas trag-
factory recently started the produc- edy the Gujarat government had
tion of monocrotophos, an insec- constituted a task force under the
ticide. While highly hazardous chairmanship of Mr. J.J. Mehta to
chemicals are being used,a news oversee safety measures in vari-
report (The Tribune May 1, 1989) ous industries dealing in hazar-
says, the factory has not taken the dous and toxic materials. The state
The Anto" Hill Warehousing minimum required steps to control govt. also appointed an empow-
Corporation, Rs. 34 crore project pollution. This factory is sur- ered committee in November 1985
promoted by the Indian Mercha-,;t rounded by residential houses, an to implement the suggestions of
Chamber_as a large scale storage army establishment and a milk the task force. However, the rec-
iacility for 'hazardous' and 'extra plant. ommendations of both the bodies
hazardous' chemicals has been According to report of Jansatta were not implemented for a long
under construction in the h'eart of (June 2, 1987) a company namel time.
Bombay city. Ironically, a ~roject 'the Cyanide and Pigment Ltd., This led the Con!':umer Educa-
which has been ostensibly pro- has changed its name to Tata tion and Research Society
moted with the aim of reducing pigments Ltd.~ but this has not (CERS) to file a writ petition in the
hazards of existing storage prac- helped to removes peopl 's High Court to de.mand the imple-
tices for chemicals has faved apprehensions regarding the mentation of these 'recommenda-
increased and quite well-argued threat posed by this unit to their tiion and the shifting of highly
criticism for increasing these safety. According to this report, the hazardous and toxic industries
hazards. A cover-story on this sub- people of Jamshedpur town face from thickly populated areas to
ject in Business India has aruged serious safety threat from the outskirts. The petition said instruc-
very rightly that the planning of this gases stored and used in TATA tions should also be issued to 21
project has ignored a crucial iron and Steel Company (TISCO) big industrial units in the state of
lactor, the danger of violent reac- and tl:]e compnay named above. disclose information regarding ""
tions occurring between stored Several workers face health pro- dangers, including health hazards,
chemic,als; i. e. the problem of blems from time to time due to to those employed by the unit or
chemical incompatibilities and high gas exposures. living in vicinity. In October, 1988
affinities. 'According to Arun Sub- Frequent gas leaks from Shivali the Gujarat High Court issued
ramanian, who wrote this Busi- Chemicals Ltd., a pesticides fac- notices to the central, the state
nes's India story and has tory located in a viII!' ,; , near governments and others for
specialised in hazards related Premnager locality of Dehradun implemtnation of the J.J.Mehta
issues, -Every single element that city, had exposed the neighbour- Task Force and the empowered
combined to produce the horror of ing popUlation to breathing pro- committee recommendations .
,Bhopal is present in the Antop Hill blems, giddiness, vomitting and Wh ile describing the new clas-
venture-large quantities of highly impaired vision. Several wcrkers sification system of the Madhya
volatile materials, insufficient care employed here are also reported Pradesh government for hazar-
in storing the materials, inade - to havt;! had bouts of unconscious- dous industries, the Indian
quate safety pr9cautions and a ness, apart from the more frequent Express reported (December 13,
large neighbouring community at
risk.- feeling of giddiness. Published - 1988), "Reports about environ-
reports have drawn attention to the mental mishaps caused by the
In Kanpur over one hundred fac-
highly precarious and dangerous pharmaceutical unit owned by Aji-
tories, officiail}1 described as
conditions in factory's ~remises. tabh Bachan in Ratlam district and
'highly dangerous' are located in by the chemical unit controlled by
After tne Bhopal disaster emer-
a small area on the northern part
,-_.. goncy response warnings relative the C'Jngress-I, M.P. Mr. Pratap
of the city having a population of
Bhopal Gas Peedlth Sangarsh Sah)'og Samltl and demonstrated Ollt to this factory were published in Bhanu Sharma, in Vidisha have
about four lakhs. A major fire here been conveniently ignored.
of the settlement between Union Carbide and the Indian Goverment; newspapers. This factory was offi-
can start a series of explosions Thus it appears that the post-
hazardous conditions under panel for the- old nitric acid plant cially identified as a high hazard
which can pose a grave threat to Bhopal consciousness of the
chlorine is transported to factory. Work here has been
revealed faulty alarm" and the the city's thee million population. authorities regarding industrial
pointed out that Goa stopped for sometime.
ammonia storage tank was cor- The industries include a sprawling hazards is confined more to gath-
such cylinders from roded. ' ordnance factory, a smaller arms A report prepared by the safety ering information and appointing
month. Similarly the At the Burrough Wellcome and factory, a field gun factorv , and an equipment maintenance division expert committees than real action
