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742 West 27th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007, Ph. +1 (213) 421 7143, Email:

University of Southern California, Master of Science, Computer Science, GPA: 3.3/4 May
2018 Coursework: Analysis of Algorithms, Foundations of AI, Database Systems, Operating Systems

College of Engineering Guindy, B. Tech, Information Technology, GPA: 4/4 May 2015
First Class with Distinction Chennai, India
Coursework: Data Structures, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Operating Systems, Formal Languages and Automata,
Discrete Mathematics, Computer Organization, Software Engineering, Database Management Systems, Data Analytics,
Computer Networks, Distributed Systems, Machine Learning

Systems : Data Analytics, Machine Learning Algorithms, Scikit-learn(Python), SDN, ODL/ Openstack
Tools : Weka, Hadoop, Mahout, SQL, NoSQL, Oracle 10g, Postgres, Apache Pig(Basics),
Programming Languages: C, Java, Python, Basics of R Programming
Operating System : UNIX, Linux, Windows, Ubuntu

Software Machine Learning Internship, Adexa Inc., Los Angeles, CA June 2017 August
Applying Machine Learning algorithms to simulated supply chain data and make the system learn with customer and
product information. Analysing the causes of product delivery delays to customers and predicting the best model with
attributes using Scikit Machine learning package in Python.

Network Development Associate Engineer, DELL R&D, Chennai, India July 2015 July
Worked in Software Defined Networking(SDN), Opendaylight development/debugging/clustering and test
I worked in a team and developed SDN Flow Visualizer and Analyzer tool that simulates live topology created by ODL
and debugs the traffic loss due to missing flows.
LACP JUnit Test addition, LACP clustering development and testing helping to meet Beryllium release objectives

Implant Training, HCL LTD, Coimbatore, India December 2012

Undergone training and analyzed Machine Learning algorithms in the field of Data Mining and Information Retrieval.


Heterogeneous Multicore processors for improving the efficiency of Market basket analysis algorithm in data
Defined a new multicore system using Hadoop Map Reduce and Hadoop Clusters to optimize performance of Market
Basket Analysis Algorithm.
Parallelization using Hadoop Map Reduce and Multi node clusters to improve the performance of Email Mining
and Machine Learning algorithms. Tools used: HDFS, Apache Mahout.
Designed an Adversarial search AI agent for game playing alpha-beta pruning for faster execution of the minimax
algorithm which in turn minimizes the bad moves that can be played by the player using Python.
Developed a PIG Latin script to count number of characters in a set of documents.
Developed Database system for Automobile Sales Management using SQL, Oracle and Java.
Resolution AI Agent system which gets the rules of data mining and helps customers to find out if certain
information can be extracted from another set of information about the user using Java.
Designed a Unix Kernel based Operating System WEENIX and developed fundamentals and programmed System
Calls for process creation, thread creation, scheduling mechanism, context switching, Mutex, Scheduler
functionality(Concurrency) and synchronization primitives in C.
Chapter Heterogeneous Multicore processors for improving the efficiency of Market basket analysis algorithm in data
mining IJCTT 2014
Best Paper Award: Indian Technology Congress - Bangalore, BIT-Chennai 2013-2015