transport of ammonia from Co. (India ) Ltd. , the committee ammunition testing range, a ferti- of the ONGC revealed that out of aimed at protecting the lives of
.",h"r"c:htra to Goa based Zuari found that there was no effluent liers plant with big naptha the 8(} production platforms which people from such threats and pun-
Chemicals takes place in treatment plant,many chemicals storages-these and a host of other require five protection systems, on ishing those responsible for the
s conditions. Tankers and solvents were stored in the industries squeezed into this area 16 plat forms these systems had existence of such threatening
120 tonnes of ammonia per open with no adequate water are known for their stocks of com- not been commissioned while in conditions . It may be easy to talk
travelling on uneve'n, narrow ' spraying arrangement, phosgene bustible and explosive materials. 16 others fire water pumps were of such strict action, but when
curved roads. cylinders were kept on the naked Despite this grave threat, fire fight- out of order in various stages of such action runs up against the
n Bombay, a 12-member com- -floor with inadequate ventilation ing equipment has been found to rep?ir. Several life boats were also profits of vested economic inter-
mittee headed by R.K. Garg, the of the store-roomJ phosgene con- , be highly inadequate _Major fires awaiting repairs, without standbys ests, and their links in the political
nvironmental - Safety _ centration was not being adequ- have already been reported from havin~ bee n provided. Further, the and administrative set up it is not
mittee, was asked to identify ately monitored in the working the fertiliser and tre ordnance fac- multipllcify of the various makes of difficult to understand why such
rdous industries and investi- area, the pipe that connected the tories during the last deca,de or so. safety systems had made it diffi- action seldom gets properly
their safey aspects. Serious phosgene reactor to the scrubber Baroda, a big city of Gujarat with cult to ensure their functional reii- implemented in the existing con-
II:h,,,rlr,n,,.,inns in safety measures was made of fragile glass. ' a population of nearly 10 lakhs, abilities. ditions of our country. There is a
found in most industrial units Indian Explosives Ltd. was has the country's heaviest concen- Sund..ay magazine reported (28 big collusion of industries with .
by this co mmittee, found to be stOfing butanol and tration of heavy petrochemcials July-3 Aug . 1985 issue), -The task administrative and political inter
uding such well-known com- methanol in a non-flame proof area indL:stry, added to which are largtl - force of tho Gujarat government' ests to cover up the exploitation of
as Ciba Geigy Ltd .. !ndian a in the factory. In tho case of number of small and medium has identified 25 hazardous chem- workers, environmental damage
Elcplclsi,/es Ltd., Hindustan Lever Bombay Soap factory a danger- units. A mishap in one part of this icql plants, producing hydrocynic and threat to safety. Till this collu-
Burroughs Wellcom~ Co. Ltd. ous chemical, hexane, had been conglomeration runs a high risk of acid, chlorine carbon monoxide, sion remains, strong action to
Rashtriya chemicals...and Fer- stored in too large quantitites and spreading fast and unleashing a ammonia, nitrobenzene and improve industrial safety may be
lisers (RCF). "the plant location itself was unsafe chain reaction. Severa! mishaps phosphorus components. After more preached than implemented.
Apart !rom' la~k of a.dequate and contrary to existing rules. which narrowly missed becoming scrutinizing the. conditions under Keeping in view how little we know
.lm .... n"lnr'nn of various pollutants In Ahmed Oil Mills it was noticed ' major disasters have been already which these chemicals are pro- . abo.ut the various hazardous
hazardous gas, the committee that in the existing conditions any reported, while pollution levels are duced, some industries were chemcials and processes -being
nd in the case of RCF that ammonia leak could not be con- known to be high. Reports on this termed -extremely hazardous for used in various industries, even
rs are not trained to cope trolled aJld workers lacked safety industrial concentration have surrounding population and envi- the limited information and docu-
abnormal situations, safety training. drawn attention to serious negli- ronment. However, the same mentation undertaken in the
IrV;~IV'!!; level indicators and pres- In Excel Industries Ltd. it was gence and failure on the part of report also said- In spite of eight post-Bhopal phase is a significant
,sure indicators in the ammonia, found that chlorine gas leaks from pollution control authorities. minor accidents in chemical and step forward, but this by itself
methanol, methylamine <lnd sul- t;'e absorption tower'of the plant, According to recent news allied units in the past year, the cannot be adequate to make the
phuric acid tanks were either in a the floor of the oxalic acid .plant is repor-s, residents of Sangrur, a state government has ~ailed to safety record of our industries a
corroded condition or wer9 not wooden arid benzens is not stored town in ' Punjab, are demanding take deterrent steps against the credible one.
nctioning properl~; tlie control as stipulated in the iice'nce. the shifting of an insecticide man- industrialists and officials who (N.F.S. INDIA)

. GaZeH. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. . . . . ~~

to write on the gro~nd with his fin~qr .,

her accusers with great shame

X' Mas: A Two-MillenniulU-Old Messege turned away and withdrew . With

great love and tenderness Jesus
..turned towarcis her and told her to
De on her way admonishing her to
By Rev. Fr. George sin no more.
His mercy alsa extended to
he gospels describe another kind of persons. He was

T many incidents throu~h

which Jesus Christ
teaches us how to

human beings. So much joy we

large c'ro', .:l oressed by many'
on all sid~s, A woman who
been bleeding for twelve
improve our relationship with other years came. up behind him and
brushed the edge. of his shirt. Her
Jesus went about with
the poor; and this-
upset the rich. But he
.was also Been eating
known as a 'friend of sinners'. He
was known as one who associ-
ated w~h all kinds of people. It was
taboo to go near a leper for fear
of infection. Jesus not only went
could give to others if only we bleeding stopped immediately. But with the rich, for they near lepers, but he overcame his
were a 1~le more thoughtful. then, Jesus asked, "who touched natural hu'man revulsion to v,ile
Once, when Jesus was on a me?" Imagine the dismay of Peter were not exluded from
upon sores and to embrace those
mountain, praying, he was " so at this question. He made the his love, And most
poor wretches. No respectable
'transfoimed by God's grace that obvious reply, "Lord, the crowds are reprehensible of all to Jew would associat.e with the
his face shone like the sun, and his milling and pressing around you!" the leaders of his day hated taX ccliectors who cooper-
garments became glisteningly The woman finally came forth wa<; his mingling with .ated with the ROITle:n occupation
white. His disciples were fright- trembling and ~dmitted to touching all kinds of sinner3. forces, but Jesus accepted dinner
ened and fell prostrate on the Jesus. She told the crowd what But Jesus justified invitations from them and won
ground. But "Jesus came toward happened and how she had been himself with these some of them over, even numb-
them and laying his hands on .: lJred instantly. Jesus dismissed words, "A physician ering one 0: them as an apostle .
them said, "get up, do not be her after saying that her faith had it was considered very bad man-
comes to heal the sick,
afraid." (Mt. 17, 1-8). Of interest cured her, What is more interest- ners for men to speak to women
here is the short phrase, "laying ing about this story is the way not the well."
in public because of the fear of
his hands on them". We can only Jesus W3S aware of just one public scandal. Jesus not -only
guess at the sense of peace which person in the midst of many, many spoke to them but even to women
flowed through the disciples after who were trying 10 get at him who were hated Samaritans.
their loving Master touched them . merely to touc;~ so charismatic a Besides, seme women werEl
Jesus 'touched' many men, man . .'1 among me closest of his followers,
women and children during his al~ Jesus also used 'eye contact' pies of Jesus' loving concern for This scene reminds us of his women like Ma,ry and Martbct,
too brief ministry of three years. very effectively. What kind of love individuals. One of the most touch- acceptance of the woman caught . and the reformed sinner" MaiY )
Mathew recounts how Jesus and forgiveness must have been ing scenes of all concerns a sinful in adultery (In. 8, 1-8). Here was , Magda!a. Furthermo re, ne wen(
healed repulsive leper by touching in the eyes of Jesus when he sadly woman who broke into the house ~ known sinner caught in the act about with the o.JOr, and this upset
and commanding him to be cure::l looked at his closest friend Peter of Simon the Pharisee to anoint and brought before Jesus by the the rich. But 'he was also seen
(8,1-4). John and Mathe'", both ' who had just denied knowing him Jesus' feet and cry for forgiveness Scribes and Pharisees. The eating with the rich, for they were
report how Jesus cured blind mer. that he "went out and wept bitterly" (Lk. 7. 36-50). The Pharisee Jewish laW ordered such women' not excluded Hom his love. And
after touching them. But Luke tells (22,61). Not a word was spoken as thought ugly thoughts about her, to be stoned. Jesus spoke up for most reprehensible of all to the
one of th~ most memorable stor- Jesus' eyes met those of Peter. By condemning her and condemning her at the risk of further angering leadets of his day was ~is mingling
ies concerning Jesus' sensitivity to - one glance, Jesus awakened in Jesus for associating with her. But his enemies. 'aoldly he pro- with all kinds of sinners. But Jesus
others (8,40-48). He was going to Peter profound repentance for a Jes'Js, who knew the agony of her claimed, "Let the man among you justified himself with the words, "A
the house of~ man named Jairus. pitiable act of betrayal. soul, rElached out, forgave her and who has no sin be the first tocast physician comes to heal the sick,
On the way there,: he was in a
The Bible is loaded with exam . sin no. more_
told .her to leave and a stone on her." When he began not the well. ';


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'.. , The '


In devotion To Guru GoJJind Singh on His Birthday

Perpetual Kingdom Of The Pure
hsn someone talks mination to live by that faith that he

W of Khalistan , I am
startled to ask :
which Khalistan?
When Khalistan is prbjp.cted w:th
violence and hatred, I a,m aiarmed . ' ~' .
By Bhagwant Singh Dalawar,

- '.
verses is enough to witness not
only the glory I)f our Masters as
says without hesitation:

Sadhsang Upje Biswas

Antar Bahar Sada Parkash
(It is in satsangat that one
to question: Do you know what Sikh Gurus but also to feel the develops faith and on
' Khalsa stands for? And when in warmth of humanitarian universal- . aCCOl!nt of this faith, ~
the name of Guru Gobind Singh, ity for the Bhaktas's word in Guru is light both inside and out-
the self-seeking Sikh leaders, the Granth Sahib carries the same side.).
Manmukh Kursi-oriented politi- validity, the same esteem) the
cians and pseudo-religious hood - 'oj : same music, the same magic for I consider this light as the parman-
.' . .... .. . .~ :....
.. f ' ':
winkers, exploit the Sikh youth and the ears and the hearts of Sikhs. ent mark of everlasting Kingdor[1
the Sikh masses in throwing them . : ~'. . . i:. Again, isn't it the Maharashtrian that Gurus have envisaged for a
away deeper and deeper into the Saint, Naamdev, totally oblivious Sikh . It is only a matter of regret
quagmire of the dirtiest ways of ...... : to the honours of the world, when that the Sikh has forgotten the light
smearing the Community, I begin he says: and that is why even the so-called
to pray to Guru Gobind Singh to Sikh religious and politicallaaders
save us from these so-called Jau Raaj Dehn Tan Kaun are rotting in the darkness of
guides whose sole motto is: Self Vadiai material attachments.
Before Service. Bhikh Mangaen Tau Kya The masterpiece of the S,ikh's
Khalsa is pure, Khalsa is free Ghat Jai I!beration comes from his Guru's
and Khalsa is always at the helm . (If you set up a kingdom for own liberation which he has
How come, today, we are in me to rule, what honour can already assured through Khalsa '
shambles, not only because of the it mean for me? And if you Merc Roop hai kHAAS.
unprincipled, falsehood-drenched make me a beggar, what do Here is Guru Arjun's open love
rulers but also because of the self- I lose?) affair with the Lord and concealed
' ish, uninformed, petty Sikh politi- therein is love affair of the sikh with
cians and leaders who have How can a Sikh then ever be less the Guru.
brou~, t _the community to this than an Emperor in his own right Neither 'the Lord (jies, nor am .1
' leve~~Jt nothing is lost, if we, and why can 't he feel that Raj afraid; neither 'H e can .be
even now understand what Guru Karega Khalsa is here an.d now destroyed, nor am I irritated;
Gobind Singh wanted us to do and manifestvd in the Guru's words of neither is He moneyless nor can I
work for. Khasla is born to rule but liberation. That is why Kabir says : be hungry; neither He is in pain,
what is that rule? But the field of Jo Sukh Prabh Gobind Ki Seva So nor do I feel any pain. there is no
the Khalsa is entirely different from Sukh Raaj Na Lahiye (The peace one other than the Lord who can
the field of those who, drenched in that reigns in the service of the kill and He is the one who gives
materialism , are prepared to sell Lord cannot be attained even in us life. HEi is not bound in any way,
their soul. Khalsa rules in his heart the rulers, kingdoms). Who would nor am I bound. He is not
and spreads love throughout the then even in dreams think of a entrenched in worldliness, nor am
world, not as a hoodwinking exer- petty kingdom of the world in pref- I. He is not worried, nor do I have
cise but as the true Roop of Guru erence to the feet of the Lord? any worry. He is not hungry and
Gobind Singh whom he always Satgur Sikh Ke Bandhan Kaate. I am free from Trishna (hanker-
keeps in his heart. Guru Granth Sahib is capable of ings). When He is clean, I, too, took
cutting up all fetters of the Khalsa. like that. Because I am nothing, It .
Khalsa Mero Rnp Hai In these circumstances, the ~ on~ He and He ~one who
Khaas bu: innocents would not be made ship from a Bhakta: Khalsa proclaims in the words of . exists, .
' Khalse Mein Hown Karoun the victims of Sikhs response. This his Guru as follows : The problem with the Sikhs, as
Niwas. is the . Kingdom of the Khalsa. Jaupo Ham Na Paap Kar- perhaps with adherents of other
(Says Guru Gobind Singh: The Khalsa is not subject to the anta Aye Ananta Naam Tere Ki Jot Lagai religions is that they 190 by the
~a is my proper and rules of the world which govern Patit Pawan Naam Kaise Bhayo Ujiara, Bhavan external symbols or t,' }y just read
. ~.._) al representation and I worldly responses. Khalsa is pure Hunta. Saglare the texts. As a mat .. "f fact the
live in the Khalsa) and Guru Gobind Singh says: (If I were not sinning, Oh (In worshipping You, my grace is not only subli '. nd great
"The Khalsa is .the one in whom Limitless One, my Lord, Lord, I light the lamp of your but also practicableif,And what
Having strayed away from this the light of the Lord burns cease- How could you acquire the name and I find that the they intended for tha~iiikhs was
basic premise of having and real- lessly. If that is not there, do not name of "Patit Pawan"; i.e. whole world is in floodlight) that they should be able 'to walk in
,izing the presence of Guru Gobi nd regard him as Khalsa; in facthe is the lifter of the fallen) the footsteps of the Gurus and use
Singh in our hearts, we have impure," Because of the dictate~ The Sikh has so much confidence, the same track. The trac~.;w ill . not
befooled ourselves ' to believe of our masters, Khalsa is always The grace contained in these so much faith and so much deter- Continued on page 10
AK-47 guns or internecine warfare ruling. That rule is not subject to
~--------------------------------------------------------------~,----------, ~
both within the community and any grant from others, not subject
within the nation or killing inno- to jealousy or competition by
cents in return for the killing of others. The Khalsa Raj is in the
innocents in State terrorism . The heart of the khalsa (the Kingdom
tenets of Sikhism are clear. No of God is within you) and is
innocent will be killed irrespective granted by the grace of Guru and
of degeneration of the State. grace of God . When Khalsa rea-
Once, it is stated, when the Sikhs lizes the presence of his Guru
asked Guru Gobind Singh why with in his heart, he is liberated .
they were not allowed to perpe- Look at the avenues for the
trate 'indignities on th"e Muslims Khalsa to reign supreme not only
and their women, whe'n our own in his heart but also in the world
brothers and sisters were so long as he keeps the majesty
harassed, tortured and raped by of Guru Gobind Singh, the defi-
them when they were in a position ance of the mighty rulers against
to do s.2.:J~e Guru replied : "Me in all odds and the adherence to
Twanu Uchcha Lai Jauna Cha- righteousness in all circumstances
hunda Han-I wish to raise you as his ideals. Let me quote some
high up". And, for that reason, the invaluable passages from Guru
Guru would not permit degenera- Granth Sahib to proclaim the
tion among the Sikhs, if others Kingdom that Guru Granth Sahib
were degenerated. Indeed) the assures the Khalsa. Here is the
tyranny would be met at all costs love-drenched intimate relation-

. 1-15 January 1990

~~ - :

FORUM .____--------------..
Overtly, because of terrorism , a rorists. He adds that "instead 0

Rise And Spread Of number of elected governments in

Panjab have been dismissed and
repl;3.ced by President's rule . But
depleting, the ranks of active ter
rorists have swelled. Resentmen;
has grown against the 'excessess

Terrorism In Punjab even with this change the situation

instead of improving has deterior-
ated. Take for example, the Pres-
of the security forces ." Mr. S. Mul
gaonker, writing in the same Paper
(4 July 1987) say.s, "It has no doubl
Continued from page 3
they u5.e. The reasonable answer become active, posts are streng- ident's rule in Panjab today. Shri got rid of some genuine terrorists'
The helpless Sikhs were put into could be that they merge with the thened, exits are blOCKed, barrie rs S.S. Ray and the Director General and almost certainly a large
.ad-hoc camps with no adequate public, and the pu'blic ' out of fear' are erected, innocent Sikhs are of Police, Shri J.F. Ribe iro, both number of iQnocent people." Shri
administrative arrangements. After or even sympathy one could say, arrested. In harassing the Sikhs, non-Panjab i ~ have been imposed Pran Chopra writes that ever since
a few days they were forcibly do not take any step against them . the Central Reserv~ Police Force upon the State by the Centre. tha imposition of the President's
evicted from these camps and left Why? Because the public has lost men are most notorious. A turban There have been more killings of rule in Panjab, the "conditions
to fend for themselves. This state- faith in the Sarkar. The word of the is a red rag to them. Sikh youth during this period. have deteriorated more alarmingly
terrorism combinecl with Operation Prime Minister cannot be trusted . Bandhs are also called mostly in Hands of Shri. Rajiv Gandhi and than at any time at all ," and that
Blue Star and Operation Woo- The public is also aware of the fact the Hindi-zone; in Panjab these Shri Riberio are smeareds with the "More innocent peopie are being
drose, gave further flip to the out- that the Government is incapable are confined to cities and towns as blood of the innocent Sikhs. This killed every day than at any time
raged Sikh youth t hat was left '1f protecting them and their prop- the Hindus form a majority here. is supported by the recent report before." (Indian Express, 2 Sep
alive. Thus came. into existence 9i1y from tho depredations of the These bandhs as a rule are vio- subm itted by the Panjab Human 87). And Shri Ribeiro in an inte-
terrorism in Panjab. so-called terrorists . Even the gov- lent: Sikhs are killed, their prop- Rights Organ isation. It states that review with THE TRIBUNE (30 Aug
The killers of Sikhs, identified by ernment agencies, meant for the tlrty destroyedllooted. When all fifty Sikh Youths have been killed 87) had himself admitted that "Tho
the various organisations were let protection of the public have this is happening, the administra- in the fake encounters in Faridkot vigorous campaign has resulted in ~
off; no action was taken against become ineffective. ' tion remains inactive as if nothing district alone , since the imposition increasing the number of hardcore
them, instead they were given is happening. Outside Panjab, the of the President's rule in the terrorists. '-They have got more
. promotions and even made minis- If the victims happen to be
po lice becomes a party to the law- Panjab. The police has given the men and better organisation. They
ters as a reward for tha good (!) Sikhs, nothing happens; this is lessness. list of 34 terrorists killed in are causing havoc."
deed done. . taken for granted that a Sikh is to These are the immediate reac- "encounters" with the security The terrorists are capable of
The terrorists in Pan jab have be killed! Not even a wo rlo 'v~ ~ ~ ' m tions, without ascertaining who the forces between May 1 and July 31, striking anywhere and at any
killed both Sikhs. 'and Hindus ; pathy is uttered by any member of terrorists could be. Are they Pak- 1987. The PanJab Human Rights time.Since the dawn of the new
according to repO~s, the Sikhs the majority community . But the istanis trained as Sikhs? Or Organisation has contested the year their activities have increased
killed by terrorists outnumber reaction is very strong in case a Hindus in .Sikh garb? False beards claim and ' released the list of 26 and they are certainly not "on the
. HIndus. That in 1;mritsar district Hindu is killed: whole of the Hindi- and yellow turbans have been Sikhs arrested by the police and run". Writing about it INDIA I
alone, out of 109 persons killed. zone (the real Bl:larat) flares up, recovered .from some Hindu security forces, and later shown as TODA Y (15 February 1988) says: \
from 1 May to 31 .J uly 1987. 65 the newspapers splash he news places. No one tries to find out killed in encounters in district "It made nonsense of Governor I
were Sikhs and 44,Hindus;.(lndian in bold letters, editorials are writ- whether it is the doing of Congress Amritsar alone. Shri Riberio- needs Sidharatha Shankar Ray's ~earlier ~
Express, 28 Aug 87.) But the gov- . ten as if the sky is going to fall. (I) or some one else's shararat. A to prove that it is not the blood of claim that stability was re~J'ng to I
ernment is equally guilty with the Political leaders of all parties issue few years ago, a president of the the state." ':;( f
innocent Sikh youth that is flowing -
only difference th'~ffor the state statements (the only thing they are Congress (I) Panjab unit was in Panjab today through false Th us ,the responsibility for the
terrorism Sikhs 'alone are the good at) condemning the "das- known to have contacts with ter- encounters. It would perhaps be birth of terrorism in the Panjab a.1d
target. This way the terrorists are tardly", "cowardly" act. (As if their rorists. Discontinuation of the worth knowing that wherever and its subsequent spread lies with <
more seCular tha';'.'the so-called acts of June and November 1984 "Social Reform Movement" on the whenever a real encounter ha:> Sharat Sarkar. The boasts and
seeular Bharat Sarkar. were acts of chivaloryl) The State imposition of the President's rule taken place it is the police/secur- provocativQ speeches of Shri
The terrorists come on vehicles, government concerned announ-,' also is enough hint as to who may
ity forces that have sustained cas- Ribeiro have added oil fo the fire.
motor-cycles, scOoters, even on ces compensation to the families' be having a truck with the terror- ualities. Shri S.S. Ray, the governor of
:cycles'and on foot., carry out their of the victims. Whether t~se ists. This all shows the indifferent. According to Mr. B.K.C;,un, writ- P~njab and Shri Riberio, the "Top I
dastardly act; Le. kill Innocent amounts are p",id to the persons attitude of the government at Delhi ing in the Indian Express (5 July :Cop) have failed in the job (curb-
people and disappear. is concerned afterWards cannot be towards the safety of the public life 1987), the overwhelming majority 'ing of terrorism) enlrustad to them
apprehended. Where do they go? said ~
and property, especially of the of the killed Sikh youth are not ter- by their masters in Delhi.
And what happens to the transport Police and para military forces minorities.
\ .

Guru Gobind Singh

'F ORUM Gazette
Conllnulld from pagll 9
only provide guide-po'sts but also
remove misconceptions and
throughout the society. I some-
times wonder how and why it is
that a Sikh is contr.acted, why a
Sikh is not open, free a~~ . iver-
A NATIONAL FORTNIGHTLY FOCUSSING ON apprehensions. Even today Guru sal. The love of the Gur . Im-
lives and lives moreprono(mcedly. passes not only his adheren ... and
Satgur Jagata Hai Deo .
Minority Rights. Civil Liberties. Equality for Women followers but all mankind.
To realize the kingdom of the And that condition is perpetually
Democratic Values. Environmental Protection lord within oneself, one has not to moulded by cpasell3ss interior
PLUS pay only lip-service to the com- prayer. Ceaseless interior prayer
mands but one has to find the is possible orrly through renuncia-
Cinema. Sports. Books. Science. People. Shprt Stories. Religion same determination that the Gurus tion. Renunciation, not as an
displayed in relentlessly fighting external action, to hoodwink the
----------------------------.--..~.--.------------.--~----------------------------------------------------- tyranny without caring for the con- people' and become burden on
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ness and when one considers that free. Freedom comes from free~
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(BLOCK LETTERS PLEASE) but when the fear of death makes spread love. And the love never
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-v- world are tied up. No onlf is free.
..............................................................................................., .............................. man is dead, whether he breathes
or not. And breathing is real brea- The real kingdom is with the one
thing only if it breathes or not. And who has controNed th,-' (;iesire to
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,!niVe~~ actions that they spreaq the love of his Guru.

~o 1-15 January 199q

FORUM Gazette

Malayalam's Thematic Go Back

gone into many editions. Even "Rantam oozham", a novel-like intricate working of the matriarchal was followed later by the Venmani
By K.P.R. Pillai now, it is in short supply. Though re-rendering of the Mahabharata, society. It is useless to explain the duo.
Marar has written half a dozen It is slightly interpretative and his implicaitons of the change. Not a After these two, the literary
books, similar in nature, they did main character is Bhimsena. It single book, novel, drama or arena remained rather dull for a
omething is happening was first serialized and then ballad has been brought out on the

not achieve similar popularity. long period . Revived activity was
in Malayalam literature- The immediate sequel to this brought out in book form . The subject. C.Radhakrishnan, seen only after the spread of Eng-
one of the most vibrant book was another book based on second book is "Tatwamasi" by another literary luminary bi'Ought lish education in early 19th cen-
and lively in India. One the Mahabharata by Kalavamko- Prof. Sukumar Azhikode, one of out a novel, "Ellaam Marakkunna tury. The first Malayalam novel
may dub it "Back to Classics dan Balakrishnan entitled "Ini njan the greatest living scholars of Kadal" (the sea that forgets all), was "Indulekha", by Oyyarathu
Movement-, even though no such urang.atte" (let me sleep now) in Kerala. It is a work on philosophy, and promised it to be the first o(a Chandu Menon . Great historial
movement actually exists. This is which the Pandavas, their mother based mainly upon the Urani- trilogy on the subject. But soon he novels by V.V. Raman Pillai,
noticeable from a series of works Kunti and spouse Panchali are the shads. It was also a best seller and was swallowed by the silver Appan Thampuran and major
belonging both to fiction and non- main characters. went into three editions in one screen Thakazhi's magnum Sardar K.M. Panicker also
fiction categories which came out Many novels and short stories year. opcus, "Coir" which touches the enriched the scene.
in the recent past. Most of them followed. At least three of the Kalakaumudi, one of the presti- subject only at a tangent. Strange- It is remarkable that though
originated from the Mahabharata mass circulation periodicals were gious Malayalam publications was ness of the situation can be many eminent poems of religious
and a few from the Ramayana. serializing stories based on the serializing stories from the Bible. brought out only when we com- character came out through the
Not that there are no other books. Ramayan~ and the Mahabharatha Recent rumblings about the trans- pare it with what came out after centuries, Malayalis had to wait till
There are quite a few of them. at one time. lation of an award winning Malay- the Industrial Revolution in various the XIX century for a Malayalam
This is not confined to novels alam short story on the Holy western countries. Mahakavya written by Azhkattu
Bharata Paryadanam alone. In poetry also the trend set Prophet can still be heard all over Malayalam literature has a Ramakurup. Then there was a flood
in. Poets who began with resound- the country. Even the mass circu- background of its own. The first of them, Kesaveeyam, Sree Yesu
'Bhar~!a parydanam'Uourney ing leftist poems have now come lation CPI(M) weekly Desabhi- Tamil epic Chilapatikaram by Vijayam, etc. being the most pro-
Ithrough the Mahabharata) by back to the epic trail. mani serialized a Malay.alam Elanko Adigal (crown Prince- minent. The two Koil Thampurans.
the late scholar Kuttikrishna Marar rendering of Mudrarak. Yuvaraja) was written in Kerala, at Kerala Varma and Raja Raja
may be taken as a trend-setter. It Recent Books Thiruvanchikulam, during the Varma translated most of the
appeared roughly 40 years ago, Social Overhaul Perij mal regime. Malayalam is Sanskrit Mahakavyas into Malay-
~n.#Ie whole of India was boil-
~ith the struggle for indepen
dence. It was a scholar's
A couple of books that ?ame
out recently must be men-
tioned here. One is "Rantaam C oming to the changeover from
matriarchp.1 to patriarchal
now ascribed by scholars to be the
offspring of a language, originally
the mother of Tamil, Telugu, Kan-
alam. Kundoor, Manradiar and
others added colour and splen-
dour to the period. Vallathol came
evaluation of certain incidents of oozham" (the second round) by system, it was one of the greatest nada, Oriya and Sinhalese. After out with his own Mahakavya, the
the Mahabharata and the author'S M.T.Vasudevan Nair who needs social upheavals that the world branching off from the umblical Chitrayogam. He even translated
attempt to put the moral stamp on no introduction. Awards, national has ever seen. It was not just a cord, it remained affiliated to the Rig Veda into Malayalam.
otherwise inexplicable actions of and international, given to him are c.hange of lineage. It .thoroughly Chentamil for quite long. Later it Ulloor brought out Umakeralam.
epic heroes and heroines. The innumerable, both for literature overhauled the entire society. For succumbed to the incursions of All these Kavyas strictly confirmed
book was :a best-seller and has and for cinema. His latest work is one who is not acquainted with the Sanskrit. Initial contributions to to Dandi's 18 rules to be followed
Sanskrit bv Malavali writers while composing a Mahakavya.
include Mukundamala by KulaseK- Ulloor, Vallathol and Kumaran
hara, Yudhishtraravijayam and Asan, known as the poetical Tri-
Nalodayam (both Yamaka kavyas)
With Best Compliments by Vasudeva, Ascharyachooda-
nity marked the breaking away of
Malayalam poetry from traditional
mani by Saktibhadra, and Sree path. Their capable followers,
From Krishna Karnamrita, by Leelasuka. Vayalar Rama Varma and Prof.
O.N.V. Kurup, along with Kadam-
Poetical Beginning manitta and a few other masters
made the breach look unbridge-

A s in other languages, in
Malayalam too, the begining
In the field of Malayalam drama,

in literature was in poetry. At first work began with translations from
they were in the form of chants classical works. Modernism in
and mantras. Then came Rama- Malayalam drama began with
charitam Pattu in the 12th century. Pulimana Parameswara Pillai and
It was almost trilingual-a mixture Prof. N. Krishna Pillai using
of Chentamil, Sanskrit and Malay- modern themes wr.h telling effect.

QUICK ELECTRIC WORKS alam. Real Malayalam poetry got

a start with the poets known col-
lectively as Niranam poets. They
But return to religious themes was
quick with the late C.N. Sreekan-
tam Nair leading the pack.
are believed to be Rama panicker, Writers are advisers and sooth-
Madhava panicker and Sankara sayers for all ages and lands. They
panicker~ who belonged to Nira-' deal in ideals that lead man to pro-
AUTHORISED DEALERS nam village) in Tiru Ramakatha, gress. Man is the raw material for
Bharatham, Bhagavatham and their creations and human society
Bhagavadgita rendering into is their canvas, their workshop.
Malayalam are their works. They use truth to cement their

Poems like Chandrolsavam ' ideals to human souls. .

which simply could not be categor- if it is so, why is it that Malay-
ize into any kI;lown group also ali intellectuals failed to make use
THERMOKING, PEARL, DllZ, REMSON, issued forth aroli/nd the XV cen- of the ferment that shook their


T hen came a unique Istyle of

society. They have written about
all things imaginable in all kinds
GEYSERS & ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES literature called Champus.
Punam and Mazhamangalam .
and forms humanly possible.
Paucity of ideas in an exhausted "
nambudiris are supposed to be the society may have persuaded the
Specialised Services available for greatest exponents of this style. It intellectuals to search the epics for
was a kind of rhythmatic prose, not thematic support. The cause of
to be confused with Kadambari 'this strange condition in Malay- ,
Home Maintenance Jobs style and reformers of its script. alam literature is worth the study
Thunchathu Ramanujan Ezhuth- of litterateurs and sociologists.
aschan, euologised as the father Whatever the reason, the revi-
of modern Malayalam and Kalak- val of the ,epic spirit in literature
28-A, Defence Colony Market kathu Kunchan Nambiar were the luckily serves the purpose of build-
New Delhi I'~.~ 024 next to follow. ing bridge between past and '
Phone: 621200 Namibar brought I~erature to the present, thus making progress into
doorsteps of the common man. He future easier and more .fruitful. ..

1-15 January 1990 11


By Ludwina A. Joseph
the world community or the Afri -
can Nr.tional Congress. Apartheid
I Gaught Dr Reddy almost by

re there really two fac6s

chance at the end of his visit to
Wash ington where he had come An Indian South
A of" apartheid? Until
r ~centiy I would have
argued as pass ionately
as anyone else against it. But that
was before I met Dr J.N. Reddy ,
at the invitation of various church
groups. He is a charming and very
articulate man and the fact that an
Afrikaaner officer from the South
African Embassy was in atten- and battle an unequal and
African's Point of View
ievements: it had fought the world .democracy survived? Hadn't 1ra-
a Member of Parliament in South dance was obviously a sign of much-maligned system of alone and survived with the ing!:!- .'gile democracies' fallen every-
Africa's House of Delegates, acceptar,ce and a promise of far- government-instead of returning nuity and skill that came from where giving ",ay to
which is part of the country's reaching changes to come in the to India or going elsewhere-it having its back to the wall. His heavy-handed military or civilian
three-tiered Parliament. Dr Reddy government that everyone loves to was simple eco ' .n ics ! country was th e only nation to pro- governments of the ri~ht or equally
heads the Solidarity Party and is hate. duce oil from coal successfully and repressive dictatorships of the left?
the Leader of the House of Del- As the name indicates, Dr Dr Reddy said he failed to its indigenous armaments indus- In South Africa they could not
egates where his party won 16 of Reddy's forefathers came from .understand India's public position afford for that to happen. Their
try , which had grown from need,
the 40 seats in the September 6 Andhra Pradesh near the temple of spitting venom on South Africa had been tried and tested in the . experiment "had absolutely to
parliamentary elections. town of Tirupati and went to work (and secretly trading diamonds, succeed". Which is why they
African bush. He felt that part ot
Let me say at the outset that Dr nearly 125 years ago on the sug- was my aside!) when what India would have to proceed "with infi-
the reasoning behind the call for
Reddy honestly believes that apar- arcane fields around Durban as and the rest of the world wanted nite care and caution". An interna-
sanctions was protectionist and
theid goes against human nature indentured labourers. Many in the (i.e. th.e elimination of all discrim- tional conference would be the first
was born of "economic jealousy"
and is "committed to the elimina- Indian community subsequently ination) was being brought about major step and he felt that, instead '
on the part of less successful
~Iowly and surely by peaceful
tion of discrimination based on took to market gardening and nations. of isolating ~self, "India should play'
means. He spoke of all the
race, colour, creed or any other farming and are now making a He was emphatic that the Afri- a constructive role".
basis". The only difference is his very respectable living for them- changes that had taken place in can National Congress and the
the last fifty years since he joined South Africa had a tremendous
sincere conviction that the goals of selves in various professions: breakaway Pan-African Congress potential of mineral resources and
muhi-racial democracy in South teaching, law, accountancy, med- the Natal Indian Congress. In fact would have "to come to terms with
India's knowhow and experience was also a very large primary pro-
Africa will be achieved through icine and even in government. An reality". There had to be a move- ducer. Such a vast potential could
peaceful means by all South Afri in the cottage industry sector coulJ ment "towards conciliation" and a
average Indian salary in South be harnessed for peace with per-
cans: white, black, coloured and Africa is in the region of 50,000 greatly benefit blacks and colou-
scaling down of demands. No .haps a regional common market
reds in South Africa if New Delhi
Indian. And, mostimportantly, he is Rand per annum (roughly equiva- more "rhetoric about a liberation (maybe even modelled on the
certain that dismantling of apar- could only be persuaded to coop-
lent to 20,000 dollars) which, even army gloriously freeing a white- EEC) being formed in southern
theid will come by negotiation, dis- erate and not just ''talk of sanc-
by North American standards, is ruled South Africa and liberation of Africa with the participation of <til
cussion and a logical progression tions".
good. And that answer ld my the blacks, Indians and colou- the surrounding coun tri, !"It. '),
but definitely not by the aggressive question about why Indiar.s pref- Dr Reddy spoke with a feeling reds". That obviously is "not going Together they could form dia-
threats and hostility displayed by erred to stay on in South Africa of pride about South Africa's ach to happen in a million years". Nor mond, gold and cobalt cartels
would threats work and that was ,instead of letting the rest of the
really "pivotal". The only way to world exploit them. They could
'Ioosen the tentacles of the system generate and share hydro-elactric
was to "liberate it from within" and 'power and also prod~ce oil from
to ensure that all interested parties coal. The scope for cooperation
came together at' the negotiating and development was endless, he

table. pronounced with a visionary gleam
And Mandela w... ~!d soon be in his eye.
freed. He was sure it would Dr Reddv was optimistic about
happen very soon . He was confi- the political ref<?r!Tl plans unveiled
dent that Mandela would show the by Presidont Frederik de Klerk.
world that he was not an embit- Even if still imperfect, the plan's
tered man because the South Afri- made fundamental changes that
can administration had treated him would give black and other non-
unkil)dly. white groups a share in political
South Africa has been for so life. h was not a simple system for'
long the world's favourite whipping one man-one vote but a concept
boy and, for some countries, a of group voting and group parti ~ ~
convenient ploy to distract public ipation created by black vt{~ J
attention from problems closer to blocks on the basis of tribal homa-
home that many governments had lands. Moreover, Mr de Klerk's:
lost sight of the ultimate goal- met with Za!Tlbian President after his
which was the ending of all leadership had emerged in South
discrimination-and got caught up Africa.He called it ~ leadership that
instead in a fierce and often vitri- was really serious about resolving
olic debate on sanctions. But Dr the long and costly conflict
Reddy was insistent that sanctions between the white minority and
'\\ On or ol!. Tull Colour Painstl_iDgly only hurt those at the bottom of the the black majority.
TVs are I plelture to put together to bring
social scale-the blacks and the He hoped that, at this crucial
watch. The perfect you pin sharp picture.
metch between State-ol- Rich. natural colours. coloureds who were struggling to turning-point in South Africa's his-
the-Irt colour i And strikingly sleek better themselves . Sanctions did tory when the country was trying
technology and exteriors! All at a price not contribute towards endinq an t9 ""ake a peaceful transition and
aesthetIcally appealing that will please you unacceptable system. They only rid itself of tlia' stigma of aparthei d
design. even mOte.! put up the backs of those who .and international isolation, wiser
mattered in the government. counsel would prevail with his
He recalled a conversation with countrymen and that they would
previous Indian Foreign Minister not precipitate a harsh crackdown
Swaran Singh. He says he took on themselves or set back the
the Sardar Saheb to task for clock on reform.
speaking on behalf of people of In India, our highly moralistic
who's plight he knew nothing position-a legacy of Nehru and
except hearsay. It was "totally the heady days of non-alignment
against freedom". Who was India and often a source of great irrita-
to champion the cause of the one tion to most Westerners-induces
t. . million South African Indians with- us to see everything in terms of
". out first finding out what it was they black and white and good and evil
' wanted in the first place? Accord - as if there was no grey undefin-
ing to Dr Reddv. Swaran Singh able area in b.etween. Dr Reddy's
accepted the truth of this. .. patently sincere manner demon-

1iifd The right choice Trying to help South Africa find strates that-if nothing else-that
a constitutional framework would grey area is worth exploring.
be more to the purpose than sanc-
.tions. After all where in Africa had

12 1-15 January 1990

./. ~

.! 'rinted and pu'blis:,ed by A.::l :Narang for Ekta Trust, 2/26 Sarva Priya Vihar, New Delhi 110016, at Mercury Prinl er. Cooriwalan, De ll1i
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